"The Art of War, Part 3," Letter Links #3 (ML #3558, GN 1146)

FD/MM/FM For age 16 and up July 2005


*       "Lovemaking with Jesus," ML #1525:1-3, 8, 11-13, 20, 21, GN Book 10

       1. YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE SO MUCH LOVE and FAITH YOU OBEY, You come when He calls. You must be willing to be stripped bare before Him. You're just you and that's what He wants. He doesn't want your fancy clothes and fancy duds. He wants you.
       2. YOU'VE GOT TO DROP EVERYTHING, FORSAKE ALL, COME IMMEDIATELY, be willing to be stripped bare, abandon all your cover-ups and just exposed yourself to Him. And then you've got to let Him make love to you. First you yield your ears to Him, when He call, you come and obey in submission and yield. You prostrate yourself before the Lord.
       3. THEN YOU YIELD YOUR MOUTH and TONGUE and BOSOM and HEART, and then that part of you that receives His inspiration and inspires you. And He fills you with His seed and you bear fruit.
       8. YOU HAVE TO HAVE FAITH TO OBEY and come and strip off the outer appearance and cover-ups and false fronts and expose yourself to the Lord and totally yield yourself to the Lord in submission. And then if you do your part, the Lord will do His and inspire you and fill you with His Spirit.
       11. THERE ARE ONLY A FEW THAT STAY CLOSE TO THE LORD. Our kids are like the few who stayed close to the Lord and in bed every day with the Lord and getting inspired, compared to the vast many, like the church people who have known the Lord but have not stayed close to His side. The church people are still in the same room, but not in bed with Him. We call others to come share His bed! He'll thrill you and fill you.--And bear fruit!
       12. SOME OF THE CHURCHES ARE AN OLD JEALOUS and SELFISH BRIDE and CONCEITED. All she's concerned with is the wealth and adornments and the house and her jewelry, and all she wants to do is jealously keep the Lord and her over-aged children to herself, but she can't even satisfy her Bridegroom! Once we've been inspired, then we go call others, and when they've been inspired, then they go and call still others.
       13. "EVEN AS THE FIRE BEARER GOES FROM VILLAGE TO VILLAGE LIGHTING THE FIRES, even so thou shalt be lit by My heart so thou canst go from heart to heart."
       20. HE HAS RAISED UP HIS NEW CHURCH, a young Bride, bursting with energy and a passionate love for her Bridegroom!--An alive, vibrant, warm, living, beautiful body that responds quickly, fervently and ardently to His slightest touch and who is widely ravished with His Love! She is exploding with the orgasms of His Spirit and strong to conceive many children unto Him from being filled with the seed of His Word! Hallelujah!
       21. THESE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD and this is what makes them what they are today!--The busy bouncy buxom Bride, bursting with bearing babies for her Bridegroom!

*       "Loving Jesus!--Part 4," ML #3030:74, 76-78, 82-85, 90–92, GN 662
(Dad:) Folks, I've told you before that God's ways are not your ways.
God doesn't always work the way we think He should. That's because man's mind does not see as God sees. The Lord has ways of humbling His children, always keeping them humble. The churches don't really humble themselves, so He can't use them so much, He can't give them so much, He can't trust them with so much in the Spirit. But you have constantly been humbled and He knows you can take it! And it's because of that willingness to be humbled that He makes you great!
But you don't see the greatness. You look around you and you see the struggle and the difficulties. But here again, you're not seeing as the Lord sees. For you see smallness, but He sees greatness! Think about some of the things you already do.--To the outside they seem pretty foolish! Think about speaking in tongues, a gift of the Spirit. You know, they used to take people away that spoke in tongues, and say they were insane! Children had their parents committed because they spoke in tongues, because they had manifestations of the Spirit. You see, the carnal and the worldly people can never accept the things of the Spirit. Now that seems kind of funny that they would take you away and lock you up because you spoke in tongues, doesn't it?--But it happened! But now it has become accepted and understood that it is a gift of the Spirit.
So if the Lord asks you to receive a new gift of the Spirit, shouldn't you be willing? It's no more strange than speaking in tongues. It's no more strange than the gift of prophecy. To an outsider it is strange that you would sit in quietness and receive words from God. But you don't think it's strange‚ and you don't think speaking in tongues is strange, and you don't think praying and expecting God to answer is strange! Well, these are all gifts, and now He wishes to give you a new gift; and He gives it to you because He knows that you're humble enough and believing enough to receive it!
You know, when there's a war, they don't usually start just from one day to the next. It might seem like that, but they don't. There's a long period of building up, of preparing, building armaments and stockpiling them, getting men into position, in place, so that when the little incident happens--which is usually just an excuse and often something that is triggered on purpose--they are ready. But when it happens, the armies are ready, because they've been preparing! They knew the war was coming, they saw it on the horizon, and they planned and prepared and were ready.
So it is in the Spirit. The Enemy marshals his forces and the Antichrist prepares, and so does the Lord‚ and so do we Here in the Spirit, as we help to prepare His children.
And so are you all being prepared as well. The Charter is a preparation. The message of prophecy is a preparation, preparing you to hear His voice, to be comfortable with it, to be prayerful and to seek Him. And now this gift of love is also part of the preparation, for it draws you closer to Him, and Him to you, and it's really needed. And it will be more needed as time goes on.
As a very wise general, the Lord is preparing His army. He's giving them instruction and training, He's giving them power. But with each step it requires your obedience, your faith, and your yieldedness, so that He can give you more and more.
You look at this as a big test, but He looks at it as a great gift! So receive the gift, just receive it and believe it! You don't have to understand every facet, you don't have to examine it top to bottom, side to side, and try to figure it out. Receive it! You'll be greatly blessed by it. For though you see it as a test, He sees it as a blessing because He sees beyond the test. He sees the victory, He sees the love, He wants the love. He wants to bestow upon you greater love than you have ever known!
So let Him, won't you? Please let Him. Let Him receive your love, let Him give you His love. You have no idea how much happiness it will bring to Him, and you have no idea how much happiness it will bring to you! You have no idea what strength in spirit it will bring for your obedience and faith! You have no idea how much it will prepare you for that which is ahead! You have no idea how much it will change your lives, how much it will grow your spirit, how much more you will be connected to Him, the Source of all strength, all power, all wisdom!
And it's yours through simple faith, through simple yieldedness, through simple obedience. So give Him your love so that He can bless you‚ prepare you and strengthen you. Give Him your love just because you love Him. Give Him your love so that you can learn more about how much He truly loves you, as knowing that will help you through the hardships ahead–-the hardships of tribulation‚ the hardships of loss. For His way up is down--down in humility, down on the bed of love, down through the tests and the trials.--But up, up in the Spirit, up in victory, and finally up into His arms where He will comfort and love you beyond measure!

*       "Loving Jesus!--Part 6," ML #3032:65-69‚ 145-153‚ GN 664
(Jesus:) Whether you are single, or whether you are married, or whether you are considering being married, I will bless all of you--all of you--if you will give your love unto Me. If you are together with one, worship Me. If you are alone, worship Me. In all that you do, love Me, worship Me, give your love unto Me, and I will pour forth a blessing. I will pour forth abundantly, far beyond that which you can comprehend. For I will bless you in Spirit. I will bless you in flesh. I will bless you in supply and in abundance. My love for you is so great!
As you love Me, it unclogs the wellsprings of My love and it allows My blessings and My love to pour forth unto you in such great measure and such great anointing, in a flood of My love upon you! I will fill you and fill you and fill you to overflowing, and you will overflow upon others!
So shall the abundance of My love pour forth and fill your cups. And the abundance of your love will pour forth and fill the cups one of another. And the abundance of all of your love shall pour forth and fill the needs of your friends and of your close ones. And the abundance of My love will give you all that you need to pour forth My Word and My message and My love upon the dry and dusty and needy world. All because you turned and gave your love unto Me.
Just as the pleasurable act of lovemaking brings forth fruit in a new life‚ a child, so does your lovemaking with Me bring forth fruit, the fruit of My love.
So, come! Come‚ let us love together! Let us be passionate lovers together, that we may bring forth fruit, and that this fruit shall remain, and it shall remain with us together forever! (End of prophecy.)

(Jesus:) Who will listen? Who will receive this new power? Yea, I say unto you, only the children of David! For there are none other that are open and ready and willing to receive these seeds of life and this truth! So I reveal it unto you, for I shall give you great strength and great power.
As you preach this message and share this news, some others will listen and understand and will know and will learn and will grow and be strengthened because of it. But they are few, few in number.
As the darkness comes, I will empower them too, but not with the great power that I will give unto the children of David for their obedience, but mostly for their love unto Me that they will show, and yea, they have shown. For the children of David have proven themselves faithful and loyal unto Me and willing to sacrifice and to die daily for Me, that I can pour forth upon them in great abundance this great measure of power and love that I have for them, that they may use it greatly in the times to come.
So rejoice! Rejoice, I say, rejoice in this wonderful gift that I give unto you! A wonderful gift! A gift that I have given unto you!
I am revealing this unto you alone and I am pulling back the veil of My Word on that which was written by My servant David, to give you a greater understanding and a fuller knowledge of what I meant. For the time was not then, but the time is now, for we enter into the dark days, the days coming when there shall be gross darkness upon the people and upon the Earth. But you shall be a gleaming light, a light of love!--A light of strength and power and of My Words. As the darkness grows, the light shall shine brighter, yea, brighter I say!
There will be those who will listen unto you that are not of you, and they will have faith and it will draw them closer unto Me. But because of the great obedience of the children of David, and their great love for Me, and their great sacrifice, and their years, yea, years of faithfulness, so will I pour forth upon them in greater measure!--Greater than I have ever poured forth upon this Earth and upon My children in any times past. For now is the time that the power is needed and the strength is needed and the light is needed.
And as My children learn to love Me, to draw upon My strength, to put Me first‚ to call unto Me and to desire Me, so shall I pour forth unto them in great abundance all that they need, for I shall care for them as a king cares for his bride, his queen. I will pour forth great love and great anointing and great provision and great protection, for you shall need all of these things. And you shall know that you are the delight of your King and your Savior and your Lover and your Strength. And for this delight that you bestow upon Me, so shall I delight to give you all the desires of your heart‚ all the power that you need and all the strength that you seek.
I will bestow much, much love upon you for your humility, for your willingness and your yieldedness, for your faith and for your love, for I know that you truly love Me, and I am well pleased in you.
So sing a song! Sing a song of love unto Me! Sing a song of rejoicing! Sing a song of praise! And I will sing a song for you, a song of the showers of My blessing. (End of prophecy.)

*       "Loving Jesus!--Part 7," ML #3033:13-15‚ GN 665
(Mama:) I have gone through Parts 3 through 6 [of the "Loving Jesus" series] and compiled a list of the wonderful promises from the Lord. I thought it was worth including these to help you better understand what the Lord says will be the fruit of practicing this new revelation.
*       We'll be a strong Family, and you'll be strong, valiant soldiers, well prepared for that which is ahead. Being in love with Jesus will help you through the dark, difficult days to come.
*       You'll enter the Promised Land of the Spirit‚ where great blessings, great anointing, and great open doors await you.
*       You'll be used in new and greater ways and accomplish more with effortless ease, because the Lord will answer your prayers, needs and desires in an even greater way.
*       You'll receive new strength, new power, new anointing, and the gift of humility.
*       You'll be pulled out of discouragement and disheartenment to do a better job for Jesus, and be happier and more fulfilled.
*       You'll understand this new love, and you'll revel in His ecstasies and be renewed.
*       You'll be humbled, empowered, refreshed, happy, relieved, and you'll fight again with new vigor.
*       You'll love the Lord as never before and have a closer relationship with Him.
*       You'll understand the Lord and His Words better, and be led to a new realm of His Spirit.
*       You'll have physical blessings as well--great supply and abundance, great provision, great protection.
*       You'll be filled to overflowing with His love, and that love will flow out to fill the cups of each other and the needs of your friends‚ sheep and contacts. You'll pour forth the message to a needy world.
*       This gift of love will make your yokes easier‚ your burdens lighter, and will fill your hearts with joy.
*       Your lives will change as you grow in spirit and get more connected to Jesus.
*       As you follow the Lord step by step, He will lead you to new heights and new places, new horizons that you have not even dreamed of.
*       You will become beacons that will shine brightly with the Lord's love and light throughout the whole world. Many will see and come to you. (More witnessing!) They too will be enlightened and will become fruitful witnesses.
*       You will become a sample to the world of Christians who have the love of God, and who give that love to one another.
*       You will have great communication with one another.
*       You will glow, and you will have in your hands the elixir of God's love to heal broken hearts.
*       The volcano of God's love will explode into all the world, and enlighten the land!
*       You will be filled with His love and empowered by His seeds, so you will have more love to pour upon each other and the world.
Wow, that's a pretty impressive list of blessings and benefits! And this is not to mention all the wonderful fruit that He promised in our relations with one another. Some of the benefits along that line include: Your marriages would be renewed; new relationships would be more founded on Him and therefore stronger and more fruitful; you'll receive a whole new outlook on the Law of Love and sharing; it will enhance your lovemaking; it will break down the walls between you and bring a "great binding together" with each other and the Lord. Thank You Jesus!
If you've been battling and greatly needing blessings such as those listed above, then this is the answer to your prayers! What the Lord asks of us is so little when compared to all the rewards He has promised us!

*       "Loving Jesus Jewels," ML #3045:79, Lifelines 23
Love Words for United Prayer Times

*       We need You, Jesus. We desire You, Lord. We want You to fill us with Your seeds.
*       We cherish You and we hold You and we give You our hearts and minds, we give You our all.
*       We want to be one with You.
*       We want to be a good Bride for You, and carry Your seeds and attend to Your household and care for Your children and be a lover for You.
*       We yield ourselves to You.
*       We give You our all and hold nothing back.
*       Thank You for being our precious Savior, our tender Lover, our faithful, doting Husband.
*       We are Your submissive Bride and we wait to do Your bidding.
*       You're such a wonderful Lover, fulfilling our every desire‚ and leaving us breathless at Your touch, Your wonderful caresses.
*       We desire You above all others, and we pledge our love to You.
*       We run to You, we cling to You; You are our only desire.
*       We wait patiently for You‚ yielding our all to You in total surrender.
*       You are our all in all, Lover of all loves; You fill our every longing.
*       Oh, how we love You so! Just to be in Your presence is our reward, yet You continue to give without measure Your wonderful, ravishing love. We want more and more! Fill and thrill us to overflowing! We're Yours.
*       We want to be close to You; we love spending time with You. We want to channel all our love and attention toward You, our Love, our Savior, our Deliverer, our Husband.
*       You are everything to us; we can't live without You!
*       We want to be a better wife to You.
*       We give You our hearts, our lives, our time.
*       We love You, our Sweetheart, our Darling; we love loving You.
*       As one lover calls to another lover, so we are calling out to You. Our spirits long for You!
*       We are so comforted by Your Words. We are soothed by Your soft touches and caresses.
*       You are our wonderful Husband, and we are Your wife. We don't want to hold back anything from You, so that we may be one. For we are in love with You and we long for You. We desire to fulfill Your will, to fulfill Your desires, to do whatever pleases You. For we come as love slaves before You, ready to do Your slightest bidding. We are ready to fulfill Your will in the wings, and we are ready to come into Your arms and lie with You and be filled with Your seeds. You have esteemed us worthy to come and minister to You, to minister love to You. For even though we are not worthy, yet You have deemed us worthy. For this love do we give our hearts unto You, that You may do with them what You please.
*       Our lives are Yours. Our spirits are Yours. Our bodies are Yours. Every part of them we surrender to You.
*       We are bound to You, as a lover is bound to the one she loves. We don't want to be loosed from You, because You are far fairer than any other, and far greater than any other. The love that You give us is the greatest, above all loves!
*       We take this time to whisper tender words into Your ears and to tell You of the great things that You have done for us.
*       All praise and honor and glory are Yours, our dearest forever Love!

*       "What a Husband and Lover,"       ML #3098:9-11, 14-15, 21–22, 24-28, 35-40, 53‚ 70-76, GN 719

       9. (Jesus:) I am not as a man, one who would lie or deceive or trick or lead on his lover only to get what he wants, and then dump her and reject her and leave her hopeless and penniless and brokenhearted. I am not only your Husband and your greatest Lover‚ but I am also your Lord and King and Savior. I rule the universe, and all power is given unto My hand. My Words to you are true. My promises to you are perfect. Some have been fulfilled‚ some are being fulfilled, and some will yet be fulfilled.
       10. But not one of My promises will be without her mate, just as I am not without My mate, and you are not without your mate [Me]. Just as you and I are complete and whole in each other, so will each of My promises to you be complete and whole, each one with her fulfillment.
       11. Your love has moved My hand to work in many ways--some you see and some you do not yet see. But I am constantly working for you, serving you, honoring you. I know your every need, and nothing escapes My vision. My passion and love for you drives Me, compels Me, pushes Me to attend to your every need and desire. … I am your Husband and your Lover today, tomorrow and forever! Nothing will separate us. Nothing will lessen My love for you. Nothing will cause Me to lose interest and to go seeking someone new, someone different. For you are the Bride of My dreams, and I will take such good care of you--pamper you, spoil you, honor you so before the people--that you will never regret marrying Me!
       14. Those of you who have loved Me intimately have benefited from My blessings both in ways you have seen and ways you have not seen.
       15. I work in each individual's life differently, and I manifest Myself to each one in a unique manner. Some see signs and hear wonders, and others do not. Some are aware of obvious changes, and others are not. Some have felt the ecstasies of the honeymoon and the marriage, and others have not. But I guarantee and promise to each of you, My brides, that regardless of what you feel, or whether or not you think you can detect evidence of My blessings, I have blessed you and I am blessing you and I will continue to bless you.
       21. Those who have loved Me intimately, I have helped and strengthened and blessed in an enormous variety of ways. Victories that have been won, lessons that have been learned, tough decisions that have been made in My will were all part of My reward, My blessing. But the greatest reward, the greatest gift, is greater intimacy with Me. As you have learned to love Me intimately, as you have lain in My arms, received My kisses and caresses and seeds, so have you learned to be attuned to Me. You recognize My Spirit and My voice more easily. You feel the nudges of My Spirit more obviously. You sense the direction that I am leading. You discern My will and My way more completely.
       22. Just as it is with earthly lovers, as they spend more time together and share their hearts and learn to know one another deeply and intimately, they become attuned to each other's desires and needs and ways, and with time they are as two hearts that beat as one. They think alike and act alike and are alike. So it is with us--you, My dear bride, and Me. You have learned to recognize My needs and wants and desires. And as we have spent many precious hours in the secret place in passionate lovemaking‚ so have you become more like Me-–thinking My thoughts, reacting as I react, feeling as I feel, and loving as I love.
       24. You have exercised your gifts of prophecy. You have grown in faith, and My seeds, the results of our lovemaking, have poured forth through your mouth in the form of more specific instruction, more abundant message. For as your desire to receive My seeds and My lovemaking has grown, so has your desire to hear My personal, fresh, Heaven-sent Words increased as well. Your increased ability to hear from Me, to receive help from Heaven‚ specific answers to your immediate questions through My living Word for you is a direct result of your loving Me and receiving My seeds. You love Me and I fill you to overflowing, and My truth bursts forth from your mouth and heart and spirit.
       25. Likewise, so it is with your witnessing. You have been willing to give yourself to Me, to receive Me, to show Me your desire. You have not only allowed Me but you have wanted Me to fuck you, to fill you deeply and fully with My penis and My seeds. Such ardent lovemaking has moved you and warmed you deep inside. It has touched your heart and caused you to be renewed, and anointed with compassion and understanding and tenderness. As you look into the eyes of the person to whom you are witnessing, you are not businesslike or in a routine, just to make a sale. But you look upon each of them with a broken heart, gazing deeply into their eyes and their spirit to see what their needs are‚ how you can help them and minister to them and really make a difference in their lives.
       26. I have brought new life into your witnessing--new purpose, new vigor! It has caused you to want to be more honest, more real, and to have a deeper witness, a more sincere connection with each person you meet.
       27. You have also sensed this change in your interactions with one another--with your husband or wife, your friends, your children, your co–workers. As you have broken down the walls of pride and the cover-ups and the false fronts with Me, a desire has been born within you to do the same with those around you. As you have learned to be honest with Me and to confess your need and to show yourself weak and hot and horny before Me, it has made you also want to be more intimate, more humble and closer to those around you.
       28. As your lovemaking with Me creates greater intimacy between you and Me, it does the same with those around you--your husband, your wife‚ your friends, your co–workers.
       35. Those who have loved Me intimately as a Home … having an attitude of faith‚ and manifesting support and acceptance and belief in this hot new relationship of ours--have also been the recipients of My special blessings. The circumstances of each of your Homes are different, and so the manifestations of these blessings are also different. To some they come more quickly, to others they come later--but to all they will come, I promise.
       36. My blessings shall be manifest in a variety of ways. You shall feel more unity and a greater bond of love between you. You shall have greater grace to accept and overlook and not be bothered by each other's little idiosyncrasies and bad habits.
       37. You shall learn to have greater sacrificial love so that everyone's needs can be met, not only spiritually and physically, but also emotionally and sexually. The individuals and marriages that have been selfish and closed and untouched by the needs of others will open up and reach out and become more giving.
       38. You shall learn to fight more effectively unitedly and through prayer to overcome the battles, the difficulties and the problems you encounter. As you are loving Me together intimately as a body, it will create in you a greater desire to come to Me and hear My Words of direction and instruction and encouragement for your Home. As you more closely follow not only the general principles of My written Word, but also the specifics that I will give you as My channels, you will become more fruitful, and you will be able to stay in the center of My perfect will more easily. By loving Me intimately as a Home, it will be easier for you to come to Me together as a Home to hear My voice and receive My fresh Words from Heaven for you.
       39. As you enjoy greater unity and greater love amongst yourselves and a greater closeness and intimacy with Me as a body, you will become more powerful witnesses and a greater testimony to those on the outside. You will have more of the drawing power of My Spirit. When you go out to the highways and hedges to look for the lost sheep, or when they come to your Home to see a sample, the people who see you will look upon you and marvel! My Spirit will rest heavily upon you, and they will know that you have been with Jesus. They will know that they see a miracle, because a life of such sacrifice and a Home of such love and unity can only be wrought by My Spirit.
       40. All will behold and partake of your love and peace and the unity of your Home of hearts. Whether it be the adults, young people or children who live there, or whether it be outsiders who simply visit, all will feel My love and sense My Spirit and know that I am alive. They will know that I am not a King and a Savior Who is distant and afar off, but I am right here beside you, with you and in you, loving you personally and intimately as My Bride.
       53. The children of David have become the brides of Jesus. They have been set free to love Me intimately, wildly, wholeheartedly, with utter abandonment, without restraint, without limit. As the heat of their passion abounds, so do My blessings abound. As they pour forth their hearts and their desire and their longing for Me without limit, so do I open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing to them that is without limit.
       70. There are other [rewards], some of which have been manifest fully and some of which are still hidden. Doors have been opened to new mission fields, and faithful ones have pioneered and been met with open arms and hungry hearts. The message has reached those who have never heard before, and the Words of David have poured forth with great abundance in lands that are cold and barren and where the people are brokenhearted.
       71. I have encamped round about you an enormous armor guard of angels that have protected you from the attacks of the Enemy in the form of persecution. I have kept at bay your enemies and those who seek your downfall, those who hate you and long to destroy you. Those who live to destroy you have been powerless and helpless because I have tied their hands. It is but for a time, but I have allowed you these years of peace and prosperity, and there are yet more to come, so that you may continue to progress and be strengthened and take full advantage of the doors that I have opened before you.
       72. I have also set you upon a new path of ministering My Word. New tools and new ways and means will soon be at your fingertips. I know the desire of your heart to reach the world, to minister more effectively and efficiently. I know the desire of your heart to do new things, to reach out, to pioneer, to break free from your ruts and the ways of the past. I am even now preparing the way, and great will be the company of those who publish the Words of David!
       73. The armies of David will march forth with greater power, strength and anointing, and their witness shall be heard around the world! As you have grown in the power of the Spirit through your intimacy with Me, your yieldedness, your willingness to believe by faith and take Me as your Husband, so will your witness grow in power. You shall reach the ends of the Earth, and all shall know of the children of David and the message they bear.
       74. As your witness grows in power‚ so shall your finances grow. Because you have been My faithful beggars and you have been willing to be humble and to be in need year after year, you have proven yourselves worthy of My abundance. As I promised unto your Father David, I will make you a financial power, strong not only in the eyes of God but in the eyes of man, because I know you are trustworthy and responsible and accountable. You have passed the test of poverty and difficulty and desperation. You have proven yourself faithful with that which is least, and now I will pour forth in great abundance so that you will have the wherewithal to do the job that I have asked you to do in the short time that is left.
       75. All of these many blessings and benefits are yours as individuals and as Homes and as a body‚ because you have been willing to give yourselves wholly to Me. You have humbled yourselves by faith. You have said to Me the love words I desire by faith. You have come to My bed of love and reveled in the ecstasies of lovemaking by faith. You have received My Word, the strange truths, the deep truths of My Spirit, by faith.
       76. Continue to walk by faith, and My promises will become a reality to you. I love you, My brides, My precious ones, and I will never fail you. You are Mine forever, and I am yours forever. We are forever one. I love you, My loves. Thank you for loving Me. (End of message.)

*       "Living the Lord's Law of Love!--Part 1," ML #3201:137-138, GN 804

       137. (Jesus:) The new weapons that I give you for this new day are the weapons of loving Me intimately, of hearing My voice, and of unity with your Family. These weapons will enable My children to fully live My Law of Love and to bring down My full blessings. I know that you love Me, and I know that you believe My Words and My voice, but you must learn to fully use these weapons to gain the victories that you need.
       138. As you love Me, as you spend time loving Me and becoming filled with Me, thus will I be able to fill you with My love, My seeds, My truths‚ My thoughts, My views, and thus will you be able to see things as I see them. When you can see things the way that I see them, then although your natural man may struggle and buck against it, you'll be able to fight, knowing that you're doing the right thing, and knowing that I will give you the strength for it. (End of excerpts of message.)

*       "The Weakness Revolution–-Part 3," ML #3219:5-6, 8-12, 14-17, 20-22, GN 821
       5. (Jesus:) You've done well in your fight, but you can still do better, for all can do better.
The moment you arrive at the place where you think you can't do better, this is the beginning of the long, slow death. The moment you arrive at the place where you think there's no room for improvement, this is the beginning, the entrance down the road to disaster.
       6. Those who would fight courageously, valiantly and bravely must allow Me to do the fighting for them.
Therefore, My love, you have only to lean hard, lean heavy, and lean strong on Me, continually seeking Me and calling out to Me that I might fight the battles for you, for this is the key to victory! Those who give the battle to My hand are those who win the war. For I am your strong tower, your strong arm, your might, your strength, and your force. I, and I alone, am the One Who can keep you strong, keep you in line‚ and keep you faithful.
Those who get on board with the new weapons are those who allow Me to do the work through them. Those who refuse to fully embrace the new tactics of warfare are those who try to fight the war on their own, in their own strength, their own power, their own wisdom, and by their own works.
       9. So often My children stumble and fall and get waylaid and lag behind
when Satan tempts them with the wile of "Why not wait awhile?" As your Father David so often taught you, it's the attacking initiative that wins the war. I am attacking the Enemy in a different way than before and using My children in a different manner.
       10. Yes, My love, this is a key, for I am attacking!
I wish to go on the attack, and I wish for you to go on the attack. Not only must you fight back when the Enemy is hitting you, but you must always be launching the attack. Take the initiative and go on the attack!
       11. So often My children only fight back when they feel the battle strong‚
when they are amidst the battle. When the Enemy would try to ambush them or corner them, then they fight back, for the need is plain. When the Enemy comes in like a flood, when he is obviously pulling out both barrels, then it wakes you up and you know you must fight back.
       12. But the key, My love, in this day when the war rages and battles are strong, is that you must never take your armor off.
You must pray and take the attacking initiative at all times. Go on the attack before the Enemy attacks you. Don't wait until he strikes and tries to ambush you, but preempt him.
       14. Everyone, no matter what their situation or how ideal the circumstances, must stay on guard against pride and familiarity, resentment and criticism, which lead to bitterness. The Enemy is always looking for a way to make you criticize, murmur or compare‚ which leads to resentment and bitterness, and even doubting My love for you. The Enemy often exaggerates or blows things out of proportion, or even tells you outright lies to cause you to look at things incorrectly. It is the snake in the garden with which he tries to spoil even the most happy, ideal and beautiful of situations.
       15. You need not fear that pride will overcome you, but face it! Go on the attack! You've done so in asking for help and for prayer, and now you must continue attacking. Keep attacking the Enemy every day before he has a chance to attack you. Even when you feel things are going pretty okay, that's the time to go on the attack!
       16. All My children who would fight through and win in this day must take the attacking initiative!
Keep hitting him with the new weapons of praise and prayer and hearing from Me. Keep alive and active by hearing My fresh instruction for you personally every day. In this way I am able to guide you and keep you moving and changing from day to day, so that the Enemy will never know what you're going to do next.
       17. This is how you can keep the Enemy and his little agitators on the run
. For as you keep listening and pulling down My instruction for you personally, I will lead you on how to attack that day. I will show you where to launch the attack that day, in that moment‚ for I know the position of Satan. I know his plans and how he will try to fight you, and I am able to guide you around his traps. I'll show you when and where and what is needed--what method to use, where you need to hit him back that day–-and this will keep you leaps and bounds ahead of Satan and all his imps.
       20. As the war escalates, it is imperative that you stay constantly on guard.
You must not take your armor off. Where once it was a good idea to always take the attacking initiative, in this day it has become more than a good idea--it's a matter of life or death! Therefore you must stay on the attack if you want to overpower the Enemy instead of him overpowering you.
       21. One of the best ways to attack the Enemy is through your use of the new weapons I have given you--by praising Me, even aloud, loving Me intimately, and hearing My Words of help, guidance, strength and comfort! These weapons leave no room for the Devil's lies and evil devices! One way to hit him head-on when you are hit with a negative thought, with a criticism, with a doubt, is to immediately take that thought to Me and either turn it into a praise--by praising Me for My goodness and My deliverance and My overcoming power--or immediately ask Me about it, and let Me expose what a lie it is! Taking the offensive like this with the new weapons not only defeats the Devil but strengthens you tremendously!
       22. Take the attacking initiative before the Enemy attacks you
! Preempt the Devil and set him back on his heels. Constantly rock him and sock him and send him spinning, punch by punch, blow by blow, blast after blast! This is why I give My children these new weapons of war, that they may launch out‚ always on the offense--that they may strike first, wielding devastating blows to the Enemy through surprise attacks! Hit him hard! Hit him head-on! Hit him high! Hit him low! And most of all, hit him constantly! (End of message.)

*       "Desperate for Jesus," ML #3250:7–15, 20–22, 25‚ GN 852
Love Me Out Loud!
       7. (Jesus:) You are a chosen generation‚ a royal priesthood, and a peculiar people
--peculiar because I have destined you, the children of David, to be special mouthpieces for Me in these Last Days. I have planned it so that I might use you to do the things that other Christians, other churches, have not been willing or able to do. You, the Family, are My chosen peculiar people who I have blessed with My Spirit of freedom. Your obedience, your yieldedness, and your humility keep you free in spirit and make it possible for Me to use you to do the things that few others are willing to do.
       8. So don't let the voice of the Enemy come in and spoil your sample and your beautiful freedom in the Spirit--freedom to tell others how much you love Me‚ and to let them know that you're not ashamed of being in love with Me, but you're proud of it! Don't let the Enemy rob you of the beautiful gift of freedom that you have.
       9. You don't have to be bound by the conservatism, condemnation, and fear of the Enemy. He wants you to keep quiet, to never say anything out loud to anybody about Me, to never praise My Name out loud, to never even pray out loud in front of your peers, and to never say you love Me. These are his goals--to silence the voice of God, to silence your voice, to stop the flow of My love, My Words, and to stop you from being the sample of love that I want and need you to be.
       10. When you talk about Me in front of your peers, when you pray or praise or love Me out loud, you're doing more than just giving Me the glory, which is good and needed. You're also encouraging your own spirit and the spirit of others, and you're raising your shields of faith against the attacks of the Enemy.
       11. As your Father David taught you, your words are powerful things; they really do lift up or cast down. And if you don't even say those words of praise or love and aren't willing to pray out loud for fear of the opinions of others, fear of appearing spiritual, or fear that others will think you're trying to show how close you are to Me, then you're missing the blessing of My Spirit and you're causing others to lose the beautiful spiritual blessings that I want to give them through you.
       12. You need to uphold the standard of the Word which I've given you. You need to be willing to be the sample of a one hundred percent follower of the New Wine, no matter what you think others might think about it. Then your sample of following closely will encourage others to do the same, because they'll see the good fruit that it bears in your life and in the lives of those you touch.
       13. If someone else has a hard time praying out loud or praising or loving Me, rather than thinking that if you do it you'll be making them feel condemned, you need to realize that you'll be helping them by setting the example that it can be done. You'll be an encouragement to them, and you'll be helping them to get over their fears. Once they see that someone else is doing it, they'll be encouraged to do the same.
       14. Your sample of freedom will help to set other people free. Just like love begets love, the spirit of freedom inspires freedom in others; it ignites the flame in their heart to want to be free.
       15. You mustn't listen to the lies of the Enemy when he tempts you to worry about what others will think as you give Me words of praise!
Satan uses these temptations and the fear of being criticized to stop the flow of your words of love and praise, to stop the flow of My Spirit, and hinder our connection. He uses these insinuations and accusations to cause you to fear the opinions of others. He tries to plant his seeds of doubt and fear that they'll think you're trying to show how good or how spiritual you are, when in reality as you speak these words in front of others it will work towards setting them free in spirit!
       20. The Enemy will fight these words of praise relentlessly‚ for he knows the power that lies within them! For just as My Word will never return void, but it will accomplish that which I send it to do, it is the same with your praises and words of love to Me. As you continue to praise Me and speak these words of love to Me, this will bring forth good fruit--not only in your life, but in the lives of others. It will set your spirit free as these words of praise and love will bring on My Spirit of freedom. And as you step out and praise Me and love Me openly in front of others, this will also have an effect on them and help set them free. It's My Spirit of freedom that the Enemy fears!
       21. Others need to see as many good samples of the freedom of My Spirit as possible! The more My children encourage and support each other to be good samples through their words and actions and encouraging spirits, the more the freedom of My Spirit will flow, and the freer you'll become!
       22. So you must fight to be the samples I need you to be amongst yourselves, through your humility to praise or pray or love Me out loud, so that I can strengthen you and bless you and use you even more mightily to reach the lost and show them how wonderful My love is. Let them see it and feel it and hear it through the things that you say.
       25. I want your words of praise, and I want others to hear your words of praise, to hear your prayers and love words to Me. This honors Me and gives Me the credit and glory, and it shows your humility and love for Me. I love to be honored before the people and given due credit, so hold not back the praise of your hearts‚ but let your lips speak it.

*       "How to Love Me More, Part 1," ML #3282:58-62, 64-65, 165-175, GN 888

       58. (Jesus:) My dear ones, I know some of you have had a hard time accepting this revelation of loving Me intimately. It's strong New Wine and something that you have to get accustomed to drinking, otherwise it can cause you some indigestion and upset your system.
       60. It all comes down to how much love you have for Me, how willing you are to do anything for Me. When you're in love with someone, you want to do anything for them and with them. So it is with this revelation. As you love Me, you'll want to follow Me wherever I take you and lead you. If I am asking you to love Me out loud and make love to Me, you'll want to.
       61. The Enemy really hates this revelation. He tries to hinder you in any way he can to discourage and frustrate you and lead you to believe that it's all a hoax and not necessary in order to love Me. He will try to dampen your convictions by saying that other Christians get along just fine without the Loving Jesus revelation. But you must understand that the calling to which I have called you, My Endtime Bride and Family, cannot be compared to the callings of other Christians in the world, not even to the great men and women of faith throughout the ages. Many Christians of old have done great things for Me and have been used mightily of Me, yet the Last Days, the time of the End, is different. All the prophets have dreamed of this day. It will be unlike any other time in history, and will require a different set of strengths and different training than any other Christian in history has had to have.
       62. I know best, and I know what you will need in order to make it through the Endtime, not merely scraping by and existing, but fulfilling the role that I have laid out for you, being mighty witnesses and testimonies for Me. In order to do this‚ and in order to have the strength and power that you will need, you must love Me intimately. From this you will gain strength, wisdom and power. So if you want full power, anointing and blessing for today, and training for the days to come, this is the way. I call My children to practice now, to embrace this revelation now, so that they will be able to fully utilize it in the days to come.
       64. So won't you forsake the old ways now? Don't reject the new truths that I have to give. I'm calling you to be a soldier for Me. A good soldier doesn't follow some requests from his officer while rejecting others. He accepts them all and obeys, both the requests and the commands. This is how you will find happiness. Fighting against Me and My messages to you leads to a harder and more difficult path, one of unhappiness, rather than a fruitful, blessed, happy life.
       65. Don't delay! Put away your old garments and make room for the new ones that I want to clothe you with! I will make you into a new creature as you accept and partake of the Loving Jesus revelation, as you embrace it with your whole heart and being. It takes faith, but it's worth it all! (End of message.)

       165. (Jesus:) You ask whether those who do not love Me intimately will have a more difficult time in the dark days to come, and in answer to this I will tell you a story which parallels the magical benefits and power that loving Me intimately brings.
       166. Picture yourself inside a fantastical world--a land where kings and queens rule, where good reigns predominantly and sinister evil lurks in the shadows, where every boy and girl is a prince or princess in their mind, where every heart dreams of love, where the forests are alive and enchanted‚ where animals talk when humans are not present, where surprises pop out at every turn, but where ultimately all things are designed to have a happy ending.
       167. You–-a prince or princess--have been sent upon a mission. It's a dangerous task, but you have accepted because there are great rewards to be collected at the completion of your goal. The benevolent Master who has instructed you as to the objectives of your mission has outfitted you with the clothing and materials that you will need. He has warned you that you will encounter many obstacles, and that in order to win the prize, you will have to pass through rain, hail, storm, wind and fire. Then you must survive the final test; what it is, you do not know.
       168. As time wears on and your journey lengthens‚ you're confronted with obstacles‚ setbacks and phenomena that you do not understand. At each turn you hear the voice of the Master speak to your heart, instructing you. His voice often tells you to follow the path that looks least promising, yet as you obey, the path clears and you find that you're on the right road.
       169. At length you have passed through the rain, hail, storm and wind. Then the fire greets you with heat that you've never felt before and you shrink back. You had the strength to face each of the other obstacles, but this one seems too hot, too hard to bear. With the rain, hail, storm and wind, there were easier ways to pass through the testing. They simply had to be waited out, to be endured. You could continue trudging through the storm or you could seek shelter for a while, and once the tempest was past, you could proceed. But this tunnel of fire looks impassable. You feel that certainly there must be a mistake in the course the Master planned for your journey.
       170. Again you hear the Master's voice in your heart, and He tells you that this is no mistake. You must pass through the tunnel of fire. Additionally, He tells you that each test you have undergone thus far was for your own benefit. It's true. You did notice some magical improvement--however small--either in your mind, heart or physical state each time you weathered one of the obstacles placed before you. But you cannot believe that the tunnel of fire will bring any chance of magic or improvement to you, only death. Yet you have come too far to turn back now, you determine. The Master has never failed you, and though you cannot see a good purpose yourself, you place yourself in His hands‚ in His wisdom and knowledge, and set off to brave the tunnel of fire.
       171. Your journey through the tunnel of fire seemed sometimes long, sometimes short. What took place within its flames you keep locked within your heart. When you emerge, you notice that your traveling clothes have been burned off your body, and in their place is princely attire, fit to appear in the finest courts. A gleaming, glowing sword hangs by your right side. A shield is in your left hand. Your mind feels sharp and your senses rested and alert. Your heart beats with a steadiness and confidence you've never felt before. Magic was born in the tunnel of fire and it now lives inside you.
       172. Before you can assimilate just what took place and all the newness and refreshment you feel, you see a dark cloud on the horizon, racing toward you. Instinctively, you know that this is your final battle, and you walk forward, calmly trusting. You know that the high cost of enduring the tunnel of fire has repaid itself one thousand times over in preparing and outfitting you for your final battle. So you march on to conquer and win, to defeat the foe. And thus the story reaches its happy conclusion, and the prince or princess lives happily forever after in the Kingdom of the Master.
       173. What does this mean? What does it symbolize? Do you feel like this call to love Me is like the tunnel of fire standing before you? This is the last wall of preparation which you must pass through before you are fitted and prepared in heart, mind and spirit to be the soldier of the End that I have called you to be. This revelation of loving Me intimately can be likened to the last wall of preparation. Putting that wall between you and the Enemy will give you the extra protection that you will need in the days to come. After this will come more strengthening and other aids and tools that will enhance your skills, but the Loving Jesus revelation is the last wall of preparation, the last step to your being suited and fitted with the basics that you will have need of in the Last Days. For with these tools, you have the basics needed to withstand the evils that the Enemy will throw against you. It is the consummation of My Bride and Me, and put together with the other new weapons that I've given you which you are learning to use faithfully, it provides you with all that you will need. And yes‚ it will prepare you for the Last Days, and without it, you will lack in some area.
       174. I know that now it [the Loving Jesus revelation] may look to you like an impenetrable wall of searing heat‚ one which you cannot bring yourself to pass through, but I promise that once you determine to pass through it, magic will be born within you. Though you may not feel or see the effects of this magic, you will feel it when you see that the Last Days are upon you. You will see the strength that it has provided you with. You will feel the difference. Now it's a matter of faith, but you will feel and see the fruits of it with your very eyes in the days to come.
       175. So if you wish to go through the final battle with all the strength and help that you can possibly have, embrace the Loving Jesus revelation and partake of it. If you wish to be as close to Me as possible and be privy to all My Words, instructions, and the special things I would tell you and teach you, then love Me intimately. For although a person can still make it through the Last Days and be close to Me without doing so, the full blessings and benefits only come to those who choose to partake. And as the days wax worse, the benefits will only increase.

*       "The Era of Action!--Part 2," ML #3289:38, 40-44, 49, 81–82, GN 883

       38. I have promised greater works, and I have given you the means by which to do these greater works. Step by step I've been preparing you, bringing you closer to Me, testing you to see if you'd be willing to give up those things which I asked of you, asking you to come out from the world, to be separate, asking you to be My bride, to become completely Mine.


       40. It's not by accident that so many of the gifts which I have given you come with some conditions--such as being willing to be considered fools for My sake, laying down your pride in order to use them, and setting aside your intellectuality and natural ways of doing things in order to obey Me. I ordained it that way so that only those willing to humble themselves for My sake, only those willing to be completely Mine, would benefit from the power, strength and anointing that comes with those new weapons.


       41. You've already seen great power, great anointing, and increased strength from using the new weapons that I've given you. You've tasted the fruits of obedience. But you haven't seen anything yet!


       42. In the days to come, more and more you will see a clear line drawn between those who have been willing to come and be My intimate brides, those who've been willing to walk by faith and do that which I've been asking, and those who hold back. The power and the anointing will become more and more obvious.


       43. It's the day of great miracles, great anointing, and great power--and those who will partake of that power and anointing will be those who have passed the tests and been willing to leave their pride behind in order to obey Me. Those who hesitate, I do not throw out. They can hang on for as long as they have the strength. But the time is coming when the only way to have the strength will be in using the new weapons that I've given you.


       44. The greatest love in the days ahead will be the love that comes from loving Me intimately. The greatest wisdom will be the wisdom that I give in prophecy. The greatest power you will have will be the power that you have in prayer. The greatest way to victory will be through praise and keeping your eyes on Me. The bond strong enough to endure will be found in truly living My Law of Love.


       49. The time is soon coming when you will no longer be mocked for the choices you've made for Me, but rather you will be revered, respected, sought after. You will be known as the mighty ones who know their God. It will be an everlasting testimony to My love, My power and the relationship that we share. Many will inquire how they too can know Me intimately. We will broaden our marriage and receive many who are hungry. You will teach many how to love Me. The gift of loving Me intimately, the gift of hearing from Me in prophecy, and the strength you will have from living My Law of Love that I have given you--all these things will be a great witness, and will bring many to Me.


       81. I've chosen you to be one of My Endtime brides, who will serve and love Me until the End. Time is short! That's why I need you to love Me even more passionately and ardently than ever before! I need you to make love to Me daily, to receive My seeds, My messages! There's not much time left, and I have many more seeds to give you. But you can only receive so much at a time. That's why you need to come to Me frequently and not let too much time pass between our lovemaking times. These times are very important.


       82. The thing that is the most important is to keep our link and love relationship hot and passionate. I'm going to be looking forward to that, as I want you always by My side and I love loving you. But more than that, it will help you through whatever comes your way, and will help you make any difficult decisions you may have to make this coming year. It will also help you to yield, as you'll have the trust in My love that you need.

*       "More on the Keys!--What the Future Holds, Part 2," ML #3351:6, GN 946

       6. (Jesus:) Through the power of prayer, the power of loving Me, and the power of praise, you will have the power to command all the forces of evil to be bound for a time, the power to work miracles in My Name, the power to use My will to fight for you in battle. You cannot fathom the tremendous power that has been made available to you! As you grow in faith and in Me, prepare to be astounded at the miracles I will work on your behalf. (End of message.)

*       "More on the Keys! What the Future Holds, Part 3," ML #3354:70-73, 75-76, GN 947

       70. (Jesus:) I set before you a new open door, greater than any of the doors I've opened to you before. This is the open door to My palace. I give you the keys so that you may come and go freely, so that you might access My palace at any time of the day or night.
       71. Within this palace lie My private bedchambers. Though you've had access to Me and My bedchamber for some years‚ you will now be able to discover many more chambers and rooms full of Heavenly delights, for I have more than one bedchamber! For those of you who so desire, I open doors for you to love Me in new and deeper ways. I invite you to explore My palace, to have a look around, and to find and revel in wonders you have not conceived of before.
       72. My home is your home. My palace is your palace. As My bride, My loyal, devoted and loving wife‚ you have the power to hold in your possession and lay claim to whatever you find within My palace that suits your fancy.
       73. You want miracles? They're there for you. You just have to seek them, find them‚ and take hold of them with faith. You want protection? Provision? Deliverance? Supply? Answers? Spiritual revelations? Supernatural understanding? Mystical insight? Wisdom? Creativity? It's all there for you, and then some! You just have to appropriate what you need and want. You must take the step to enter the open door I set before you and seek diligently within My palace for the treasures that are yours for the taking.
       75. Take the treasures I long to give you and spare not, for I have so much--far beyond your imagination! You never need to feel guilty about taking all you want, even if you feel you don't need it. Don't worry that there won't be enough left for someone else, because I always have more than enough for everyone. I've placed it in special corners and chambers here and there, so that those most desirous and to whom it would mean the most will find each particular treasure.
       76. So come, My brides. Walk in the door--the enormous double doors of My immense palace–-and feast your eyes on all that is yours for the taking! Use the keys I have put in your hands; cultivate the power I have given you. Whatever you want, whatever you desire most from the realm of the spirit, is there for you. It is My pleasure to give it to you! (End of message.)

*       "Vows of Surrender Ceremony," ML #3378:38-40, GN 975

       38. (Jesus:) When I more fully possess you, it will be manifested to others; there will be no hiding it, for you will know more fully My mind and thoughts. I will be more clearly seen in you and through you. My Spirit in you will bear witness that I am your intimate Lover and that we are one. My greater power will work in you, and you will do great things.
       39. You have seen what I desire-–to have you, to more fully possess you, to mesmerize you, to enthrall‚ to spellbind you with My Spirit, so that I might show you how deeply and completely I love you, so that together we can defy all evil and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth! You must have Me fully within you if you are to fulfill your destiny. You must be completely possessed by Me.
       40. I want you, My brides. I want to give you all I've got. I want to fill you with My love to greater satisfaction. You will never, ever regret allowing Me full possession, for this is the ultimate! There is no greater satisfaction, no greater love than the love I wish to lavish upon you when you say yes to Me. I bid you come. Come and let us consummate our love. You have vowed a vow of utter surrender, love and devotion, so let Me possess you now. (End of message.)

*       "Exposing Bacchus," ML #3402:39, 44, 49, Post-it GN #4

       39. (Jesus:) The new weapons are strong and they are powerful, and when you have used these against Bacchus, he has had to relinquish control in your life. But when you have let your guard back down, he has come back to claim territory again. But now I will tell you how you can have a final victory against this one:
       1) As any general will tell you, the primary requisite for waging war is to know your enemy. Before you had only vague ideas, but now you know your opposing force by name. It is Bacchus, the fat prince of addiction. I have revealed him to you, and now you can call him out by name, and cause him to kneel and cower at the mention of My Name and with the blinding light of the keys of the Kingdom.
       2) This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. You have allowed him many entrances into your life and his hold is deep‚ but not too deep to be rooted out. If you can be delivered from that trap‚ you will be so much happier and more productive and more useful for Me. So fast and pray and cast out this demon in My Name.
       3) Every demon has his nemesis which will cause his downfall. The nemesis of Pan is the Word, the Scriptures, the New Wine, anything that builds faith. The written Word will send Pan screaming! The nemesis of Bacchus is loving Me intimately and calling Me to your side as your Husband. When you do that, you show Bacchus that his addictions and trinkets are nothing in your life because I, as your Husband, satisfy all your needs for pleasure.
       44. So when tempted by Bacchus or when you feel his tentacles reaching for you, that is the time to call on Me as your Husband--not just your Lord, King or Protector, but specifically as your Husband. This shows that you are Mine and that you derive your pleasures from My hand, not the counterfeits of Bacchus.
       49. He is strong, so never attempt to fight him without calling on Me as your Husband to save you, and calling on the keys of the Kingdom. But once you have those powers on your side, nothing the prince of addiction has in his arsenal will move you or shake you or reclaim you to his side!

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