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(Issue #50; September 15, 1998.)

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This file includes: Grapes of Thankfulness--special issue of gratitude and recognition.

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think deep

       Listening comes before understanding, understanding comes before wisdom.


Tropical Island
       (From Sam [SGA/VS]:)
Imagine being out on a tropical island with a local population of about 70-100, surrounded by 25 junior teens and JETTs, lots of water, awesome camp shepherds and helpers. Well, it's all true--such has happened!
       The Lord supplied a great youth hostel run by the YMCA off the coast of Hong Kong for the China junior teen and JETT camp. The camp was held from August 23-28. We were able to cover and address such topics as: Why the Lord called them to be in China, the days of preparation, how to use the CVC, etc. Along with our classes the young people also enjoyed the performances of "Big Mac" (Jack, of Jenny), "Scary Barry" (TJ, of Ruby) and "Frizzy Lizzy" (Tender, SGA) in skits. All in all, the classes and skits were very feeding and enjoyable.
       Everyone was very thankful for the meetings and the time to fello wship. When taking a survey of how many teens or JETTs had other friends living within a radius of 1,000 kilometers from them, only a small minority raised their hand. Because China is a closed country, for the most part the ones there live only with their families, so the fellowship time was greatly appreciated, TTL!

       (From Jose, Jane and Leila [VSs]:)
We just finished having adult meetings for all the brethren in Chile. We had time to read, praise, pray and hear from the Lord togethe r, as well as have lots of fun fellowship with a cookout and dance night.
       During one of our meetings we read portions of the letter "Be a Missionary." In that Letter there is a prophecy in which Jesus explains how all of Heaven rejoices and applauds His missionaries. We went around the room and applauded for each one. It seems like such a simple thing, but in the Spirit it was so beautiful. Most everyone was crying as we all went around the circle. You could feel the Heavenly host cheering us on.
       After we finished reading together, everyone took half an hour alone with the Lord to love Him, to pray and to dedicate themselves anew to Him. The Lord gave many beautiful and challenging prophecies and said a great deal along the lines of working together, communal living, reaching out, unselfishness, etc. Everyone spontaneously shared lessons on what they, as a Home or person, were learning along these lines.


       (From Daniel and Davida:) We were invited as guest speakers to attend the conference on "Natural Childbirth" at the Scientific Research Institute of "Mother and Child" in Moldova. Our baby, Karina, was the first baby born in Moldova according to the new pioneer program of natural deliveries brought here by American doctors. Our baby's birth was a center of attention in medical circles, as they were all interested in how it is to have a baby non-Soviet style--just "letting the Lord work," as we would say. Now they have ongoing programs of natura l deliveries, fathers are allowed to attend deliveries, special preparation courses are available, and they almost push for having more and more babies born naturally.


Baby's Letter to Sleepy Parents

       (From a column written by Martha Erickson, Director, University of Minnesota, Children, Youth, and Family Consortium.)

       Many parents have written about babies waking in the night. Certainly this is exhausting for new parents, who must think, "This baby doesn't want me to have a li fe of my own!" Sometimes it helps parents to stop and think about nighttime from the baby's point of view. Here's a letter for you sleepy parents from the little one who's keeping you up all night.

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
       You must be feeling tired lately. Ever since you brought me home from the hospital, I've been keeping you awake at night. I really don't mean to bug you when I cry in the middle of the night. It's just that I don't know any other way to let you know that something is botheri ng me.
       Sometimes I'm cold or wet and need you to change my diaper or wrap me up in snuggly blankets. Lots of times I'm hungry. You know, my tummy is so small that I just can't drink enough milk at bedtime to last me through the night. One of these days that will change, which will be good news for me as well as you.
       Sometimes I wake up even if I'm not hungry or cold or wet. Sometimes I feel kind of scared or lonely and just need to know that you are there to help me feel better. Then it feel s good to have you rub my back or talk to me in that soft voice or hold me close to you. I'm beginning to learn that you are always there when I need you, and that makes me feel calm and safe.
       I must be pretty special to have you love me so much that you even get up with me in the middle of the night. Knowing that you love me so much will surely help me sleep better as I get older. Thanks for being patient with me, Mom and Dad, even when I wake up at 2 a.m.

U.S. Embassy Bombi ng in Kenya

--from our Kenyan Family

       A massive explosion rocked Nairobi at around 10:30 a.m. on August 7, when a car bomb targeting the U.S. Embassy decimated the building next to it and destroyed several others. The shock waves were felt through the entire city and the blast was heard several miles away. A 22-story building standing close by was completely gutted, cars and buses became twisted metal and buildings across the street had their roofs blown off. Windows within a 10-block radius shattered, raining glass down on hapless pedestrians. Initially, 10 people were reported killed and a hundred wounded. One look at the scene of the bomb blast said it would be worse. The numbers climbed higher as the hours dragged by. Thus far, over 4,000 people have been wounded and nearly 200 left dead from this devastating tragedy.
       Thankfully none of our teams were near the point of detonation. Gradually news of the bombing spread and facts began to emerge. As soon as we were able to regro up, we prayed about what we could do to help most, and set off towards the site. By the time we arrived, the majority of victims had been transported to the national hospitals. What remained was a massive search and rescue, trying to get at those who remained buried alive under the rubble and trapped in adjacent buildings. Our teams stayed on site until midnight, working together with the engineers and Red Cross volunteers who had gathered together to help.
       Eddie (21) spent most of his time wi th the engineers, helping with the rescue. "I never dreamed that I'd find myself in such a situation," he commented, "I felt compelled to be there, to do everything that I could to help."
       By 7:30 the next morning our teams were at the national hospital where the largest number of wounded had been taken. Many in the city, including our young people, came to the rescue bringing food, drinking water and/or blankets to assist the undersupplied hospital, but due to a lack of coordination most of th ese items weren't making it to those who were needing them most. Our team helped to oversee the dispersing of supplies as they came in, dressed wounds, fed those who could not feed themselves, and most of all, comforted and reassured as many as they could.
       "We worked in the wards where the bomb victims were treated," remarked Joy (18), who is a first-aider. "I was happy that we were able to head directly to the need." Her teammate Maria (15) also felt the same, "We were able to encourage and h elp the patients, something that they desperately needed and appreciated."
       At the bomb site, the rescue continued and our second team, in conjunction with the Red Cross, helped to search through buildings adjacent to ground zero for those who were wounded or trapped, as well as helped organize and coordinate the food lines where the weary rescue workers could get meals.
       "I was surprised by the extensiveness of the damage," said David (21), who spent most of his time in and around the demolis hed buildings searching for survivors. "Before we arrived it was difficult to get a clear picture of what was going on. It was a lot worse than I'd expected. Not only was the damage great, but people were in shock and there was very little organization. On top of the site there were structural engineers who could tell what was what and were keeping things in order. Everywhere else, people were very dependent on us to organize things, especially in the food distribution, crowd control and vehicle coordination. The situation was so chaotic that when we would come up with an answer to a problem or step in with a solution, they right away depended on us to be in charge."
       This time was also a time of reflection. It was the first time since Kenya's independence that such an act had occurred. It was completely unexpected and the country was visibly shaken by it. Many of the soldiers who stood guard patrolling the area gladly prayed to accept the Lord, and thankfully received tracts from our teams who were distributing them.
       "People were very broken," said Michael, who was one of those passing out tracts and comforting people, "They were very appreciative of the hope and message that we had to give. I also spent quite a bit of time in the hospital. I spent several hours with a girl who was close to death, praying for her and comforting her until she was wheeled into the operating room. The following day I was thankful to hear that despite her critical condition she'll probably ma ke it."
       The saga is by no means over, as Nairobi's population struggles to come to grips with the loss of life and trauma suffered by so many. We're still continuing in our efforts to help and counsel the injured and maimed who remain in hospitals trying to piece together their shattered lives. Please pray for the many families who lost their loved ones, and for those who have been left disfigured and traumatized by the blast.

what's up?

Just Go!

trip to Russia
       (From Ado [of Kana h]:) The JUST GO in '98 overseas mission program for teens (see Grapevine issues #38, 40, 43) organized another trip in July with eight teens from the US and Canada, along with myself, on a 30-day journey to Russia. Eliza (24), who has lived in Russia for a number of years, was our guide and escort, as well as Russian Abner and Maria (20) for part of our trip. We had many exciting and thrilling adventures and experiences traveling more than halfway across Russia into Siberia, covering more than 8,000 miles! (Editor's note: See the full story in an upcoming Zine, DV!)

Deaf Cultural Festival
       (From Hyderabad Homes:)
All the CM and FM Homes in Hyderabad worked together to organize the 3rd Indian Cultural Festival for the Deaf. On the opening day, our deaf catacombers presented a skit on communal and inter-religious harmony which was appreciated by the audience in the wake of the recent communal riots in this city. The deaf catacombers also presented dances, and Willing interpre ted the three-day festival for all the deaf delegates. On the closing day, the governor of Andhra Pradesh State commended The Family for our work with the deaf.

Another Dad appearance
       (From Ana and Estevao:) We had been ministering to one of our sheep for almost a year. On one of her visits to our Home for the weekend she became very sick (with dengue fever, which is transmitted by mosquitoes). We prayed with her and anointed her with oil. That night, Dad came and visited her and prayed that she would be healed. She felt Dad's gentle touch and his loving voice! After this experience she decided to join the Family and dedicate her life to the Lord and the Family. She is now a full-time disciple!

Three-minute spree
       (From Stephen S.:)
During the soccer world championship, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Peru invited their clients to participate in a free contest of guessing the four final teams in their respective order--first, second, third and fourth. Fifteen people would win three minutes of free shopping. If nobody would guess the exact combination, the winners would be picked from those who guessed at least the four final teams, even though in a different order.
       We received a witness from the Lord that this was an excellent opportunity, and we went for it. We tried to get as many coupons as possible, which wasn't so easy, but somehow we managed to get 141 together. Then we started filling them out, each one with a different combination. And so it was that we won three minutes of free shopping! When the day of the shopping arrived, we had desperate prayer for me (Stephen) to not be nervous. The Lord answered our prayers and I was able to collect merchandise valued at almost $700, mainly milk, oil and tuna fish, which we were happy to share with the most needy Homes in the city. Salomon was able to film the three-minute race. We watched it several times and it was hilarious. We had a lot of fun, excitement, and most of all we wer e thankful to the Lord for His wonderful supply.
       The funniest part about the whole thing is that in our Home we didn't even get to watch a single game of the championship! We were and still are totally ignorant of who the best players are, and of all those many details of the soccer business that were part of every day's conversation during the championship.
       Actually in general, the soccer world championship had a negative effect on the economy here, as many people forget about their duties whenever there's a match with a South American team playing. Streets were empty and shops deserted except for those who had a public TV up. All activities would come to a standstill. It was a funny and a sad sight at the same time, as Peru's economy was already quite shaken due to the serious weather changes that had taken place. Food is so much more expensive now and it is difficult to understand how the poor can still make a living, yet when the soccer fever hit, they seemed to forget all thei r troubles.

Against all odds

       (From Hannah:) We had to fight City Hall here in Bucharest to get Christina and Martin and their truck full of aid into the country. They had all the necessary papers, but the border officials told them that a new law had been instituted requiring a tax on humanitarian aid coming in to the country, and thus they spent almost three days at the border. Everyone we tried to see about this kept inventing a new paper that we supposedly needed! I finally went to see the mayor, who helped us get the paper on condition that we distribute the humanitarian aid in cooperation with them.
       When the truck arrived in Bucharest and we took the goods to City Hall, we were treated like special ambassadors. The press came and did a short interview with us. Also present was Prima TV (a new station), a radio station, Bucharest's English newspaper, and the largest Romanian press agencies. We got positive coverage, TYJ!

A second interpretation?

       (From A ndrew F. [of Marie]:)
Remember "The 70-Years Prophecy of the End"? Grandpa asked the Lord in the summer of 1970, "What shall be the days of my years?" The Lord gave him some taps. Grandpa interpreted the taps to mean years, and then he multiplied the 7 times 7 taps, and 3 times the next 7. Which came out to be 70.
       When 1989 rolled around, (Grandpa was 70 years old) Grandpa became very sick (if I remember right) and we all desperately prayed for the Lord to allow Grandpa to stick around a littl e longer. He answered our prayers and Grandpa didn't graduate to Heaven until 1994.--An answer to prayer.
       Did the Lord give a prophecy that was not entirely true? Or was it a case of, because of our prayers, we changed God's mind (which I believe is the truth)? But maybe the Lord had given a hidden meaning in that prophecy also. Maybe He didn't want us to know the real date that Grandpa was going to be with the Lord. So let's take those four numbers that we got from that prophecy. (7) (7) (3) (7). Let's use addition instead of multiplication. 7+7+3+7 = 24. Could that be 24 years more of Grandpa's life? Remember, it was 1970. Add 24 years and you get 1994.--The year Grandpa went to be with Jesus.

melodies and lyrics gotten in prophecy …

--from some of our Family musicians

"With All That's Within Me"

       (From Martin Music, Japan:)
That was the first song I tried to get in prophecy. The melody and some of the words of the chorus I had already had for some time, and the song may ha ve very well just sat if I had not gotten desperate and cried out to the Lord.
       I got up early one morning and was moved by the Lord's Spirit while spending time with Him. Once I was with Him "as one," I got out the dictaphone and started pouring out my heart to Him, and that's when most of the words came. I didn't receive any flowing, beautiful poetry as I had hoped--I just poured out in prayer on tape exactly what I was feeling, and it became that song.

"Now and Always" and "Come Take My L ove"

       (From Jerry, Japan:)
I got alone one morning in prayer for the Lord to speak and give me a song for the LJ tape, and I got three pages of prophecies initially. Among those pages were two potential LJ songs (the lyrics) and a message for somebody who had asked me something, as well as some personal encouragement and direction for me! I had hoped to get the tune along with the words, but it didn't come that way--the words came first, and then I had to dig through them and pick out the jewel s for the songs. A lot of what I had received came in poem form, in rhyme, so that was helpful!
       Then in another session I started working on the melody for one of them the old-fashioned way (praying and going to work), and got nothing very inspiring after working at it for a while. When I realized what I was doing, I asked the Lord in the next session to inspire me with a tune for the words in prophecy, and I waited and got something (while not playing an instrument) within a few minutes. Then I pick-and-shoveled it a bit, and got "Now and Always" finalized, PTL!
       One thing I've learned working this way with prophecy is that you have to take what the Lord gives and work with it. If I receive the words in prophecy, I figure that was the first part of the puzzle. Then I ask the Lord to give me any pieces that are missing. Then I ask for the tune to go with the words He's given, and in the case of "Come Take My Love" that's when the idea of going back and forth between the Lord and the backup vocalist came out. It was a case of either putting the lyrics first and me trying to fit the tune to them, or expecting the Lord to also give a tune to go with the lyrics He gave in prophecy.
       You have to follow the little dog line all the way, and then you get the whole picture piece by piece. It's really inspiring 'cause when it's all finished you know that you didn't figure it out yourself, but the Lord had to show you.--Anything good about it is the Lord, and anything bad or lacking is the composer.

"Beyond Compare"

--from Michael Piano (Thailand)
       This song was quite special to me, and I felt was definitely "from beyond." I'd been having some sweet times with our precious Jesus, and felt in need of a song to somehow express His wonderful love. At the same time I had been fighting some discouragement battles.
       One day I was alone in the studio having some praise time; I went to the piano and the melody of the first verse came very effortlessly, plus some of the words . I wrote it down but wasn't able to finish it then. About a week later I went to my room and prayed and got the rest of the words in prophecy. I still didn't have a melody for the bridge, so I went to the piano and prayed and then tried turning on my micro player and playing and singing away, sort of one-take, to see what would come--and that's how the bridge came. All in all it was the Lord and His helpers coming through, and very little to do with me, PHN!
       One interesting nugget is that at the very same time I sent in another song on which I had labored long and hard over a period of several years, trying to figure out the lyrics, get it all to rhyme, etc. But I had never really asked the Lord to speak directly through prophecy. Well, the result of that was a sweet but to-the-point response saying that Mama and Peter didn't really feel that the song had what it took lyrically, and if I still had a burden for it I could rework it or pray for new words.
       In retrospect that's quite a testimony to me, because "Beyond Compare" was approved, but there's no way that Mama and Peter could have known that one song was received in prophecy and the other was sort of "concocted." To me it's so much a confirmation on the efficiency of getting it from the Lord, as compared with struggling in my own carnal mind to think up lyrics. I pray I won't waste any more time trying to do it "the old way."


       -- SGA Faithy and her three children, helping to reach the need y field of Kazakhstan, need your help. Every little bit counts towards more souls saved and lives changed. Send gifts via your TRF.
       -- The Lord is calling Elena and her four children (presently at the Mexican Media Home) to the fields of Taiwan and China! In order to answer this call, we need your help. Did you know that if each CM Home sent only US $10, we would be able to go to these needy fields, and you personally would play a great part in getting us there? Pretty easy, huh? Send your gif ts via the NACRO office c/o Elena at the Mexican Media Home!
       -- We, Philip and Hannah (Asher and Lydia), French Matthew and Maria and team in Madras, India, have a fun, fruitful Home and can use your help with our slums and village ministries. TYSM!

Our 10-Year Anniversary Celebration!

--excerpts from article sent in by the IVM, Japan
       We recently had our IVM 10-year anniversary. PTL! We thought you might enjoy a little synopsis of what happened. The ceremony was attended by a large major ity of former and present co-laborers. The "event" started with snacks, photo displays of the IVM work for the last 10 years, mock-ups of new covers and promo material, etc.
       Then we had a time of "remembrance" where different ones gave speeches (Solomon, Chris M., Timothy, Margie), and read a message from the Folks to past and present IVM members. We recounted the beginning of the ministry, the statistics and the amount of videos distributed to date. We gave a brief report on how the videos ar e being aired now in quite a few countries. We also shared comments from the public, such as this letter from a woman in Latin America who wrote us two days prior to the celebration:

Dear Uncle Jim:
Treasure Attic

       It is a great pleasure for me to write these lines because I consider your program "Treasure Attic" an excellent ministry to let children know the good news Jesus brought.
       Thanks to God, I have acquired eight volumes and I would like to acquire the future ones. Uncle Jim is act ually a member of our home. My four-year-old son many times tells me: "Mommy, Uncle Jim says I have to hold your hand when there are many people around," or "Uncle Jim says I have to brush my teeth after each meal" and so on. I also like the way you presented the life of Jesus and the history of the Old Testament. It is very assertive. And the most beautiful way to let children know the Christian sense of what Christmas is: "I will give my heart to Jesus" resumes this love story.
       My son has al so learnt to draw and to know words such as consideration, patience, respect, obedience, etc. And most important is that my son has that "fear" of God that makes us respect and love Him. "Treasure Attic" has helped my son to have an idea of who is Jesus, a father, a friend, a LIVING God. Videos like "Treasure Attic" are few, TV mostly shows cartoon series with violence and show the evilness so vivid that children find it funny and normal.
       Please keep my son informed about future editions and U ncle Jim's plans. By the way, could Uncle Jim visit the children of my country?
       In the name of Jesus it is my desire that this ministry continues, because children are the future leaders of Jesus' good news. If possible, please send me information about this organization.
       God bless you!

       A contact helped make special "IVM production crew" T-shirts, which were passed out to all. As each group of people came up we took Polaroid shots of each one against a large commemoration backdrop. This was a very special time for all of us, a real time of rejoicing.
       Afterwards we had a delicious dinner with all. During dinner we played the latest TA songs (about 17 of them), and had a time of appreciating all the children who have helped with the filming. The kids also got their own "Treasure Attic" T-shirt.
       It was announced at dinner for all to dress in their formal attire and come to Building A for the evening extravaganza. Once there we all took a big "IVM group shot" and then we had a comedy "awards" ceremony. This evening event was mainly lighthearted fun, a good way to laugh at ourselves and give the Lord the glory.
       Solomon, David G. and Teri performed a 14-minute comedy opening song recounting the last 10 years of IVM, going through each production stage. The song was absolutely hilarious. We had provisioned the use of two huge projecting screens for this celebration, so during the dance we projected edited portions of each production to fit the song.
       Simon Setfree was presented as the MC, and next we went "live" to reporters in LA who were interviewing the "famous movie actors" who were viewing the IVM anniversary there (ha!). The IVM guys had edited the interviews from this year's Oscars to match questions we re-filmed here in a fake "crowd." Piecing the two scenes together resulted in a report clip of famous actors commenting on "Family Fun," "Treasure Attic," "Aurora Productions," etc. Our "guests" live in Los Angeles were: James Cameron, Minnie Driver, M adonna, Michael Bolton, Rupert Murdoch and so on. It's a little hard to explain, but it came out very funny.
       After that Simon presented the "Quacky the Duck awards." Categories included: live music performance, best dancing, best delivery, etc., of course done in a very lively and humorous way (all the awards were given for the funniest bloopers). We then watched a half-hour blooper video. The grand finale was a 10-minute clip the editors had compiled from the last 10 years of production, put to dramatic music and beautifully done.
       The evening ended with prayer and a special showing of "The Final Stand" (EMV) on large double-screen for all those who wished to view it. It was a miracle that everything flowed so smoothly, and it worked out so that we all could relax and enjoy it with everyone. Most importantly, it was a very special time with the Lord. PTL!
       We hope this little peek into our anniversary celebration was inspiring for you. Thank you so much for your prayers. Each and every Family member around the world has contributed to the IVM ministry over the last ten years--through your prayers, and by getting out the resulting tools--and we'd like to thank each of you with our whole hearts. We love you dearly and pray that we can continue to serve you and the lost and needy world well in the years to come! If any former IVM members did not receive the written full account of this event, please let us know and we will send it to you.

IVM memories …

       (From Phil, SGA , who was on a witnessing trip in Russia. Excerpts of message sent to the IVM for this event:)
The IVM has taught me many terrific things like weather forecasting, for example. If I'm going out on business or having vacation, there is always a good reason for me to use my camera framing finger technique. Also how to twist my body in numerous positions and hold my breath when shooting a shot when Miguel, Ezra, Jono and the host of other camera men of professional status were on the other end of t he shot.
       There was always my dream of landing the role of dancer or the suave lead character, although I did get to walk the gangplank for a modeling session with a host of women, which was rather pleasant ("Get Up and Put On a Happy Smile"). But the producers saw my talents lying more in the field of comedian, so my roles included a lot of cheesy grins and running around in funny costumes.
       When I would take visa trips and see the videos being used with the children in the Homes or children of outsiders, and how much they appreciate them and the joy that it would bring to their eyes and hearts, I really knew that what we were doing in the IVM was worth it all!

       (From Aaron [of Jewel], excerpts of message sent for this event]:)
I wish I could be there to celebrate with everybody and thank our wonderful Lord for all He's done through the whole bunch of us over the years, and all the miracles (the biggest one of all being that I got to see the EMV before the Rapture--ha, just kiddi ng! I can just see some of you now saying, "But that wasn't the final!" Ha!).
       And if you ever write an IVM Book of Records, put in there that the longest anyone stayed on the camera crane for a continuous stretch of time was when filming the "Do It Now" puppet song. I stayed on the crane for nine-and-a-half hours straight! We didn't yet know that we could tie it down so I could get off. "Sorry, Aaron! No potty breaks today!" Ha!

your views on issues

Open e-mail
Middle East
       (From John Trust:) We are living in a country that has a high degree of security and monitors nearly everything. So we try to be prayerful in what we send on e-mail, and use CPY keys as much as possible. Besides the "GBY, ILY and I'm praying for you," which seems to be quite common in open e-mail messages, we received one open e-mail from a Latin American field talking about the revolution they're having there! Thank God later they explained it wasn't with the Chiapas rebels, but a Disciple Revolution!
       O ne of the new members of our field sent an open e-mail out without anyone checking it, telling about witnessing testimonies. This was from one fairly sensitive field to another one! Oops!
       We recently received a very inspiring testimony from the States about Russia that, sad to say, was sent open! Besides talking about the recent soul-winning adventures, there's a passionate plea at the end for finances to support a variety of projects in Russia, listing them one by one! This was conveniently m ass mailed to a string of addresses around the world, so anyone could receive a whole list of addresses all in one shot.
       The MOP on Security says: "A lack of security negates all other good qualities! The Enemy is always listening. Don't tell him what he wants to know. Go public [over open e-mail] and blow it. Beware of little things!" Lord help this not to be our Achilles' heel!
       We love hearing from our Family, especially as in our situation we are so few Family members, but we would apprec iate if those communicating with the Family here could abide by the "Home Life Rules Guidelines" in the Charter on pg.131 G: "Members must use secure phone procedures." Thanks so much for your help in this!

Edifying jokes
       (From an adult man:)
The kind of jokes which Grandpa used to tell are the kind which are edifying, make you inspired, or help you relax when you are nervous. A fitly spoken joke has often saved me when I've made big mistakes in the past. But I've also had some bad e xperiences where I've gotten hurt by bad jokes. For example, when we have important meetings, or talk about some serious matters, if somebody makes a bad joke, then we miss the point of the matter we're discussing, and it leaves you with an unpleasant feeling.
       Sad to say, we have a few folks like that in this area. They don't mean harm, but it can become a bad habit. I feel they don't have wisdom as to when and where to say these kind of jokes. Even if I show disagreement on my face, they are not sensitive to it, and have the attitude of, "What's wrong with you?" Forgive me if I'm too sensitive, but please know that there are a few folks like me who have been hurt by bad jokes. Let's use jokes prayerfully and for the benefit of others.

mama's mailbox

Dear Mama,
       Prophecy has become the nicest experience for me. In the beginning I felt a little nervous, but I've realized that I don't have to struggle; if I just believe, the prophecy will flow. I've started to talk with Him more (besides the formal prophecy meetings), and many wonderful things have happened to me.
       One day when my husband was gone and I was by myself and feeling lonely, I went to the bathroom to fix my hair and the Lord started talking to me, encouraging me and telling me how much He liked me. He went on to give me a whole class on make-up! He was exactly like a husband, only a dream husband!--The kind that is always affectionate and in love with you as if you are the only focus in His life. Then He a sked me to dress in something sexy for Him and invited me for a dance. He kept telling me how much He loved me and how sexy I was to Him. He told me that He prefers me not to wear black eyeliner because He said it takes from the shape my eyes have, which He likes. But it wasn't that He didn't want me to wear make-up at all! This was all in prophecy, but not the way I was used to receiving it; it was more relaxed, as if He was there and I didn't have to make a phone call in order to reach Him.
       On another occasion I was having Word time while putting the kids to sleep for quiet time. Since they were having a hard time going to sleep I asked Jesus to help them go to sleep. He said that He'd love to, and in five minutes they were both sound asleep. Then I started talking to Him and I asked Him what to do first of a number of things I wanted to get done, like cleaning, cooking and exercising. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding what to do, and it's such a relief to be able to ask Jesus. Then He told me to do my exercises since my kids were asleep. I tried to argue a little but He assured me that it would work out better for me. But I was feeling a little lazy, so He offered to do the exercises with me. I kept hearing His voice throughout my exercise time, encouraging me and telling me how beneficial it was, etc.
       Getting used to talking to Him throughout the day gives me more sensitivity to the Spirit. For instance, one time I was on a tram and suddenly I felt something was n ot right in the Spirit and soon I was checked for my ticket. I was a bit surprised and thought I was exaggerating but it turned out they were crooks and were just trying to get money off people. TYJ! I think in the future we'll be able to use this gift to protect ourselves and our dear loved ones from the AC forces.
       Now it's so easy to learn and progress because the Lord is always there, sweetly and lovingly shepherding me and showing me things I can't see.
--C. (female)


       -- Irish Ben (Irish Abe, used to live in Australia and other Asian countries) would like to hear from Giovanni and wife in Australia. E-mail: Add: M. Benjamin, P.O. Box 200, G.P.O. Hatyai, Songkhla 90110 Thailand.
       -- Matthew (24) is seeking Andrew and Joy and their daughter, Rosalinda. I last saw you in Poznan, Poland. E-mail:
       -- Mark and Faithy (India) would like to contact Ukranian Snezhana. Add: Mark Ramesh, 213 Swapnalok Complex, S.D. Road, Se cunderabad 500003, India.
       -- Hanna (of Michael and Praise/Abi and Becky) would like to contact Jadina (of Leland and Grace), Blanche (of Gideon and Bruni), Philipp (of Martin and Esther). E-mail: or Add: Helmke, apdo.60, 03581 Alfaz del Pi, Spain.
       -- Priscilla P.I. wants to contact Job and Celeste, we lived together in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Add: C. R. Jamero, P.O. Box 4906, Makati CPO,1289, Makati City, Philippines. E-mail: auserve@philonline.c
       -- Simon and Narcisa are trying to contact Spring and Leyland and John and Lily. Please get in touch.
       -- Josiah is looking for Precious in South Africa. E-mail: My mailing address is PO Box 5886, 614077 Perm, Russia.
       -- English Claire would like to contact Joseph (FM in England) and Marie (CM, last heard of in South Africa). Contact via Italian ABM, or add: c/o Davolio Italo, Casella Aperta 28 Succ 21, Via Antonio UGO 26, 90123 Palermo, Italy.
       -- Arianna, of And y and Maria Medellin, Colombia. Please write David: Casilla 17-07-9073 Quito, Ecuador.
       -- Tuchi (18) would like to contact Jasmine (19, of David and Sara), Stella (17) and Ambra (16, of Paul and Leah). My address is: P.O Box 12416, Die Boord 7613, South Africa. E-mail:
       -- Robin would like to contact Ruth (Jewish-Canadian). We lived together in Pecs, Hungary in '94/95. E-mail: .
       -- Ana Karenina, Dave (David E.) is looking for you! E-mail: qpioneer@a Add: 220 Saunders Blvd. Southern Pines, NC. 28387, USA.
       -- Josh, Pricilla and Faithy, please send me an address or e-mail to contact you at asap. Contact Beth at e-mail: Add: X.T.Daniels, 310 Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, Bangalore 560095.

ws news


       (From the FC team:)
Hi, everyone! We hope you like the new HTKs, MLKs, the new ETP mag, and Kidz Bizes that have been going out to you and the kiddos! The following are some tidbits of news of what's been happening with us recently. GBY!

MO Letter Titles Prayer

       We like to spice up our dinner prayer and/or praise times. We have an SGA prayer deacon who comes up with bunches of fun ideas. (We all contribute our prayer and praise ideas to her and she organizes it.)
       After one of our dinners, we had our prayer and praise using MO Letter titles, popcorn-style. The longer it went on, the better it got, ha! Here's an example:
       Person 1:
Lord, thank You that we can Love One Another and Stop! Look! and Listen! to You.
       Person 2:
Thank God for Our Children! And for keeping Our Children safe in The Playground today.
       Person 3:
Thank You for helping us to Be So Happy! And that You've said, "My Yoke Is Easy!" You really blessed Our Day!
       Person 4:
Thank You for all The Word, The Word, The Word You pour out to us daily that helps us not to be Old Bottles. Please help us to Use It! so that we'll Burn Free for You.
       Person 5:
We Pray for Mama's Eyes.
       Person 6:
Help all of us here and aroun d the world as we sign our names on the Bottom Line.

Spirit Helper Appreciation Night

       A while back we had a good prayer time to release more spirit helpers to help us with the work we do. Since that time, we've kept track of the names of the many who have come to help us.
       So one night, for our Home's activity where we planned to thank the Lord for the spirit help He's given us, we posted a list of the names of the helpers we have. Each one of us chose someone from the list to dress up as and share what he or she has done to help out here, or a little portion of what they've said in prophecy, or to share a little about their history.
       It was quite a comical event, to say the least, but it was very inspiring and a unique sight, and a fun way to thank some of our many helpers for helping, ha! Praise the Lord!

Output This Year Thus Far

       The Lord has helped us to greatly increase our output this year. We're so thrilled about it that we'd like to share our joy with you. Here are the output stats of 1997 and the first half of 1998:

       Pages out (A5) in '97: about 550
       Pages out (A5) in Jan-Aug '98: about 450

Coming to You Soon

       … are some HTK titles, "The Year of the Bottom Line," "Outward Appearance 2," "The Glad Game," and a series of simple MLKs for younger kids on prayer and our dear Queen Maria. We are also reviving the "Food For Fighters" memory series for kids, taken from the New Wine. Many thanks to those who send us their comments and suggestions for the k ids' pubs. We appreciate them and you!

I'm wondering ...

Did Dad smoke?
When the book "Now It Can Be Shown" came out, I saw the pictures where Dad is smoking. It was bottle-breaking for me, as in the Family we don't smoke. I was just wondering if Dad was smoking and why or how often?--Peter Willing, Romania
(From Amy:) Dad didn't "smoke," but often when on the toilet, he would light up a cigar or a pipe, as they were nice and fragrant, and he would occasionally give it a puff, fi lling the room with the aromatic smell that covered any other ones that lingered otherwise. At no other time did Dad ever smoke, but because he didn't particularly care for air fresheners or incense, as it bothered his nose, he resorted to keeping a pipe or cigar in the bathroom. When he had his daily BM, he would simply light it up and let it burn a bit to fragrance the room. But he was quite disgusted by cigarette smoke, and his occasional puffs on the potty were only for scenting purposes.

Green pastures of the U.S.A.?
There has been a lot of emphasis lately in the GNs about Family members moving out of the States and on to more fruitful fields. I agree that the need for missionary activity is much greater elsewhere.
       But there just seems to be so much happening in the States! Every Grapevine you read is full of all kinds of activity in the U.S.. Just about every fellowship you hear about is happening somewhere in the U.S. The last two Summits have taken place in the U.S. T he Family Web site headquarters, studios, meetings with sociologists and many other exciting events make the U.S. inviting. Even if someone went there knowing that the country might be bad for their spiritual health, there's still lots happening to make up for the difference.
       The above-mentioned ministries will probably continue there, as it's the best place to carry out such activities. But if we want people to move out or not go there at all, then the excitement and action has to be created or reported about someplace else. The same could be said about Japan or Switzerland. All throughout Family history, wherever the "happenings" were taking place, there the crowds flocked, sometimes regardless of the field's receptivity.
       Greener pastures are always a temptation for anyone, and one with easy finances, lots of trinkets, lots of fellowship and other exciting "happenings" make of it a very, very green pasture.
--An SGA in Russia
(From Peter:) You've raised a good point, one wh ich warranted looking into. First, I thought it would be worth looking over the Grapevines to see if in fact "every one was full of all kinds of activities in the U.S." I went over the last year's worth of Grapevines--24 issues--and counted the articles that were about pioneering, fellowships and happenings throughout the Family, and here's what I found: The U.S.A. had 27 articles, India and the subcontinent 43, Russia and the CIS 41, South America 25, Africa 24, Western Europe 22, Japan 18, Eas tern Europe 16, Mexico 16, Taiwan 13, Thailand 12, China 8, Indonesia 7, Mideast 5, Vietnam 4, Philippines 3. As you can see, there is quite a spread of articles from various fields. Of the 284 articles only 27, or 9.5% were about the US, with some areas having 50% more articles than those from the USA.
       As far as all of the fellowships happening in the U.S.A., I checked out the "Brotherhood" section of the Grapevine and found that in the last 12 months we have published reports about fellowshi ps in the following countries: U.S.A. 6, Japan and Mexico 5, Brazil 4, Hungary, Romania and India 3, Italy and China 2, and one in Chile, France, Spain, Pakistan, South Africa, Taiwan, Croatia, Thailand, Holland and Indonesia. As you can see, there have been 43 fellowship meetings reported in the Grapevine over the last 12 months, six of which have been in the USA.
       While Summit '96 was held in the U.S., Summit '98 was held in Mexico. Actually, over the years the Summits have been held twice in the U.S.A., twice in Brazil, once in Austria, once in Hungary and once in Mexico. Generally the factors which are considered when deciding on Summit locations are the available, affordable housing, potential provisioning and cost of transportation. We try to keep the costs to a minimum, so we look for the most economical place to hold them.
       Besides cheaper transport and housing, when the Summits are in North America the visiting CROs are able to buy important needs for their fields, such as c hildren's materials and equipment, such as computers, etc. This results in savings to their fields and often more than makes up for the cost of their travel expenses to and from the Summit.
       It's true that the International Family Web Site is managed from a Home in the U.S.A. The main reason for this is because those in that Home are both qualified and available. The same personnel handle all of the live phone calls that come in for the Family on the 800 number. Besides the International Family Web Site, there are also Family Web Sites in Latin America, Japan, India, Russia, El Salvador and Thailand.
       While the U.S. does have the D.C. Music Studio, there are also studios in Japan, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, the Mideast and Europe, all of which supply music for the Family both in English and in the local languages.
       As far as the academic visits, books, meetings, etc., a great deal of the international academic activities take place in the U.S.A., and as such the legal/media team who ar e there participate in these things. As you can see from reading the Grapevine, there is quite a lot of academic activity in England as well. These activities are reported because those who participate in them send articles to the Grapevine.
       We can understand that there is a temptation for some Family members to go to the U.S. as it truly is the lush lowlands materially, but spiritually it can be a graveyard! If you look at the GNs and other WS publications, it's clear to see that the Lord is promoting the mission field and not the U.S.A.
       There are however, some service ministries that base out of the U.S. Most of the brethren who provide these services would much rather be on some exciting mission field, but because of their love for you, the Family, they have chosen to remain in America in order to serve you. If the service they render could be done more efficiently, effectively and economically on some other field, they would move there, but since they can't they are lovingly wi lling to sacrifice by remaining behind to provide these services to you. Please don't let their sacrifice be seen as a call to come to the U.S.A. These brethren would be the first to tell you of the spiritual dangers of being in America.

Heaven's Library

--questions and answers

If we have a spirit story to send in, is there an e-mail address we can send it to?
You can send your spirit stories via the Grapevine e-mail box. Just make sure to note at the top of the file that it is f or the Heaven's Library team.

I imagine that you correct grammatical errors (of which there are plenty in the story I've just sent in), but do you also cut out and/or add needed or unneeded phrases and paragraphs?
Yes, at times we do, in counsel with the Lord and the spirit helpers who give the stories, for the purpose of making the story flow better, to be more clearly understandable, or simply for standard editing, grammar and story line construction purposes.

A friend of mi ne sent a story in about a year ago, but it hasn't been published yet. Is that because it wasn't approved, or just because there are so many stories that it hasn't seen the light of day yet?
We have on a number of occasions received similar questions from folks, only to find out that somewhere in the transmission of their message, we missed receiving it. So please be sure that you get a receipt letter from the Heaven's Library team, informing you that your story has been safely received.
       Of course, there are some spirit stories that are sent in which may never be published. In a few cases, a first-time spirit story might be just a "test run" by your helper to get you started, and to get acquainted with you. Interestingly, we've noted that there is often a tremendous difference in the story line and general quality between the first and second spirit story that someone receives. In other words, by the second time, they have become much more fine-tuned, and the helper starts givin g the story he or she was really more interested in telling, and the channel, already having had some practice, is then able to receive the story more clearly and fully.
       However, once you know that your story has been received, then you can rest assured that it's being lovingly cared for, and DV, is being groomed for publication! Here are a few reasons for the delay: More lengthy stories take longer to "go through the pipelines." There may be a similar story about to go out, therefore yours ha s been slotted for printing some months down the line. Since we work several months in advance, you may just have to be patient! Thanks!

If the spirit-author of a story is not famous, but is just an ordinary person who likes to write from experience or just writes, is that bad? I heard from a friend that his story wasn't published because the author didn't have a "big" name.
The Heaven's Library stories are not at all published on a basis of which stories have "big name" authors. Som e stories with very "big name" authors have been held because the Lord has indicated that it's not time for them to go out yet, or that He wants others to go out first. The majority of Heaven's Library stories that we've printed, in fact, are not from well-known spirit-authors.

When you receive a story which you don't think contains enough "spiritual message," do you add this without the original channel's consent?--Or do you add it at all?
We aren't able to send the final edited sto ries back to the original channel, due to time factors, as well as communication difficulties. However, we often do pray and hear from the Lord further about any given story for a variety of reasons.
       A number of people read the Heaven's Library stories before they are sent out, and if a majority of them feel that some portion of the story is unclear, particularly for the children or age group for whom it is intended, then we do bring it before the Lord and ask for clarifications, additions, or appropriate changes. In some cases, there have been portions of text added to a story, or more substantial changes made. Please be assured, however, that these modifications were made in prayer and counsel, and that the additions or guidelines for the changes have been received in prophecy.
       We would like to be able to send these questions and comments back to the original channel, and would be happy to have them pray about these points. However, there just isn't time in most cases, particular ly with the shorter Heaven's Library mag stories, which we try to get out on a regular basis.

I don't know whether C.S. Lewis has passed on or not, but I assume if he did he must be in Heaven. If so, has anyone received a story from him?
You'll be happy to soon receive an entire book-length story from him, entitled: "Return of the Seven Keys."

I was wondering if you could please publish testimonies of how people received spirit stories, and any tips or advice that any "experie nced folks" would have for us "brave pioneers." I'd be thrilled to pieces to hear what others have to say about ghostwriting and their experiences.
We'd very much like to put together a mag along these lines--but we need your testimonies and personal accounts. So send 'em in!

We were wondering if it wouldn't be appropriate for the earthly authors of the Heaven's Library stories to have their name in the mag. Dad used to teach us always to have names on everything. Even though it ment ions Sheherezade or Sir Walter Scott as the spirit-authors, shouldn't there, just for the record, also be stated who was the channel, just like the Revelation of John in the Bible?
See an upcoming "Mama's Memo" on this topic that will answer your question. DV, coming in the next few months!

grapes of thankfulness

       We would like to acknowledge some outstanding folks in NEPAL!--Josiah, Jewel and their family pioneered Nepal right after the Charter and have stuck through thick and thin, holding onto just a thread each time their visa renewal was coming up (sometimes three months at a time), being told that it was not possible to get an extension, that they needed to move on to another country. It has been a series of "impossible" situations for them, but they never let go and claimed Nepal for the Lord's work. Now, after three years of fighting, they have obtained a full year's visa! PTL! They stuck and didn't quit despite all odds! The precious sheep in Nepal are being reached because they didn't accept defeat and kept fighting and claiming His promises to reach Nepal!
--Bangalore VS team

       Behind every road trip there's a lot of organization, prayer, planning and logistics. In light of the recent Just Go! trips to India and Russia, I appreciate the many unseen hours--even sleepless nights--praying, preparing, doing legal work, communicating with the parents of the teens, and many more things I'm sure I've forgotten, that my dad (Ado) put into these faith trips. D ad, I admire your vision (and courage) to get young people to the field--your faith and obedience to the Lord, which are making it happen.
       And mom (Kanah), you're a saint! I admire you for being willing to stay behind with the kids and let him go on these exciting treks, supporting him all the way. You both have a heart for the young people and have given your lives to give them what they need. You'll probably never know how many lives you've touched through your sacrifice and love. I'm so pro ud of you, as my parents, as missionaries and as Family members.
--Regina, WS

       I'd like to say a grand thank-you to a few people, first to my super Mom (Meekness) who with five kids under 12 manages to make it through each day with patience, love and a lot of tolerance. And though she's tired and weak, I never hear her complain, and she's so concerned about all 10 of us kidz!
       Next to each of my super brothers, Samuel, Julien, Thibault and John, you're all the best in the world, and are so sweet and full of mega-fun ideas, jokes and the strangest stories to tell. Last but not least, my Dad (Isaac), who has been sticking thru' thick and thin to support and care for us all, I love you all!


grapes of thankfulness
--special issue of gratitude and recognition

              This is a little outdated, but last October I learned that my sister, Anna, passed away from a drug overdose. I would like to send a special heartfelt thanks to Char ity, Anaik, Akim, Kalitha and everyone else who had a hand and heart in helping to love, witness to, feed the Word to, and care for sweet Anna. In her letters she was always so touched and thankful for how you tried to help her, and she loved the Family so much. You helped her to know the Lord and to have faith in His love for her. Thank you so much for showing her the Lord's love for me, as due to the Lord's work on the mission field I could not go back to visit her. My mum also truly appreciat ed your care and concern.
       After Anna passed away I was quite sad and emotional, and I had a very encouraging experience where I felt she was in the room and she came to me and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry about me, I'm okay now. I'm free at last. Now I'm with Grandpa and the Family, and I can do what I always wanted to do--serve the Lord with you all!" TYL!
       --Australian Faith (formerly Leah), Middle East

       We are little Russian family (with two young kids) working in the middle of Sib eria. Since our Home is placed in the middle of Siberia, far from Japan and far from the West, not many foreigners are able to come here. We don't have home support and actually we wouldn't have any money at all if it hadn't been for a WS gift (that helps to cover our rent) and videos that we sell (a few each week), some provisioning and sometimes donations.
       But our kids need to be fed, dressed, taught, etc. This means we need books and other CC items. We adults could survive in any situation, but we all want the best for our kiddos, don't we? Honestly, I get a little tempted to worry sometimes when I see that my older daughter is growing out of her clothes, or when I see that I don't have any good boots for my youngest girl, but the Lord always reminds me that He will take care of His own. HE ALWAYS TOOK CARE OF US, and MOSTLY THROUGH YOU, DEAR FAMILY!
       We'd like to thank everybody who helped us here in Russia: Joy and Abner, Eva (of Nat), Tim and Dove, Virginia, and their Homes, a nd also special thanks to WS, Santiago, Libertad and family, David and Peace and family, Mark and Mercy, David and Freya, Abel and Angel, Simon, Ruth, Happy, Sunshine, Andrew, Miracle and Angel, JA011 and JA003, David and Heidi and others. Some of the brethren that helped us recently didn't send their address. We would like to contact you personally and send you our newsletter with pictures. Pls. write to: 660001 Krasnoyarsk 1, PO 16215 A.B.
       --Maria (of Gabe), Siberia

       I want the whole worl d to know, in big bold letters, how THANKFUL I am for PETER (DAVID) and LOVE. (Yes, they are the same ones in Grapes of Thankfulness, Grapevine #44).
       While Tim was away for about nine months, they not only helped with running the Home, shepherding, witnessing, provisioning, business, etc., but they were a Daddy and a Mommy to our five kids, caring for them as their very own. In freeing Tim to raise funds for us to get a vehicle, they are also jointly responsible for us going to our new mission field.
       Dear Peter and Love, your sample makes me know that we have the best Family in the whole world. Thank you both so very much. We love you forever. I pray the Lord grants you the desires of your heart. You deserve them and more. ILY!
              --Maria, Tim and gang

       I also want to say a special thank-you to Jason Free who also helped me so much in Tim's absence. Truly we have the best brothers and sisters in the whole world. Thanks also to teens Michael and Kiana, for helping with the little ones. I love you all and pray for you.
       --Maria (of Tim)

       To two saints: John and Sara for their unending faith to "live by faith" on a mission field with 10 of their kids. Cheers to you guys! I greatly admire you!!! You're real fighters!
       Another two great saints to me are: Tim (20, their son) and his wife Tabi (Czech), for tirelessly laboring and pouring in and loving and helping John and Sara and the kids for these many months. GBY all, guys!
       --Merry Heart, Czech Republic

       We wante d to express our love, thankfulness and appreciation to the Family at the HCS and James, Marie and Esther's Home in the US for sending us a gift when our little boy Gabey contracted meningitis [Gabey is well, happy and active again]. Your love and concern really touched our hearts. It meant so much to us to know that we have such a wonderful Family to pray for and support us in more ways than one when we hit rough spots. We love you so much and pray the Lord mightily blesses you in return. We al so wanted to say a big thank-you to everyone who took the time to hear from the Lord for us and send the prophecies our way--they were such a lifesaver.
       --John and Rejoice (SGAs), Thailand

       Big hugs and kisses to all those in Brazil who have been faithfully supporting me here in Russia. Special thanks to the Oasis Home and Rio MH who have been so faithful during the past two years, John and Sara, and the Brasilia Home. All your gifts, big and small, help us keep going. They are always such a blessing and it would've been a lot tougher to keep the work here going without them! You're all real saints! I love you and everyone here sends you their heartfelt thanks.
       --Brisa and the VIPs, Russia

       To our dear friend, Barney, who on his W&Rs went above and beyond the call of duty and came to our Home to help us with our five little kids. We appreciate you beyond what words could express.
       --David and Ruthie, Taiwan

       To my husband, Michael Sri-Lankan. He washed me, bathed me, made special food for me, stayed up for me and is still doing it in our ongoing battle with cancer. GB him! I love you, Sweetheart!!
       --Marie, India

       To Daniel and Mary in the UK for faithfully giving 40% of their income to the Lord's work, being a blessing and helping others in so many ways, and supporting our Home for nearly three years now with their monthly donations! We love you, Daniel and Mary, and thank you for all the help you are to us!!
       --Shajjad and Katie, Romania

       We would like to tell you the story of a little Home which opened right after the Charter. Imagine being in the middle of a very important local language recording project. You're trying to be the local Bunny Bigword, learn and sing all the songs from the Treasure Attics, translate the lyrics, and run the Home. (Mind you, everybody who is there just came for the project and they are all members of different Homes.) Then all of a sudden here comes the Charter. Everybody runs home and comes back after the Feas t. Then from somewhere up high came a little suggestion: "Why don't we have a studio Home?" So we become the studio Home.
       From the very beginning, two of us wanted to go on to other fields, and the other two members of our Home--wonderful Hungarian Tim and his beautiful wife, Claire, with their newborn daughter--agreed to this and made it super easy for us. They gave us all the help they could so that we, Hungarian Smile and Christian, could go to the field as soon as possible. I spent half a year with them, and all this time there were only four of us. This was the beginning of the EAST Studio Home.
       Before I left they committed themselves to help our poor little Russian missionary Home with a gift each month. During the past three years they have faithfully sent us a gift each month, as we were very poor. This meant that we could buy extra milk for our kids, or that we were able to go on the road. Since then their Home has grown, but still they never forget about us. We would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all of you in Eastern European Studio Land. You are wonderful and we love you very much!
       --Surfers Home, Russia

       A heartfelt thank-you to the precious Family in Miami. When my baby was sick in the hospital, different ones came to pray for her. Thank you Phoebe, Ruthie, Joy, Rachel, Rebecca, Chris, and my mom and dad (Nathan and Sarai). It meant so much to me being away from my Home in California. What a wonderful Family we have. "When I was sick, you visited me."
       --Rachel (and Jenna), USA

       GB all those at the Thai Lit Pic who started translating and sending out the rough cuts of the latest GNs with the English versions! I can't say enough how thankful I am! My Thai mate now receives her GN when I get my English copy. The Words have helped her grow by leaps and bounds, and those of us around her and those she witnesses to and comes in contact with are all benefiting from your labors of love! The New Wine in her native language has caused her to blossom--thanks to you!! GB you! Much, much love from us!!!
       --John (of Pearl), Thailand

       Words can never express my thankfulness for you. You were with me from the beginning of my life in the Family. You received me into your house and treated me as a member of your Family. When I passed through the biggest battles after my joining, you were so patient and loving with me, though I know that sometimes it was hard for you. You were always there when I needed you. You were the true love of Jes us for me. Peter and Lily, I love you so much! Special thanks for you, Tatiana. You helped me a lot. I love you always.
       --Grace, Poland

       A big thank-you to David Newheart in Stuttgart, Germany for helping our work. Your donation is received and appreciated. We love you, David!
       --Priscilla and Joanie, Philippines

       Recently a few families arrived from the West to help us here in Madras. They have been a tremendous blessing in adding the needed boost to open up much-needed new Homes in th e city and to pioneer new opportunities. One of our visions when we started our Home was to have extra rooms to be able to receive newcomers to the field, but in order to do this we had to find a place on the outskirts of town. We soon found out being on the outskirts of town that one of our biggest needs was a vehicle.
       The Lord had made a way for us to save up a few thousand dollars towards a car through an unexpected windfall, but over the months due to a shortage of personnel, taking in the newcomers and some unexpected big expenses, the funds had virtually disappeared. Our hopes of a vehicle had pretty much disappeared, but the need was still very much there. On our last prayer day we got very desperate about our need, and although it looked more impossible and bleaker than ever for us financially we asked the Lord to please "do it."
       About a week later Philip and Praise, one of the families that had just arrived, called us and said they had been praying about it and decided tha t they wanted to take the money they had brought for a vehicle and buy one with it and give it to us to use for as long as we like. WOW! A super miracle! To make a long story short we now have a beautiful, air-conditioned, heavy duty first class jeep and we feel so blessed!
       The newcomers to our city have been very sweet and helpful and real samples of giving and sharing. As we were mostly veterans here who have been on the field a long time and whose finances were limited, their talents and fi nancial help have been a real boost to help our work get more deeply grounded and on a firmer foundation financially. Also their vision for CTP projects has been a great encouragement. God bless you, Philip and Praise, Andrew and Joy, and Abner and Mary! We love and appreciate you!
       --Philip, Hannah, and Matthew, India

       A big thank-you to dear Pawel (Polish) for taking care of our three kids (especially in the night) when I was having the baby at the hospital. Also, thank you, dear Sara, Vid a and Branch for taking us in and helping with the kids before and after the delivery. WRLY!
       --Julia and Simon, Poland

       A heartfelt "thank you" to our lawyers, Priscila and Virginia (both Family members), for helping us to fight the recent legal case here in Rio. They have given their all, and stuck it out through thick and thin. The Lord really used them and their talent and training as lawyers to bring about many victories! We also want to thank their Homes for sparing them, although it w as often a sacrifice to let them go. Being shorthanded and going through difficulties themselves, they did it in love for the Family. We know the Lord will bless them and reward them for it! We greatly appreciate you, Josh and team, David and team!
       --Rio Media Home, Brazil

       Imagine our surprise and thankfulness when a Home in the area called us to ask if we wanted 25 kilos of meat!!--Just when we needed it most! GBY, dear brothers at the BSC.
       --Tabita Fe, Brazil

       To the Media Home in B razil: We love you and are super thankful for your letting us park our trailer in your property, feeding us, clothing us, etc. What a wonderful Family we have! TYJ!
       --No name given, sorry!

To Nic, Tender and Anna's Home in the PI: We want to let the world know that you all made us feel so welcome in your Home and everyone was extremely accommodating! What a wonderful example of BROTHERLY LOVE! We know it was a sacrifice for you to house, feed and transport our big team, but you did it chee rfully and with all your hearts! We will never forget it! We love you! We miss you!
       --Jon B. and Angelina (for all of us)

       We wanted to send a heartfelt thank-you to Mike and Abby in the LA area. They took in our large family of eight at a moment's notice for three weeks while the motor of our RV was getting repaired. They made us feel right at home. They took us in during our hour of need without expecting a thing in return. This truly touched our hearts. THANK YOU!
       --Jonathan and Celest e and six kids, USA

       Meekness recently delivered in South Africa at the Pietermoritzburg Home, and we'd like to thank you so much for all your sweet labors of love. We couldn't have made it without you. Your hospitality was Heavenly. Shine on, Max and team!
       Also a big thank-you to Andrew and Esther in Bangalore, India, for their wonderful comprehensive educational pub on childcare. It's a hit here in Africa and it's getting out all over Africa. Keep it up. You're in our thoughts and prayers .
       --Ben and Meekness, Botswana

       I want to give a heartfelt thank you to John (of Faithy), my dad, Abner and Elisa, Maria (of Michael) and Mercy, for helping me in becoming a better person and helping me to learn the lessons I needed to learn. Thank you so much for helping me.
       --Joshua (of Dove and Jahmai), Europe

       Here's a thank-you to a great guy in our Home, James. He's always there when you need help or encouragement! And always willing to do whatever needs to be done--giving a list ening ear when someone needs comfort, planning and making countless trips out for others, and many, many other things--as cheerful as a man could be. God bless you, James, you're a good sample of a Home teamworker and role model for us all. I love you!
       --Matthew, WS



Witnessing and SWIFTing in Turkey

       (From the Turkey Homes:) Anyone considering coming to Turkey on a SWIFT? If so, please read on! We've been happy to welcome a number o f "SWIFTers" from Europe in the last year or so, and it being so close to Europe makes for quite convenient summer witnessing, besides being an extremely sheepy and "inviting" field, TYJ! And as we, the resident Family here, have been learning a lot about our mode of operation in the last few months, we thought we could share some of these with you, for any more prospective "SWIFTers!" We love you!
Now a bit about Turkey: Istanbul is a city on two continents, both Asia and Europe. The Bosphoru s is a beautiful and magnificent waterway that separates the two parts of Istanbul. It has many different currents and water-flows that can be hazardous if these "dangerous undercurrents" are not paid attention to. In similar fashion, the witnessing here is like this…beautiful to behold, attractive to the eye, yet at the same time, possibly dangerous to the untrained navigator and/or boat captain.
       The Family here has endeavored to become one, learn the language and adapt ourselves to this very sheepy, potential and yet somewhat "sensitive" field of Turkey. Many Christian publications call Turkey the largest Gospel-neglected country in the world. Why? There are many "diverse currents" that flow here.--It can be a beautiful ride and yet can result in shipwreck.
       In the past eight months we have had two of our veteran witnessers "escorted" to other countries as a result of tapenessing without permission. (This was with Muslimized tools, with no salvation message on them, and no Christi an lit.--TTL, as it would have been a lot more serious had there been any type of Christian literature involved.) After several nights in the "not so comfortable" Turkish jails, both have been able to come back into the country, yet these incidents have awakened us to the need for caution in our mode of operation, if we want to build a long-lasting work. Though Turkey is very "casual and free" on the outside, with Istanbul appearing to be a "Paris with mosques," there is more to it than meets th e eye.
       The Family here has adapted many of our tools to fit the Muslim Ministry vision, and we have had to adapt our mode of operation and the way we witness here to suit the field and its needs. In so doing we've found that the traditional methods of getting out tapes and videos for support, while possible, is somewhat limited. So for those SWIFTing from other fields who would bring their own tools, we wanted to suggest for your own safety, as well as that of the local work, if those coming f rom Europe or other places would be able to use the local tools that have been "Muslimized," as using others could be problematic if distributed here. As well, provisioning campsites, hotels, or restaurants could be a little difficult if you are not actually representing the local Turkish work, but we'd be more than happy to have a representative of the local Family be a help or assistance to you in any way.
       For those desiring to SWIFT in Turkey, it seems most fruitful for those who are consid ering working in this field on a more permanent basis (though of course, not required by any means), and are able to arrange in advance to work together with the Homes here. We would like to encourage those with an interest in our field to please write to us or to ASCRO with your burdens, and we can send you more information about the field, as well as see how we can possibly accommodate your desires to come and help us reach Turkey. Being a Muslim field, it requires a lot of patience and faith, as the going can be slow, and it does require lots of prayer. Of course, according to the Charter you can come to any non-sensitive country for up to one month, but we thought that by sharing some different info on the field, it might help give a better idea of what it's like, and again, we'd be more than happy to work together or be a help to any incoming teams.
       We do hope the above info has been a help to you. We have had a growing work for almost three years, the longest ongoing work in th is field, as in times past we have all been officially asked to leave. And we'd really like to be able to continue here as long as possible, as we love it and the wonderful people. So if you have plans to come this direction, if possible, please send us information about your plans and visions, and also a little about yourselves in plenty of time for us to get back to you, so we can work together to reach this wonderful field. We love you! (Please also refer to previous Grapevine article in Grap evine #27, front page under Notices, "Considering a Turkish Swift?")

movie ratings

Movies Rated for Junior Teens and Up

Alan Rickman, Greta Scacchi, Ian McKellen
       Dramatization of the life of Rasputin and his involvement with the royal family of Russia. Portrayed as through the eyes of their son Alexis, heir to the Russian throne.

Movies Rated for JETTs and Up

Jack Lemmon, George C. Scott
       Modern-day re-make of the 1957 classic, portraying a 12-man jury discussing a murder case. Thought-provoking and insightful character study.

Aidan Quinn, Nigel Hawthorne
       Dramatization of Stanley's search for Livingstone, based on the actual diaries and logs that Stanley kept.

Non Recommended Movies

SECRET AGENT, THE (Bob Hoskins, Patricia Arquette; 1996)
BREAKING UP (Russel Crowe, Salma Hayek; 1997)
FALLEN (Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland; 1997)

movie reviews


       (Dad speaking:)
This movie is good for the Family not only because it is accurate historically, but also because it shows how God can use a person if they are yielded and obedient to His voice, no matter how weak and despised they feel.
       Wasn't he a character? Rasputin was far from "cool" or together, yet he influenced kings and queens and the decisions and lives of an entire monarchy, and his name lives on and on. He did what the Lord asked him to do. Even though it was difficult and nearly impossible, as it was for Jonah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and others, he did it!
       This movie brings out how God tried to help the Czar and Czarina and the Russian people in answer to their prayers. However, none were yielded enough to His voice through His prophets, so the message stopped coming to Rasputin, and therefore Christendom suffered setbacks at the hands of the Bolsheviks.
       Although Rasputin made many mistakes and was weak in the flesh, nevertheless the Lord used him beca use he loved the Lord and his heart was in the right place and he had the conviction to deliver God's message to the rulers and people of Russia. (End of prophecy.)


Movie: "Breakdown"
The movie "Breakdown," with Kurt Russell, was rated in Grapevine #21 for junior teens and up. One of the WS preview teams missed it on this one, and we would now like to move it to the non-recommended list. Our sincere apologies and regrets to those of you who watched it and found it violent an d unedifying.

"Star Wars" Trilogy

       (From WS:)
We've received a few questions about why the "Star Wars" trilogy was rated as "watchable" in the Grapevine, when Dad in the Letters made negative comments about it.
       In recent months, as the Lord, through Mama and Peter, has been teaching us more about hearing from Him step by step, our WS movie previewing teams have begun asking the Lord or Dad for a confirmation on every movie we rate in the Grapevine. As you've noticed, we often publish excer pts of these prophecies along with the movie ratings.
       At the time that "Star Wars" was re-rated, however, we had not yet established this procedure of praying about every movie; thus, we didn't send out an explanation of why it was being re-rated, and this caused some confusion. We're sorry about that. We should have asked the Lord about it and gotten His insight for all of your benefit. It's never too late, though, to get our questions answered, and in asking Dad recently if he wanted to comm ent further on the "Star Wars" series, we received the following message which we're sure you'll find interesting.

       (Dad speaking:)
The fact is that there are many ways of looking at these movies. On one hand they are entertaining, especially because, like I said in one of my older Letters, they're really quite unbelievable, with all these unusual creatures and monsters and contraptions and machinery, and all the way-out-there sci-fi stuff. It's fun and exciting to watch, but really, the worl d and other planets never were and never will be like that.
       There is also some truth to it, in that it's a parallel to the spiritual world. Here's where it gets controversial, because there are several ways of looking at this aspect. You have John Todd's doctrine that this movie was a propaganda tool of the occult to get people to believe in "the force," which is another term they use for the power of the Devil. While John Todd was right on in many respects, and there was much truth in what he had to say, on the other hand he didn't have the complete truth nor absolute well-rounded understanding and insight of every single thing. I'm not saying that you shouldn't believe what he says, or mock it or blow it off, but you have to realize that he may not have been seeing the entire elephant.
       These movies did in fact give a representation of the fight between good and evil. In some cases some of the "good" creatures were a little odd or weird looking, but in a way, that's even represent ative of what God can use--the foolish, the despised, the ones no one else wants. Most of the really horribly ugly or disgusting creatures, however, were working for or part of the forces of evil. The "force" is more like a term for spiritual power, and the power of the spirit can be used for good or evil, depending on whose signals you are receiving, and that's what this movie shows, though the message isn't all that clear, obviously. Both sides used the power, but some used it for good and som e for evil. Still, the true "force," the original "force," the real power behind all creation, behind all love, behind all everything, is God and His power.
       I wouldn't say these movies are entirely wholesome, and the message contained therein is definitely not "pure waters" or "gospel truth," but there is some good that can be gotten out of them, and some symbols of spiritual realities.--Although it would have been best if at the time these movies were showing, there would have been more expla nation so that the Family could understand more about what's behind it.
       As far as the comments I've made in the past, well, I did say that the "Return of the Jedi" was Satanic and yes, it was--at least that evil emperor creature was, as were a lot of other weird creatures and monsters. I didn't feel, and still don't feel, that it's suitable for children to have to be subjected to all those horrible sights and sounds of weirdness and evil. It's just corrupting and polluting their pure, still ve ry spiritually sensitive minds and hearts.
       For adults and teens, though, while these movies are not at all the greatest spiritually feeding input--and I certainly hope people aren't watching them over and over again, on the other hand, watching this series once for interest and entertainment, and to see what truths or lessons can be gotten out of it, isn't gonna hurt you if you're prayerful and mature enough. It can be an entertaining, educational, and even profitable experience. At least in t he end, good does triumph and wrongs are righted--it's just that you have to go through a lot of weirdness and see a lot of evil before it gets to that point, which is unfortunate.
       Another point of interest is that while it [the "Star Wars" series] did open the door for the bad spirits to "show their stuff" and preach their message in a way, it was still thought-provoking. It made some people think about God and realize that He's the true and greatest force behind it all, and that He'll always win, no matter how unlikely it seems. Even when the Antichrist and the Devil seem to have the world firmly in their grasp, like the Evil Empire seemed to have the universe in theirs, it won't last. Soon enough, the real King will come and show them up and take over and rule things as they ought to have been ruled.
       The guy who made the movie didn't believe in God, so the giving of respect and honor to one Great Being was intentionally left out. Instead they're trying to promote the idea of the "greater consciousness," the "united cosmos" or "the force" being all there is to it. Sorry to say, that whole trip has led millions and billions of people astray for centuries, and it still does today. Thank God we know the truth--that truth and salvation are only found in Jesus! Thank God we know the way, and we can show others the way too! (End of message from Dad.)

mama jewels on … explaining

(To a young staff member who asked for united prayer from the Home, and then the following day clarified and further explained something she had said:)

       It's very sweet and considerate of you to explain it to them--even if they don't need the explanation. Maybe some people misunderstood it, maybe they didn't, but almost everyone appreciates it when you come back and say, "When I said such-and-such, I really meant this." If you get a check about it, it's better to do something about it and err on the side of explaining too much, than to let something go that might cause someone a trial or question. Dad always used to say, "It's better to explain and not need it, than to need it and not explain."
       It's also a good sample. Almost everyone says something unclear when they give a talk, or even just in casual conversation. I do it frequently. Sometimes I go back to my room after a meeting, and while praying about how the meeting went, I start thinking about the things that I could have said better. Well, there's a balance, of course, because no matter how clear and how prayerful you are, sometimes people misunderstand things. You just have to go back and explain or clarify, and if what you said hurt someone's feelings or confused them--or even if you don't know, but you think it might have--you should apologize. That's just part of life, because you can't expect that you're going to be perfect every time. It's another thing the Lord uses to keep us humble. Even when Peter and I talk with folks here who we've lived with for years and who know us very well, if we get a check later that maybe we weren't clear on a certain point or they could have misunderstood what we meant, we go back and explain it further or clarify it.
       I've had to apologize lots of times over the years for not being clear, and people always appreciate it. If nothing else, they appreciate the consideration; that you were concerned about them and mindful that something you said could have hurt them or caused them questions. It's a good sample of humility and love, and the Lord blesses it!

hel pful factoid

Is your e-mail getting through?

       Occasionally e-mail carriers will protect their users from unwanted junk e-mail from a certain carrier (until they can take security precautions) by blocking mail from the attacking carrier. So the only way you can know for certain that your e-mail is getting through is if you get a response. You should never just assume an e-mail message got to its intended receiver unless you get a response. And, conversely, that's one reason why for messages I know the sender wants me to get, I always try to frame at least a "Thank you for the mail" response. It's the polite thing to do.

accident alert!

Dear Family,
       We love you and are praying for you! In recent months, the Enemy has continued to attack our Family and the wonderful progress that all of you are making in any way possible. We've heard of a number of serious car accidents that have taken place in the last few months which we want to bring to your attention.
       -- Gideon (of Meekn ess) in Mexico seriously hurt his leg in a car accident while driving to Texas. An 18-wheeler suddenly started coming into their lane from the opposite side of the highway, seemingly attempting to either cross the highway or make a U-turn. He apparently didn't even see them, and hit their van head-on. By a miracle, the two others in the car came out with only scratches and bruises; Gideon didn't have any torn tendons or bone fractures, but a lot of torn skin and muscles.
       -- Cefas (of Anita, Me xico) was returning from a clowning trip with some other Christians, when they were involved in a serious accident. Cefas is fine, but the couple he was traveling with died in the crash. This couple's two children were also in the car at the time of the accident.
       -- Jason and Cedar, and Cedar's parents (Jay and Nina), after visiting together in Guadalajara, were caravaning to the border together. They were driving through a windy, mountainous stretch of road in the rain when a brand new tracto r-trailer came around the curve going quite fast and slid into their lane. The oncoming tractor-trailer missed Jason and Cedar's van, but caught their little utility trailer, and then plowed into Jay and Nina's van and pop-up trailer, totally smashing both of their vehicles. By a miracle of the Lord's protection no one was hurt with the exception of a few tiny glass cuts on Jay's face from the windshield.
       -- Philip and Jewel (Washington State) were on their way home from a fruitful witnessing day and were in a car accident. Though no one was hurt (just bumped around), their car was totaled.
       Please not only pray for these dear ones, but also take these serious accidents to heart. The Enemy would like to get in, in any way he can. Please drivers, be very careful and prayerful! When you drive others, you are responsible for their lives and service for the Lord! Family members are precious cargo! Pray desperately before driving--for the Lord's protection, against accidents, and continu e to pray fervently as you drive! We need each and every one of you!

Mama and Peter

       (Dad speaking:)
This accident is more proof that the ante is upped, the stakes are higher, and the Devil's put a big price on every one of your heads. He's fighting tooth and toenail for just a little break in the mighty force field of angels that surround you, to get in and do a little damage, because active Christians are the greatest threat to his big plans, and we in the Family are still some of the most active Christians that I have seen, and I've seen 'em all now! (End of message from Dad.)

a peek into Mama's Home …

--Mama and Peter's first date

       (Editor's note: Here is an interesting story that Mama and Peter told during our fellowship time after celebrating Dad's birthday earlier this year.)

Peter: I was in my Home in Switzerland when I got a call from Mama. She asked me if I'd be willing to come to their Home for a couple of weeks. Timothy had disagreed with Dad and woul d not sign "The Nebuchadnezzar Revelation" Letter that was going to be sent to Rachel, so Dad sent him back to Switzerland. (See ML #778:18 for more details.) But now they needed somebody to help them with the business and administration, and I guess I was the closest one around, so I came!

Mama: I think there were also other reasons and factors.

Peter: Yes, the other factors were that Kenaz couldn't come yet. (everybody laughing)

Mama: I didn't remember that.

Peter: Yes, the plan wa s that I was going to come and stay for a month, then I'd go home and Kenaz would come for a month. Then he'd leave and Justus Ashtree would come for a month. The three of us were going to rotate every month so that we only had to be away from our families once every three months. It was actually a pretty good idea for anyone who didn't want to be there full-time--but I did!
       So, Mama called and asked me if I'd come and I said, "Okay, sure." Of course in my heart I was shouting Hallelujah!" Aft er being there for a week I had to leave because Dad commissioned me to go and deal with a problem situation that had arisen. So I had to make a trip to one of the WS Homes. After about a week I returned to Dad and Mama's Home.
       A few days after I returned I had to go and see Emanuele (of Rachel). We didn't know each other real well, but during the time that we'd had together in the past, we'd connected and I liked him a lot. But it was real pitiful to see him this time. He had one foot out of the Family and the other foot on a banana peel, and he was really on his way out. After spending the day with him I returned home quite saddened about Emanuele.
       I was so bummed out that after getting home I just sat at the top of the staircase, not wanting to hang out in my room. The whole thing with Emanuele had really discouraged me.
       Meanwhile, Dad and Mama had been out for an evening walk and they came up the stairs and saw me sitting there. I told them how it went and that it was really discouraging for me, and they were very sweet to me and tried to comfort me. Then I went into my room to get ready for bed, and then all of a sudden … Mama came!

Mama: I was very pregnant with Techi.

Peter: You must have been eight months pregnant because Techi was born on March 19, and this was on the night of the 17th of February, the night before Dad's birthday. Honey, you were very sweet. And the thing that really impressed me--not that you didn't impress me, Honey--was that Dad, on th e eve of his birthday--by this time it was past midnight so it was his birthday, sent you to have a date with me. You know how most people are on their birthday, they want to have a date with their wife or their lover, be sentimental and all that sort of stuff.--Of course, nobody here's that way! (everybody laughing)
       It really impressed me that Dad, knowing that I was on a bummer, would send Mama to be with me on the eve of his birthday! That really touched me and showed me a lot of love. I kn ew that it was a sacrifice. We had a nice date and Mama was real sweet.

Family: Were you already in love with Mama?

Peter: No, I hardly knew Mama. I didn't fall in love with Mama until South Africa, which was towards the end of '81. This was the beginning of '79, so it was two years earlier.

Mama: Poor Peter! At that time in South Africa when he had fallen in love with me, he really went through it. I went out FFing and totally ignored him!

Peter: Well, you didn't know that I was in love with you. I didn't even know I was in love with you. But all of a sudden you went out one night in '81, during the time when Dad was putting out the last of the FF Letters. I didn't know exactly why, but I was so bugged that you went out! It was bad.--But this was before. I never have thoughts like that now! (everybody laughing)

Mama: It's 17 years later, so we should have improved a little bit!

Peter: I remember thinking, "Man, I slave for her all day long. I write letters for her, I do this and that, I do everything, and now she goes out with this guy and she's never with me." I was really out of it. I didn't say that to Mama, I was just thinking that. I was so out of it and hurt. I don't think I said anything or made a big deal about it, but a couple of days later…

Mama: You weren't honest with me! (everybody laughing)

Peter: I was honest! I just wasn't open. (everybody laughing) See, that's why Mama always says you have to be open and honest. Being honest is answer ing truthfully when she asks you a question; being open is telling her about it on your own.
       Anyway, a few nights later--I guess Mama got what was going on in the spirit--either that or I was dragging myself around and it was obvious. Then all of a sudden Mama came into my room dressed in this white, long, silky negligée. We went out on the balcony and then all of a sudden, the next thing I knew, we were making out. I took my glasses off and put them in my pocket because I didn't want them to fall, but then all of sudden she had to go back upstairs for some reason. My glasses were all bent up!--And that was it, I was in love.
       Anyway, the real reason that I wanted to tell that story was because of Dad. He gave Mama up on his birthday and I thought that was really, really sweet.

Mama: Dad was always like that. He just gave everything. You guys who worry about being jealous sometimes, and who are jealous sometimes, imagine this: Practically every night or day for 15 or 16 years, Pe ter and I would be together two or three hours a day.

Peter: Because we'd have meetings.

Gabe: That was right up until the end of the time that Dad was here with us.

Peter: Yes, if you put it in relation to us and our age, Dad was a whole generation older than Mama and me. So it was like Dad being an FGA married to an SGA--Mama. And his SGA wife was working with another SGA who was deeply in love with her, and with whom she would have dates on a regular basis. And everyday the two SGAs would be in a separate room from Dad spending two or three hours…

Mama: Doing what, Dad did not know.

Peter: I mean, we were working--well, most of the time. (everybody laughing) But Dad didn't really know. He knew we were working, of course, but it's not like he required a report on everything we did--he just trusted. And that was for 15 years! You've got to really hand it to Dad, because he was very giving.--And it wasn't easy for him either.

Mama: Most of the time he didn't say anyth ing about it.

Peter: Dad was always very sweet to me about it. I don't know if he was jealous or not; I would assume that there were some battles once in awhile, but it never showed through. I couldn't name any instances where I felt it showed that he was jealous. He was sweet the whole time, for 15 years!

Mama: He did have battles about it sometimes. He knew that we had to do the work that we were doing for the sake of the Family, but still, that didn't make it any easier.

Peter: The o ther thing about Dad was that whenever he knew that I was really going through it real badly about something, like a major battle when I seriously needed comfort and encouragement, Dad always sent Mama to come have a date with me and be with me.

Mama: Did that make you want to be bad more?

Peter: No! (everybody laughing) I mean, that date was fine, but knowing that Dad knew that I was out of it, no, that didn't make me want to be bad more often. I didn't want Dad to think that I was out of it.
       Anyway, I just wanted to tell that testimony of Dad's wonderful sample of giving and loving. Lord help us all to be more that way. Amen?

thanking …

--for your spirit story contributions
       Peter Picture and Esther (Japan), Jason Free (USA), Michelle, Guillermo (Spain), Peter Shepherd (Mideast), Barnabus (Taiwan), Joanie Newlove (India), Praise (SACRO FED Home), Joseph (Japan), Pandita (of Markus and Patience, PACRO), Carlos (Brazil).

some stats


       Charter Member popula tion
continues to increase, passing the 10,100 mark to 10,127 in June. This is made up of 2,399 Mates, 2,494 Singles, or a total of 4,893 Adults 16 and over, and 5,234 Children under 16.
       Fellow Member population
continues to go down, now standing at 3,112. This is made up of 714 Mates, 727 Singles, for a total of 1,441 FM Adults, with 1,671 children.
       The combined CM/FM Family Membership
is still at its highest total ever at 13,239. This is made up 76.5% Charter Members and 23.5% Fellow Membe rs.

       The number of CM Homes went down slightly from 791 in May to 787 in June. There are 568 Fellow Member Homes, giving us a grand total of 1,355 Family Homes worldwide in 89 countries. Charter Member Home Size is 12.9, and Fellow Member Home Size is 5.5.


       Our combined CM/FM population is made up of 5,029 kids 11 and under, 974 JETTs (12 & 13), 1,751 Teens (14 - 17), 1,003 YAs (18 -20), and 4,482 Adults (21 & over). That comes out to 34% adults and 66% under 21ers. In the a dult category, we have 989 in their 20s, 1,142 in their 30s, 2,129 in their 40s, and 222 fifty and over!


       In our Charter Member Family we have 2,326 men 16 & over and 2,567 women; 2,625 boys 15 & under and 2,609 girls. That gives us a Male/Female ratio of 4,951 males to 5,176 females, or about 49% male and 51% female! Of the single men and women, we have 1,127 single CM males and 1,367 single CM females (16 & over).

Children       1,130       36.3%
JETTs       2 88       9.3%
Teens       485       15.6%
YAs       169       5.4%
Adults       1,040       33.4%
Total       3,112       100.0%

Children       3,899       38.5%
JETTs       686       6.8%
Teens       1,266       12.5%
YAs       834       8.2%
Adults       3,442       34.0%
Total       10,127       100.0%

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