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HEAV BIB#0:0 Mt.6:19-21: Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon Earth, where moth & rust doth corrupt, & where thieves break through & steal: (v.20) But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, & where thieves do not break through nor steal: (v.21) For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

HEAV BIB#0:0 Mt.19:21: Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go & sell that thou hast, & give to the poor & thou shalt have treasure in Heaven: & come & follow Me.

HEAV BIB#0:0 He.12:22-25: But ye are come unto Mount Sion, & unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, & to an innumerable company of angels, (v.23) To the general assembly & church of the firstborn, which are written in Heaven, & to God the Judge of all, & to the spirits of just men made perfect. (v.24) And to Jesus the Mediator of the New Covenant, & to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel. (v.25) See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on Earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from Heaven.

HEAV BIB#0:0 He.11:24-27: By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter; (v.25) Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a reason; (v.26) Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward. (v.27) By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king.

HEAV BIB#0:0 Eph.1:13,14: In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the Word of Truth, the Gospel of your Salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise, (v.14) Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.

HEAV BIB#0:0 Col.1:5: For the hope which is laid up for you in Heaven, whereof ye heard before in the Word of the Truth of the Gospel.

HEAV BIB#0:0 Lk.10:20: Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you: but rather rejoice, because your names are written in Heaven.

HEAV BIB#0:0 2Pe.3:13: Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for New Heavens & a New Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

HEAV BIB#0:0 2Co.4:17,18: For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding & eternal weight of glory; (v.18) While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

HEAV BIB#0:0 He.11:13-16: These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, & were persuaded of them, & embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country. And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned. But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.

HEAV BIB#0:0 1Co.2:9,10: But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him. (v.10) But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.

HEAV BIB#0:0 Co.3:1,2: If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. (v.2) Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

HEAV BIB#0:0 He.6:4,5: For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, & have tasted of the Heavenly gift, & were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, (v.5) And have tasted the good word of God, & the powers of the World to come.

HEAV BIB#0:0 Ps.23:6: Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: & I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

HEAV ML#29:27 "SET NOT YOUR AFFECTIONS ON THE THINGS WHICH ARE ON THE EARTH" but rather set your affection on the things which are in Heavenly places--the realm of the Spiritual--for the things which are seen are carnal & temporal & almost disgusting, sickening, compared to the beauties & wonders & ecstasies & the purities of the things which are eternal--the unseen--the realm of the Spirit--the Kingdom of Heaven!

HEAV ML#48:13 "WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY?--HEAVEN, OR HELL?"..."I'm not going to spend it in either place,"...The place we're going to dwell with the Lord forever hereafter, is not some fanciful dreamland way off in outer space, but an even more amazing dream city that's going to come down from God, out of Heaven, to a new earth, & God's going to come down & live with us, & us with Him, in that beautiful dreamtown, described in Revelation 12 & 22! We're not going to go away to some far-away place called Heaven, where God is supposed to live, but we have a real down-to-earth God, Who's going to come live with us, & make Heaven on earth, both in the Millennium & thereafter! Nobody's going to go to Heaven, except those who die before Jesus comes, who go to be "with the Lord" & when we go with the Lord to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb during the Wrath of God, just before we return to earth for the Millennium, when we will rule & reign with Him on the earth! We're not going to Heaven; Heaven is coming to us! This is provable, Scriptural, fact! If you don't believe it, read it.


HEAV ML#73A:4 IT IS FAR BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND HOW GOD RUNS THE SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNIVERSE BY MEANS OF THE HOLY GHOST & His Angels, ministering spirits, as His Word calls them, but we know that He conducts some kind of Councils in Heaven, Report Sessions, according to Job 1:6 & other related passages--Court Sessions--in which Jesus Himself is called a Counsellor (Isa.9:69), & Satan, the Accuser of the Saints--Satan, who does not even hesitate to accuse Jesus Himself as he did in "Judas" (Lk.16:1).

HEAV ML#73A:12 ALL I KNOW IS THAT THE SPIRIT WORLD IS MUCH MORE REAL, more beautiful, & more lasting than the one which you can now see with your natural eyes at this very moment! For eye hath not seen, & ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for those that love Him! But the Spirit hath revealed them unto us!

HEAV ML#75A:24 IT JUST MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE THE WORLD IS NOTHING--so why should we worry about things down here when the Lord's got things like that?

HEAV ML#75A:59 I GUESS THE LORD JUST WANTED TO LET US KNOW HOW WONDERFUL THINGS ARE. It already exists! It's already there!--So you won't worry about these silly little things down here. It's so ridiculous! They can't take those things away from us no matter what they do; & the sooner they kill us, & the sooner we wear out & go to sleep, the quicker we get there! PTL!


HEAV ML#80:38 IF I'M LOSING MY MIND, IT SURE IS A HAPPY EXPERIENCE. If Heaven is like that, I'd just as soon go crazy, if that's going crazy. That's the Ultimate Trip!

HEAV ML#102:25 EVEN JESUS WENT DOWN WHERE THEY ARE & TALKED TO THE SPIRITS IN PRISON. You can go & talk to them. Moses & David don't talk to them because they're in the heavenlies. The evil spirits are down in the pit & the rocks & the deep. They (Moses & David) are in the land of the living. Jesus put them there to talk to you.

HEAV ML#185:13 MOST PEOPLE SEEM TO THINK IT'S SOME FANCY PLACE somewhere in outer space called Heaven, only to be reached when you die, if you've been good while on Earth!

HEAV ML#185:66 "FOR IT HATH NOT ENTERED INTO THY MIND, neither hath thine eye seen, nor hath thine ear heard, the glories that shall be, that I have laid up for thee, My own, My beloved, My beloved one! But if thou shalt believe, all things are possible to him that believeth, & with God nothing shall be impossible! Believest thou that I am able to do this?"

HEAV ML#214:10 THE WORLD'S FAIR WAS LIKE SPACE CITY: Going into the Fair was just like going into another world--& its police were like the angels of God!--God has His own police force, & the Fair was a little like what it's going to be like in Space City, because there will be Heaven inside & still sick nations outside! (Read Rev.12 & 22!) "Leaves for the healing of the nations!" That would be the ultimate in the restoration of God's ultimate Creation, man--bringing final order out of the chaotic condition of man! It will be like God taking over the world by invading it from outer space--bringing down the Heavenly City--restoring Him as King of Kings, His nation, His Kingdom, & His Government as the New World Order!--Helped by us, His subversive fifth columnists within!



HEAV ML#228:9 THERE ARE ALWAYS SOME WHO ARE NOT CONTENT WITH HEAVENLY BLISS, BUT STILL PREFER THE MADNESS OF AN EARTHLY HELL & ARE NEVER SATISFIED. The wicked are like the troubled sea when it cannot rest! There is no rest, saith my God, to the wicked. They would even be uncomfortable, unhappy, discontented & restless in Heaven itself, & would be utterly miserable if compelled to live in the midst of such perfection. They just can't stand it! They that love death prefer the destruction of confusion forever & are always happier in a hell of vanities & war! Not all would be happy in Heaven--most people seem to prefer hell!

HEAV ML#242:18 BROTHER, THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO WORK, & they'll be corking 24 hours a day to establish the Kingdom of Christ on Earth, & it's going to be a big job, no simple small thing! If you think just because people have gone on to be with the Lord that their job is over, we can prove from the Bible where their job is far from complete! The dear Apostle Paul fought a good fight & finished his course, finished his earthly course. Now whether he's got that crown yet I don't know, but according to all we read in the Bible & we've experienced, we have a long way to go, & the spirit world is a heaven of a lot busier than this hell on earth! We will have rest in a sense, you might say in the Spirit--at least some will, it depends on how much they deserve it!--Some will be tormented day & night! Some like Samuel will say, "How come you disturbed me from my rest & peace?--I did my job well & have been rewarded with perhaps a little less trouble & fighting than I had on Earth. Why bother me with any more of your Earthly problems?" Like the angels, we'll fight on!

HEAV ML#242:19 WE'RE A LONG WAYS FROM THE END OF THE ROAD & all these people who look forward to death as the end are going to get a big surprise! Death from this life is just graduation from this grade, & praise God for that! It's tremendous blessing to die! I've been through it, & it's wonderful! It's similar, I presume, to what the astronauts feel in their weightlessness. Right now we're burdened with this vile body. But, praise God, in the spirit you don't have this weight!--You're no longer weighted with the flesh & burdened with the problems of the physical life. You've graduated from this grade of this earthly life. But when you graduate from one grade to another, the work in the next grade usually becomes a little more difficult with a little more added responsibility, new & added duties which you didn't have before, with new powers, new responsibilities. With new abilities come new responsibilities & you have new power to respond to those new responsibilities.

HEAV ML#242:20 YOU'LL BE GIVEN THE POWER TO DO A LOT MORE THAN YOU'RE DOING NOW. And you're going to do it--even more! "Their works do follow them!"--They haven't finished them: They're still going to be working at them! You got good grades in the last grade & have arrived in the next grade. You tell that to some church people & they'll be downright discouraged!--"I've done as little as I could here, & I'm looking forward to getting to Heaven & doing nothing!" Well, they'll be surprised to hear God say, "Nothing doing, pal!--Get busy! You've still got a lot of work to do!"

HEAV ML#242:22 WELL, THAT'S MY IDEA & I BELIEVE IT'S GOD'S & HIS BIBLE'S IDEA, & WE'RE A LONG WAY FROM THE END! In fact, according to the Bible, for us there isn't going to be an End!--Eternity has no end! Some of these damn church people would get awful tired of doing nothing, if that's all there was to do! Of course, they are practising what they believe right here on earth: Doing nothing, or as little as possible!

HEAV ML#258:72 This is the whole point to it all, to relieve us of the suffering, pain, death & tears brought into the world by the Enemy & the sins of man. Why else then would He say that in Heaven there's going to be "no more sorrow, pain, death or tears"?


HEAV ML#266:14 IF HEAVEN OR THE HEAVENLIES ARE ANYTHING LIKE WHAT I SAW IN THIS DREAM, I don't think the Churchy Systemites would like it very well!

HEAV ML#271B:48 WHAT'S THE BEST IDEA OF HEAVEN?--One of the greatest things of all is the reunion with loved ones!--And God Himself!

HEAV ML#298:27 (MARIA: WHAT ELSE IS IN HEAVEN?) Big City in Heaven--Heavenly City. Many things in Heaven, flowers & sun & moon. (Maria: Like here?) You want to know about Heaven or Heavenly City?

HEAV ML#298:28 (MARIA: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?) HEAVEN BIG PLACE--much room: Stars & sun & moon, planets. Heavenly City is New Jerusalem. But Heaven is everywhere, everywhere. Heavenly City is here. Come down. Heaven is big space. Big place. Heaven.

HEAV ML#306:41 THIS IS WHAT THE NEW WORLD WILL BE LIKE, "For the old heavens & the old earth shall be passed away, & all things will be made new"! "And there shall be no more sea!"--That's a shocker! "And there shall be nothing that shall either hurt or destroy or pollute in all My Holy Mountain" (Kingdom). There shall be no more evil in all God's Kingdom on earth--only a Heaven-on-Earth rule by the Lord & His Children form the Heavenly City which will come down from God from outer space to rule the earth!

HEAV ML#311B:27 STOP THIS WORLD--I WANNA GET OFF!--And that's exactly what we're gonna do one of these days soon! Would you like to come with us?--Then come on now before it's too late, or you may miss that Heavenly flight & have to stay here & sweat it out with the rest of the stupid idiots who think they know so much & have so much time, when Time's gonna grind to a halt soon while we enter the Eternal Now & leave the rest behind! Praise God!--Are you with us?

HEAV ML#318C:53 EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS BETTER in the Kingdom of God!--Amen? Hallelujah!

HEAV ML#350:157 THEN THERE'LL BE "A NEW HEAVEN WHEREIN DWELLETH RIGHTEOUSNESS!" Thank God!--A New World of peace & plenty & love & happiness for all who follow Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords over all!--Amen!

HEAV ML#360:59 WE'RE ON OUR WAY TO THAT HAPPY LAND! COME JOIN US NOW IN OUR HOLD BAND! We're gonna shake the Holy Man's hand & rest in peace in Forever Land, even if some things we can't understand, because this is what God has planned, & our House isn't built on sand!--Come join our Gypsy Caravan!

HEAV ML#364:1 I WAS THINKING WHAT WONDERFUL SECURITY GOD'S KINGDOM HAS! No man can enter it except in the spirit & only then if he's allowed, except by death. So what can man do to us? They can only kill the body & after that there's no more that they can do, & thus release our spirits at last into the glorious spiritual Kingdom of God!

HEAV ML#368:33 THERE'LL BE NO MORE CROSSES, NO MORE WARS. There'll be love & laughter & peace ever after, tomorrow--in God's tomorrow--when the world is free of wars. Thank You Jesus! There's no more death, pain nor suffering, crying nor sorrow, but all is light & life & love & peace forever! Thank You Jesus!


HEAV ML#397:5 IF YOU TAKE HEAVEN IN THE SENSE THE CHURCHES THINK OF IT, it's far off in the sky somewhere. But there are lots of kinds of heavens, & the word "heaven" sometimes simply means in the "Spirit World", as used in the Bible: "In the spirit".

HEAV ML#399:2
         And the dawning to noonday bright,
         And Christ's great Kingdom shall come on Earth,
         The Kingdom of Love & Light."

         When we've been there ten thousand years,
         Bright shining as the sun,
         We've no less days to sing God's praise (--Got forever!),
         Than when we first begun!
         Been there ten thousand years you're just getting started! Hallelujah? You won't even have seen all Space City yet in ten thousand years. My what a place! I'm telling you, I never saw such a place in all my whole life, & I probably won't see all of it yet even in Eternity, it's such a place! Praise God! Thank You Lord!

HEAV ML#399:131 WE'VE GOT A LITTLE SAMPLE OF THAT RIGHT NOW! We've got a little Heaven of Earth in our Colonies, every one of them's just like a little bit of Heaven. We've got the same love, the same fellowship, the same sweetness in spirit & joy & blessing, & the only trouble is we've still got these old damn vile fleshly bodies to drag around that give us a lot of trouble, but praise God, we're getting the victory all the time, amen? You have to keep fighting in order to get the victory.


HEAV ML#615:10 DO YOU SUPPOSE THOSE ANIMALS I SAW IN HEAVEN HAD HUMAN SPIRITS OF SOME KIND? (See Letter No.75A, "Space City!") The only two animals I saw there were the lion & the lamb, nearly always typified as good animals. But swine & dogs are never classified as being very good. (Rev.22:15)

HEAV ML#622:49 IN THE SPIRIT WORLD YOU MAY HAVE THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS & some of the same problems you have now, but you'll be better off & in more direct communication & obey better because you'll be under more direct control.

HEAV ML#622:50 "TO BE ABSENT FROM THE BODY IS TO BE PRESENT WITH THE LORD." (II Cor.5:8)--You'll be like in the presence of the Lord all the time! When you're almost able to see God all the time, you'll be afraid not to obey the Lord!

HEAV ML#622:51 ARE YOU UNDER GOD'S CONTROL NOW? IF SO, THE SPIRIT WORLD WILL NOT BE TOO STRANGE FOR YOU, & the transition from this life to the next will not be too great a change. You'll still be God's child in His care & accustomed to doing His will, which is absolute & unquestioned in that world.--And you'll enjoy it, as now.

HEAV ML#622:52 BUT IF YOU ARE STUBBORN & DISOBEDIENT & SELFISH & used to having your own way & doing as you please instead of pleasing God & others, the spirit world is going to be rather difficult for you, as there everyone does as God pleases, whether they like it or not!

HEAV ML#629:58 WELL, I THINK IT'S SHOCK THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GET! The Church has given the impression for so many years that the minute you go to Heaven & be with the Lord & all that, then you're absolutely perfect! They teach that you're so totally changed, you're so perfect you're like God Himself!--You know?

HEAV ML#659:77 WHO DO YOU THINK IS IN LEADERSHIP IN HEAVEN, POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY & LEADERSHIP? There are all kinds of levels of leadership in the Spirit World.

HEAV ML#680:54 WHY DO WE CRY? FOR OURSELVES! How can we cry for the dead saints who've gone on to be with the Lord, who are better off, rid of all the pain, the suffering, & the heavy old flesh & all its problems! Their education on this Earth is over, & has just begun in Heaven.

HEAV ML#680:55 THEY'RE GETTING A WHOLE NEW START! They're doing great, don't worry about them!

HEAV ML#680:66 AND I KNOW I'M GOING TO BE SPENDING A WHOLE LOT OF MY TIME ASKING QUESTIONS OF ALL THOSE GUYS UP THERE, "Well, what about this? Now Paul, why did you say that? I don't agree with that. Now Moses, how come you did that? David, how could you do such a thing!" We're going to have a lot of time to get acquainted, hallelujah! So I'll be having a good time!

HEAV ML#680:73 SO IT'S A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO BE, FULL OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE HAVING A BEAUTIFUL TIME, & TRYING TO HELP YOU ALL THEY CAN with their prayers & with all the help they can, thank the Lord? Do you believe it? It's the truth!

HEAV ML#713:78 "THESE THINGS ARE NOT NOW PRESENTLY FOR YOU TO KNOW. For you must first pass through a long dark tunnel before you reach the other side where you will be given light to understand these things."--Amen. Thank God for His elixirs!--Amen?



HEAV ML#766:58 A JOB WELL DONE! (Mat.25:21)
         Tho' harder, rougher grows the way as we strive onward day by day
         Yet nearer, brighter shines His light as we near the end of night!
         As 'round the world we work & roam, each weary step bring closer home!
         For journey's end will come soon, see!--There He waits for you & me!
         --And as He gathers each one in from this old world of hate & sin,
         He'll welcome home each faithful one with all His joy for job well done!

HEAV ML#767:49
         There'll be light in the sky from that palace on High
         When I come to the end of the road!
         Sweet relief from all care will be waiting me there
         When I come to the end of life's road!
         When the long day is ended and my journey is o'er
         I shall rest in His blessed abode!
         There the ones that I love will be waiting for me
         When I come to the end of life's road!

HEAV ML#767:50
         Farewell to all the troubles of today!
         There'll be no pain, no death in God's tomorrow,
         When morning dawns & shadows flee away!

HEAV ML#767:51
         The deepest sorrow like a passing dream,
         Will be forgotten in that blessed morn!
         --When morning dawns, farewell to earthly sorrows!
         Farewell to all the troubles of today!
         There'll be no pain, no death in God's tomorrow,
         When morning dawns & shadows flee away!

HEAV ML#767:53 (Dad sings:)
         "When we all get to Heaven,
         What a day of rejoicing that will be!
         When we all see Jesus,
         We'll sing & out the victory!"
         Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!


HEAV ML#850:33 IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, IT'S TOTALLY LIKE THOUGHT TRANSFERENCE! It doesn't even necessarily come in words!

HEAV ML#850:34 YOU JUST KNOW WHAT THEY ARE THINKING OR FEELING, & they communicate by something like what they used to call when I was a kid, mental telepathy! They just look at you & you know what they are thinking! There is no possibility of your lying or deceiving anybody, because everybody knows exactly what you're thinking, what's actually on your mind.

HEAV ML#850:101 We have a wonderful, wonderful life to live with You forever!--With Eternal peace & joy & happiness & bliss & love & beauty forever!


HEAV ML#897:1 MAYBE HEAVEN'S GOING TO BE LIKE WHAT YOU DREAM ABOUT! Maybe you dream up your own Heaven: Maybe what you get in Heaven is what you always dreamed of! I remember William Branham, a famous prophet that I met in Arizona & California, telling about how he dreamed about Heaven.

HEAV ML#897:2 HE & HIS WIFE WERE CAUGHT IN A BIG FLOOD & he lost her & couldn't find her. He finally found her at the hospital, but she was dying. She died from exposure & shock. (Maria: A flood in the U.S.?) Yes, I think it was the famous big Ohio flood when the water rose 50 feet!

HEAV ML#897:3 WILLIAM BRANHAM GOT VERY SICK & got tuberculosis from exposure & cold & wandering around in the wet & the water & everything & he nearly died too. In fact, I think he wanted to die because he'd lost his wife & child in the flood. Of course it's one of the things that really brought him to the Lord & made him such a great man.

HEAV ML#897:4 HE SAID THAT WHILE HE WAS SO SICK in the hospital & telling the Lord he wanted to die, that know what? He might have had a death experience! He said he dreamed that he was walking across these beautiful flowery fields surrounded by wooded hills, & there was this beautiful little cottage there.

HEAV ML#897:5 HIS WIFE & LITTLE CHILD RAN OUT TO GREET HIM & took him in their arms & loved him & said, "We're so glad that you got here! It's so lovely here!" She took him into the cottage & said, "We've even saved your favourite old rocking chair!", & there it was sitting in the living room. He sat down & rocked in it & thought, "How beautiful, how beautiful!" He said,

HEAV ML#897:6 "I REALISED I MUST BE IN HEAVEN because there was my wife & child, but I never dreamed it was going to be this beautiful!--Just like I always wanted! Just like the little cottage we used to live in with my old favourite rocking chair back in Kentucky!--Only it was even more beautiful & better!"

HEAV ML#897:7 IT WAS ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! His wife was so beautiful & the baby was there & everything! It was all so pretty, & friends were visiting & relatives. Then he said he woke up & he was still there in bed in the hospital very sick--but happy!

HEAV ML#897:8 HE SAID THEN HE WAS REALLY HAPPY BECAUSE HE KNEW HIS WIFE HAD GONE TO BE WITH THE LORD & that she was happy & the baby was happy. They were in a nice beautiful cottage in Heaven with his old favourite rocking chair, so he wasn't sad anymore about it. He was very happy then, & he got so happy he lived!

HEAV ML#940:9 THEN GOD WILL REBUILD THE WORLD ON THE ASHES OF THE OLD--"a new Heavens & a new Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness" (2 Pet.3:13), with His great holy Space City coming down from God out of Heaven! For God will come & make His residence with man on Earth--the New Earth, the new Paradise! PG! Hallelujah! (Rev.21 & 22)

HEAV ML#953-1:31 WE ALREADY EXPERIENCE A LOT OF THAT GLORY NOW, of Heaven on Earth, the joy & happiness & wonderful beautiful life that we live in the Family, which is truly the Kingdom of God on Earth, Heaven on Earth now & here.

HEAV ML#953-1:32 "THE TIME TO BE HAPPY IS NOW! THE PLACE TO BE HAPPY IS HERE! The way to be happy is to make others happy, & we'll have a little Heaven right here!"--& that's so true!

HEAV ML#972:178 THERE ARE HOW MANY HEAVENS ALL TOGETHER ACCORDING TO ST.PAUL? He was caught up to a third Heaven! (2Cor.12:2) There are actually seven Heavens & you're living in one of them right now!--Ha! You're living in what you might call the first Heaven, the lowest one, at least, the atmospheric heavens.

HEAV ML#1141:266-271: [Dad's idea of Heaven as busy place--so different from churchy concept.]

HEAV ML#1169:88 John saw that Heavenly Holy City coming down from God, out of Heaven, right down here to this Earth so that he said "God is going to dwell with man". He doesn't say man is going to go up & dwell with Him, but God is going to dwell with man.

HEAV ML#1169:89 Oh, we go up to Heaven for a little while if we die now, we go up to be with the Lord in Heavenly places, but I have found out in my recent spiritual trips that we don't all go to Heaven then either, an awful lot of us stay right here in a Heavenly sphere in another dimension right here on this Earth only in the spirit world & stay here & help others, as many helpers are helping us right now.

HEAV ML#1170:73 All you have to do is ask Him in, & you'll be one of the blessed saved who will walk the golden streets of that golden City, crystal gold!

HEAV ML#1182:72 "They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat. For the Lamb which is in the midst of the Throne shall feed them, & shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: & God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes."

HEAV ML#1182:75 But isn't the Lord wonderful & loving & merciful? He says He's going to wipe away all those tears, & He's going to wipe away all that memory of those evil years, & no more pain, no more death, no more sorrow, no more tears, only eternal, wonderful happiness, joy & paradise on Earth like this, only better, forever & ever & ever. Hallelujah!

HEAV ML#1195:48 YOU DON'T SPEND THAT FIRST THOUSAND YEARS IN HEAVEN. A lot of Christians & Church people are gonna be disappointed. When they die now before Jesus comes they'll go to Heaven & even when Jesus comes He'll come & get them & resurrect & rapture them up to Heaven for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb during the horrible Hell-on-Earth of God's judgements, & then we come charging back in to win this Battle of Armageddon in the 19th Chapter & the False Prophet & the Beast are cast into the Lake of Fire, & then the 20th Chapter, here the Devil himself is cast into the Lake of Fire with him.

HEAV ML#1198:22 IN THAT DAY MAN WILL BE RESTORED TO FULL FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD & the full proper relationship with each other in which there is no sin & nothing wrong with nudity & no sin in sex. You'll still be able to enjoy the pleasures even of the flesh as Jesus did when He was resurrected & ate & drank with His disciples & could have had sex if He wanted to, & maybe He did with Mary & Martha & Mary Magdalene His favourites.

HEAV ML#1198:52 I BELIEVE IN ETERNAL UNIVERSAL RECONCILIATION OF MAN because Jesus said He died that all might be saved (1Ti.2:4; 2Pe.3:9), that the whole World might be saved, & I believe that's going to happen someday! I don't know why you'd want to miss the Holy City though. Only the saved, only those of us who have chosen voluntarily to love Jesus, receive Him as our Saviour now, in this life, on this Earth now are going to walk the streets of that Golden City & be able to enter through those gigantic pearly gates!

HEAV ML#1198:74 I'VE BEEN THERE & SEEN IT IN MY SPACE TRIPS, MY SPIRIT TRIPS, HEAVENLY TRIPS in vision or dream or in the Spirit or actually I don't know what it was! Like Saint Paul, he had a chance to visit those heavenly places too & he says, "I don't know whether I was in the flesh, I don't even know if it was me!" (2Co.12:2-4.) Ha!

HEAV ML#1198:79 YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN TO LIVE WITH GOD, GOD IS GOING TO COME TO EARTH TO LIVE WITH YOU! Think of that! The Bible says so! Read it right here in the 21st Chapter, third verse: "God is going to wipe away all tears from their eyes & there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."

HEAV ML#1198:133 JESUS HIMSELF TO DWELL WITH US IN THAT HOLY CITY, the most beautiful, marvellous, wonderful place you could ever possibly imagine! Even on a most beautiful Earth, more beautiful than any other Earth that God ever created. This planet, this ball, but a totally new surface, rehabilitated, re-made, re-created to be like God wanted it to be, even better then the Garden of Eden, beautiful again. Even so that those who were not so good & didn't love the Lord as they should will be able to enjoy it & feel His mercy & know His forgiveness & be able to live outside the City--not come in--only the Saved can come in.

HEAV ML#1199:5 FOR OUTSIDE OF THE CITY ON THIS GLOBE THAT YOU SEE HERE, THESE NATIONS WILL STILL BE IN EXISTENCE. There will still be nations. There'll be Russia & China that you see there, North America, United States & Canada, Europe etc. Still be nations outside of the City. And we will have leaves from the Tree of Life for their healing. Apparently they're still going to need help & still need healing, still need Salvation & we will have the answer to their problems.


HEAV ML#1284:123 YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN THE FIFTH DIMENSION! In fact, you're probably going to be in the fifth & the sixth & the seventh! Paul said he got caught up to the third Heaven (2Cor.12:2), & some people talk about "I was in seventh Heaven". Well, I wouldn't be surprised there's a seventh Heaven too! We will be in places they cannot conceive of, they cannot even believe & their minds can't grasp, because they rejected the truth here & refused to believe now. And we will be in those Heavenly placess. (1Cor.2:9)

HEAV ML#1308:61 IN THE HOLY CITY THERE'S NO NEED FOR THE SUN & MOON BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY LIT, TTL!--Lit up night & day! "For there will be no night there." (Re.21:25 & 22:5.) But outside the Holy City on the Earth's surface there will still be night & day as long as the Earth shall endure, & as long as the Sun & the Moon endure, & God's astral heavens endure. There will be still be Sun & Moon & stars & all that God originally created.

HEAV ML#1308:62 THERE ARE MANY HEAVENS, at least seven that we know of!

HEAV ML#1308:63 THE FIRST HEAVENS ARE THE ATMOSPHERIC HEAVENS IN WHICH WE'RE NOW LIVING & BREATHING RIGHT THIS MINUTE! I always told you you were living in Heaven on Earth if you know Jesus & know the Lord & live in our Heavenly Homes! Well, here you are living in the First Heaven right now!

HEAV ML#1308:64 WE DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE SECOND HEAVEN IS, BUT PAUL WAS EVEN CAUGHT UP TO THE THIRD HEAVEN! (2Co.12:2.) If the Second Heaven is not Outer Space, which I doubt, I think that it's probably the next stage in our spiritual development & is in the Spirit World in which the angels & departed spirits & even the Devil & demons operate. In the language of God, it probably is known as the Second Heavens, beyond our atmospheric heavens, & even in conjunction with our atmospheric heavens.

HEAV ML#1308:65 THE SECOND HEAVENS IS A SPIRIT WORLD WHICH FILLS BOTH THE ATMOSPHERIC HEAVENS & THE GEOLOGICAL CONSTITUENCY OF THE EARTH & THE BALL ITSELF! There are demons who dwell beneath your feet, Beloved, in the soil & the rocks & the various strata of the Earth & are imprisoned & confined there because of their rebelliousness & revolution against God!

HEAV ML#1309:57 ITS SIZE COMPARED TO THE EARTH IS AMAZING, REALLY AMAZING! On one of our globes about this big it stands about that high, & that's really something! You can see it three to four thousand miles away, & from the summit you can see three or four miles.

HEAV ML#1309:221 SOME DAY WE WON'T HAVE TO MOVE ANY MORE, LORD, OR THE MOVING WON'T BE SO MUCH TROUBLE & we won't have to drag so much junk along. We won't have this old heavy body to worry about, Lord, but a new one & lighter than air, faster than light, that never gets tired!

HEAV ML#1309:222 IF WE DO HAVE TO TRAVEL WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT, LORD: No visas, no passports, no tickets, no long journeys, Lord, no tiring rides, that'll all be over! TYJ!

HEAV ML#1310:70 PAUL HIMSELF TALKED ABOUT THREE HEAVENS & it indicates in the Bible that there are seven different heavens, seven different levels of heavens. And in Heaven itself, Space City, there are twelve levels, that you'll find in Revelation. (Rev.21:14)


HEAV ML#1369:105 WHEN THE BIBLE TALKS ABOUT HEAVEN & THE HEAVENLY IT'S USUALLY TALKING ABOUT THE WORLD OF THE SPIRIT, it doesn't necessarily mean some place a thousand miles high or way off somewhere in space. There are seven heavens, & believe it or not, you're living in one of them right now! You are living in the atmospheric heavens.

HEAV ML#1369:106 IN FACT, THERE'S ANOTHER HEAVEN IN THE WORLD OF THE SPIRIT THAT'S ALSO RIGHT HERE, & you're living & moving in it without even realising it. He says, "In whom we live & move & have our being", meaning in the spirit, in God. (Acts 17:28) So if we're Christians & love the Lord & we have His Spirit, then we live & move in the Spirit World as well as in the temporal World.

HEAV ML#1369:108 WELL, YOU'VE GOT ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN & ONE STILL ON EARTH. Pretty soon the Lord's going to let you one of these days pick up the one that's on Earth & put that one in Heaven too, & you won't have to worry about this old World anymore. Well, I wouldn't say that either, you might have to help us, in case you go first!

HEAV ML#1376:88 I'VE GOT SO MANY QUESTIONS STACKED UP WHEN I GET THERE TO ASK SO MANY PEOPLE, it's going to take me the whole Millennium to find out all the things I want to know!--Ha! Well, praise God! I wouldn't be surprised that the Lord will let you ask a few & find out a few, & you'll be able to ask the people themselves in those days! Isn't that wonderful? Isn't that marvellous to think about how you'll be able to actually meet them & talk to them?

HEAV ML#1391:7 PRAISE GOD, THAT'LL BE OUR LAST MOVE! I was just telling Maria the other night as we were walking home, "Well, thank the Lord that's one move we won't have to worry about baggage or luggage or what clothes to wear or take with us! We won't have to do any packing, we won't have to do any loading, we won't have to do any shipping, we won't have to do any hitching & travelling or buying tickets or boarding trains or planes, & we won't even need a passport or a visa--we've already got it!" TTL!

HEAV ML#1391:8 YOU'VE ALREADY GOT YOUR PASSPORT, VISA & TICKET HOME, & there's nothing that you have here that you'll need there, except what has already been sent in the way of souls & those that will follow! PTL? Isn't that wonderful? Won't that be a relief? All you'll have to do is just shut your eyes & you're on your way! Amen? I mean, death for a Christian is not death. Jesus said, "He that believeth on Me shall never die!" (Jn.11:26.)

HEAV ML#1391:9 YOU WON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT AN UNSAVED DEATH IS LIKE, YOU'LL JUST BE PASSING ON, LIKE GOING THROUGH A DOOR OR THROUGH A TUNNEL! Many who've come back say it's kind of like going through a tunnel with light at the other end, brighter than anything you've ever seen! Nearly all of them testify the light is brighter than the sun, yet it didn't hurt their eyes! Isn't that amazing? And what a Reception Committee!--Either the Lord Himself or one of His angels, & your best friends & loved ones that have gone on before! You're going to get to see all of them! They'll welcome you there & guide you & lead you & introduce you & show you the ropes & show you around & help you get settled! You couldn't expect better than that, could you?

HEAV ML#1391:21 AND THAT'LL BE OUR LAST MOVE! PTL?--NO BAGGAGE, NO LUGGAGE, NO HARD JOURNEY, NO PACKING, NO LONG TRAVEL. It may be a long ways, or it may be closer than you think! The Heavenly City is somewhere above, but it's on its way! PTL? And it's the one that's going to do the travelling, not you or me! It may be a lot closer than you think, & certainly the Spirit World is very, very close--it's right here & now & all around us, & we're probably even sitting in it right now without knowing it!--Kind of like two dimensions both occupying the same place at the same time, which physics says can't happen! The laws of physics tell you that two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time, but the spirit can! PTL!--Because it's not physics, it's not physical, it's spirit & spiritual! PTL!

HEAV ML#1391:24 WE WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BORDERS, passports & visas or customs, because everything you need will already be there! You can't take it with you. Whatever you have there you will have already sent ahead in the way of souls won, victories won, battles won & rewards won for your service here! You're going to get most of it over there!

HEAV ML#1391:27 ONE OLD PREACHER I KNEW USED TO SING AN OLD SONG: "I'M GOING TO TAKE MY VACATION IN HEAVEN", BECAUSE HE NEVER GOT ONE HERE! Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that! From what I've seen of the Spirit World, it's a pretty busy place!--Especially right now! Of course, when this job is done, maybe we'll all take a vacation for awhile, there. But as long as we have this World still to worry about or to govern or to run, I wouldn't say it's going to be exactly a vacation, because it's going to be a job!

HEAV ML#1391:30 YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE LOTS OF WORK TO DO IN THE AFTERLIFE, BUT IT'S GOING TO BE A LOT EASIER, THANK THE LORD! There'll be no sorrow, no sickness, no pain, no weariness, no death, no more tears, no more crying. (Re.21:4.) That's certainly going to make things easier, huh?--Even if it is a little bit of work. PTL! Amen? So don't let it worry you now, it's not going to be that hard to be in Heaven or the Heavenly City or the Millennium, but you're going to have something to do & something to keep you busy!--You'd be unhappy if you didn't!

HEAV ML#1391:32 "KNOW YE NOT THAT YE SHALL JUDGE ANGELS?" (1Co.6:3.) When's that going to happen? First of all we're going to judge the Earth, then it looks like we're going to be judges of the angels even thereafter! Because the whole deal & what happens to the angels & the dirty work of the dirty devilish angels is not going to be finished until after the Millennium when all men shall be judged along with the angels of both God & the Devil. It'll be your privilege to reward those who've done well, & to punish those who have done evil. You will have the satisfaction of meting out the rewards that they deserve, even to the angelic hosts!

HEAV ML#1391:33 AFTER GOING THROUGH THIS LIFE, & THEN THE NEXT LIFE WHICH IS THE MILLENNIUM, WE WILL ENTER INTO THE THIRD PHASE, ETERNAL LIFE, & by that time be capable of even judging angels! Why? Why do you think God will consider us worthy & capable by that time of even judging the angelic hosts of Heaven, the spiritual hosts of God? Hmm? Well, by that time we will have been through a whole lot more than even the angels ever went through!--A whole lot more suffering, a whole lot more hard work, a whole lot more battles & testings & temptings & grades in school, more examinations we'll have passed, so that we will even be considered worthy & capable of judging angels by that time!

HEAV ML#1441:4 SO APPARENTLY WE'RE GOING THROUGH ETERNITY BY STAGES & BY AGES, so that even that period is going to have some kind of an end. We speak of it as "forever" & "eternal", which in our way of thinking is true, but there will then be a following age, something different. We are progressing, we're learning, we're experiencing & we've got a long ways to go! Thank God we'll have our supernatural bodies to be able to stand it, thank You Lord!

HEAV ML#1453:36 SINCE THEY WERE NOT A PART OF THE FIRST RESURRECTION--the Salvation of the first Saints of God, the Saved of this Day of Grace--but are part of the Second Resurrection, they may be in a separate class from us & permitted only to live on the surface of the New Earth outside the Heavenly City while we occupy the City itself. But to be able to enjoy the surface of the New Earth, a genuine Heaven-on-Earth, is a Heaven in itself, Salvation in itself, so certainly they can be thankful!

HEAV ML#1465:2 2PETER 2:17: "TO WHOM THE MIST OF DARKNESS IS RESERVED FOR AN AGE". Jude 13: "To whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for an age". Rev.14:11: "The smoke of their torment ascendeth up to the age of ages." Now that is interpreted by Pridgeon as meaning "to the final Golden Age", until that age. In other words, until the Age of Ages. Until that final Golden Age when all will be reconciled.

HEAV ML#1465:3 THE AGE OF ALL AGES, OF COURSE, THE FINAL GOLDEN AGE, IS THE NEW HEAVEN & THE NEW EARTH "wherein dwelleth righteousness" (2Pe.3:13) in which the Holy City comes down, Space City, usually called by most people Eternity or the final Everlasting Life etc., the Golden Age of all Ages.

HEAV ML#1465:4 EVEN THE MILLENNIUM IS AN AGE, but some of these people, like the Devil, are going to apparently be in Hell or whatever kind of punishment they're going to be getting, for a thousand years of Millennium.

HEAV ML#1465:5 THE FINAL RECONCILIATION WILL COME AT THE AGE OF AGES, the Golden Age, when "time shall be no more" (Rev.10:6), there won't be any more thousand year Millennium. Time shall continue throughout the Millennium--there will be no time for us, in a sense, we'll be in our new bodies--but time will continue for a thousand years.

HEAV ML#1465:7 THE FINAL NEW HEAVEN, NEW EARTH HAS NO END, it is "World without end". (Is.45:17.) The Millennium has an end.

HEAV ML#1474:5 I'M AMAZED HOW LITTLE THE PREACHERS EVER PREACH ABOUT THE NEXT LIFE OR THE SPIRIT WORLD OR HEAVEN! I mean, that's one of the most wonderful glorious subjects you could possibly preach about, that's what it's all about! That's why you're able to endure what's going on now. That's why Moses was able to endure, because "he had respect unto the recompense of reward, as seeing Him which is invisible!" Seeing the invisible World of the future he was able to count the sufferings of the present as nothing compared to what the reward was going to be. (He.11:24-27.)

HEAV ML#1478:8 (MARIA: SO WAS ABRAHAM'S BOSOM SYMBOLISING HEAVEN?) Yes! To a Jew, that would be Heaven! Lazarus went to be in Abraham's bosom! In fact, let me see that story! (Luke 16:22) "And it came to pass, that the beggar died"--Lazarus--"& was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom!" Well, that certainly was Heaven, of all places! I never got that it was down in the heart of the Earth in a prison for those spirits!

HEAV ML#1487:57 Space City comes down out of Heaven from God, & God, it says will dwell with man. (Rev.21:3) It doesn't say man's going to go up to Heaven & dwell with God this time. When we die now we go to Heaven to be with Jesus, but after Jesus comes down to this Earth, we're not going to go to Heaven, are we? We're going to have Heaven right here on Earth, right? And even after the Battle of Armageddon, after the Millennium & the World's all burned up, where are we going to live then? (David: Space City.) We're not going to go to Space City--Space City's going to come to us! We're not going to Heaven, Heaven is coming to us!

HEAV ML#1487:69 SO THAT'S THE WAY THE STORY ENDS, IT'S A VERY HAPPY ENDING, BECAUSE IT DOESN'T REALLY END! That's just the beginning & it has no end! This is one story that hasn't got any end, how about that? Because it's eternal, it's forever, a story without an end! You can't say "& that's the happy ending" because that's just the happy beginning! But you could say, "And they lived happily ever after"!

HEAV ML#1487:85 SO THIS TIME OF SO-CALLED ETERNITY OR FOREVER & EVER IS GOING TO BE A TIME OF KIND OF MAKING UP FOR THINGS IN THE PAST, & it's going to take quite awhile to make up for all the things they didn't do & all the things they shouldn't have done, & to be real good to us for a long time to make up for how mean they were to us before.

HEAV ML#1487:96 ARE YOU GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN? Well, you might if you're a martyr before Jesus comes, that's a trick question! Are we all going to go to Heaven? No! Heaven's going to come to us. If you die now before Jesus comes, then you go to Heaven to be with Jesus. But if you live to the Coming of the Lord...well, then when Jesus comes we go up to Heaven for a little while, while God's wreaking His wrath on Earth & we have a Marriage Supper of the Lamb up in Heaven, just for a little while though.

HEAV ML#1495:156 All these things will be forgotten & they'll all be blotted out like an evil dream, like a nightmare, He says. It'll all be blotted out & we'll forget all about it & He'll wipe away all the tears from our eyes. There'll be no more pain or sorrow or death & no more crying & everything is going to be happiness from then on. Isn't that wonderful? PTL?

HEAV ML#1498:35 I DON'T THINK GOD IS JUST GOING TO FLIP A SWITCH & SUDDENLY IT'S ALL GOING TO BE UNDERSTOOD, but I think you're going to learn there. I've found out in my spiritual acquaintances & my spiritual experiences with the next World & its inhabitants that they're not all that smart yet, they're still learning & they still have a lot to learn. Believe it or not, they even still make mistakes! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Oh, how sad! How disappointed you are! You thought by that time you were gonna be absolutely perfect & never make another mistake!

HEAV ML#1499:38 BUT PROBABLY YOU'RE GOING TO BE THANKFUL YOU MADE IT AT ALL! You're probably going to be thankful that you even are there in the Holy City of God, that you're one of the blessed, the Saints, the saved. Because even the people of the World on the outside are not going to be able to enter in. They're not going to be able to walk the streets of that great Holy City, Space City that God has shown us, so beautiful & so marvellous & so wonderful! No. But you will be there. I presume you'll be thankful that you're even in the basement. Maybe you'll be glad to be out of sight where people can't look at you too often with shame & contempt.

HEAV ML#1502:47 I'VE HEARD SOME PEOPLE SAY, "OH IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! How could there ever be a resurrection of all the believers of the past? There wouldn't be room enough on Earth for them all!" Well, the World as it stands today is only about one-fourth to one-fifth dry land, & the other four-fifths is water. So when God dries up all the seas there's going to be five times as much land to live on.

HEAV ML#1505:140 IT'S GOING TO BE SO WONDERFUL YOU'RE GOING TO FORGET ABOUT ALL YOUR TROUBLES IN THE PAST! It's going to be so wonderful you' going to forget about all those things that happened before those terrible things you've been through! Hallelujah? TYJ! (Sings:) "It will be worth it all when we see Jesus! Life's trials will seem so small, when we see Christ! One glimpse of His dear face, all sorrow will erase! So bravely run the race, 'til we see Christ!" Hallelujah? TYJ!

HEAV ML#1529:18 WHY SHOULD I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE HEAVENLY CITY? Well, as I say, I've already got a lot of my loved ones over there, & I'm sure you have some too you'd like to see again. And you've been laying up a lot of treasures in Heaven, rewards that you haven't yet received here that you'll receive over there. And frankly, I think as it has been with me, the more I think about Heaven, the more thrilled I am & the more excited I get about what the Lord has stored up for us there, "more than eye hath seen or ear heard, nor hath even entered into the heart of man", except that the Holy Spirit has showed it to us, TTL! (1Co.2:9.)

HEAV ML#1529:19 I'M EXCITED ABOUT HEAVEN LIKE I USED TO BE AS A LITTLE BOY ABOUT CHRISTMAS, AREN'T YOU? Didn't you get awful excited when December rolled around?--And from the very first of the month you began thinking about Christmas & Christmas presents & doing a little Christmas shopping yourself!

HEAV ML#1529:22 SO HEAVEN IS REALLY SOMETHING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT & THRILLED ABOUT & LOOK FORWARD TO, LIKE CHRISTMAS, ONLY IT'LL BE THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS YOU EVER HAD! It'll be the greatest Family Reunion we've ever known, with all your loved ones & relatives & children & parents & ancestors & descendants & ascendants all together in one place at the same time, rejoicing & praising the Lord all together in one great grand Heavenly Fellowship Meeting! All together at last! TYJ! Hallelujah! So I think that's something to really get excited about & get thrilled about & look forward to, don't you? I love to think about Heaven! It doesn't scare me. I don't fear death, because sudden death for us is sudden glory & we go straight to be with the Lord, or very shortly.

HEAV ML#1529:27 SO WE HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN ALREADY--HEAVENLY HEARTS, HEAVENLY HOMES, HEAVENLY LOVED ONES, HEAVENLY WORK TO DO FOR THE LORD, BRINGING THE HEAVEN OF HIS LOVE TO OTHERS! So we're already having a Heaven of a wonderful time even right here on Earth! But if this is only a sample of what's coming, wow!--Think of what the real full Heaven is going to be like! God's Word tells us that this is just the earnest of our salvation (Eph.1:14), this is just a little sample, just a little bit of Heaven here to have His Love & His Spirit now & each other & His wonderful work.--Just a sample! So if this is a sample, think of what the whole thing is going to be like! Hallelujah!

HEAV ML#1529:28 WHY SHOULD I BE TALKING ABOUT HEAVEN WHEN SOME PEOPLE THINK IT'S A LONG WAYS OFF? Well, since they say that anticipation is 50% of enjoyment, you can enjoy half of Heaven right now just thinking about it, talking about it, reading about it, dreaming about it & taking trips in the spirit there!--Gorgeous, stupendous, magnificent, absolutely almost beyond our wildest dreams or imaginations!

HEAV ML#1529:29 SO WHY NOT ENJOY HALF OF HEAVEN NOW? We're halfway to Heaven here in the spirit, & we can get half of the enjoyment ahead of time just thinking about it, praising the Lord for it, thanking the Lord for it, reading about it, dreaming about it, looking forward to it & anticipating it! We can have 50% of our enjoyment now just looking forward to it. PTL?

HEAV ML#1529:30 SO THAT'S ONE REASON I LIKE TO TALK ABOUT HEAVEN, THINK ABOUT HEAVEN & READ ABOUT HEAVEN! After all, that's where we're going to spend Eternity, so it's a pretty important place & we ought to be pretty interested, don't you think? It's our Eternal Home, the place Jesus has gone to prepare for us forever, so we certainly ought to be interested in it & want to know what it's like & what we're going to be like when we get there!

HEAV ML#1529:38 SO HEAVEN IS A GREAT PLACE TO BE & A GREAT PLACE TO LOOK FORWARD TO, & I'M THRILLED & EXCITED ABOUT IT, & I WANT TO GET YOU THRILLED & EXCITED ABOUT IT! I want you to really get thrilled & excited & looking forward to it, & it will help you bear some of these burdens & trials that you're going through now when you realise these are only just for a moment. "The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us!" (Ro.8:18.)

HEAV ML#1529:39 SO WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT THAT, IT HELPS YOU BEAR SOME OF THE THINGS YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH NOW. This is one reason Moses could do it, because he had "respect unto the recompence of the reward, as seeing Him who is invisible." (He.11:26,27.) He looked past all the troubles he had in Egypt & with those damn Jews, as seeing the Lord & seeing His reward in the future, praise God! He could put up with the present by foreseeing the future, thank the Lord! And all of those heroes who passed on there in God's Hall of Fame in Hebrews the 11th Chapter, all of them counted themselves as Pilgrims & Strangers here because they were looking for a City whose Builder & Maker is God, which hath foundations, & a Country that belongs to them! They were able to endure all kinds of tribulation on this Earth & suffering & hard work & even torture & death because they looked forward to that City! (He.11:10,13,14,16.)

HEAV ML#1529:40 SO IT PAYS TO THINK ABOUT HEAVEN & TALK ABOUT HEAVEN & TRY TO VISUALISE HEAVEN, & that's what I've been trying to do for you, so it will help you to visualise what you have to look forward to!--Knowing that the suffering of this present time is not anything compared to the glories that we are going to share in the near future.

HEAV ML#1530:11 IT'S SUCH A TREMENDOUS SUBJECT! Talking about Heaven & our Heavenly bodies & our Heavenly lives together in Heaven is just almost too big a subject to tackle! It is so tremendous, it's as big as the Heavenly City or more so!

HEAV ML#1531:56 SO THAT'S WHAT HEAVEN IS LIKE! That's just giving you a little tiny finite human conception of what Heaven is like from the descriptions that God has already given us, & the few dreams & visions & experiences I have had concerning it. And I hope that thrills you & fills you with a desire to see it & be there soon! Now don't run off from your job here too soon! Don't cop out & want to die & go to be with the Lord before you're finished--you've got a lot of folks to round up yet to take with you!

HEAV ML#1532:14 "SO TRUST IN GOD, HOWEVER DARK YOUR WAY!--And wait with patience for that Morn to break! Hold to His hand until the break of day! When in His likeness we shall there awake! When morning dawns, farewell to Earthly sorrow! Farewell to all these troubles of today! There'll be no pain, no death in God's tomorrow, when morning dawns & shadows flee away!

HEAV ML#1532:15 "HOW LITTLE THEN THESE TRIALS OF LIFE WILL SEEM! How light the heavy burdens we have borne; the deepest sorrow, like a passing dream, will be forgotten in that blessed morn! When morning dawns, farewell to Earthly sorrow! Farewell to all these troubles of today! There'll be no pain, no death (Weeps) in God's tomorrow, when morning dawns & shadows flee away!" PTL! Hallelu jah! TYJ!

HEAV ML#1532:74 THERE'S GOING TO BE MUSIC IN HEAVEN! Oh, all kinds of music!--Orchestras, choruses, dancing, choirs of angels & us! There'll be all the wonderful beautiful things you enjoyed right here on Earth, including beautiful people, beautiful men & women, beautiful youth, even beautiful sex & love! Think of that! All the things you loved & enjoyed here on Earth you're gonna have in Heaven forever! Isn't that wonderful? Heaven is an eternal continuation of what you & I who love Jesus already have right here in our hearts. (Sings:)

HEAV ML#1532:75 "HEAVEN IS HERE, IS HERE, RIGHT NOW! Heaven is here & I'll tell you how! Jesus to know is Heaven below! Heaven is here, is here & now!"

HEAV ML#1532:153 "OFTTIMES THE DAY SEEMS LONG, OUR TRIALS HARD TO BEAR; we're tempted to complain, to murmur & despair; but Christ will soon appear, to catch His Bride away, all tears forever over, in God's eternal day! It will be worth it all, when we see Jesus; Life's trials will seem so small, when we see Christ; One glimpse of His dear face, all sorrow will erase, so bravely run the race, till we see Christ!" Hallelujah!

HEAV ML#1532:246 YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HEAVEN IS? You want to know what Eternal Life is like, life in Heaven forever? You can have it right now in your own heart!--Right here, a Heaven in your heart, a Garden of Eden in your heart & in your life & in your family & in your home, here & now, if you'll just take Jesus into your heart, into your life, into your home, & have your loved ones receive Him too. You'll have a little Heaven right here, right now, Heaven on Earth & forever!

HEAV ML#1532:247 THAT'S WHAT HEAVEN IS LIKE, IT'S LIKE THE LIFE WE WHO KNOW JESUS LIVE NOW, but without most of the bad things, just the good things. We enjoy a little Heaven already, we enjoy Heaven on Earth in our hearts & in our Homes & in our families & our lives. But we're still having a little trouble with that Ol' Boy called the Devil, & his crowd!

HEAV ML#1534:24 WELL, PTL! THANK GOD FOR HEAVEN!--THAT'S MY COUNTRY! This, our Heavenly Homes & our Heavenly Hearts & our Heavenly Houris, our Heavenly Families, our cherubic children, the Kingdom of God on Earth, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, that's my country! (Sings:) "This is my country, land that I love! This is my country, Heaven above!"

HEAV ML#1536:27 WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DESCRIBE IT TO YOU TO HELP YOU SOMEHOW GRASP THE REALITY OF IT & THE MAGNITUDE OF IT, the tremendous truth of it, how marvellous it is, how gigantic it is, beyond anything that man has ever conceived of or even imagined! In fact, I don't understand why I never heard any preachers really preaching on it--on its size & its magnitude in comparison with areas of this Earth, & its height & its breadth, its width & its depth & its walls & its jewels & its pearly gates & its marvels!--A gigantic City which is beyond anything man ever conceived of!


HEAV ML#1543:114 IT'S GOING TO BE A SINLESS NEW WORLD! We're going to finally get to enjoy life & the bodies God has created & everything to the full, perfectly, without sin & the curse & the pain & the death & the sickness & sorrow & all the rest! It hasn't happened yet, right? We haven't had it perfectly yet. That's our chance to enjoy perfection! We really haven't had a chance to enjoy everything as much as we could when we'll have supernatural bodies & a supernatural environment. It will be the utmost & the ultimate fulfilment, how about that? And I think the Scripture corroborates it. So I've got as much right to my opinion as the churches have theirs, & I like mine a lot better! Hallelujah!

HEAV ML#1543:115 THAT'S MY IDEA OF HEAVEN, & I THINK THE BIBLE MAKES IT PRETTY CLEAR. It's going to be perfect & wonderful, thrilling & exciting, marvellous & beautiful, everything we have now, only in perfection! Adam & Eve & the Devil kind of messed things up, but God's not going to be defeated, right? He's going to bring us through to final perfection the way He originally intended. So there it is!--All laid out around the pool! Hallelujah! And I think we're going to have a little work to do ministering to the people outside. I mean, it says so! Let's face it! (Rev.22:2)

HEAV ML#1543:118 IF THIS IS LIKE HEAVEN, HEAVEN IS LIKE THIS! We're always saying this is like Heaven, our Homes & lives are like Heaven. Well, if this is like Heaven, Heaven is like this!--Only better! PTL!

HEAV ML#1545:15 TO ME, THIS IS A SAMPLE OF HEAVEN THAT WE'RE LIVING IN RIGHT NOW!--And that's a sample of a Heavenly angel right there! Wow! How could you have anything better than that or more gorgeous than Sara? That's Heaven on Earth right now! Heaven's just going to be even better, that's all, with an eternal body! Whew! What a body! It can't even be hurt or get sick or ever get tired or even ever get worn-out with sex no matter how much you have! Hallelujah! Amen? PTL!

HEAV ML#1545:16 SO THAT'S MY IDEA OF HEAVEN! Maybe it's a bit Muslim, but anyhow, I think they're closer to it than the churches! At least they've got some conception of Heaven, right? The churches never gave you any idea of Heaven!

HEAV ML#1545:17 BUT DID THEY EVER TELL YOU? DID YOU EVER SEE A PICTURE? The typical stereotyped concept that they always have in the cartoons & comics is here you are with wings & a white robe sitting on a cloud playing a harp, of all the boring things! I mean, you can enjoy that once in awhile. If you want to get off by yourself & sit there & play yourself a harp for awhile, that's okay if that's your bag, but I'd get pretty tired of that pretty soon!

HEAV ML#1545:18 SO I JUST FIGURE OUR LIFE IN HEAVEN WILL BE LIKE IT IS NOW, ONLY BETTER! Isn't that the idea we got from the "Green Door" about Hell? (No.262.) And did you know that that Letter caused a lot of people to come to the Lord & the Family? It scared them half to death to think that Hell was going to be like this life, the life they were living now, only more! It's amazing the good reaction we've had from that Letter! It scared people more than these outlandish ideas of flames & fire & all that! It made them feel even worse to think that in Hell they were going to have to keep on doing the same thing they were doing forever! That was their idea of Hell!

HEAV ML#1545:19 BUT WE LIVE LIKE HEAVEN ALREADY, A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN RIGHT HERE & NOW! I started to say I don't see how Heaven could be any better, but I can! When we're rid of all our enemies & we're in control, that's all better! No more visas or passports, no more baggage, that's all better! No more difficult travel or trips, we can just float or fly! No more disease or sickness or hurt or death or pain! I can think of a lot of ways it could be better, but this is about as close to Heaven as we can get right now, living in a tropical country in a lovely home with a pool & all these beautiful gorgeous Heavenly angels around us here--beautiful & loving & willing & helpful! What could you ask more than that? We've got the closest thing to Heaven that you can get in this World right now! Really! So what could we have more?--Only more of the same thing & better!--Without all the problems & the sin & the Curse & the disease & the hurts & the sickness & enemies & all the rest!

HEAV ML#1545:36 I AM CONVINCED IF HEAVEN IS HEAVEN AT ALL, IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE THIS LIFE, ONLY BETTER!--Like this life with all its joys & beauties & pleasures, but without the drawbacks!--With all the assets without the liabilities! PTL!

HEAV ML#1545:49 SO THAT'S MY IDEA OF HEAVEN! I think we live in Heaven on Earth right now, & this is as close as we can get on this Earth, but I expect Heaven to be like this, only better!--More & more of it! Not only all this & Heaven too, but all this & Heaven much more so! PTL? That's my idea of Heaven! Amen?

HEAV ML#1546:13 IF THIS IS LIKE HEAVEN, THEN HEAVEN IS LIKE THIS! There's good logic for you! We're always claiming we've got Heavenly Homes & this is like Heaven on Earth, well, if so, then Heaven must be like this! Just using an algebraic reverse formula, it's gotta be equal on both sides. So I thought that was pretty good proof that Heaven's going to be a lot like this, if this is like Heaven!--Ha!

HEAV ML#1546:114 IF ALL THEY'VE GOT TO OFFER FOR ALL ETERNITY IS SITTING ON A CLOUD PLAYING A HARP, THAT'S GOING TO GET PRETTY BORING! If there's not going to be any fun in Heaven, what's the use of going there? If Eternal life's no fun, I don't want it! It's gotta be like this & better if we're going to enjoy it! It would sure be a disappointment if it wasn't as much fun as this life, so it's gotta be at least this good, PTL? So if it's gotta be this good, it had better be something like it, only better!


HEAV ML#1557:5 HALLELUJAH! TYJ! HEAVEN IS SO BEAUTIFUL!--AND JESUS TOO! It won't be long now till we see Him!--Won't that be a thrill! TYJ! GBY!--See you There!

HEAV ML#1560:26 I JUST GOT TO THINKING, "WELL LORD, WHAT'S ALL THAT SPACE FOR?" And just like so often, He gives me an answer for things. I wasn't exactly praying, really, I was just sort of wondering, thinking in the night how big that place was, enormous! There aren't even enough people that ever lived on this Earth to fill up the City alone, much less the rest of the New Earth! It just looks like it's entirely too much space, ridiculous! And just as clear as anything the Lord said, "What makes you think the population is not going to grow?" That was an inspiration!

HEAV ML#1560:28 IF THE ANGELS COULD HAVE CHILDREN OF THE DAUGHTERS OF EARTH, THEN WHY CAN'T WE HAVE THEM IN HEAVEN? I believe it! I believe it was a revelation! I think Heaven would be a dead place without kids! Once all those that are already born grow up, the place would just really lack life without new generations of children! And my goodness, we've got all Eternity to live & we've got time to fill up the place!--And if the Earth & the Heavenly City start getting too crowded, we can start colonising other planets! Hallelujah? PTL!

HEAV ML#1560:37 CHILDREN ARE WHAT GIVE LIFE TO THIS WORLD! Joy & beauty & thrills & excitement & sex & everything is children, that's the ultimate! Maybe God is planning the New Heaven & the New Earth to be a great big grand incubator to have more children in so He can populate the Universe with all those little angels! PTL? I believe it! I really do!

HEAV ML#1560:48 IF THAT WAS THE LORD'S FIRST COMMANDMENT FOR THIS FIRST HEAVEN ON EARTH WE HAVE NOW, TO BE FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY, WHY SHOULDN'T THAT BE HIS FIRST COMMANDMENT FOR HEAVEN?--His true concern for Heaven, that we continue to be fruitful & multiply & fill up the whole New Earth & the Heavenly City! Good idea? PTL! And if we run out of Heaven, we can go colonise & populate other planets & fill up the whole Universe! I don't think the Lord will ever have too much! How could the Lord have too many children or too many souls saved? I don't think there's any limit! PTL? Amen!

HEAV ML#1561:29 "AND THE HIGHEST HIMSELF SHALL ESTABLISH HER." What other City has God established but the Holy City, Space City in Heaven, Heavenly Jerusalem? I'm coming to the conclusion most of those glorious statements made in the Bible about Jerusalem are about that one up there, not this dirty one down here that's causing all the trouble!--Just like when the Lord talks about the Jews or Israel & all those glorious prophetic & Millennial & Heavenly statements about them that the Evangelicals & Fundamentalists all apply to the Jews! Can you imagine?

HEAV ML#1561:35 WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN THAT ARE ALREADY CARRYING BABIES WHEN THE LORD COMES? THEY'VE GOT TO HAVE THEM IN HEAVEN! PTL? So that shows it's possible, in your transformed supernatural miraculous raptured body, to have your baby over there! And certainly the Lord's going to let'm have'm! He's certainly not going to kill the babies or allow anything to happen to them just because the mother's being raptured! Don't you think those mothers would be terribly disappointed if they didn't have those babies when they got there after carrying them all those months?

HEAV ML#1561:52 I THINK ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE! Whatever you dream up, the Lord will have for you! Like in "Forbidden Planet", everything they thought of, they could have!--Which is sort of a premonition & an idea of Heaven. I think everything that we could possibly enjoy & dream up & would like to have, He's promised to give us, the desires of our hearts!

HEAV ML#1568:29 YOU CAN'T FEEL SORRY FOR ANYBODY THAT GOES THERE! That's what the Lord said: "Weep not for Me, weep for yourselves!" (Lk.23:28.) "We sorrow not as those who have no hope." (1Th.4:13.) We miss'm, & that makes us a little sorry, but otherwise we're only sorry for ourselves. That's what I've always said about funerals, we're crying for ourselves, not for them!--We ought to be rejoicing for them! I kind of go along with the Muslim concept: They cry when a baby's born & they laugh & dance when people die!--Ha!

HEAV ML#1573:10 EVERYBODY'S GOOD & HONEST & LOVING & KIND & HELPFUL & SWEET & CHEERFUL & FAITHFUL & LOVES THE LORD & EACH OTHER. Isn't that beautiful?--The perfect society, perfect community, perfect fellowship with each other & the Lord. There's no hate or jealousy or selfishness or cruelty or all those bad things. Everybody's just lovely, they're all so sweet & kind. They're just beautiful, just perfect, like angels! It's wonderful! You'll love it! Everybody's like you & so sweet & good & kind, unselfish, so sacrificial, just like you! TYJ!

HEAV ML#1610:62 Conclusion: THERE'S NO HURRYING IN HEAVEN, no haste, nobody's in a rush.

HEAV ML#1627:10 THE BIBLE SAYS DEFINITELY THAT THE GATES ARE NEVER SHUT, THEY'RE OPEN DAY & NIGHT! (Rev.21:25.) So where in the Hell did they get this idea about Peter having the keys & that he has to open the gate for you? That's a popular conception--especially Catholic--of Peter standing at the gate with the keys & he only lets in the people that he thinks should go in, & he has to unlock the gate because he's got the key. Well, there it is. It looks like the doors are already shut, I guess you're not going to get in, so sorry! You'd better come over to my house, it's more fun over here!

HEAV ML#1643:78 THE LORD MUST BE ABLE TO DO WITH TIME LIKE WE RUN OUR VIDEOS BACK & FORTH, so He can advance it to the future or He can go back into the past, it's all the same to Him. He doesn't even have to press a button! He can visit the past, or visit the future or cause you to visit the past or the future or cause someone from the future like Techi to visit you in the past, it's all the same to the Lord, isn't that amazing?--Sort of like a great circle, the great Eternal now where Time shall be no more. PTL!

HEAV ML#1659:42 I THINK IT'S GOING TO APPEAL TO THE WORLD THAT WE'RE A LITTLE MORE SENSIBLE THAN THE STUPID, IDIOTIC, NARROW-MINDED, NARROW-VISIONED, BLUE-NOSED, ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE, DO-NOTHING-&-PROHIBIT-EVERYTHING CHURCH PEOPLE! I think they'll think we're a lot more sensible & reasonable & natural & normal & that this kind of Heaven will appeal to them a whole lot more than those churchy Heavens!

HEAV ML#1673:69 You're not going to go to Heaven, not for long anyway, Heaven's going to come to you! PTL! Heaven's not really going to come for one thousand years!

HEAV ML#1703:7 IF LIFE IS THIS GOOD NOW & WE'RE ALREADY HAVING HEAVEN-ON-EARTH HERE & NOW IN OUR FAMILY & as close to Heaven as you can possibly get in this life, just think how wonderful it's going to be with all this & Heaven too & without all the problems & the worries & the difficulties & the drawbacks & the diseases & the sicknesses & the opposition & the Enemy & everything else!

HEAV ML#1703:8 SO HEAVEN REALLY IS GOING TO BE HEAVEN, THAT'S FOR SURE! And as good as this is--& it seems like it could hardly be any better--Heaven's going to be better, a lot better! You won't have a cold then, for one thing, you won't have the runs, you won't be having persecution & a lot of other things.

HEAV ML#1741:163 WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL when we get to Heaven when we can hold more? Hallelujah?

HEAV ML#1825:120 YOU DON'T THINK WE'RE GOING TO REMEMBER BIRTHDAYS IN HEAVEN? You say, "There's not going to be time there, how can we remember birthdays?" Well, there's no time in one sense, but I think we're going to remember a lot of things & we're going to be thankful even for the past, but much more thankful for the present, as we should be now.

HEAV ML#1826:23 THAT'S WHAT'S GOING TO BE ONE OF THE MARVELLOUS THINGS ABOUT HEAVEN, that you'll be able to go back & see how things really were! I can hardly wait! Won't that be thrilling to go back & watch Christ's ministry & watch Him in reality the way it really was? That's going to be one of the thrills of Heaven to be able to watch those 3-D movies or even travel back in time & actually see it! Think of that! Isn't that amazing?

HEAV ML#1826:35 I USED TO SAY ABOUT THE CHURCH PEOPLE THAT THEY PREPARE FOR HEAVEN AS THOUGH THEY WERE NEVER GOING THERE, & THEY BUILD CHURCHES FOR THIS EARTH AS THOUGH THEY WERE GOING TO LIVE HERE FOREVER! Really! Most Christians live their lives on this Earth building homes & churches & jobs & families & whatnot like they expected to live here forever, & seem to make very little preparation for Heaven. They don't build the Body of God, the True Church of God, the Living Stones by witnessing & winning souls & going to the mission field, they're not preparing hardly anything for Heaven. Living for this life just as though they expected to live here forever, making almost no preparations for the future, laying hardly anything in store Up There.

HEAV ML#1830:62
         Oh my, what joy, what bliss!
         Walking down the streets of the purest gold,
         Telling a story that never grows old!
         Heaven is better than this!
         Oh my, what joy, what bliss!
         I love the people of our Family Home,
         But Heaven is better than this!"

HEAV ML#1846:7 SOME PEOPLE CAN'T UNDERSTAND THE HEAVENLY PLACES, THEY DON'T REALISE HOW MANY HEAVENS THERE ARE! We're living in the First Heaven right now & we're breathing it, the atmosphere. Then there are the Second, Third & Fourth Heavens on up! I guess Space City is Seventh Heaven! Hey, that was quite an honour! Saint Paul only got up to the Third Heaven (2Cor.12:2), how about that?--They took me all the way to Space City!

HEAV ML#1864:14 THERE USED TO BE AN OLD SONG, "HOW BEAUTIFUL HEAVEN MUST BE! The Land of the blest & the free! Sweet haven of rest for the weary, how beautiful Heaven must be!"

HEAV ML#1878:1 I HOPE NOBODY'S DISAPPOINTED IF THEY GET THERE & FIND OUT IT'S NOT EXACTLY LIKE WE PICTURED IT! After all, we've got to use a little imagination to fill in the gaps between revelations. That's what every artist has to do, & even sometimes the writers. So we just do the best we can & I'm sure the reality is going to be a lot better. But I'll tell you, our best & even our imagination is a heck of a lot better than anything I've ever seen before! I have never seen anything like these before, nothing in religious art or classical art of any kind that even begins to try to depict some of these scenes, & they're not accurate or according to the Bible even when they do!

HEAV ML#1884:201 (SINGS:) "BLEST BE THE TIE THAT BINDS OUR HEARTS IN CHRISTIAN LOVE. THE FELLOWSHIP OF KINDRED MINDS IS JUST LIKE THAT ABOVE!" It's not just like unto it, but it's the same fellowship! We have the same feelings, the same fellowship, the same joy, the same love right here & now that we're going to have in Heaven! Isn't that wonderful? You want to know what Heaven is like?--It's like this! So, I don't expect it will be that much change, just better! We won't get tired any more, we won't get sick any more, we won't get hungry any more, we won't get starved for love any more, we'll have it all! Everything will be just as good & a whole lot better!

HEAV ML#1903:21 WHERE'S HEAVEN? WHAT'S HEAVEN? WELL, THERE ARE SEVEN HEAVENS, SO YOU'VE GOT TO BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT HEAVEN! The First Heaven is the Atmospheric Heavens! That's the one that's going to catch on fire & roll away with a great noise at the end of the Battle of Gog & Magog. That's the one Peter's talking about & that's the one Isaiah's talking about when it says they're going to roll back like a scroll & depart with a great noise! (Isa.34:4, 2Pet.3:10, Rev.6:14) Have you ever seen gas when it suddenly catches fire? It just rolls like a scroll! The Heavens are going to depart like a scroll, roll up & fire away!

HEAV ML#1903:22 WE KNOW THERE'S A THIRD HEAVEN, & HOW DO WE KNOW THAT? Paul said someone was caught up to the Third Heaven. He really meant himself but he wasn't sure because it was a kind of a dream or a vision & he didn't want to be bragging. He had enough trouble with that, that's why he had a thorn in the flesh, so he wasn't even going to brag & say it was he! But we're pretty sure from what he's saying that that's what he meant, it was he that was caught up to the Third Heaven. And what did he see there? Didn't he see things that couldn't be spoken of at that time? (2Cor.12:2-7)

HEAV ML#1903:23 WELL MY GOODNESS, IF THERE ARE SEVEN HEAVENS, WE'VE GOT A FEW MORE TO GO, SO AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE LAST FOUR, MAYBE EVEN THE THIRD ONE, MIGHT EVEN BE THE HEAVENLY CITY! I have an idea that's where Paul probably went. Where else would he go? If he went up to see the Lord, where else would he have gone but up to the Holy City? And if that's the Third Heaven, think how many more Heavens we've got to go that may yet be revealed to us in Eternity! (Fam: Maybe those are some of the New Worlds to Conquer!) Yes, exactly!

HEAV ML#1904:81 (SINGS:) "WHEN WE ALL GET TO HEAVEN, WHAT A DAY OF REJOICING THAT WILL BE! When we all see Jesus, we'll sing & shout the victory!" We won't have to worry about shoutin' too loud then or singing too loud & being one of Jesus' children, all the enemies will be gone! Thank the Lord!


HEAV ML#1933:31 WE'RE AMBASSADORS OF THE GREATEST KINGDOM THE WORLD IS EVER GOING TO KNOW, THE GREATEST COUNTRY, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL! We are Ambassadors of the greatest Government not on Earth! Amen? It's not an Earthly government. It will be on Earth some day.


HEAV ML#2036:6 I'VE BEEN THINKING SO MUCH ABOUT HEAVEN & HOW THEY DO THINGS THERE & WHAT CAN BE DONE, & I THOUGHT ABOUT ALL THOSE MILLIONS OF BABIES, THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS! He's not going to let the abortionists get away with it for one thing, & He's not going to let those babies get away either! So He's gotta have a place for'm, & where else but in the surrogate mothers Up There?--Mothers that'll really love'm & appreciate'm & won't want to kill'm!

HEAV ML#2036:7 THANK GOD FOR HEAVEN!--WHERE EVERYTHING WILL GET STRAIGHTENED OUT & MADE RIGHT! We can always trust Him to straighten things out, He's always got the answer to everything!

HEAV ML#2049:8 WE'RE COMING OUT OF THAT NEVER-NEVER LAND THAT THE CHURCHES NEVER TOLD US ANYTHING ABOUT BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT!--No details, nothing! The only thing I can ever remember them teaching me about Heaven in church was that the Place was paved with gold!--And it's not even paved with gold, it's paved with golden crystal! That was the most specific, concrete thing they ever told you. All the hymns talked about the streets paved with gold. It shows you how materialistic some of these church people are, all they could think about was the gold!

HEAV ML#2059:78 NOT EVEN THE CHURCH HAS MUCH KNOWLEDGE OF THE WONDERFUL WORLD THAT'S COMING! They've got a kind of a hazy, dim, crazy view of Heaven, & even though it's all laid out specifically in the Bible, they still can't understand it, they still don't know what's ahead! So God's given us the job to show it to'm!

HEAV ML#2074:38 They're afraid of even thinking about Heaven for fear they might have to go There pretty soon & leave all this behind! It's a fact!

HEAV ML#2085:45 THEY "DO ALWAYS RESIST THE HOLY GHOST", WHICH IS THE UNPARDONABLE SIN. (Mat. 12:31-32) It says it won't be forgiven them either in this World or even in the next World, which shows there is some kind of forgiveness in the next World, of those who never heard, therefore they never disbelieved.--They never heard, so how could they believe?

HEAV ML#2102:62 WE CAN HAVE HEAVEN RIGHT NOW IN OUR HEARTS & IN OUR HOMES & in our lives & with His Children, & we can go out & show that Heaven to others who need His Love & want His Love & are hungry for Love!--And we can make them Heaven's Children too!--The Children of Heaven, the Children of God & His Family of Love, His Kingdom of God on Earth! (Lk.9:2; Jn.20:21b; Mt.5:14-16)

HEAV ML#2107:37 RIGHT NOW IN HEAVEN THEY'RE STILL LEARNING. Right now in Heaven it's still like kindergarten for a lot of people. I mean a few of them have been There a few years, a few of them have been There a few hundred years. Some of them have been There a few thousand, but we're still learning.

HEAV ML#2107:39 (MARIA: WELL, SHOULDN'T THE ONES WHO HAVE BEEN THERE A FEW THOUSAND YEARS HAVE LEARNED ALREADY?) Yes, they're probably going to teach us something! I mean we've got a few things to learn, but I still think that we're the ultimate, the last, the best, I mean the refinement of all generations, the ultimate of all classes! I think we're the real cream of the crop! So praise the Lord!

HEAV ML#2123:7 THE MAIN PURPOSE OF IT IS TO ENCOURAGE YOU! In the Posters we have pictured Heaven for you, now I believe the Lord is really trying to make it very realistic, to realise the reality of it all & the practicality of it all & how many of the various problems are faced, situations & capacities & measurements & all kinds of things, organisation, a little bit of everything.

HEAV ML#2123:9 I THINK THE MAIN PURPOSE OF IT IS TO REALLY ENCOURAGE YOU & GIVE YOU A GLIMPSE OF THE REALITY OF HEAVEN & try to show you how realistic it is & not just theoretical & ethereal, something particularly mystical & far off.

HEAV ML#2123:10 WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT, IT'S AMAZING HOW LITTLE THE CHURCHES TOLD US ABOUT HEAVEN! All the good Gospel preachers I heard all my life almost every night, they seldom ever preached about Heaven, & when they did, about all they'd say was "those golden gates" or "those pearly gates". Some had golden gates, others had pearly gates, I mean they had so many different ideas of Heaven it was pitiful, & most of them not even Scriptural, nothing about the reality, the exact measurements & exact size etc. I never got that until I read the Bible for myself! (See Rev.21:10-27; 22:1-5)

HEAV ML#2123:11 I THINK IT'S BECAUSE THEY REALLY DIDN'T BELIEVE IT! They just couldn't believe that that was literal! They all made it theoretical or imaginative or like it was something maybe just spiritual, they sort of spiritualised the whole thing. They just simply did not make it realistic, so that you had any real concrete idea of Heaven. Thank God it's not concrete, but you know what I mean, a real substantial idea of what Heaven is really like!

HEAV ML#2123:28 I HOPE IT'S A BLESSING & I HOPE IT INSPIRES YOU & ENCOURAGES YOU TO BE MORE HEAVENLY MINDED & realise Heaven is a real place that you're really going to & that you're really going to see & live There with all the beauties & glories & pleasures that only Heaven could hold!

HEAV ML#2123:29 AND YOU NOTICE MY HEAVEN IS NOT MUCH DIFFERENT THAN THIS! As far as I'm concerned, nothing could be much better than what we've already got, except that it's more permanent & even better & more wonderful & you're even more beautiful Up There & more sexy & everything is just better! I guess you can see that I enjoy our Family life here on Earth, because our Heavenly life if much the same. I started to say that it's modelled after this, but no, I won't say that. Our life here & now, our Heavenly life & Heavenly joys & pleasure & fellowship & our Heaven here on Earth is now modelled after that Heaven Above! So don't think the Home I'm showing you Up There is just like what we've had down here, but this is like what we're going to have Up There! PTL! So TTL! Amen? PTL!

HEAV ML#2123:42 WHAT A PLACE TO GROW UP! HEAVEN IS AS MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOW AS WHAT WE HAVE NOW IS BETTER THAN WHAT'S OUT THERE IN THE WORLD! So we have a little bit of Heaven right here on Earth, but we're going to have a whole lot of Heaven Up There!--And some are already having it, & I'm already getting a little taste of it, TTL!

HEAV ML#2124:15 The only place where you're going to be completely relieved of pain is in Heaven, where there'll be no more pain.

HEAV ML#2131:13 If "Heaven's Children" doesn't do anything else but give them a sense of the reality, the practicality of Heaven, it will be worth it!

HEAV ML#2131:30 There'll be no shaving in Heaven!--It was even against the Mosaic Law! Shaving was started by the evil Egyptians & led to effeminacy & Sodomy!

HEAV ML#2131:36 You know, we do mature somewhat in Heaven from our youth, when some people get There, & grow to maturity so that the older people still look more or less like they did when they left, only not real degenerated or real old, but in their prime!

HEAV ML#2134:43 It wasn't till after the Flood that God gave permission to man to eat the animals, the clean ones. I hate to disappoint some of you meat-eaters--meat-eaters like me--that Heaven is going to be strictly vegetarian! Are you disappointed?--No meat! Well, you won't be disappointed because you won't even get hungry, you won't have to eat if you don't want to. Your new supernatural Heavenly body doesn't need food. You can eat if you want to, just for pleasure, but you don't have to. You don't have to sleep either.

HEAV ML#2162:41 It was what everybody was driving for & what it was all about, the final goal! And what is the final goal? (Fam: Heaven!)--The final goal is Heaven!

HEAV ML#2162:47 THE EARTH WON'T GET ITS NEW BODY TILL THE NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH, because God isn't going to let His beautiful Heavenly City be soiled or sullied or contaminated or polluted by the things of this present Earth. So it can't come down to this old wicked filthy World of today, they'd want to shoot it up! They'd try atom bombs on it or something. It would even be dangerous for it to come through the atmosphere or the stratosphere with all the debris & junk that's flying around up there now. Man isn't satisfied with polluting the Earth, he had to pollute & contaminate space & fill it full of junk!

HEAV ML#2172:1 "OH BEULAH LAND, SWEET BEULAH LAND, AS ON THY HIGHEST MOUNT I STAND! I look away across the sea where mansions are prepared for me! And view the shining glory shore, Heaven, my Home for ever more!"

HEAV ML#2175:21 I THINK THAT "PIE IN THE SKY" WAS A REVELATION! (See No.1917) I've said to you many times, the more I get closer to the Millennium the more I realise we need that City! We need it nearby! We need to know the King is right there & the Kingdom is dawning & the Capital City is already present! I think the whole World in the Millennium will need to know that! We need to have a place to go home to & take a rest & get out of it all! It's going to be hard work, lots of it! There's no place in the Bible that it says there's not going to be any work. He says of some of the martyrs that have worked real hard here, then they're going to enter into rest. (Rev.6:11) Praise God!

HEAV ML#2175:46 I think the Muslims have got a better idea of Heaven than most church people or Oriental religions! They think they're going to have all these gorgeous houris, gorgeous women, & rivers of wine, they're going to have a good time Up There, brother, & I wouldn't be surprised that God may give it to some of them if they're amongst those who are in the Book of Life, because they never understood Jesus, never got saved, never had a chance to hear the Gospel, never understood Salvation. I believe they're going to be amongst those.

HEAV ML#2177:7 BUT IT'S COMING, THANK THE LORD, & I BELIEVE IT'S COMING WHEN JESUS COMES! Now if He's gone to prepare us a place, then why shouldn't He bring it with Him when He comes for us? That's the logical thing, that He'll bring it along. Here's our Wedding Gift! Here's your City! So we can see it then & enjoy it then while we're still having to do the tough job of ruling & reigning on the Earth. That's just plain common sense! That's what I've seen & that's the way I see it! You can take it or leave it.

HEAV ML#2177:8 YOU DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, BUT THAT'S WHAT THE LORD HAS SHOWN ME. PTL! So I believe it! I don't know if I can necessarily prove it by the Bible, except that it does say that John saw the Holy City coming down from God out of Heaven. (Rev.21:1)--The New Heaven! PTL! He didn't say that until the old one was destroyed, but that doesn't mean it couldn't start coming before the old one was destroyed! Why not? We need a place to be safe, we need a place to go back to, to have a little fun & recreation, rest & relief, if nothing else, from all this hard work trying to save all these Millennial people & trying to make something out of what's left of the World.

HEAV ML#2256:22 AND IN THIS MOUNTAIN SHALL THE LORD OF HOSTS MAKE UNTO ALL PEOPLE A FEAST of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined. And He will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations. (In this mountain of the Lord's house, the Holy City of God, towering 1500 miles high, the Lord is going to have great feasts for us, hallelujah! And the misunderstandings which prevail & veil the minds of people throughout the World today shall be removed & we shall know, even as also we are known, praise God!) (2Cor.3:16-18; 1Cor.13:12)

HEAV ML#2307:132 WE HAVE A KINGDOM, WE ARE CITIZENS OF THAT KINGDOM! WE HAVE A COUNTRY, BUT IT'S UP THERE! PTL! Isn't it gorgeous? Well, even if I'm a little crazy, & as some of my critics try to prove it couldn't be there, some of our old backsliders & whatnot, ex-members, when I go out & look at that Moon it still gives me a happy feeling to think that it could be there in spite of what they say. I've just got to take what the Lord gives me & believe it! I'm kind of like the old lady when they told her there was no Heaven.--The dear old Christian lady always praising the Lord about everything & happy, she said, "Well even if there ain't no Heaven I had a great time getting this far!" Well, we know there's a Heaven & we know it's Up There, & we're still having a great time even getting this far! PTL!

HEAV ML#2318:3 We're getting reports that the Posters are the best witnessing tools they have ever had & winning souls faster than anything they've ever used! The people just take one look at the picture of Heaven & want to go There!

HEAV ML#2318:4 But if it were not for those beautiful pictures actually depicting the scenes with the explanatory Story on the back, it would be a little difficult to visualise & a little difficult to show the people. Posters are sort of like salesmen's samples of the product! "Here is what I've got to sell. Here is what I'm trying to sell--knowledge of the Future!" That's our product! And we're some of the few people on Earth who know anything about it & can foretell the Future, because we know it, we've studied God's Word & we see it right here in the Bible! Amen?

HEAV ML#2394:17 But he didn't have any degrees at all, so he just wrote "OASSBGHPTL"! And the Presbyterian preacher who was sitting beside him said, "Those are some very amazing degrees! I've never seen those degrees before, would you mind telling me what they stand for?" He said, "Only a sinner, saved by grace, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!" So that's the only degree you need! That will get you through the portals, you don't have to stop & argue with Peter or wait while he tries to find the right key, you've got it, TTL, & you go zipping in! PTL!

HEAV ML#2394:18 When you go zipping through the gates, you won't have any worries! You might be a little ashamed for some things that you didn't do or you did do, but you don't have to have any worries about getting in, because that's what got you in!

HEAV ML#2399:57 I not only believe it, I know it! I've been There, I've seen it, thank the Lord! And now you have too! Now the whole World has! We've tried to give them pictures of it all over the World, PTL! You ought to feel so satisfied, so happy, so fulfilled, so accomplished, that you are one of those who have done this big job! Amen?

HEAV ML#2420:67 What's the Gospel for? What is the Good News about? What is it? It's about Jesus, of course, but what is Jesus for? To do what?--To save us! For what?--For Heaven! So the goal & the ultimate aim of our Message is Heaven! That's our Message, "For God so loved the World He gave His Only begotten Son."--Just so we'll know His Son? So that "whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life!"--In a City shaped like that Pyramid!

HEAV ML#2420:69 And that's what our Message is all about: How to get to Heaven!--And to portray & preach about the Heavenly City! Preaching Heaven is preaching Salvation, & preaching Salvation is preaching Jesus! Right?--'Cause they're never going to get to Heaven without Him! He says, "I am the Way, the Truth & the Life, no man cometh unto the Father in Heaven but by Me!"--Jn.14:6. So we're portraying Heaven, Heaven in our people, our hearts, our faces, our lives, our living & even in an illustration model!

HEAV ML#2430:57 You don't think I just dreamed up all these things about the Millennium & Heaven, do you? I have dreamed about some of them, & they're right there in the Bible as well!

HEAV ML#2524:98 Well, I hope you're going to be clothed in your right mind before long and make the right decision, but only you can make the decision! God's not going to make it for you and we're not going to make it for you. The Devil would love to have you make the decision for him as you have done. So far, you've been obeying him, not the Lord, not even us. It's up to you! You are the captain of your fate, the master of your soul! You can decide whether you want to go to Heaven or go to Hell, and only you can do it. We can't do it for you, and God is not going to do it for you!

HEAV ML#2618:27 A lot of people are going to be surprised at how loving God is! The church people are going to really be surprised when they get to Heaven & see all the people that are There that they didn't expect to make it, including us!--People who they've fought & lied about & even killed, thinking they're doing God service.--Jn.16:2. Just think, that Centurion even killed the Lord, but he wound up believing in Him & said, "Truly this was the Son of God!"--Mat.27:54.

HEAV ML#2618:34 I think there are going to be a lot of Christians very surprised by Heaven & the mercy & Love of God they're going to see There, & some of the people they see There! They're probably going to be especially shocked when they see us There! I'm going to be nearly just as shocked when I see some of them There that have caused us so much trouble. Deborah certainly seemed to believe in Jesus & loved the Lord once upon a time. Some might feel surprised to see her There. (Sings:) "We shall know each other better when the clouds are rolled away!" There are going to be a lot of things that are going to have to get straightened out in Heaven.

HEAV ML#2618:50 So we're probably all going to be surprised at some of the people who are going to be in Heaven. And I'm quite sure the church people are going to be surprised! They thought they were "it," the only "it"! And they have condemned us as being of the Devil & everything else!--And condemned everybody else that doesn't agree & believe exactly as they do.

HEAV MOP#0:0 IT'S AMAZING, THE TREMENDOUS CAPACITY OF THAT MARVELOUS FINAL GREAT HEAVENLY CITY THAT JESUS HAS GONE TO PREPARE & is now all prepared for us & on its way here, just ready for its new tenants which Jesus is going to raise from both the dead & the living in the Rapture at His Second Coming & take us all away to be there with Him!--Not away forever, but for the great wonderful Marriage Supper of the Lamb where we, His Bride, are joined to Him forever! We're already joined to Him forever by faith, of course, but then even literally, physically, as well as spiritually!--To come back then & conquer this Earth for the Lord & the Millennium, with then the Heavenly City to follow us a Thousand Years later & to actually stand upon this Earth!--The New Earth, of course, in the hereafter, & for Eternity!

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