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CREF ML#31:15 GOD'S BEHIND-THE-SCENE LABOURS ARE ALMOST TOTALLY INVISIBLE--the work of creation that produced the universe & keeps it running. His design & plan for man, His constant care for His creations from the realm of the Spirit, that behind-the-scenes workshop where God actually does most of His labour. Set not, therefore, your affections on things on the earth, for the things which are not seen are temporal--only temporary--only the slightly visible manifestation of all the unseen work behind them--but the things which are not seen are eternal--the spiritual world which produced them--the power & planning of God!

CREF ML#31:16 SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT! As Dr. Robert Milikan said, "Behind every watch there had to be a watchmaker, & so behind the intricate precision of this great universe, there had to be a Divine Designer & Creator." Even so, behind every great creation, whether of God or man, there had to be worlds of work, planning, preparation, designing, invention, discovery, exploration, organisation, & cooperation, in order to produce the finished product--the thing that's seen--which does not begin to reveal the vast unseen labour & the multitudes of labourers behind it!

CREF ML#306:26 "BUT HOW DO WE KNOW GOD MADE THE WORLD?--Why does there have to be a God at all?" To this I gave her the classic illustration of Dr. Robert Milliken & the watch: The great nuclear physicist or scientist who believed in God, because he said: "Just as behind this watch there had to be a watchmaker, so behind the intricate precision & timing of this great Universe there had to be a great Creator or Designer!"


CREF ML#620:2 GOD'S VISIBLE CREATION IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE THINGS IN THE SPIRIT, of that which is invisible. I have always said that everything God created, everything God ever made, all the visible creation, is in some way an illustration of something spiritual.

CREF ML#736:89 AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT GOD'S GREATEST CREDENTIALS ARE, THE GENUINE PROOF OF HIS AUTHORITY? HIS CREATION!! His glorious creation is a constant testimony of the existence of a divine Designer & Creator, as Romans 1:20 says, "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the World are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made (His Creation), even His eternal power & Godhead; so that they are without excuse!" And that's why the World wants to reject creation & say it's all just a meaningless chaotic evolution: Because if the World & its inhabitants are God's creation, then they're His property--& if they're His property, then He's got the right to be Boss--& they don't want God to be Boss! Therefore "they did not like to retain God in their knowledge", in their education. (Rom.1:28.)

CREF ML#736:90 "BECAUSE THAT, WHEN THEY KNEW GOD, THEY GLORIFIED HIM NOT AS GOD, NEITHER WERE THANKFUL; BUT BECAME VAIN IN THEIR IMAGINATIONS, & their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools!" (Rom.1:21,22.) They got so smart they could do without God & the Bible, & so they became what?--Fools! Absolute fools, who "changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, & to birds, & four-footed beasts, & creeping things...Who changed the truth of God into a lie, & worshipped & served the creature more than the Creator!" (Rom.1:23,25.)

CREF ML#736:91 SO WHY? WHY DID THE DEVIL & MAN COOK UP THIS RIDICULOUS, IDIOTIC SCHEME OF EVOLUTION? To try to get rid of God! To try to get rid of God & the knowledge of God, "as they did not like to retain God in their education." And since they threw God out, & they threw Creation out, & they threw the Bible out, they had to cook up something new! As Prof. L.T. More of the University of Cincinnati confessed, "Our faith in the idea of evolution depends upon our reluctance to accept the antagonistic doctrine of special creation." They didn't want the truth any more, so they had to figure out some big lie! And that's why they cooked up evolution!

CREF ML#745:10 HOW COULD ANYBODY SAY IT ALL HAPPENED BY ACCIDENT? They're fools! it's ridiculous! All you have to do is sit out on the terrace or sit out in the yard & look at the trees & the birds & watch the squirrels & you'll know that it wasn't an accident, too much planning went into all that.

CREF ML#752:17 THE LORD HAS MANY PICTURES IN THE NATURAL OF THE SPIRITUAL. There is either a spiritual analogy for nearly everything natural, or there is a natural example for nearly everything spiritual.

CREF ML#752:18 GOD HAS OODLES OF ILLUSTRATIONS IN THE PHYSICAL TO REPRESENT THE SPIRITUAL, to illustrate it or demonstrate it or show you what it's like, & He Himself uses these all through His Word.

CREF ML#807-3:18 AND IT MAKES YOU FEEL SO CLOSE TO HIM!--You just know He lives & cares, for you can see all His gorgeous handiwork & provision for all your needs & enjoyment all around you!--All the marvellous bounteous balance & the beauty of His Nature! Everywhere, that is, that man hasn't already spoiled, damaged, polluted or destroyed it!--Which is out camping away from filthy, destructive, violent man! Like the poem says: "Where all is pure & beautiful!--And only man is vile!"--Amen!

CREF ML#906:26 IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT ENOUGH SENSE TO KNOW GOD, then you can just look out there at His creation & know that there is a God! Just logically & reasonably, anybody in their right mind should know there's a God! "Only the fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God!'" (Ps.14:1) In other words, only a fool actually believes there is no God! All these people saying they don't believe in God, they know there's a God but they just hate Him! They're fighting Him, that's all!

CREF ML#906:27 SCIENTISTS ARE DAILY DISCOVERING ALL THESE MARVELOUS THINGS ABOUT HIS CREATION, more & more all the time, more & more marvels of His design & plan, His amazing balance of Nature, everything about the creation that couldn't possibly have happened by accident, & they know it! Yet some lie to the people! They know it, yet they lie to the people, because they're of the Devil, trying to keep the people from believing & knowing!

CREF ML#1174:43 BUT IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE THIS BIBLE, THIS TRUTH OF GOD, WHAT IS THERE LEFT TO BELIEVE? Nothing but the lies of the Devil & the lies of science falsely so-called, pseudo-science.

CREF ML#1174:44 EVEN THE BULLSHIT DOESN'T STINK AS BAD AS THE LIES OF SCIENCE FALSELY SO-CALLED, pseudo-science, which St.Paul warned dear Timothy, "Beware of the lies of science falsely so-called!" (2Tim.6:20) Because once you reject the truth of God about creation, about God, about Jesus, & about happiness & the proper rules of life & living & love, there's nothing else to believe but lies & the Devil.


CREF ML#1311:18 MATHEMATICS IS AN ULTIMATE AUTHORITY. I told you mathematics is a proof of the existence of God. It's a proof of the absolutes, a proof of perfection, exact measurements, it's a proof of exactness.

CREF ML#1369:36 IT SAYS HE'S INVISIBLE, BUT IT SAYS THAT YOU CAN SEE EVIDENCE OF HIS EXISTENCE, IT'S MANIFEST! All you have to do is look around at the World & see His handiwork. His creation proves His existence. That's why the Devil has as the cornerstone of his doctrine & his major place of attack is at the creation of God, because it's the greatest living proof that God exists.

CREF ML#1369:37 THE DEVIL HAD TO CREATE EVOLUTION TO TRY TO DENY THE CREATION OF GOD! Because everything about the creation, everything in creation proves God exists, everything! It's perfection, it's organisation, it's synchronisation, it's harmony, it's unity, it's balance in everything!

CREF ML#1369:41 "FOR THE INVISIBLE THINGS OF HIM FROM THE CREATION OF THE WORLD ARE CLEARLY SEEN". What it really is saying, that His invisibility, His invisible existence, is manifest or proven by the things you can see, His Creation. The existence of our invisible God is proven by the visible creation, get it? (1369:41.)


CREF ML#1387:1 IT'S SO RIDICULOUS FOR MAN TO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD!--Because man can't help but believe in God if he just looks at Creation!


CREF ML#1387:27 LOOK AT THE WORLD, LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL TREES, LOOK AT THE FLOWERS, LOOK AT THE SEA, LOOK AT THE SKY!--Does God love you?--You can see it & you can feel it in the beautiful World He's given you to live in!

CREF ML#1450:75 HE'S GIVEN THEM LOTS OF NATURAL EVIDENCE! In fact, He says the whole creation proves His existence, so they're without excuse! The natural creation of God proves the existence of God. (Ro.1:20.) I believe many people believe because they see the handiwork of God, they cannot help but believe. They believe because of what they see! Many people are persuaded even by the marvels of Creation!

CREF ML#1450:81 THE SCIENTISTS THEMSELVES ARE BECOMING MEN OF FAITH & BEGINNING TO BELIEVE MORE THAN THE PEOPLE! But the pseudo-scientists, the false prophets of science falsely so-called, vain & profane babblers of evolution etc. (1Ti.6:20), who have been deceiving the people all these years, these so-called scientists have now got the people hoodwinked now so that the average person now believes in evolution!--When the greatest scientists themselves no longer believe in it! Think of that!

CREF ML#1450:85 THE EXISTENCE OF GOD IS PROVED BY HIS CREATION! That's why the Devil attacked Creation most of all, because the Creation of God is the greatest proof of His existence to human man in this present era, the ones who only believe what they can see. OK, they can see it, so they believe it. And the honest ones who are willing to confess it, believe that there had to be Somebody behind it, some Higher Power that designed it, created it & runs it!

CREF ML#1450:86 SO THE POINT IS THAT GOD HAS REVEALED HIMSELF TO NATURAL MAN TODAY THROUGH HIS NATURAL CREATION. That's widespread & nearly everybody can see it & nearly everybody can believe it who will, right? God has gone that far to prove His existence, & that's far enough, really. They shouldn't have to have any further proof. And yet God has gone further than that with some!

CREF ML#1450:90 IT TAKES THESE HIGHLY-EDUCATED PEOPLE WHO GO THROUGH COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY YEARS TO GET THEMSELVES TO THE POINT WHERE THEY'RE SO WELL-EDUCATED THEY NO LONGER BELIEVE IN GOD! Whereas any simple little fool or farmer or peasant or peon out there working the fields & seeing the wonders of God's Creation firsthand, the growth of plants & animals & His marvels of creation, can't help but believe in God! They can see His handiwork everywhere & even feel it! But the people who live in the cities & see nothing but the creations of man, they get away from acknowledging the existence of God.

CREF ML#1765:39 I'VE ALWAYS LOVED TREES! I sit out here in my room sometimes while eating & I just can't take my eyes off the windows, just looking out at the beauties of God's creations! --The trees, the flowers, the shrubs! If I can just be someplace where I can see God's Creation, I'm happy! I know God still lives, I know He's in control. You know God's not dead!

CREF ML#1832:38 BUT IT'S SAD THAT YOUTH TODAY IS SO IGNORANT! Although they have gained so much scientific knowledge about the Universe & the World, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Planets, Solar System, Universe & Galaxies, they're so ignorant of the beautiful order & perfection & marvellous synchronisation of simple little things like the phases of the Moon!

CREF ML#1832:47 BUT GOD'S CREATION IS FASCINATING! Ever since I was a little kid I've been fascinated with the marvels of His creation & all the things that creation can tell you & all you can learn from it! You can see the Hand of God, hear the Voice of God in it & learn so much about God from it, until the Lord Himself said that "He which is even invisible can be seen in the things that He has made!" (Rom.1:20) That's what that Scripture means. It has kind of a funny wording, but that's what it means.--That in seeing what He has made, what is visible, you can see & know the existence of He Who is invisible, by seeing His handiwork.

CREF ML#1832:48 THAT'S WHY THE DEVIL HAS TRIED SO HARD TO DEBUNK CREATION & CREATE A LIE SUCH AS EVOLUTION! And I believe that's also why--although they claim to be such great scientists & astronomers & all the rest--they try to pervert astronomical knowledge into a batch of lies, instead of Truths that the Earth can tell you & the rocks can cry out & tell you! They pervert geology into palaeontology, which is nothing but a pack of lies!--Trying to tell you how many millions of years old the World is & how many millions of years old this fossil or that skeleton is, blah blah, a lot of baloney!--No, it's worse than that, I'm just going to say shit, because it's the Devil's shit, it's his horrible lies!

CREF ML#1832:49 THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MARVELLOUS THE CREATION IS! They don't want you to know how marvellously designed & planned & how perfectly it operates, better than a clock or any of their machinery! They don't want you to know! They don't want you to marvel at it! But true scientists, honest scientists, are beginning to marvel more & more at it! When I was a kid in the 20's when evolution was first extremely popular, only about 25% of those listed in the American Handbook of Scientists confessed that they believed in God or a Supreme Being or Designer or Creator behind all of this. The last I heard a few years ago, some 70% now believe there was a Designer, Creator or some Supreme Power behind this marvellous Universe!--So true scientists are becoming believers!

CREF ML#1832:50 THE MORE THEY LEARNED ABOUT HIS CREATION, THE MORE THEY SAW THE HAND OF GOD & THE DESIGN & THE PLAN & THE PERFECTION! Many great scientists have confessed this & I've quoted some of them to you. That's why these modern anti-Christ educators don't want you to learn simple things like the phases of the moon, unless you take Astronomy.

CREF ML#1950:3 THAT'S WHY GOD MADE THE PHYSICAL, TO ILLUSTRATE THE SPIRITUAL. How else is He going to explain God but to call Him our Father? How else is Jesus going to explain Himself but to call Him God's Son?--And us, but to call us God's children brothers & sisters?--Or He's the Husband & you're the Bride & all these things, & that you have to sow seed in order to get results, like the farmer plowing.

CREF ML#2173:4 THE GREATEST PROOF TO THE WORLD THAT THERE IS A GOD IS CREATION. It's evident all around us that there's a God, because all this couldn't have just made itself, contrary to the Devil's big lie of Evolution. That's so ridiculous, it's so silly, it's so foolish, it's worse than childish! I mean, a child's not that dumb, they can look around & know that there must be a God & Somebody made it all! There's nothing unless somebody made it, right? We didn't make it, & it certainly didn't make itself, so Somebody must have made it! Right? So there had to be Somebody pretty big & pretty smart to make it, & that Somebody must be God!

CREF ML#2211-3:76 GOD'S CREATION, HOW GOD'S CREATION TELLS ABOUT GOD, preaches God, preaches faith in God & teaches you that God loves you just by looking out there at His creation, & therefore that you ought to love Him! Right?

CREF ML#2320:26 There's nothing like mathematics to thrill you with the perfection of numbers and lines and geometric figures, because they're the creation of God! Mathematics is the proof of the absolute and the existence of a perfect God!

CREF ML#2341:1 A butterfly or a flower or a tree or a storm or all kinds of things that demonstrate the beauty & power of the Lord!

CREF ML#2370:ALL [Creation proves the existence of God. Bible Classtime with Grandpa.]

CREF ML#2370:20 It says, "From the Creation of the World these things are clearly seen." In other words, by the Creation of the World, by looking at the physical Creation, you can see that there must be a Creator! "From the Creation of the World these things are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made"--at least by us things who are willing to acknowledge God, right? "Even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse."

CREF ML#2370:21 So if everybody has an open mind and is really willing to receive it, His whole Creation is talking and telling us what? (David: Telling us there's a Creator!)--Exactly!--Telling us there is a God! When you look out at the beautiful Creation all around us, you know there's a God! It's the greatest proof of His existence!

CREF ML#2370:22  So we look at God's Creation and we know it had to have a Creator, because we can see it!

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