"The Art of War, Part 3," Letter Links #4 (ML #3558, GN 1146)

FD/MM/FM July 2005


The Eleria:
*       "New Spirit World Power," ML #3522:95, 100-124, GN 1113

       95. (Mama:) Not too long ago, I received an interesting letter from an FGA woman. In it she shared some visions and dreams and supernatural experiences that she and her loved ones were having that included a white horse. When we took this to our Answer Man to find out what was behind this seeming mystery, He gave some exciting messages of revelation about some new spirit helpers He has called "the Eleria" (E-lair-ee-ah).
       100. The Lord said that this first message was representative of the many personal Elerian. He presented this one first as a sample of the helpers each of us have. The Lord said that we all have one of these spirit helpers. I asked someone to pray about who my Elerian was, and found out that her name is Prism Elerian. After you read the vision and messages you'll probably want to find out who yours is as well.

       101. (Vision:) I'm seeing a white horse in a field. It rears up on its hind legs and changes into a guardian angel. He's walking toward me now, a very strong and brilliant-looking angel. In one hand he holds a sword, and in the other a book of some kind. It strikes me as being a stone tablet. He's holding it up for me to see now.
       102. (Angel:) I am the guardian of your personal revolution. Jesus has sent me to you as your guardian, your keeper, your inspiration at this time when so much is changing. The book I hold in my hand is the Word of God. This book gives me the power to do the miracles I will do for you and through you at this time.
       103. While my outward appearance may seem to you to be that of a white stallion, I am, in fact, an angel of great power. I am not actually a horse in spirit. I am as you see me now, an angel with human form.
       104. I have come that your soul might have joy abundant. I am here to make your life for Jesus worthwhile and filled with excitement. I am a spirit of freedom-freedom in the spirit; freedom to be liberated from the shackles of the old ways; freedom to take on the new garments Jesus is giving you, the garments of unity, humility, and greater faith.
       105. I am giving you the gift of freedom. I wish to free you from the false "realities" of this world and make you open to the things of the spirit. I am the spirit of liberty and freedom.
       106. What can I do for you? I can open your heart to new ways of doing things; I can set you free from your old mindset that has held you back; I can bring to your life a greater unity and love for others. All these things come back to the freedom of the spirit. You have desired to have a radical and revolutionary spirit, you have chosen Jesus' way, and He has chosen to send me to help you to live your life for Him to the full.
       107. I will not be aggressive or intrusive, but I will always be at your side to counsel you, to free you when you feel bound, to set your mind free to love Jesus in a new way. He loves you very much, and the freedom He sends to you is complete freedom. It isn't only for one area of your life; it's for every area. You can be freed from the past that has held on to you, and you can be free from the daily struggles that threaten to overwhelm you. You can be free from the wrong attitudes that have crept in over the years, and you can be fully liberated in spirit-absolutely free to love Jesus.
       108. That is my main mission, to liberate you to love Jesus, because if you love Jesus, "all these things will be added unto you." If you put Jesus first, all the rest of these things you need will be given to you in due time. My ministry is to set you free. Call upon my liberty whenever you are tempted to be reserved, or you're tempted to hold back because you're afraid of what might come of your being free. Call upon me, an angel of the Eleria, to help you, to set you free, to give you unchained melodies of freedom in your heart.
       109. I come not for myself, but for you. I come to your side, and I wave my wild hair in the breeze so you can feel my liberty and be inspired to be set free. I have come as your helper, your guide, and your friend. I will always be beside you to help you to be free for Jesus. Call upon me at any time of the day or night to help you to be free for Jesus, to love Him wildly in spirit, to give your all for Him. (End of message.)

       110. (Vision:) I see the angel of the Eleria return to his horse form. He stamps his front hooves on the ground and shakes his head, neighs, and gallops off into the wind. The wind follows him and takes the scene away from me.

       111. (Jesus:) I have sent many such spirits of light into the world today. Many of you, My children of David, have asked for additional help to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way at this time of change in the Family. Many of you have asked Me to send forth helpers from Heaven to assist you, and I have abundantly granted your requests.
       112. Some of you have come to Me in desperation‚ but have not had the faith that I could help you. I have encouraged your faith by sending legions to your side to assist you. "Legions?" you may ask. Yes, I say‚ legions of helpers have been unleashed to assist you, for this is a desperate time in the Family. This is a time when all things must change, when you must get back to your revolutionary roots. Your freedom of spirit must be uncovered and revived.
       113. I have sent you one of the angels of the Eleria. This Elerian is one of the freedom fighters of the spirit who have been given to all the children of David. These fighters assist you in your efforts to break free from the mindsets of the world. They wear on their foreheads the name of freedom, and in their hands are the fundamental words of My Spirit, which will set you free.
       114. They have the power to slice and cut away the tentacles of Bacchus and the vines of the world, which have grown around and choked the freedom of many of My children. These come in with white, searing-hot swords of liberty, and they cut loose you who are bound.
       115. These are the freedom angels! They come to set at liberty you who are bound and to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. These come to bear witness of Me, to free you to love Me, to cut loose those of you who are too wrapped up in this world to be free, but who seek earnestly to be set at liberty.
       116. Call upon the angels of freedom, and they will rush to your aid like wild white stallions thundering across the meadows. They will thunder to your side and set you free.
       117. Be not afraid to call upon their help, for they are given to the children of David alone, as your helpers. You will feel freer to obey, freer to do My will, and freer to be Mine in spirit. Ask in faith, believing that you shall receive them, and you shall have them. Ask that it may be given you, so that you, too, may find this freedom of spirit and liberty in Me.
       118. This group of freedom angels is called "the Eleria." If you are referring to one of the Eleria band, you would say that he or she is an Elerian. And when you call them by their personal names, you would call on, for example, "Feshas Elerian‚" or "Marvia Elerian"-whatever helps you to remember them best.
       119. Call upon them, and let them come to you and set you free. They are many, and they are more than willing to come to your aid and do your bidding. Call upon them; do not neglect these heavenly warriors who come to your aid. (End of message.)

       120. (Jesus:) The Eleria are sent to bring freedom of spirit. But just as with any other assistance from the spirit world, how much or how little effect they have is determined by your faith‚ yieldedness, and how fully you implement their counsel. They are assigned to the children of David at this time because you, as My Endtime leaders, must face the most intense resistance, especially in this time of rebuilding. Satan has focused his attention on you as the greatest threat to his kingdom, and one of your most powerful weapons is the freedom of spirit I have granted you.
       121. My goal is to set you free to serve Me utterly, forever freed from the shackles and smothering oppression of the world and its enslaving traps, pitfalls, and quicksand. You need the help of the Eleria in this time to activate the freedom of My Spirit again in your hearts-some more than others, but all are in need. Once this has been accomplished, your fire and passion for Me will spur you to ever greater heights.
       122. Many of these angels of freedom are already at the sides of My Endtime fighters, aiding in small ways while they await their full activation as you call upon them, seeking their name and their help. Once your eyes have been opened and you have chosen the freedom of My Spirit, the conviction will live on in your heart, and the freedom you have gained will continue to grow and become stronger as your commitment to focus on the things of My Spirit takes over.
       123. These wild stallions of spirit, these angels of freedom, are the catalyst to lift you to new heights. But as with any catalyst, how much effect they have is based upon how much they have to work with.
       124. So give them free rein of your heart, spirit, will, humility and love for Me. Follow their spirited call and race with them through the mountains of My house as they teach you more freedom than you have ever imagined, and they take you to where the purest waters of the spirit can bring you the strength and desire to delve ever deeper into all that I long to show you. They are your protectors, but they are also your liberators as you learn to burn free with them. (End of message.)

The Blue Angels/Keepers of the Power:
*       "More on the Keys!-What the Future Holds, Part 2," ML #3351:2-6, GN 946

       2. (Jesus speaking to the channel:) First I will describe what I allowed you to see as you listened to this Heavenly "Song of Victory." As the first notes of the song came through the speakers, your eyes became misty and began to sting–not from tears, but because I was opening your eyes to the spirit world. The room took on hues of various blues from light that came from the borders of the room‚ like a wall surrounding you. As the words of the song came, the wall began to move, slowly and gracefully, rippling like water, as if something were trapped inside.
       3. Then when the chorus came, the "wall" took on the form of many women who are conductors of My power. Their arms shot up in praise, and their waves of blond hair stood up as they arched their backs. Tremendous fountains of light shot out of their chests, and in bursts, sprayed over everyone sitting in the room. You had to close your eyes because it was too much for you to behold. But the next thing you saw was that each of the beautiful blue creatures had come to stand behind someone, as if each had chosen a subject. With the last bars of the song, your sight was closed to that picture and brought back to your dimension.
       4. These beings are the keepers of the power sources of Heaven. They are a branch of My mind and My power. They are many, yet they are one, and their sole focus is to protect the power of God. Like a cloud, these beings of divine energy descended upon the room where you were gathered, not unlike in the day of Pentecost. At My command they released the fire of Heaven's energy source upon each of you, giving you direct connection and access to all the power of Heaven.
       5. I gave each of you the keys to Heaven and Hell-the power of Heaven and dominion over Hell. These are not tangible, physical keys; nevertheless, it was an enlarging of My power in you. To use these keys requires faith, wisdom, and a mighty protective field around you. So as I gave you the keys, I sent these keepers who transferred the power to you, and who will stand by you as added protectors of the portion of My Spirit that I am entrusting you with. Through them I will also help you learn to enlarge your faith and to use this power in the days to come. Put your trust in these beings, for they contain the secrets of the power of Heaven. They are directly connected to My mind, which commands these power sources.
       6. Through the power of prayer, the power of loving Me, and the power of praise, you will have the power to command all the forces of evil to be bound for a time, the power to work miracles in My Name, the power to use My will to fight for you in battle. You cannot fathom the tremendous power that has been made available to you! As you grow in faith and in Me, prepare to be astounded at the miracles I will work on your behalf. (End of message.)

*       "Heavenly Communication With Dad," ML #2955:8-9‚ 11-12, 15–16, 18, 20, 22-26, Lifelines 21
(Mama:) Dad cannot be everywhere all at once. Then how could the Lord say to me that Dad would always be by my side whispering in my ear?
Here is a question for you: Can someone from around the world, thousands of miles away, pick up a phone, call your number, and when you pick up the receiver, whisper sweet things in your ear? Yes‚ of course!-And weren't they at that moment right beside you in voice and in spirit? Well, this is my answer as to how Dad would not have to leave his wonderful Heavenly Home to come here and hover in his spirit beside me like the spirits in some movies you have seen. Instead he can have a continual line of open communication to me.-And not just a mere humanly created telephone line‚ but a more advanced communication system than human minds with their inventions have ever been able to come close to.
So Dad, from his Heavenly mansion and with his new communications system, which is far beyond our comprehension, can be right here beside me tuning in and giving me the counsel that I need. Remember how Dad in the "Heaven's Children" story could go to the Heavenly communicator and tune in to whatever scenes he was interested in on the Earth below? Well, I'm sure that's just one of the many marvelous methods of communication that the Lord has available to His children. Whenever Dad wants to see me or any of us, he can just think the thought and we appear in his mind. Or we can call for help and we'll appear before him. Why not?
Look at what we here on Earth can see when God shows us Heavenly visions. Look at how He gave us a glimpse of Dad's Heavenly Welcome as He showed the pictures to His people as they waited on Him in prayer. If we can see such pictures of Heaven right here and now through the medium of our minds, how much more can they in that great Realm of the most super advanced "technology" ever imagined-and even more than has been imagined-be able to see us in their minds!
"Well," you say, "if Dad is having to receive these images of us on the screen of his mind, he is going to be kept pretty busy! How is he going to do anything else? What's the sense of his even being Up There with all of Heaven to explore if he is going to be continually bothered by requests from us down here? After all, you can only concentrate on one thing at a time."
You can only concentrate on one thing at a time, but Dad is different now! You've probably heard all your life about how only about a tenth of your brain is used, and scientists have never been able to understand why. What a seeming waste of body space and potential! However‚ even operating at only one-tenth of its capacity or less, the human brain is still considered the World's finest, most advanced computer.
Imagine! With the super technology that Man now has–with the greatest achievements of the finest minds on Earth, with the pooled resources of all science-no machine can even begin to match our little brain operating at only one-tenth of its capacity!
Mind you, this is only one-tenth of the brain that is responsible for all of this! Think of all the power and the potential of a brain ten times this effective and ten times this amazing, when in the wonderful realm of Heaven its full potential is realized. The possibilities are unlimited!
Besides being able to know whatever he wants to know on any subject, Dad can now fully tune in to many subjects or people at once, and can be engaging in multiple activities simultaneously. He can be giving me messages from Jesus; he can be tuning in to your activities; he can be exploring the Heavenly City and learning its mysteries, and much more. In a very elemental foretaste of this, look how computers can carry on multiple tasks or run several completely different programs simultaneously.
Another extremely insufficient earthly illustration is a newscaster on CNN: From his studio he can be talking to someone from Los Angeles, someone from Tokyo, and someone from Stockholm on the various screens in front of him, and simultaneously see each of the people and what they are doing.
But with Dad, he has many more "channels" and he really truly can concentrate on each one at the same time-and communicate words, thoughts and pictures of a totally different nature to each person.
Dad can tune in to any of us at will. But if we need special help we must send the signal and make the request, and that gives him a certain signal that will turn his communication on with us.
That is from my very limited perspective of seeing through a glass very darkly. But now you know that almost anything you've seen in sci-fi movies can come true! What is science fiction may be a foreshadowing of Heavenly Truth. What a good example of the Lord's efficiency in using the same brain that He has used down Here, but infusing into it the Heavenly energy it needs Up There to be able to operate at full capacity in a way beyond all of our comprehension!

*       "Birthday Yieldedness," ML #3141:128, 133, 135-137, 140-142, Lifelines 24
's Assignment to Help Mama!
       128. (Dad:) Hi, Honey! Well, you sure have a lot of questions, and you've got a lot of us folks up Here hopping to send down all the answers and stories that you have asked for. Not only do you know how to keep all the precious folks in our units down there busy, but now you're keeping Heaven pretty busy as well. Ha!
       133. Let me tell you a bit more about life Here in Heaven. You wanted a story from someone who has an assignment on Earth, so here I am! What do you think of that? I have an assignment to help someone on Earth, and that someone is you! … I am assigned to help you, to be with you, to lead your thoughts, to guide your decisions, to whisper words in your ear‚ and to help you hear from the Lord.
       135. There's nothing in Heaven or on Earth that I would have wanted more than the assignment to be with you and help you. I know you so much better now than I did when I was with you, and you know me better too. That's because the spiritual realm is just so real-so much more real than you realize. I can look straight into your heart and mind!
       136. So, what's it like to work with someone on Earth? Well‚ it's pretty exciting. I mean, for us, it's like we're in constant communication. You probably don't realize how much we can influence you-especially you‚ Honey, because you're so in tune and prayerful and praiseful. All these things help you get closer to the realm of the spirit: the more you pray, the more you praise, the more you love the Lord, the more you read His Words and listen to Him. The more you do these things, the easier it is for us to get through to you in your everyday thoughts.
       137. We influence your thoughts-that's a great deal of how we lead and guide you. The more in tune you are, the easier it is for you to be attuned to us. I say us because it's not only me here. There's quite a crowd of helpers here with you, some of which have been with you since you were born, and others that have been assigned to you by the Lord at various times, and are still with you. And of course there are the royal guardian angels that stand not only around you, but all around your property, to protect the Sanctuary of Love from any onslaughts of the Enemy.
       140. It's very easy to work with you from our end. And now that you've been learning to hear from the Lord in prophecy, it's gotten even easier. It's so easy for us to get through to you now. Some others have a harder time, but really, anybody can hear from the Lord and be led by their helpers and guides if they'll just take the few steps that are necessary to tune their receivers to the right frequency.
       141. The secret is in the Word, in prayer, in praise‚ in yieldedness, and in love. All these forces draw down the power of the Lord and bring you closer to the realm of the spirit, to where it's not only easier for the Lord to get through with His messages, but also for us to get through with our thoughts.
       142. Remember that prophecy about the engineers that work hard to put all the elements in place for something to happen, and how happy they are when the plan comes to pass? Remember how they also said how disappointing it can be when they're not able to get through to someone, and thereby the person misses all that the helpers have tried to do to engineer something to happen? (See ML #3005:83-93, GN 647.) Well, that's really what happens, and it all depends on these things: how much you read the Word, how much you pray, how much you praise, and how much you love and yield. Those are the keys, the secrets, the elements that it takes to be more easily influenced by those of us who would help you.

*       "Christmas Gifts 2002," ML #3429:14-16, GN 1013

       14. (Jesus:) I have spoken to you repeatedly, My loves, of the need to work with your spirit helpers, and to avail yourselves of the help I provide for you. I know this is a practice that you are yet learning to hone and to put to use in your daily lives. Dear ones, you must now make it a priority to progress in this area. As these days of evil continue, you must make use of these helpers I put at your command to a greater degree. You must not only call on the power of the keys to rebuke your enemies, to fell the dark ones who fight you in the spirit world, but call on the keys in conjunction with calling on these strong, courageous ones who wait to assist you, to fight for you, to encourage and uplift you, to help you in every way.
       15. I have given many helpers to the Family as a whole-your own Father David and Family members who have passed over to this side, such as Aaron, Abner, and others; the prophets and disciples of old, Moses, Noah, David, Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Peter and Paul, to name a few who are at your disposal; great men and women who have passed on, such as Livingstone, Rasputin, Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale and others; archangels, as well as awesome spirit beings such as Ellya, Natalia and others are at the Family's disposal. These are Family ambassadors at large; they come to the Family's aid when needed. And I have revealed to many of you your individual helpers-those assigned to stick by the side of the individual, to stick closer than a friend; those who not only have been chosen by Me to help you, but who have also chosen you, because of their great burden and love for you individually.
       16. Dear ones, if you were to ask Me what present I would like from you this Christmas, it is the resolution from each of you that you will learn to tune in to and work more with your spirit helpers. It is the commitment from each of you to make this more of a priority in your lives. I have given you these helpers, and there couldn't be a more fitting gift you can give Me in return than to make full use of their help.

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