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Heading Into 2002!--Part 4
By Peter A.                     CM/FM 3382D 12/01

PACRO 2001 Report
By the PACRO teamwork

*       Activated progress

       1. This past year has seen major progress in the production and finalization of the Activated program for the fields of Japan, Taiwan, and China. Those working on localizing the Activated magazines for our area have worked long and hard on this project, and although the ­Enemy has fought in many ways, the Lord has helped us use the keys of the Kingdom to win the battle.

       2. Stephen CO:
We are happy to announce that the Japanese Activated program is now fully set up. The magazines have been printed and the Homes are starting to sell subscriptions. The Lord showed us to create two “pre-Activated” magazines as an introduction to the main Activated course, as well as to make some modifications to the magazines and the program itself, in order to make them more relatable to the Japanese. We're expecting a big explosion in our witnessing and follow-up as we get rolling with this new tool!

       3. Andy, PACRO Office:
In Taiwan we have recently established a company for the Taiwan P.C., which will enable us to implement the Activated magazine subscription program, as well as allow the Homes in Taiwan to take advantage of the new tools produced by Aurora. The Activated magazines are now in the production stage, with the first magazines nearing finalization.
       4. Due to most Chinese having a limited Christian background, we have designed the first Activated magazine to help people understand that God is love, as well as introduce them to salvation. The magazines will be presented in a bilingual format of Chinese and English, in order to appeal to a greater audience. After this first magazine, the second Chinese Activated magazine will follow the first English Activated magazine. We are drawing on the Homes in Taiwan for input on the production of the magazines by means of a forum Web site.
       5. A special fundraising committee has been set up to help raise the capital needed for printing the first set of magazines. Please keep this important project in your prayers, and if anyone has a burden to help with the printing of the first Chinese Activated magazines, please send in any gifts on your TRFs designated to “Chinese Activated.” Thanks!

*       Witnessing highlights

       6. Hannah VS, Taiwan:
The Taichung (Central Taiwan) Youth Club ministry has continued to thrive this past year, with the three disciples who joined last year (including our first male Taiwanese disciple), and the one disciple who joined this year, still going strong for the Lord. Seeing the commitment these four have made has helped our other club members to think seriously about joining as well. We presently have five Youth Club members who are interested in joining, and another ten who are active outside witnessers.
       7. This summer, the Homes in Taichung organized witnessing road trips and outings with their Youth Club Active members so they could experience living by faith and gain hands-on witnessing experience. This was very fruitful and helped encourage our Active members as to how exciting living by faith can be. The youth ministry has been a rallying point for all the Homes in the city and has helped them keep their guard up in the areas of unity and maintaining a higher overall standard.

       8. Paul D., ABM, Australia:
The Lord has helped the Sydney jail ministry to continue to gain victories this past year, with some precious and lasting fruit being borne as a result of five years of faithful witnessing and visitation. All the Homes in the city are involved with some aspect of the jail ministry, as well as a new project called “Freedom Ministries,” which was started by an ex-inmate who saw the need for inmates to receive spiritual counseling and support not only while they are in jail‚ but also after they are released.
       9. These ministries have opened doors for us to minister not only to the inmates, but also the ex-inmates, and even to the chaplains. This is exciting as we are well known here as The Family‚ and people often have many questions about us since we have been so high profile here in Australia, which is a terrific open door for witnessing.

*       China news

       10. Sonia, China Desk:
Although we haven't been able to set up an Activated desk for China, quite a few Homes have been using the Activated magazines (called Turning Points)‚ which have been translated and designed for use in mainland China, along with the 12 Foundation Stones classes (from the MO site) to feed their sheep. The Family's Bible study groups have been steadily expanding, and we have received many reports about how these step-by-step courses have been instrumental in bringing the sheep closer to the Lord and the Family.
       11. We had a new CM Chinese disciple join this year, and there are more potential disciples on the line. This past year the teams in China have been on TV, radio, and in news articles, reaching a total of 24 million people. The Family in China has been able to pray personally with 2,601 people to receive Jesus. This may not seem like a colossal figure, but taking into consideration how slow, cautious, and prayerful the China teams must be in their witnessing, each soul won is a monumental victory!
       12. The jamboree event for 2001 in China was our YA/SGA fellowship. Of the 45 YA/SGAs in China, 33 were able to attend, along with four VS/COs from Taiwan. Most of the China teams live in rather isolated situations‚ and since it had been over two years since any sort of get-together had been held, this fellowship was a much needed time of getting re-inspired and rejuvenated. It also provided time for everyone to re-evaluate their relationship with the Lord and the field.
       13. Since security was an issue, it wasn't possible to congregate or have group activities out in the open. But as we looked for ways to make this a spiritual festivity, we received the Lord's promise that He would use our faithfulness to draw from Him every day as a part of our strengthening. True to His Word, we were able to get together in small groups led by the young people themselves, and take time to read and hear from the Lord, which united everyone in spirit.
       14. We would like to thank all of you who are doing your part to support our dear missionaries in China. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial support are what make the fruit being borne on this very unique and needy field poss­ible. Our co-workers there need you very much!

*       HCS update

       15. Margie‚ CO:
The Lord has continued to do many miracles for the Family at the HCS this past year‚ and has brought about many new changes and revolutions in our work. After a portion of the Japanese LIM moved to the HCS at the end of 2000, we gradually shifted toward a more nationalized work. It has been exciting to help contribute to the beginning of the Japanese Activated ministry. This has been our biggest new push at the HCS!
       16. With a trimmed-down team of about 60 Home members (including children and young people), we have been able to accommodate ten different “service-related” ministries here at the HCS--the Japan LIM, the Japanese Activated desk, the Japan audio studio (JAS), the Japanese studio, the WS Audio department, GP art department, PACRO FED, PIVL, and the Japan ABM. We have also had a constant flow of visitors and have hosted various gatherings, meetings and fellowships. This year our studios were able to complete the beautiful Songs of Comfort CD for the field of Japan (with many newly produced songs), an Indianized CD for Diwali (the Festival of Lights) in India, a new Loving Jesus CD‚ and many new chil­dren's songs.
       17. The Lord has miraculously kept dear Johane and Lydia, and we never cease to be amazed at Lydia's strength and energy in spite of her progressing cancer and very weak heart. She is faithful to give God the glory and always thanks the Family for their prayers, God bless her! The Lord granted her this year to complete her third and main book, which is her life's story about the many miracles she was able to witness, and how the Lord so amazingly guided her throughout her life! This is an assignment Dad gave her about 10 years ago, but she has only had the opportunity to tackle this project in the last two years since she found out she had cancer.
       18. In her book‚ Lydia explains the miraculous in terms that the Japanese can relate to, and it has developed into an anointed witnessing tool to reach the Japanese. We are using it as part of our pre-Activated material to prepare the Japanese for the main Activated magazine course. Both Johane and Lydia are continuing to be faithful to witness and follow up on people, despite the fact that their health is deteriorating. Please keep them in your prayers.
More changes are on the horizon, with several long-term HCS residents being called to new mission fields. Mike Drummer and Ai-chan recently left for China, dear Robin and family are heading for Africa, and Jerry and I and our large team are moving to Mexico. The Lord said He would use these changes to do a “new thing” for the HCS, helping us to get more activated and more nationalized to reap the final harvest in this ripe and ready field.

SACRO 2001 Report
By the SACRO teamwork

*       Witnessing highlights


by Tommy
       20. Since the National Retreat of 2001 in São Lourenço, with King Peter's visit, there has been a follow-up explosion all over Brazil. The Contato road team held inspirational and instructional meetings with Family members to further promote the Activated vision. As a result, COLs started in six areas and are growing and prospering. Another result of the meetings was the holding of successful retreats for Active members in five major cities of Brazil over the last few months. The retreat held in the south had over 150 in attendance!
       21. With representatives from literally ­every major city in Brazil‚ the National Retreat had a truly “national character” and we broke all attendance records with over 500 present. King Peter's encouragement and blessing helped new Active members see they were now full-fledged Family members!
       22. Several areas now have Active members integrated into their Area Council Outreach Meetings, delegating various duties of upcoming harvest events‚ CTPs, benefit dinners, retreats, training sessions, etc.

National church/Active member growth

       23. In the last five years, the growth of the Active member groups in Brazil has been steady, as shown in the following attendance stats from national retreats (which include all attendees: CM/FM/Active member/other), which is a fair representation of the work overall:
       1996 - 75..
       1997 - 110
       1998 - 180
       1999 - 250
       2000 – 360
       2001 - 530

       24. Each year, the cities of Rio and São Paulo hold Christmas Benefit Dinners‚ and the numbers grow at a rate of 20% per year, reflecting steady growth. Last year's dinners had 470 in Rio and 340 in São Paulo. Other cities with regular follow-up and a growing local church that hold citywide Christmas dinners include: Belo Horizonte (attend­ance: 150); Brazilia (attendance: 120); Curitiba (attend­ance: 120). Several other cities are planning to organize Christmas benefits and local retreats, COLs, etc., including Salvador‚ Fortaleza, Belem, Florianopo­lis, Criciuma‚ and Porto Alegre.
       25. In Salvador (northeastern Brazil), the brethren held their first regional Active member retreat in October, attended by 110 people! Every Monday, the young people have a united harvest event for all the young sheep they meet citywide‚ with attendance ranging from 70-90. This is a united citywide effort‚ led primarily by FGA Tiago and SGA Ana Luz, who help organize the bellwethers. Of these young people, there are five Activated teen groups. From these five small groups, about 20 have signed up for discipleship classes every Thursday night, where they cover the Contato mags. There are also CM bellwether meetings held every Tuesday night.

       26. Particular strengths of the Brazilian work:
*       A solid national follow-up committee.
*       Several strong teams that have stuck in their cities and slowly cultivated a work over the years and are now reaping the results.
*       A vision for training the Active members to work side by side with us in witnessing, organizing events, caring for others, giving classes, fundraising, etc.
*       Regular small Bible classes and Activated groups all over the country, many of which are now led by trained Active members, who have the vision to teach others to teach others (2 Tim.2:2).
*       Our yearly National Retreats maintain a common unity of spirit and vision for reaping, allowing everyone, both Live-in and Active members, to get the big picture as to who we are‚ the spirit of David, the world vision, etc.
*       Several new ministries have been born out of this growing Active member ministry (CTPs, Daily Mights‚ CDs composed and recorded by the Active members themselves, etc.).
*       Regular COLs held in several major cities‚ so Active members know they can be fed, praise the Lord, and get prayer on a regular basis. Our COL in SP hasn't missed a Sunday service in nearly three years‚ thus becoming an institution that inspires credibility. When the leading CMers aren't able to be present‚ the Active members take over, give the message, do communion, clean up afterwards, etc.

*       M
issionary training program

By Sam (SGA, CO)

       27. We offer a serious, one–year Missionary Training Program for the senior teens and YAs in Santiago, Chile. Individuals in our area who are experts in their ministries have agreed to give an evening class every two weeks for the duration of the one-year program. There are four topics in the program:

1.       Provisioning and public relations.
2.       Follow-up and Activated.
3.       Endtime and current events, intertwined with media training.
4.       An A to Z class on marketing‚ tool distribution, how to approach companies, including how to conduct a simple faith trip to get out our materials.

       28. We explained to the young people that if they want to dedicate their lives to serving the Lord, this training is invaluable. We're only working with the ones who really want to be missionaries and who are willing to apply themselves. They have to forgo time-wasting activities to get this input. It's going to be a sacrifice for the senior teens and YAs to show up at every meeting, Bible class, witnessing venture, etc., but it is well worth it for them IF they want to be missionaries.
       29. This course is the first step in teaching them to be witnesses. Along with the above, we introduced a witnessing challenge. We have weekly united Activated witnessing and soul-winning, and a Bible class for the young people's sheep every Tuesday night. Our Bible classes so far have been far-out and on fire!


by Mark (CO)

Featuring: Andy and Maria's Home in Medellin, Colombia

       30. They mostly do follow-up, as well as CTPs, some tool distribution, and provisioning. A few years ago they started with one Bible study group, which in time expanded to two. From the original two groups, they now have seven groups they minister to weekly, either in the Home or outside the Home. One example is their egg and chicken contact. They learned that he was alcoholic and had disappeared from home. They found him at his farm, invited him to the Home, prayed for him, and he was miraculously delivered from this spiritual oppression. He brought his family and others (20-30 people), and a new group developed. He witnesses a lot and has had a tremendous effect on his family and all those he knows.
They also hold a weekly Sunday Church of Love. They've seen an explosion during the last six or seven months, as they began to implement more closely the Activated/follow-up vision as described in the GNs and FSMs.
       32. They are now training a group of 12 Active members who meet once a week and who are challenged to become disciples. All their Active members witness, aside from attending the regular classes. Each one has different talents, and some manage Bible study groups on their own. Over 100 people attend the collective Bible groups weekly. Of these 100‚ 15-20 are Active members who are quite committed and have become the Home's co-workers. At first they didn't have much faith to expect more from people, but they have been challenging and inspiring each one to give their best. Their Home has now opened up their devotions to Active members.
       33. They continue with their CTP, Casita de Corazones (published in FAR #162), using the little house the Lord supplied, trying to make a difference in a poor neigh­bor­hood. Other institutions have requested their help, such as a home for former prostitutes and minors, where their teens now regularly minister. Their CTP work and sing­ing show has attracted a lot of media publicity, and in the past months their work has been aired on TV, and several news­paper articles have featured their Home.
       34. Both Evangelical and Catholic churches respect their work. The Kiddie Viddies are broadcast on a local Catholic TV station, with a nice message endorsing the spiritual quality of the videos, and giving the Home's phone number. They are experiencing a wave of popularity and the Family is given all the credit, so it's been very proactive.

Featuring: Agustin and Paloma's Home in Bogotá, Colombia

       35. Their Home has ministered at their government-sponsored CTP to 50 teens from a difficult area of Bogotá, with a high level of crime. The program lasted eight months and is part of their foundation, “Healing Colombia.” They have won three disciples--their YA daughter who rejoined the Family, along with her new husband and baby.
       36. Twenty–five people participate in their two Bible study groups each week. They have seven regular members and two Active members who witness and win souls.
       37. In their music ministry, Agustin's song, dedicated to Colombia, was included in a CD and a series of concerts organized by the peace movement. These concerts reached 20 million people by TV and radio. There were 25,000 in the public audiences‚ and in their ongoing music ministry they reached another 2,000.

Featuring: Dave‚ Ana and Elias' Home in Bogotá, Colombia

       38. Their Home holds two Bible classes a week in the Home--one for adults (aged 25-30), and one for young people. Outside the Home, they hold two more Bible studies at their friends' companies, where all the employees attend. Many have subscribed to Activated.
       39. Two couples are more like supporters; they receive special classes, help with retreats, and open doors for shows and places to sell our materials. In the young people's group, Elias' two daughters are very active and on fire, plus a new member who is a 28-year-old doctor who has participated in their shows and CTPs and has a broken heart for the sheep.
       40. Once a month they have a prayer day for all their friends and Active members, with inspiration, Word, prayer time, and communion.
       41. Their Home also hosts regular small retreats. They've also done two seminars--one on the Endtime‚ and another on the theme of “Nothing is Impossible‚” where their friends prayed to receive the gift of increased faith. They also gave a seminar on Conéctate to give their Active members and Bible study attendees the vision to sign up their friends.
       42. Their Home has put together a show involving the teens of their friends and some Fellow members, which they've taken to a rehabilitation center for drug addicts, two juvenile delinquent centers, one of the largest jails in Bogotá, and a cancer clinic. Many of their Active members are witnessing, tithing, and participating in the Home's events and activities. Once a month they have an event that all help with--either a seminar, concert or retreat. Recently they set up a stand in the largest shopping mall in Bogotá and got out over 100 videos, 30 CD ROMs and Christmas cards!

Featuring: Autopista Home: Zac, Lucero‚ Pablo‚ Joy, Daniel, and Christie, Colombia

       43. Their Home made the transition from tool distribution to follow-up four years ago. They have a group of 20 Active members, six of whom are the most committed, like disciples. They help with witnessing projects and CTPs, and pledge their resources, time, cars, house‚ and talents to the needs of the Home and its ministries. Some have their own prayer/Bible study groups.
       44. Every Sunday their Home hosts a COL with 50-60 people in attendance. They've witnessed mir­acles of healing‚ provision, and mir­aculous changes in people's personal lives. Some attendees tithe or give donations to help the Home. The Home has at least four different Bible study groups in operation through­out the week. A weekend spiritual retreat is held once a year for all their friends where they tank up with the Word. The Home has a personal shep­herding service available for the friends and sheep, where people can come by for counsel, orientation, or to hear from the Lord in prophecy for their needs.
       45. The Home hosts regular seminars for pro­fessionals or parents on subjects such as communica­tion, leadership‚ teamwork, stress, raising children‚ etc.

Featuring: VS Home in Colombia

       46. For the last year and a half the VS Home has been doing a CTP in a juvenile correctional center, ministering to two groups of teens (50 in total) on a weekly basis--offering seminars, workshops, classes, videos, and a wide assortment of activities. Last Christmas, they performed for the 230 teens in the center.
       47. Recently several CM Homes in Bogotá (in cooperation with some Active members) began to participate in a CTP involving the National Solidarity Network, which bases out of the President's Office. This network was set up to assist in catastrophes, tragedies or situations with complicated social problems. The Family is helping with the “displaced people” who have had to leave their homes and lands due to the violence between the guerrilla and para­military forces, which is destroying the country. These displaced people end up in Bogotá with nothing‚ and their needs for physical and spiritual help are immense. Family members from the VS Home attend to them in the reception office, and have the opportunity to minister to them physically and spiritually. This month, in a group effort‚ the Family helped distribute food, toys, and clothing on Halloween to over 500 children‚ along with music and puppet shows to give a message of peace and hope. This is slowly turning into an area project involving several CM Homes and the Active members.


by Jonathan Nubes
       48. During this past year we've had very moving Sunday fellowships and Bible classes with our friends and disciples, and little by little we've been building a solid church of believers. Three or four of the Homes in the area have been participating actively in this endeavor by giving classes, bringing sheep‚ providing the music, etc. So far we have about 10 Active members growing in the faith and drawing closer to Jesus and the Family. Some of them are becoming supporters and witnesses for the Lord.
       49. We also carry out a very successful Internet ministry throughout the Spanish-speaking world, receiving and sending an average of 85 letters a month. We also provide several special bulletins for our readers, each one going out to about 600. Every month approximately 50 new people join our mailing list. At present we have 650 members. Some of our most faithful Active members have been met in this way. After receiving a tract or a poster on the street, they visit our Internet site or write in to our e-mail box. We then write them back, make contact with them, invite them to a meeting, and they get hooked on the Word and the Spirit.
       50. Several Homes have teamed up in a very fruitful CTP at two government hospitals in the city, called Tren de la Alegria (Joy Train). Family members dress up as clowns and visit weekly, ministering to the children and their parents as we go from bed to bed with Bible stories, activities and games. This year we've had several tele­vision spots on our work‚ and the hospitals have come to really count on our presence.
       51. Other major CTPs include weekly visits and activities at a children's cancer hospital, biweekly visits to a young people's reformatory, and acquisition and subsequent shipping of big amounts of donated medical and other materials for different institutions in the country.

by Clara

Local church and follow-up/Active members

       52. Last year we had to split our Bible study group in two, as it became too big to handle. This year, two more groups were formed and are growing steadily. This past month we took on a fourth group, which means classes are being held Mondays through Thursdays in order to keep up with our growing flock.
       53. Some of the older Active members are taking weekly leadership classes, and have taken up the challenge to prepare and lead their own classes now, as well as phone the newer sheep who are starting the habit of devoting an evening to the Word and fellowship and still need their weekly reminder.
       54. Last month a retreat was held for all groups, and through it, many have become more committed and solid in their faith and relationship to the Family. Our fourth group is direct fruit of an Endtime Seminar that was held last month, as many of the attendees wanted an in-depth study of Endtime prophecy. We have grown from about 15 regular Active members last year to almost 50 as of October.


       55. This year we launched out in this arena--going from small “therapy” groups into giving seminars for companies, adapting the material that we received from the brethren in Colombia who pioneered this ministry several years ago.
       56. We were pleased to see that we could get in quite a bit of witnessing in our seminar presentations, and we included lots from the Letters in a 20-hour series consisting of four seminars focusing on moral values and human relationships. We were able to follow up on several of the attendees, invite some outstanding sheep to our Bible classes‚ and get some of them acti­vated as well. These seminars were held for all the personnel of a very prestigious business­men's club, and for an important airline. We have several open doors in this area for the coming year.
       57. Another inspiring venture was the Endtime Seminar held in Peru, open to the GP and advertised in the newspapers. This was the joint effort of two Homes from the Lima area and one from Bogotá, which sent their “star performer” for the occasion, as well as made all their material available--the result of many years of research in the Letters, the Bible, and the Internet. Our first Endtime Seminar was packed with over 50 people, and many of the attendees are starting to come to the regular Bible classes and have the potential to become Active members.
       58. Throughout the year we offered sever­al individual and small group seminars, mainly on the topic of “Inner Healing.” We included others on subjects such as communication‚ marriage, etc. Many of the attendees are being followed up on via Bible classes, e-mail, or individually.

*       A
rgentina back in action!
       59. After years as a sensitive country, following the persecution in '93‚ two new CM Homes opened in Argentina during the past year. There is also a local PPC now, which will mean better tool distribution. Until now‚ all the FM Homes and any CM teams that went to Argentina had to get their tools from Chile or Brazil. One of our VSs moved to Buenos Aires and is helping to coordinate the CTPs, provisioning, and witnessing. The brethren are expecting to get out a lot of tools and have a terrific Christmas witnessing push!

NACRO 2001 Report
By the NACRO teamwork

*       W
itnessing highlights

*? In December 2000‚ for the fourth year in a row, the brethren in Morelia, Mexico (and many other volunteers), held a Christmas dinner for over 3,000 poor families!
*? Again in December 2000, amidst the recent rumblings of the El Popo volcano, the Family in Mexico went ahead as planned and held a CTP for the poor on Zocalo Square in Mexico City on December 25. The Family in Mexico, along with volunteers from the USA, have faithfully fed 10,000 poor people every Christmas for seven years!
*??For over four years the brethren in Morelia, Mexico, have had a CTP ministry going in which they help poor mothers with the care of their children, home care, etc.

*??Since the Texas flooding in June of 2001, the Homes in Houston have become very involved in helping the flood victims by working with the Houston Red Cross, setting up shelters and distribution centers where people can obtain supplies that have been donated to the Family from many sources. During August they teamed up with a Girl Scout and cheerleader group and passed out toys, clothes, Christmas tapes and videos for kids who survived the calamity. TV stations covered the event.

*??In May, a CTP was held for 1,800 handicapped people (disabled as a result of serious accidents) in Ontario, Canada, where Family clowns were able to bring a little cheer and a touch of the Lord's love into their hearts.

Book fairs,
*??In the months of February/March, the Family in Guadalajara attended the International Book Fair held annually there. Retail sales were made to Bolivia, Panama, Germany, the US, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc. Business possibilities for distribution in Argentina, Chile‚ Spain, the US and Mexico, as well as broadcast possibilities in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, are also in the works.

Book fairs‚
*??Many fairs were attended in the US, such as the New York Stationery Show‚ Chicago Book Fair, Christian Home Educators Association Fair, Latino festivals, Los Angeles Times Book Fair and others.
       60. In Texas, the TEAM Foundation members attended four book fairs that were held by different home schooling organizations of Texas: In San Antonio, the Family Educators Alliance of South Texas; in Austin‚ the Christian Home Educators Association of Central Texas; in Conroe, Texas Home School Coalition; and in Plano‚ the North Texas Home Schooling Educators Network. The team attending the fairs were able to promote Activated and Activated tools, as well as offer some of our educational materials such as Uncle Dan's Algebra I, Sonday Phonics System etc., as well as introduce the TEAM Foundation to the home schooling community in Texas.
       61. The number of families attending these fairs ranged somewhere between 600 to a little over 1,000 in a two-day period. They were able to witness to many attending the fair and get out a number of Family tools, as well as hundreds of Activated fliers and brochures about our work.

*       A
ctivated is spreading
       62. The year 2001 has been a real “boom” in establishing Activated churches in the US, Mexico and Central America. Presently there are close to 20 city churches set up in most of the major cities across Mexico and in various cities of the US and Central America. Getting these local Activated groups together has been a teamwork effort on the part of the local Homes in each of these cities (and even for brethren living outside some of these cities)‚ and has provided them with a wonderful way to regularly feed, minister, and give their sheep a greater vision of what the Family is all about. Getting these Activated churches established has also brought on so much more unity and cooperation among the Homes‚ as pulling these meetings off is always a teamwork effort and so aptly fulfills the verse: “One sows and another reaps, but it's the Lord that gives the increase.”
       63. The new CD cards and the interactive CDs, as well as some of the feeding new GP books that have come out in Spanish recently, have also begun to hit the charts in Mexico‚ and have become some of the preferred items on the Mexico Service Center's shelf. Not only have they been going out one by one, but a number of brethren in Mexico have begun distributing them en masse as well. These tools have been flying out for singing teams, DTD and STS teams, for those who have been approached by companies who want to buy them for their employees, and/or have made great “door prizes” for those attending Activated meetings to grab on the way out the door as meaningful gifts for someone in their family, thus providing yet another way for the local friends and sheep attending these meetings to be able to help support their resident Family “pastors” and those who have been faithfully ministering to them through such get-togethers.
       64. In Southern California, about 16 CM/FM Homes in the area, including some who are as far as four hours away, come together for a meeting. Afterwards everyone (including sheep and Active members) breaks for fellowship and then a 6:00 dinner. After dinner there's an inspiration, Bible class, or testimonies. They've also organized Activated “show and tells” where the Activated team displays new tools and holds Activated distributor meetings.
       65. In Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, the Homes are having monthly City Councils that revolve around Activated. The Homes discuss, share tips, and pray about ways to get their city more activated. They also hold united‚ citywide Activated meetings where all the Homes bring their close friends and contacts and have prayer, inspiration, etc. Some Homes also hold additional Activated meetings in their own Homes throughout the month as well.

Summer beach witnessing and fellowship

       66. A highlight of this summer for our Family in Southern California was meeting at the beach every Thursday evening for a cookout or picnic and volleyball, after which everyone would go personal witnessing on the beach and/or have a campfire inspiration to draw sheep in. Many sheep were met this way and either got saved, or if they were already Christians, received Activated mags and a further witness. It was also an opportunity for the Family to fellowship and for the young people from different Homes to enjoy the summer evening together.
       67. In California a “Teen Club” has sprung up, which is a committee of older SGAs in the local area working together to meet some of the needs of the teens of the area, such as their need for fellowship, etc. For the past six months they've been meeting weekly for activities such as united get–outs, Word classes, birthday parties, dances, camping trips, witnessing trips to Mexico, as well as a three-day camp to read the new “Conviction vs. Compromise” series.

ASCRO 2001 Report
By the ASCRO teamwork

Era of Action Camps

       68. 2001, being the second year of the promised era of action, and the first year of us possessing the keys of the Kingdom, the Lord ordained a series of nationwide camps. The attendees ranged from national new disciples to teens, YAs and SGAs (and in some cases, JETTs). The goal of these camps was to give input and infuse the spiritual and practical knowledge of what the era of action and the Family's future is all about. The main focus was on a personal level: “Where do I fit into this picture? What am I doing about this commission? What are my actions and my commit­ments to make this a reality in my life and in my Home?”
       69. The Lord called these camps “advanced training course and strategy meetings.” Along with the invitation to each attendee coming to these camps, they were requested to ask the Lord, “Why should I go?” These were not fellowship camps, although the Lord sure knows how to treat His kids well and prove once again that complete dedication and service to the Lord is fun!
       70. There were a total of five camps held this year, the first one beginning in March at a beautiful hill station in South India (testimony in Zine #54, “Activated Bomb … India”). This was geared to an older audi­ence, 18+, and dedicated more time to the practical application and “putting skin” on the Activated vision.
       71. The next four camps were teen camps (including some older JETTs). These also covered the practical aspects of the Activated ­vision, but with more time dedicated to reinforce the necessary instruction in the Word (e.g., the use of the new weapons, Endtime vision, the Lord's promises, etc.).

Witnessing strength

72. Activated continues to be a major goal and ministry in our outreach, as is reflected in our stats for the past year--a total of 5,615 subscribers. November 2000 was our highest month yet, with a total of 1,238 subscriptions. (Update: The Indian Activated Desk has serviced a grand total of 8,281 subscriptions since we started, up to November 2001.)

Church growth

       73. We have witnessed a lot of progress in church growth this past year--in some places more, some less; nevertheless‚ it's like a growing wave washing over the country. The Homes and folks who are involved in church growth are very active personally, very inspired, and are experiencing and receiving the promises of action. So those looking on are picking up their “surfboards” one by one.
       74. A key factor in the progress has been bearing in mind the words expansion in “expansion program” and growth in “church growth.” Being very desperate for growth and for expansion--not only with numbers but with each person who's receiving classes and coming closer to the Family–-is the impetus that keeps things from becoming stagnant. It also gets us going to the Lord and using prophecy to shepherd and feed the sheep.

How it's working

       75. The general way that the Activated ­vision and church growth has been working here, at least to start with, is by getting Activated subscribers. Generally about half of them are hungry for more right away, and the other half get Activated because you've given them a good sales pitch and they say, “Okay, I'll give it a try.” So with the half that want more‚ we start following up on them or meet them a couple of times to talk about our work, feed them, witness to them, talk about world events or subjects they are interested in, and introduce them to the Bible. From there, if they're hungry and want more, we invite them to a youth meeting or the Home's Church of Love.
       76. With those who are working and already married (our older friends), for the most part, they attend a Church of Love. This started with two to five people that we've known for some time who are activated and hungry for more Word. It grew from there. During the first six months to a year, visible progress is a bit slow and almost discouraging. But just being faithful‚ as the Word says‚ as well as keeping up with fresh outreach, meeting and activating new people‚ and finding more people to invite over, in time will cultivate a small church.
       77. The youth have followed a similar trend, although there have been more united youth meetings in different cities. With our “Youth Church Growth” effort, having a club or united meeting seems to be more fruitful, as having just two or three young people come home and meet every week for a Bible class doesn't always work. So when there are four or five Homes in a city or area and they combine their classes every week and each Home brings two to five sheep‚ you end up with a team of 10 to 15, creating an atmosphere of inspiration, fun‚ and success. The group also benefits from everyone's talents. This seems to be a working process and environment where the “youth sheep” grow better and faster.
       78. The “Tap Into the Power Course” (on the back of FSM 377, Special Action FSM #11) has been very helpful in bringing sheep along after they're activated but not yet ready for the 12 Foundation Stones or deep Bible studies.

National church growth stats

*       208 people are receiving regular deep-feeding classes.
*       122 people are going through 12 Foundation Stones or Bible courses of the same nature.
*       86 people know the Family's beliefs, about Dad, and our statements.
*       48 of our sheep regularly tithe.
*       10 cities in India have solid national churches.

(We sent out a survey, to which most of the Homes responded, so this gives a pretty good idea of where the Indian church and expansion program is at. We can honestly say that 80% of these stats are due to the Activated vision.)


       79. There were two retreats held this past year with a total of 23 attendees--one held in Goa and the other in Bangalore. In Goa, the retreat provided a time for deeper feeding and focus on the attendees' personal relationship with the Lord, with the Endtime being a major emphasis.
       80. The main thrust of the Bangalore retreat was getting to know Dad, the Family, and us (Family members) more. This was covered on the first day, starting with Dad's call, our history, Mama Maria‚ our Family lifestyle, our job‚ etc. Then we gave a class on the Book of Acts being the blueprint of our life of faith‚ wrapping up with clips from the Acts of the Revolution videos.
       81. The second day featured witnessing how–tos‚ goals, answering questions, and a challenge to become witnessers. A Bible class outlined “How to Find the Will of God,” ending with a ceremony of prayer, communion, and commitment.
       82. Many who attended the retreats said they were life-changing turning points in their life and relationship with the Lord, and that now witnessing is in the forefront of their mind. Although these are smaller retreats, they have been highlights to us as it's a beginning-–the starting point of a chain reaction.

New tools
83. Mottos for Success
has been a great hit in India for the past two years. Building on its success, the Lord led us to create a new product on the same line--a colorful 52-week planner with a weekly motto. This is for the year 2002 and has been a tremendous addition to the Homes' tool distribution. We have distributed 23‚199 copies of the original Mottos for Success (from October 2000–October 2001) and 34,000 copies of the new 2002 Weekly Planner.
       84. The Diwali CD Card is a fulfillment of a dream and a message from Dad for this country--localized productions. The audio CD has some original songs with sounds of Indian instruments and local beat. We have distributed 10,000 this Diwali season, and we now have a new CD for local distribution.

Major CTP: Earthquake relief

       85. In January 2001 there was a major earth­quake in the state of Gujarat that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and left many more homeless. Over the next four months, 10 teams from all over India joined in a wide array of relief projects to help alleviate the suffering victims of the earthquake. These projects included distribution of relief supplies, providing medical aid, setting up temporary shelters and makeshift schools.

Deaf Ministry

       86. The Deaf Ministry started in 1988. Now many Homes throughout India have CTP ministries that are helping thousands of hearing-impaired. The inspiring thing about this ministry is that the brethren have been able to actively witness to the deaf youth and have trained them to be faithful witnessers. The Deaf Active member church has grown to nearly 50 cities and has approximately 200 Active members!

Text box:
Deaf Ministry Growth
people are receiving regular deep-feeding classes.
people are going through 12 Foundation Stones or Bible courses of the same nature.
people know the Family's beliefs, about Dad, and our statements.
of our sheep regularly tithe.
cities in India have deaf ministries established.

(These figures are based on a survey that we had sent out, to which most of the Homes responded.)

Middle East

       87. It's been an eventful year--not only for the Family in the Middle East, but for the whole region and the world! With the escalation of violence in parts of the Middle East, and after the September 11th attacks on America, our witnessing ministries have deepened and the receptivity to the message has increased tremendously.
       88. Even though we cannot witness as openly as in some other fields, the people we minister to know that we are Christians and know what we stand for. Jesus reminds us often that our sample and gentleness will lead them to Him, as was put into words by M., a friend of the Family in Lebanon. He said, “…what you have shown me of Christianity makes me admire what you have and want it.” We receive so many reactions like his, which encourage us to continue giving in every way possible to these precious people and lands.
       89. Despite difficult and often dangerous circum­stances, the Lord led several teams and Homes to shtick and continue their work in some of the more dangerous places in our area. When we asked one of these teams for their year-end summary, they didn't feel they had very many glorious testimonies to share, but the Lord gave them an encouraging prophecy. He said:

90. (Jesus speaking:) My precious brides, you have been faithful day after day to feed My sheep. You have ministered to those who have come daily to your door. You have been a service to others through your CTPs and through visiting the wounded in hospitals. Thank you for how you have given hope and encouragement to these ones whose faith is flickering low. This is a great work in My eyes. This is a miracle! The fact that you have been able to remain safely in this part of the world; the fact that you have stood by the side of these ones; that you have faced dangers along with them as well as many hardships--please know this has meant more to them than you could ever imagine. (End of message from Jesus.)

Clown shows

       91. The Family has put together a meaningful and message-filled clown show to minister to traumatized children. Teachers and parents profusely thank them for their efforts, as this way of encouraging the children has had a profound and positive effect on them. They've performed this show 108 times in the past 10 months. They also distributed two tons of food and other relief items to over 400 families who lost loved ones or livelihood. All of these items were donated by local businessmen, who are suffering themselves from the difficult circumstances. Whoever they asked wanted to help their brothers in need, even from the little they had left.
       92. People especially appreciate our meaningful clown shows in this part of the world, as many of the children miss the innocence of childhood due to their circumstances. Some say they've never seen the children smile or heard them laugh the way they do during our shows. Both parents and educators have commented that when they see us bring a smile to these children's faces, they grasp the depth of our message of sharing God's love with others.
       93. Aside from this, the Family has been active with CTPs in refugee camps, teaching weekly English classes, providing health and dental care, and distributing food packages to poor families with handicapped children.

Feeding reading and prophecies

       94. Along with this material aid, copies of Reflections, as well as a prophecy message for the people in this area, and more recently the first issue of an adapted Activated magazine––called Motivated-–were distributed by the thousands to spiritually feed and encourage the people.
       95. In other areas of the Middle East, there has been a major emphasis on feeding our friends and contacts through Reflections‚ proph­ecy tracts, EC3 mailings and Motivated. Using the new weapon of prophecy has been instrumental in bringing many closer to the Lord and the Family. Personal prophecies were given to many individuals, and prophecy tracts were used and distributed to minister to people in different areas. These messages are very well received and even sought after.
       96. One of our OCs received a prophecy for a young boy who'd had a serious accident. This letter and message was given to his mother, who was deeply touched by the beautiful mess­age for her son who was in critical condition in the hospital. Later that week, some Family members visited a kindergarten teacher who had heard that we had prayed for this boy and sent him a message. She then proceeded to ask for prayer and a message from God for an employee who was having an operation the next day.
       97. Through ministering deeply to our friends and contacts‚ we now have many close activated friends. Two of our first Active members, a precious couple‚ visit the Home several times a week and are on fire about helping to mass-market some of the beautiful Aurora tools in this part of the world (see Grapevine # 123).

Heart to Heart

       98. The Heart to Heart singing team, which performs mainly in Arabic and English‚ performed throughout the region, including for an important festival at the end of September 2001 for the fifth consecutive year. As part of their program, they performed a new original composition, composed and produced by our little team of Tunisian Souad, Michael Piano, and Jono, in the style famous to the country, which touched people deeply. During this two-week road trip, the team distributed over 10,000 prophecy tracts and nearly 3,500 Motivated magazines, as well as other lit at shows, hospitals, orphanages and schools. They also gave out over 3,000 gift packages to the children of these institutions.


       99. In Lebanon, the Family is involved in a very fruitful prison ministry. They teach an Eng­lish course at the main men's prison, with some of the inmates helping with the classes. Three prisoners, and the mother of another young inmate, have grown especially close. They received the Lord, learned about the Endtime, and have the potential to become Active members!
       100. In the women's prison, they started off by making improvements in the living conditions. This won the hearts of both prison officials and these desperate women in need of care. While the physical help is appreciated, the prisoners especially cling to the Family's mess­age of encouragement, hope, and comfort. Many lives have been touched and changed, and desperate situations altered through these efforts.
       101. Their clown team pays regular visits to young cancer patients, comforting them and their parents. They also use their clown shows as a fundraiser at birthday parties for upper–class families. This has opened the door to minister spiritually to some of these wealthy but spiritually needy people. Sending out regular newsletters and EC3 letters to these and other friends and provisioning contacts has increased their regular supporters--the fruit of faithful follow-up!
       102. They now have a 27-year-old Lebanese part-time member, who's gone through the babe's course and is presently helping to translate some of the Get Activated booklets into Arabic for the Arabic Lit-Pic. He's on fire, loves the Lord and the Family--and especially the Word!


       103. In March, a documentary on Turkey produced by the Ministry of Culture‚ in which the Family in Istanbul helped with the scripts and acting (see Grapevine #110), was aired in Europe, Australia, and the USA. At its launch in Istanbul‚ the Family performed, among other songs, an original Family compo­sition in honor of the founder of modern Turkey, written by Michael Piano. The song was a hit! The Family's performance for these top-level officials led to three TV programs about their projects‚ and invitations to the very poor and underdeveloped southeast. On one of these trips they took a container filled with school supplies and computers for two schools in the Biblical town of Harran. A Turkish education foundation then invited them to perform their music and puppet show for 14 schools with 7,000 students in another rural area, resulting in multiple TV coverage and news­paper articles.
       104. The team there distributed Family-produced Turkish books and Reflections to mayors, governors, officials, teachers and students last year, and have translated the first two issues of Motivated to further feed the fertile field of Turkey.
       105. Another team in Istanbul completed a one-year English course and animation program in the tent cities of Ducze, which was the scene of the second disastrous earthquake of 1999. They just initiated a program for street working children by setting up a computer classroom with computers, donated by five com­panies who are sponsoring this project.
       106. They also started a company last year, enabling them to distribute our tapes and ­videos in Turkey. It costs a lot to start such a company, but when praying about this in an action committee meeting, the Lord told them to provision everything–-and they did! All they needed was provided for free, including advertising, duping, printing, etc.
       107. There are two young potential disciples who come over for weekly classes, one of whom is planning to join the Family full–time shortly. There are others who come over regularly and should be ready to start witnessing soon.
       108. In the south and other parts of Turkey, aside from doing CTPs at various institutions, the Homes have fruitful follow-up ministries. They now have numerous friends who are witnessing to others. G., the director of a prison, reads Reflections to the inmates. M., a food engineer, posts Reflections on his com­pany's bulletin board for all to read. S., a psycho­therapist, uses the stories and anecdotes the Family gives him to comfort his patients. C., a businessman, faxes and e-mails Reflections to his customers‚ and the list goes on.


       109. The three Family Homes in Pakistan report that since September 11, many of their friends have come much closer. They've been giving out an edited version of The Future Foretold, which leads into deeper witnessing.
       110. Aside from their many CTPs, they have very fruitful personal witnessing and follow-up ministries. They reach out to top executives of both local and foreign companies‚ almost all of whom have received Reflections, EC3s, or Activated magazines.
       111. The Homes also conduct Teacher's Training Seminars‚ some of which are sponsored by foreign companies. Last year the Family in Pakistan held training seminars for 631 teachers from 83 different schools, a five-day workshop for 45 teachers of five schools, and an eight-day workshop for 40 teachers of six other schools. Hundreds of our ­videos and thousands of pages of resource material were distributed during these seminars.
       112. The Deaf Reach ministry is continuing to expand also. In June, 40 students graduated from the Karachi center and several of the graduates found employment.
       113. A second Deaf Reach center opened in Lahore. The team there reports: “As soon as we started praying about it, the Lord started supplying the place and all that was needed to set it up. At the moment we have six working computers, with seven more promised by a local bank. What a miracle! And all of this during a time when things have been really tight financially!”
       114. (Update: The seven computers came through, as well as a grant from a large multinational group. This enabled us to make a lot of improvements, and now we have a good computer lab with Internet connection. We also have an unofficial affiliation with the local government college for hearing-impaired children, and the director is encouraging the parents to send their teens to us once they graduate. This has led to quite a few students requesting enrollment for the new year.)
       115. Additionally, each Home has a performing show group. Music is a real key to the Pakistani heart. At this time of western negativism regarding the Muslim world, when the people see foreigners singing to them in their local language it is a way to build bridges instead of walls. Recently Heartbeat, the Karachi Home's show group, appeared on international cable TV in a special Eid show broadcast from London to over 75 countries
       116. We thought it would be inspiring to mention that all these fruitful ministries in Pakistan are carried out by three Homes with five large families and some singles. These five FGA couples have 54 children between them--46 of whom were born and raised on the mission field. All of these families have been on the field for at least 20 years, and some longer than that!
       117. Please pray for protection and supply for our Family in Pakistan, and against the tightening visa situation. Despite the present difficult and sensitive circumstances, our Family members there have decided to stay on their field to minister to their precious friends and contacts, who look to them for support and comfort now more than ever.


Follow–up and supporters

       118. Most Homes in Thailand have a fairly stable support base‚ with the majority of their income coming from monthly pledgers and friends who tithe. These friends are followed up on regularly via personal visits, through the mail, or by visiting the Homes. Most Homes have a fruitful mail ministry with ECCCs/newsletters, Reflections, and other feeding materials sent monthly to their sheep and pledgers. Weekly Bible studies for Active members and friends are continuing to gain momentum (the Arcad­ian Home has pioneered the “Seaman Ministry”--Bible studies for Christian seamen whose ships are in local ports), and many Homes have ongoing “Open the Door for the Children” programs for the children of their neighbors and friends.
       119. Each Home in Thailand is responsible for five or six “road team areas,” or other provinces where there aren't established Homes, which they visit on a rotational basis. Many of the Homes have established CTPs, Active members, and supporters in their road team areas.

Christmas Concert 2000

       120. The Family's Christmas Concert 2000 was held in the grand ballroom of a 5-star hotel in Bangkok free of charge for the second consecutive year. Over 1,200 of the Family's friends and contacts attended (300 of whom were VIPs). In fact, so many guests came that they had to open up another wing of the grand ballroom and bring in a third giant TV screen so everyone could see the program. The new CTP activity video played before the program began, and the concert included a variety of songs in both Thai and English performed by Jonas, Christy, Angelina and the SGA team, and the children from the DF Home. It was a beautiful presentation of different aspects of Family life. The Lord's Spirit was present throughout and had the audience mesmerized. Different Homes have mentioned that their contacts are still talking about “The Family's Christmas Concert” and how beautiful it was.

Local productions

       121. Local productions for this year include: a CD with Family witnessing songs in Thai sung by Jonas and Christy, Heavenly Streams #8, Family Calendar 2002, and many more GP tools translated, including Activated mags #1-8.

English Camps

       122. English camps have proven to be a great open door, because we are able to incorporate the Word and Family materials into the curriculum and thereby witness to hundreds of kids who attend the “English” classes. (These are often organized by the local Department of Education‚ and the Family gets official recognition for participating.)
       123. Some of the Homes have been requested by the provincial Department of Education in their road team areas to provide ­videos for all the schools under their jurisdiction. So there are hundreds of schools in upcountry Thailand that now use the Treasure Attic and Kiddie Viddie videos as part of their official school curriculum.

Major CTPs
       124. Flood relief, Petchaboon:
After severe flooding and mudslides hit Petchaboon province, three teams from the Service Homes in Thailand visited the worst-hit villages, bringing over seven tons of supplies with them, as well as the Lord's love and salvation. The singing team (SGAs and children) also went there and performed at three hospitals, two camp shelters, and a food distribution center. The first two trips were covered by the local press, reaching over 88 million people. Jonas, Christy and the SGA and children's singing teams later performed on a nationwide and globally televised concert to raise funds for the flood victims. (See FAR 171 and 172.)

       125. Flood relief, Hatyai:
During the flooding down south, the Homes in Hatyai and Songklah participated in flood relief efforts.

       126. Special Olympics:
Each year, the “Special Olympics” for physically impaired children is organized in the main regions of Thailand. The Family in Chiang Mai (north), Songklah (south), and Korat (northeast) have been responsible for the last three or four years to provide all the meals and snacks for the duration of the sporting events‚ which works out to around 4‚000-5,000 meals.

       127. Green Day project:
The Koh Samui Home helped spearhead and organize the Green Day project (a general clean-up of Koh Samui Island‚ ECO Samui, and local schools), involving city fathers‚ police, and concerned members of the community-–3,000 people in total!

       128. Programs for AIDS patients:
One of our friends organized a free medicine distribution program for AIDS patients and invited the Family to participate from the “moral support and encouragement” side of things. Altogether we participated in four such all-day programs (two in Bangkok, one in Chiang Mai, one in Hatyai), with over 17,000 patients in attendance. Family members helped with the medicine distribution lines and gave tracts to everyone who passed by. About 4‚000 copies of Glimpses of Heaven in Thai were distributed. Many of the patients were wonderfully saved. We were also able to minister to several of the doctors, nurses, and support staff. The singing team also performed.

       129. Drug-awareness programs/radio spots:
Many Homes are involved in regular anti–narcotics CTPs at schools‚ universities‚ and rehabilitation centers. For this year's International Anti–Narcotics Day, the singing team did eight drug-awareness programs both in Bangkok and upcountry. Jonas and Christy also did a series of radio spots on drug awareness (which included the anti-drug song “Turn Around” in Thai), which have been broadcast as fillers on most of Thailand's FM stations. The other day we received a request for a drug awareness program from a top-level organization. When we asked them how they got our number, they said they were referred to us by another organization because Jonas and Christy are the “official presenters (promoters) of drug awareness programs.”

       130. These are just a few of the more outstanding CTPs, as each Home is involved in four to five CTPs a week, some of them going as far back as 10 years or more. Along with everyone's efforts to become one, these regular CTPs have played a major role in cultivating trust and understanding with the Thai people, giving the local Family credibility and respect.


       131. The Lord has continued to propel the lukthoong ministry further into the era of action. On the local front, Jonas, Christy and the singing team have performed live, participated in televised fundraising concerts, and appeared on various talk shows and interviews, which have been broadcast both nationwide and on Thai global TV countless times.
       132. One of the main TV stations in the country filmed the singing team performing five GP Family songs, which they broadcast as fillers in-between shows. We estimated that if we were to have to pay for that kind of airtime (i.e., three-minute slots, say, 10 times a day), it would cost about 10 million baht or $25,000!
       133. They've also been interviewed by every single newspaper and all the main magazines in the country, both Thai and English. They've done several spots for national radio as well. Pretty much every time reference is made to the Family, there will be footage or pictures of Jonas and Christy doing CTPs‚ drug awareness programs and so forth. This makes for a tremendous witness and helps prepare the ground for a deeper witness and fruit that remains. Many of these TV/newspaper interviews have been done at the DF Home. The reporters and film crews go on a tour, meet the children and other Family members, which helps them better understand our missionary work. In fact, at one TV station, one of the team overheard a staff member referring to us as a “group of Christians who do volunteer work in Thailand and have wanted to help promote Thai culture.” So the Lord is using one to help the other.
       134. On the international scale, we've seen some hot action on the media front. CNN's “Inside Asia” broadcast a seven-minute clip on Jonas and the singing team eight times. Jonas did a half-hour interview with “Talk Asia” on CNN that was broadcast three times at prime-time slots. We received several e-mail responses on this program, with one Thai man calling Jonas “our little ambassador to bring good things to the world.” CNBC's interview with Jonas was rebroadcast, as well as ABC's spot on him. Christy and Jonas were interviewed by Associated Press, which was syndicated globally. She was also interviewed by the London Times, Sunday Times, and The International Herald Trib­une. The Straits Times (Singapore)‚ The Journal (UK), and the South China Morning Post also picked up articles on Jonas and Christy. They were interviewed by Reuters several times (also syndicated globally, reaching, from what we've heard thus far‚ America, Japan, Malaysia, the Middle East, Thailand, etc.). There have been interviews with BBC World Radio, BBC's “This is the World,” and BBC Radio 4. Jonas and Christy also performed for the Thai community in the States last November.


Follow-up and tools

       135. The seven Homes throughout Indonesia regularly feed and minister to approximately 350 DF members and two live-outs, with more potential Active members on the line. Most of the Homes receive the greater part of their income through outreach and follow-up.
       136. Indonesians everywhere love the outreach tools as well as our many varied feeding materials. The SC trans­lates almost all new printed GP and follow–up materials as they come out, as well as producing several Indonesian VCDs and CDs. Besides the many follow–up tools that are available in the local language, in the works presently are the Activated follow-up books, Activated mags, and the Motivated ­series for Muslims.

Outreach and major CTPs

       137. Every Home actively engages in regular CTPs. The two new pioneer Homes in Bandung and Medan are concentrating on outreach and the personal feeding and follow-up of 120 friends and potential Active members.
       138. On the island of Bali, besides regular OR/FU and CTPs, their young people formed a band that plays a large repertoire of Family music, and they perform at many different venues and occasions.
       139. Other CTPs include a fantastic program of rehabilitating street kids in Surabaya. In Jakarta, they have regular programs for teaching underprivileged children English and computer skills, working hand-in–hand with local organizations rehabilitating street kids and drug addicts. This past year they also distributed 18 tons of rice and other goods in their CTPs, including 25 provisioned computers for orphanages.


       140. Activated has been the focus for the Philippine Homes this past year, with many subscriptions reaped as well as a multitude of Activated magazines, books, calendars, and CD cards distributed. This is only the beginning of a flood of Activated materials soon to saturate the land.
       141. An Activated seminar attended by many Family members was also held, covering many “how-tos” and sharing testimonies to further encourage the Philippines' Activated future.
       142. A renewed emphasis on the education and care of our children and teens was highlighted by a two-day childcare seminar attended by representatives from almost every Home in the country. A special meeting was held for the young people to explain the “how-tos” of the CVC program, accreditation, and the importance of a well–rounded and well–balanced Family education. This was all supplemented by personal visitation to each Home throughout the Philippines.

Other Southeast Asian Countries

       143. The Family continues to have a small but active ongoing work in the other smaller Southeast Asian countries, with Lit-Pics getting the tools and Activated materials into the local language. There are fruitful mail ministries, outside witnessers using Activated, Bible study groups, road trips, and lots of follow-up. Each of these countries have fruitful CTPs, supplying food, clothing, school materials and other supplies for orphanages, poor villages and families.
       144. In Cambodia the Family has translated posters, tracts‚ DF classes and six Activated mags into Khmer. Two TA videos have been dubbed and broadcast nationally in Khmer several times. There are 34 Activated members, several outside witnessers‚ and several hundred who get fed regularly through Bible studies. The small team in Cambodia won over 1,500 souls, distributed 61,000 posters, and did 191 CTPs. They have just received 15,000 pairs of new children's sports shoes that are being distributed in all the provinces with the help of the Cambodian Red Cross.

EURCRO 2001 Report
By the EURCRO teamwork

*       Missionary moves and
personnel flux

       145. The Family has definitely been answering the Lord's call to the fertile field of the African continent. We currently have 613 Family missionaries (this includes 10 FM) in 60 Homes in 22 African countries! Five new African disciples have joined our ranks this year‚ which brings our total up to 10 (not including South African nationals), and we have active national churches in countries such as Congo (DRC), Liberia, and Sierra Leone.
       146. The work in Africa, now going on its seventh year, has grown from just a few pioneer Homes to a more grounded, established work that is bearing more and more fruit. This year we have seen much growth and the Lord working to further establish and stabilize teams, especially in some of the tougher parts of the continent. Much is being learned in the areas of follow-up and church building, and we're finally starting to see the Activated vision catch on and become a more mainstream part of the work.

*       Activated in Africa

Local deliveries, shooting straight

By Andrew, Hanna, Christy, Claire, and Jasmin, Harare, Zimbabwe

       147. We decided to sell Activated locally for as cheap a price as possible, as the subscription price was through the sky for the local people. Not only that, but obtaining foreign currency is next to impossible through the banks here. So we now get the magazines from our Activated desk at 15 pence each and then sell six-month subscriptions in local currency. The cost of a six-month subscription is the equivalent of 1 GB Pound, which is affordable and attractive to people. Until now we have been delivering the magazines per­sonally (by bicycle) and have around 75 subscribers. Using this method we are now reaching a limit as to how many more people we can activate, so we'll soon switch to mailing the magazines. One advantage of delivering the magazines ourselves is that we are automatically incorporating personal follow–up into the program, and people also take tools.
       148. As a result of the latest “Conviction” GN series‚ we are using more radical lines straight off with the people we meet in our witnessing, and the results are great! Instead of introducing ourselves to the young receptionists and office people as “sweet missionaries from Family Missions,” we are now “missionaries directly from Heaven.” Or we are “just visiting the planet today to see who wants to come back with us to Heaven” or “we're looking for people who are sick of this world and want to go back with us to Heaven,” etc. Then we introduce the magazines. The response is very good, and we're now getting an average of three or four potential subscribers per team per day using this approach.
       149. At the beginning of August we started meetings for our Activated members. We now run two meetings a week--one on Sunday after­noon and one on Wednes­day evenings after work. The Sunday meeting is a Church of Love meeting with music and a united message. The Wednesday meeting is a personal Bible study meeting where we sometimes break up into smaller groups or individual readings‚ depending on how many come and what levels they're at.
       150. Apart from Activated and personal visitation‚ our e-mail ministry has also been growing. We try to send out a short e–mail feeding at least once a week to our friends and contacts (120 so far!), and it has borne a lot of fruit. They've grown much closer to us through these e-mails, and when we need things from more irregular provisioning contacts, we receive a warm reception because of our regular e-mails.

A hotel just for feeding

By Crystal and team, Senegal

       151. Most of the people that we've activated are English speakers that come to visit Senegal. One dear man from Nigeria (living here in Senegal) that we've been ministering to over this past year with Activated and Bible classes is turning others on to the Activated maga­zine as well. When he read “Mountain Men” he loved it so much that he shared it with a businessman who also flipped over this Letter. The businessman said, “Those whites sure know how to put the Bible into terms we blacks can under­stand.”
       152. As a result of this Activated interaction, this businessman got Activated as well, and turned around and bought a hotel in Nigeria to use for the purpose of teaching and training others in the Word, using the Activated magazines. We've contacted the Home in Nigeria, and they are excited about the potential of feeding people in this hotel. It's an open door to hold classes, seminars, or retreats. Whatever the Family wants to do there, he's open to our witness and wants to spread the Word the way “we do it!” So Activated is not only reaching our immediate sheep, but has spread and is changing lives in our part of the world.

Dancing with a mission

By Andrew‚ Mary, Michael and team‚ Kenya

       153. One of our main ministries is our dance troupe, through which we've been able to meet a lot of people and get out quite a witness. The Lord has been leading us to perform more for the business community, especially the Indian business community. Their response is incredible when they see us non-Asians dancing to their songs, which they are quite fanatical about. They are so accepting of us when they see us accepting them, that they have no qualms about receiving the Lord. After performing‚ we go into the crowd and sell Activated subscriptions, and people sign up then and there!
       154. Recently, after a lot of heart searching and asking the Lord, “What more can we do?” He gave us some wonderful counsel that we'd like to share with you. Some of the things the Lord showed us to do were:

       155. --Before starting any performance, grab the attention of the people. In light of the recent world crisis, use it as a platform to lead all into a prayer for peace, along with the salvation message.
       156. --Toward the end of the show we normally take a little collection. The Lord showed us to announce beforehand that anyone who gives a certain amount would get one of two gifts, either a CD card or an Activated subscription.

       157. We now do this and it is so inspiring! We win lots of souls and the CD cards go out like hotcakes. We've been sold out each time. The Activated subscriptions are also getting out, and the sheep are being fed.
       158. We have also been holding medical camps all around the country, treating people for various ail­ments. We are able to bring our sheep and Activated members along, so that they can witness what we're doing for the people and can help us to witness as well! We pray with all of the patients to receive the Lord, and then we go around and pray for their healing!

Text box:

The Lord gave us the idea of offering a “buy one, get one free” deal to those we sell tools to. We've started giving a free subscription to those who buy two videos or more. It has worked well, and many people automatically buy two videos because they feel they're getting a better deal. This way we're getting out more videos and Activated subscriptions.

radio program for Liberia

By Stephen and team, Liberia

       159. The Lord inspired our team to produce sixteen 30-minute radio programs after reading the GN “Activate the World.” In that GN the Lord said to get Activated on the radio and TV--to spread the name of Activated.
       160. Our program is called Activated Liberia and it began six weeks ago. It is aired every Saturday night at 9 p.m. The cost to air the clips was quite high, but the Lord came through for us‚ and when our national disciple, Patrick‚ went to the radio station to ask for air time and a donation toward the program, the manager agreed to deduct 30% from the price. Since the program has gone on the air, friends around town have stood behind us‚ and so far we have received donations that have covered nine of the 16 shows.
       161. Joan, Stephen, and three members of Family Liberia (Patrick, Amos, and Titus) work to produce Activated Liberia's programs. The first one is entitled, “Salvation by Grace, Not by Works.” Each 30-minute slot has stories from the Treasures, Activated maga­zines, and other meaty quotes and stories supporting the topic. We use lots of Family music from the GP CDs, and to date we have produced and aired pro­grams on the Holy Spirit‚ the love of Jesus, witness­ing, and three programs on the Endtime.
       162. Yesterday we received this letter from someone who listens to our program each week: “I listen to your program every week. Thank God the truth has come to Liberia! Activated is going to turn our country around. I was always taught a certain way to believe from the church, but your program has opened my eyes to a truth that I never knew existed!” This man sent a $15 donation and told us that now he isn't going to the States to study anymore; he wants to start our Basic Training program to learn how to give out the truth we have.

magazines into Liberia

       163. The postal system in Liberia is in shambles‚ so it's not logistically possible to set up a mailing system for Activated subscribers. Up until the last few weeks we have not had any Activated magazines or material in Liberia. Another setback we face is that shipping material by air into Liberia is very expensive. So the Lord has led us to order Activated magazines in bulk.
       164. A dear friend, Mr. Clarke‚ recently brought in a small amount of Activated magazines at great personal cost. These magazines were Liberia's very first Activated magazines. (See Grapevine #124 for the full story.) Our plan is to order Activated mags from the US and have the magazines shipped over in what are called “barrels.”

Text box:
The Liberian people, who have lots of relatives in the US‚ due to them fleeing the civil war back in the '90s, have relatives send them “goodies” and luxuries that can't be gotten in Liberia in large cardboard barrels that are gathered by shipping companies in the US, then loaded into containers and sent to Liberia.

       165. The cost of sending these barrels is quite low, but the barrels are big--so to fill one we need to order the equivalent of 5,000 magazines. The barrels are a set price whether you fill them or not. We need some desperate prayer for this project and any donations too! Liberia is very poor and is suffering terribly from the collapse of its economy. Needless to say, the Liberian people need Activated, so we believe the Lord will fill the need.

promotes Activated

By RadioActive Productions, Kampala, Uganda

       166. The NuBeat radio show continues to air, and the response is tremendous. In the course of our music ministry and the prominence that the Lord is giving our RadioActive company, a lot of people are being attracted to us and looking to us for feeding and inspiration. Our vision is to hook people up to the Activated program. To this end, we offer everyone who writes in to the NuBeat show a free Activated magazine, and we advertise this on the air all over Uganda.

Text box:
show times:

(Sat. 2:30 p.m. 89.2; Sun. 10:30 a.m. 88.8) reaching all of Kampala and surrounding areas
Voice of Toro
(Sat. 10:30 a.m.) reaching the western part of Uganda
Voice of Teso
(Sun. 9:30 a.m.) reaching the eastern part of Uganda
Radio Uganda MW
(Sun. 8:30 a.m.) reaching all of Uganda
Radio Paidha
(Sat. 1:30 p.m. Sun 6:20 p.m.) reaching the northern part of Uganda

       167. Here are some reactions from our listeners when they received the Activated magazine:

Dr. Omayo Charles

       168. Hi, entire NuBeat team! How is the NuBeat team out there in Kampala? I hope you are all fine. I would like to say thank you very much to the entire NuBeat team for the good work and service you give us every Sunday. It has helped build and strengthen our spiritual lives. I have already received my free copy of Activated magazine. I have enjoyed it very much and have shared it with family members and friends. Thank you again for sending me the magazine.
       169. In response to your request in your NuBeat newsletter of August, I would like to inform you that I am still very interested in receiving copies of Activated magazine. I will be very grateful if you sent in a subscription request on my behalf. Thank you a lot for the Mountain Streams “Declaration of Love” which was sent with the NuBeat newsletter. I look forward to receiving more. And finally‚ I would like to wish the entire NuBeat team a nice time. God bless you all.

Ezati Geoffrey

       170. Hello! Thank you very much for answering my request. I've received the Activated magazine you sent me. I'm proud to say that the magazine has shown me a new and excellent direction, following Christ's ways and entrances. I not only enjoyed the magazine myself; my family and friends with whom I shared the magazine equally enjoyed it. My request once again is: Please subscribe on my behalf so that I may be able to receive monthly editions of Activated.
       171. Dear Peterson [Simon Peter], I'm happy to say that my family and friends, like me, have become addicted to listening to your superb show--the show which has beaten all the shows on Paidha FM.

Enuaku Alex-M.O'gk

Vocational Training Institute, Soroti
              172. Hello and thanks for your quick response and for sending the Activated magazine. It's an inspiring and motivating magazine. The general presentation of the information in the magazine was very nice, about Jesus the Man of Love and the Future Foretold. I always feel relief when reading letters containing messages from concerned people. Thanks to Keith Phillips for telling me what Activated is all about. I have decided to invite Jesus into my life so that I may experience the fullness of life. I have also written to Activated USA in order to receive more issues of your Bible-based publications.
       173. I listened to the NuBeat show on Sunday once more and it was so good. The musical approach is another way of introducing Bible-based principles--it is not very traditional. Is it possible to receive the music tapes?

Text box:

       So far the NuBeat show has only taken off in Uganda. Undoubtedly it has the potential to take off in other English-speaking African countries.
       In the process of making new shows, we're also revamping the early ones so that they can be used anywhere at any time. Within a couple of months, we'll have completed 52 NuBeat shows, and if we are able to give radio stations a year's worth of ­radio programs at one time, it could make the booking of stations in other countries much easier.
       Unlike the MWM shows, the NuBeat shows are very quick and easy to modify, as they are recorded on computer. These 52 programs could also easily be modified so they could be used in Muslim-African countries. And if the Lord so leads, they could be modified further to be used internationally. In other words‚ we can continually upgrade and modify the set of 52 for various audiences.

Going Activated brings support

By Ben and Meekness, Botswana

       174. We've only started pushing Activated over the last two months (after the Activated seminar in Durban). We have now gotten out 93 subscriptions, and the feed­back has been great. Speaking to some of our friends over the phone‚ the response has been fantastic. People are virtually begging us to not stop sending them the mags.
       175. Initially the switchover to Activated wasn't easy, as there are so many other “urgent things to take care of.” But as the Word says clearly, this is the way to go; all we have to do is obey and the Lord will do the rest. We had to sit down and take stock of our overall fruit to see which area of our work needed to change in light of getting people fed spiritually. Basically the bottom line was, “How can we bring people closer to the Lord?” The mags are a ready–made feeding course, doing the job and reaching where we are not able to.
       176. Recently one of our friends asked us if she could raise funds for us and distribute our tools in her restaurant. It's exciting to see the Word being fulfilled as the people receiving the Activated mags are starting to support us, as Mama said would be the case. One company which pledges monthly support has now tripled their pledge!
       177. These are our small beginnings, and with the extra help and anointing of the keys of the Kingdom, we are looking forward to a fruitful and fulfilled work in Botswana.

Get everyone on Activated

By Philip‚ Meekness‚ Magda, and Julia, Namibia

       178. Trade show: As a first, we participated in the annual International Trade Show, exhibiting our Activated books and materials. This show brings visitors from all over Africa, and businesses and companies from many countries of the continent. The books and Activated materials were like gem stones on the open shelves to take. Whenever somebody approached us, we advertised and explained all about the variety of our materials.
       179. Activated books a hit:
We regularly receive thrilling reactions from our friends, contacts and supporters to our Activated books. In outreach‚ we've discovered that From Jesus--With Love is our bestseller! My King and I is also becoming a popular title. One lady who took it recently said that she goes to work at 7 a.m. and gets an hour of personal reading from My King and I before the others arrive.
Prisoners on Activated: Prisoners who receive sponsored Activated mags send us letters, sharing their joy and thankfulness for these beautiful mags. Some of them read and study the Word together with other inmates. A few have mentioned that the Activated magazines are like light and the touch of God in their prison cells. One prisoner wrote us: “I especially like those words from Jesus that are on the back page of the magazine. They are very uplifting. They give me hope that there is Someone up there Who still has faith in me, Who loves and cares.”
       181. Wilbard, a prisoner, wrote us: “I have received the sixth issue of Activated. I am so grateful and feel very happy. It helps me to relax and relieves the pressure in my life. It gives me strength to study the Word of God day by day and to love God and enjoy Him forever. I love Jesus! I want to walk with Him like Enoch of the Old Testament. I do everything possible to get and stay close to Jesus, so that I can be a living testimony! Thank you.”
       182. Mottos for Success:
The calendars are an absolute revolution here! For many of our friends‚ this simple desktop calendar has become the voice of God speaking to them each day. One businessman commented: “Thanks for this stunning calendar! It's so practical. It stands right next to my computer and I don't miss it. I just page over it first thing in the morning when I sit down. It's a blessing. Thank you again!”
       183. Correspondent Bible Study Course (CBSC):
Our students are also receiving Activated magazines and are very thankful for this opportunity to study the Word in such an attractive way. Martins (19) completed his ten volumes of CBSC with us, and also finished his first year of Activated. When we visited him, he said the Activated mags are his most treasured possession. He is a precious sheep who wants to do more for Jesus in his part of the world. Currently he is organizing a room for meetings with several other students who are participating in our Correspondent Bible Course, so they can meet for prayer, reading, and fellowship. They call themselves “your Family members in Rundu.”
       184. At present, we have 790 students on our CBSC course (487 males, 303 females). Over 300 souls have been saved as a result. Our students have distributed over 7,000 posters and nearly 10,000 tracts in their respective countries, which include Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, and Namibia.
       185. Kanghono (also a CBSC student) wrote via e-mail: “I thank you for introducing me to Activated, which I am always enjoying. It keeps me up to date in various themes.”

Building a national church

By Michael and Peace, Jo and Lili, Simon and Laila, Victor‚ Rachel, Jane, Elena, Veronica, and all of the kids in The Gambia

       186. Gambia is a 95% Muslim country, so our numbers are not great, but each is a very solid member and is growing in faith.
       187. At our CTP School Project in Sintet‚ we have four Christian Sierra Leonese teachers who fled the trouble in Sierra Leone and came to work at the school. They are dedicated teachers, and through our work with the school, they have become very inspired about all the Activated and devotional materials. They use this material, posters, mags, etc., in their religious studies with the students, and also for their own fellowships. They say it's the highlight of the month when the new Activated mag comes out.
       188. Two other Sierra Leonese refugees–-one a principal and the other a pastor–-are very faithful Activated members. We heard the terrifying tales of their time of suffering, torture, and loss of family in Sierra Leone, and were able to pray with them and help them to get started in this new country. Since then, the pastor has organized a small fellowship of believers to meet regularly for prayer and Bible study. He uses his Activated course as the material.
       189. Two other faithful and on-fire Activated members are David, Feona, and their two children. They are Scottish, and have lived by faith here for almost two years. David was saved in prison, and now reaches others in prison. He also ministers to the military and helps to counsel people with AIDS. They enjoy the Family's devotional material immensely, and we often get together for fellowship, singing, prayer, or studying the Bible and the Endtime. We also help them out in their ministries by performing skits and songs‚ and supporting them in prayer.
       190. Another fruit of our Activated ministry is a weekly Sunday School and Bible study group for the parents and children of officials here in The Gambia. It began when we met a precious Christian man, James, the head of the WHO here in The Gambia. He had met the Family in Kenya and was inspired by our tools and our work in Africa. He spent time pouring his heart out about the struggles and problems here, and what we can do together to help this country. He invited us to speak at a lecture that he gave on mental health, focusing on the fact that good health begins in the family unit, and the positive input that a family receives. That's when he came up with the idea of having a regular Sunday School for the kids, where we have songs, classes, flannelgraphs, and activities. It has grown from there, and we now give weekly Bible classes to all of the adults that come‚ many of whom hold very influential positions in The Gambia.
       191. We also have a group of friends and business people, many of them Lebanese, whom we regularly pass out Reflections and Activated mags to. Some of them are already Activated members, while others are just receiving a weekly feeding or individual class.
       192. Another part of our Activated ministry involves ministering to the many Cuban doctors who work in The Gambia. They come as part of a government program and work here for two years. It's usually difficult for them as the conditions are primitive, they don't know the language, and are hungry for fellowship. Our two Spanish speakers have quite a ministry feeding them Reflections, and we try to get them on the Spanish Activated program. As we minister to them spiritually, the Lord has used them to supply our physical needs for medical help free of charge.

*       E

By Magda

       193. In the EEA we have about 90 CM Homes, with quite a few of these Homes operating in sensitive fields. Though open witnessing is not possible in those areas, follow-up is growing stronger. During the summer months it's easier for the Homes to go SWIFTing and on road trips, and during this time, personal witnessing stats are much higher. Last summer (May-August)‚ the teams witnessing in the EEA won 20‚097 souls to the Lord and personally witnessed to 153,317. During this same time, those teams were also distributing a lot of Word. Some teams held training camps and distributed follow-up lit to many of the people they are only able to meet on those trips during the summer months. All together the teams in the EEA distributed (during the summer months) 283,645 pieces of lit, in addition to all the posters distributed during this time.

National Churches in CIS

       194. Last year Homes continued to pour into their churches. Most of the Homes minister to the national churches in more than just one city. Some of the fields in our area are vast, with only a few full–time laborers, so any extra hand to help in preaching the Gospel is greatly treasured. Delegates from a few CM Homes met earlier this year to pray about creating reading lists and statements for live-outs and Active members who want to learn how to work in teams and not just as individuals.
       195. During the summer months a series of training camps were held in most of the EEA countries to train new labor leaders--mainly leaders who already have their own groups of believers. In some of those fields it was the very first time camps were ever held. During the camps we majored on teaching others about the new weapons of the Spirit, Endtime classes, as well as giving opportunity to practice the classes we were teaching. We used the 12 Foundation Stones Wordbooks as reading material for those who attended. Some of the advanced groups were organized into team­works, learning to lead and shepherd others with minimal help from the CM Family. This gives the CM Family more time to major on teaching others how to shepherd others‚ instead of taking care of all the levels of training themselves.
       196. In CIS, many of the CM Homes have CTP works involving training programs for students‚ orphanages, working with street kids, visiting prisons, etc. Some Homes take street kids each year for a special time of vacation where the children not only go to beautiful summer places, but they also learn more about the Lord, prayer, relating to others, the importance of the Word in our lives, and much more.
* * *
       197. (Peter:) Praise the Lord! So that's the overview of what you–-the worldwide Family--have accomplished over the past year. It's a lot! In fact, if we were to include stats, news and testimonies from each of you, this Letter would be far longer than it is! You've made tremendous progress on numerous fronts, and there's more to look forward to! It's only the beginning! As we become skilled in the use of the keys of the Kingdom, given to us by our Lover and Husband, we'll have even more victories, miracles, and marvels to share in our report of progress from the year to come.
       198. We pray that this report has been an inspiration to you--showing that when the puzzle pieces of each individual Family member and Home are put together on the Lord's screen‚ the resulting picture is a beautiful, stunning masterpiece! All glory to our Husband, Who is able to use us--as small and incapable as we are--to perform such a wonderful work, and to get out His message of love and salvation to the world. Keep up the good work‚ Family! The year to come is as bright as the promises of God--which are powerful and many!
       Love, Peter

Photo captions:
Page 2:

Alison and Mary‚ manning a Christmas booth of Christmas CD cards in Taipei, Taiwan

Page 3:

Sharon, John, and Joy on a prison visit, Sydney, Australia

Page 4-5:

HCS Family‚ December 2001

Johane and Lydia continue to witness to all they can. She is a walking miracle, and thanks the Lord always for His strength and the Family's prayers.

Crystal SGA and Rejoice YA, grandchild of Johane and Lydia, daughter of Koichi and Hiromi

Hopie and daughter at Christmas show in Tokyo

Jay (of Japan Activated), Maria, and son.

Josh and Alisa with their three children, Japan

Isamu SGA (of Paul and Dorcas) and Rejoice YA (of Koichi and Hiromi) reaching out to the Japanese youth

Page 6:

Quotes postcards--new Japanese tools

The Japan PPC team: Jay (of Maria), Phil SGA, and Aaron (of Naomi)

Taichung Homes performing at a prison

One of the young people from the Taichung Homes with the inmates at a delinquent center where the Family performed

Steven (of Anna) who runs the Taiwan PC, showing Activated materials to friends of the Family

Attendees of the Taiwan witnessing delegates meeting in November 2001

Page 8:

Gigi, Amanda‚ Anna (AM) and Juju entertain the attendees at one of the benefit dinners in Brazil

Page 9:

Family and friends fellowship together at Agustin and Paloma's Home, Colombia

CTP: A group of children Agustin and Paloma's Home have been working with for a year, Colombia

Page 10:

Agustin and Paloma's Home, Colombia

Teen Cathy playing a card game with hospital patients, Chile

Page 11:

Pablo leads inspiration at a Bible class, Chile

Page 12:

Bible class group, Lima‚ Peru

Page 13:

Jessica and Pablo, Salvador, Brazil

JC, Salvador, Brazil

Nash and Luz from Joinville, southern Brazil, at an Activated meeting

Zé Antonio showing a friend the Contato mags, Brazil

Hepsi and Jonatas (from Belo) with two of their main Active members at an Activated meeting, Brazil

Page 14:

's Desk (Activated) present at benefit dinners‚ Brazil

Christmas celebration at a Leukemia Kids Hospital: Isabel, Ariana, Irene, Juan, and Active members Alex and Paula, Medellín, Colombia

Katrina (of Eman) with children at a CTP project, Brazil

Witnessing after Christmas concert at a day care center for kids affected by the violence of the country, Medellín, Colombia

Witnessing at a poor neighborhood of war refugees on the outskirts of Medellín, Colombia

Karina and Clara of Harmony sing “On the Wings of a Dove,” Lima, Peru

Page 15:

Praising the Lord in song together, always a highlight at Activated meetings, Brazil

The Lord opened a door for us to set up a booth at the “Feria del Libro” (biggest book fair in Lima), which ended up being a terrific witness and tool outlet. Peru

Everybody lifting the Contato (Activated Brazil) “banner,” Brazil

Fisher playing a lead on the brand-new electric guitar that he built himself! Lima, Peru

Kids busking team performing at CityBank agency where one of our live-outs is employed. Everybody in the office got saved! Lima‚ Peru

Miguel VS (not pictured) delights the children, helping Clara to co–MC with his puppet Baltasar!

Page 16:

L-R: Sara‚ Kim, Topaz, Dori‚ and Alf--a lively clown team in Houston, Texas

Page 17:

Bible study group in Los Angeles, California

Jason giving a Daniel class for a Bible study group, Mexico

Mike (of April) and dad, Mike Fisher, leading inspiration at an Activated seminar

Page 18:

Perla with son, Gabriel--both a tremendous blessing to the area in Ben and Maria's Media Home‚ Mexico

Cush and Zara with part of 1,400 toys distributed to poor children, Mexico

Restaurant singing, Los Angeles‚ California

Page 19:

Robin feeds a man with no arms, Zocalo CTP, Mexico

Miguel serves one of 10,000 plates, Zocalo CTP, Mexico

Distributing food packages to the needy, Morelia, Mexico

Kina, Jono, Marcos, and Rebecca doing a special program for kids whose parents or relatives are on drugs, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Joy (of Jono) at a poor neighborhood in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Ben and Danny at a weekly San Mateo food aid line in Mexico City, Mexico

Page 20:

Cush and Zara's Home CTP, Guadalajara, Mexico

Pandita (21, of Cush and Zara) and other young people serving 3,500 poor on Christmas day, Mexico

Could it be that the answer lies in having more money?
L to R: Cephas, Sammy, and Danny, doing a skit for an Activated meeting, Mexico

Augustine and Maggie, Mexico

Getting Activated!--Morningstar, Migs, Esther, Amanda, and Andrew, Morelia, Mexico

Singing some of our Spanish “Songs that made the Revolution.” L-R: Ben, Alejandro, David, Issac, Jessica, Joni, and Robin

Page 23:

Heart to Heart
singing team, Mideast

Page 24:

Katrina (16) in Lebanon using puppets to cheer up a young cancer patient

Page 26:

Family in Lahore working with the deaf at their newly opened center called “Deaf Reach”

Page 27:

Children in traditional costume at the DF Home, Thailand

Page 28:

Jonas and Christy singing at flood relief CTP, Petchaboon, Thailand

Page 29:

Jonas and Christy performing a lukthoong number, Thailand

Page 31:

Attendees at a recent childcare seminar, Philippines

Flame and Karen joyfully give Bibles to thankful orphans in Bali, Indonesia

Our clown team brings a little bit of happiness to some children, Mideast

Love distributes food, Thailand

Ruthie and Angelina at a CTP project, Thailand

Angela PI, encouraging a cancer patient, Thailand

Page 32:

Rachel consoling an earthquake victim at a hospital in Gujarat, India

John (of Jacintha) carrying an orphan baby in Gujarat, India

Youth Camp Word class, India

Prianka, Melissa, and Christina, Youth Camp, India

Vijay and Vico, Youth Camp, India

Michelle and Lisa, Youth Camp, India

Page 34:

Our dancing team (Martin SGA, Michael SGA, Marianne YA and Celeste,16), performing outdoors for a school of 1,000 mostly Asian children, who all got saved after this performance. Nairobi, Kenya

Page 35:

radio team, L-R: Lisa, Patrick, Titus, Joan, Liberia

Page 36:

Mr. Clarke (center) with Lisa and Stephen, soon after his arrival back in Liberia

Page 37:

Kathleen with Caroline--newly saved and Activated subscriber, Uganda

Page 38:

Meekness (of Phillip) with the family of two of our Correspondent Bible Study Course students, Namibia

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