"The Art of War, Part 3," Letter Links #2 (ML #3558, GN 1146)

FD/MM/FM July 2005


*       "Baalzebub--Lord of the Flies," ML #168:7-10, DB5

       7. (Dad:) "ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME IN HEAVEN and IN EARTH! The spirits are subject unto us! God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind! Perfect love casts out all fear! In nothing be terrified by your Adversary, the Devil! I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' name! Resist the Enemy and he will flee from thee! Get thee behind me, Satan! Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world! When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him! Give no place to the Enemy! Whatsoever shall be bound on Earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever is loosed on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven!
       8. "I LOVE TO FIGHT THE ENEMY!--As a strong man that loves to run a race, and a strong man that rejoiceth and shouteth by reason of wine, as a knight that loves the fray, and arouseth himself to fight the Enemy! If you let the Enemy in, I'll knock him out of you! Today they shock him out! Before, they used to beat him out! They don't know how to resist him in Jesus' name!
       9. "IT'S SO RIDICULOUS TO THINK THE HOUSE OF BAALZEBUB CAN FIGHT THE HOUSE OF DAVID!--That the Lord of the Flies can fight the Lord of the Living! The flies only eat the dead, the dung, and the dying and are killed by the Living! I love to fight for the Cause of David and the Name of Jesus! Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might!" Hallelujah!
       10. We haven't even begun to fight yet! It makes me furious when people take the attacks of the Enemy lying down and let the Enemy walk all over them, without resistance, or go pussy-footing around trying to appease him or trying not to arouse him! I like to hit him head on, and rebuke him in the Name of Jesus in the power of the Spirit and get rid of him, not just keep putting up with him, tolerating him and letting him hang around bothering us and the people he's oppressing, obsessing and attacking! LET'S DECLARE WAR ON THE EVIL ONE!

*       "Out of This World," ML #686:100-108, Vol.5

       100. THE POWER OF THE LORD IS SO MUCH GREATER [than that of the Devil]! HIS WORD TELLS HIS CHILDREN: "GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD" (1John 4:4). In other words, God is saying, "My power in you is much greater than the Devil's power in the world's children, his children--much greater!" Their power is so puny compared to ours and is so weak and ridiculous compared to the power of God that they're like little kids playing with matches while we've got lightning bolts!
       101. GOD'S POWER IS LIKE LIGHT WHICH PENETRATES AND DESTROYS THE ENEMY'S DARKNESS! But it's impossible for the darkness to penetrate the light, no matter how hard it tries! It can't put out the light, because it's afraid of the light! It can't even get close to it, because the light destroys it! For "God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all" (1John 1:5).
       102. SO WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT OR FEAR SATAN'S PUNY POWER because we are protected by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is far greater than the power of the Enemy. If we have the power of the Lord, if we have Christ and the Holy Spirit, we are overshadowed, we are enveloped.
       103. THE LORD'S PROTECTION IS JUST LIKE A FORCE FIELD AROUND US, AND THE ENEMY CANNOT PENETRATE IT! It's impossible for him to penetrate it unless the Lord allows him to do it as a spanking, as a chastening, as a reaping of something you have done that you haven't confessed or you're not sorry for. Then the Lord allows you to reap the results.
       104. BUT THE DEVIL CAN'T DO A DAMN THING, A REAL DAMN THING, WITHOUT GOD'S PERMISSION, without authorization from the Lord. He can't touch you! He can't let one of his demons touch you, he can't do a thing, nothing, as long as you have the Lord's power and are in His will.
       105. IT'S AMAZING THE POWER THE LORD GIVES US! Almost the Devil's total power is in fear. But the moment the Lord's children are tempted to fear, we immediately think of God and the fears vanish!-–Anything that is not of the Lord just vanishes!
       106. "FOR GOD HATH NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR; BUT OF POWER, AND OF LOVE, AND OF A SOUND MIND!" (2Timothy 1:7). Hallelujah! "For perfect love casts out all fear!" (1John 4:18). And "God shall keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him because he trusteth in Him!" (Isaiah 26:3). Praise God forever! God is bigger than any devil!
       107. SO "FEAR THOU NOT‚" HE TELLS US, "I AM WITH THEE! Be not afraid; for I am thy God! I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee; yea‚ I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness!" (Isaiah 41:10). Hallelujah! We don't need to fear the Devil or any and all of his angels!--JESUS is with us! "Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you!" (James 4:7).
       108. THANK GOD, ONE LITTLE WORD SHALL FELL HIM!--JESUS!--The Master of all! Hallelujah! You have but to utter the Name of Jesus to fell all the demons of Hell including Satan himself! "Behold, I give unto you power," Jesus promised, "over all the power of the Enemy: And nothing shall by any means hurt you!" (Luke 10:20).

*       "The Sheepdogs--Our Annoying Helpers," ML #1439:3-7, 10, 11, 14, GN Book 3

       3. (Dad:) THE SHEPHERD IS LIKE THE LORD, WE'RE THE SHEEP, and THE SHEEPDOGS ARE LIKE THE DEVIL'S ANGELS! The devils are working for the Lord to help keep us in line. They nip at the strays, the backsliders, people who get out of line, out of God's protection. And yet the sheepdogs belong to the Shepherd, they're working for Him! They're literally taking care of the sheep by keeping them in line and keeping them in the flock and not letting them get away with anything.
       4. AND THAT'S JUST LIKE THE DEVIL--HE WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING! … He's the Accuser of the Saints! He will accuse you to the Lord the minute you step out of line in any way and he'll start nippin' at your heels and giving you all kinds of trouble! Because really, he's working for the Lord!
       5. YOU SAY, "THEN HOW COME HE CAUSES ME SO MUCH TROUBLE and SO MUCH DAMAGE IF HE'S WORKING FOR THE LORD?"--Probably because you got out of line, that's why, and you didn't stay in God's will and where He wanted you, and you didn't stay close to the Shepherd, you strayed away! Thank God for the sheepdogs, his little imps, because if you get too far away, then the … wolves would get you!
       6. IN A WAY, THE DEVIL IS YOUR FRIENDLY ENEMY! I always told you the Devil's working for the Lord! God's his Master and God created him for a purpose--to hound you and keep you in line--and if you get completely away and completely out of line‚ he'll let the wolves destroy you!
       7. WHO ARE THE WOLVES?--WHO DESTROYED JESUS?--WHO KILLED EVERY PROPHET?--YOUR BITTER ENEMIES! The Devil's your enemy in a way--I'm sure every time sheep get nipped in the heels they figure those dogs are their enemies--but actually the dogs are keeping them out of trouble! If the dogs let them get away, they'd fall into the hands of their enemies, the wolves, and they have no mercy, they don't abide by the law. The Devil has to obey the law.
       10. BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD and HE KNOWS GOD and HE KNOWS THE LAWS and he knows his limitations and what he can and cannot do, therefore the devils are subject unto us! They have to obey us, think of that!
       11. THE DEVIL IS JEALOUS, HE IS AN ENEMY, BUT IN A SENSE HE'S ALMOST A FRIENDLY ENEMY because he has got to abide by the Laws of God and you have authority over him. He has to do whatever you say in the Name of Jesus Christ--but not your free-willed enemies, not the [ACs], not the Scribes and the Pharisees and the church people! They are a law unto themselves-–self-righteous, hypocrites‚ liars, murderers, everything that's evil, worse than the Devil himself!
       14. THE DEVIL IS UNDER GOD'S CONTROL--ONLY MAN IS OUT OF CONTROL! Only man can defy God, because he's been given a free will and choice, the majesty of free will to do as he pleases! So only man‚ like the people who crucified Jesus‚ can defy God and can try to do us damage.

*       "Attack!--Fight for Your Rights," ML #1548:72, Vol.15

       72. DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DEVIL, HE'S AFRAID OF YOU!--If you'll face him down! "Resist the Devil and he'll flee from you!" (Jam.4:7) "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!" (Isa.59:19) What have you got to be afraid of? God's on your side! You're with the Lord! He's the winner! He can't possibly lose! The God-damned Devil is a coward! You face him down and resist him and he'll run, every time! Amen?

*       "The Real Victors of the Tribulation," ML #1624:1-8, 10, 16, DB2

       1. THE OUTSTANDINGLY GIFTED PROPHETS and PROPHETESSES and WITNESSES OF THE LAST DAYS, particularly the Tribulation period, much of their powers to fight off the Enemy and to continue to protect their witness and witnesses will be very similar if not identical to some of the powers we'll be using in the Millennium. There comes a time when even good has to use force and violence against evil, and this is certainly clear throughout the Bible, because force and violence is almost the only thing that evil understands. But our weapons are not carnal but much more powerful, unto the tearing down of strongholds, spiritual strongholds, fighting and opposing the spiritual wickedness in the spiritual realm. (2Cor.10:4)
       2. WE'RE NOT JUST FIGHTING EVIL PEOPLE BUT EVIL SPIRITS WHO POSSESS THEM! Therefore, we have to have weapons that are more powerful than normal physical, carnal weapons. We have to have powerful spiritual weapons to use, if necessary, to resist the powers of evil and to protect ourselves from the Devil, and we have available some of these powers even right now today before the Tribulation. Men and women of God have always had these powers available from the very beginning. God had to give godly people godly powers to defeat and oppose and defend themselves from the powers of the Devil.
       3. IT SAYS THAT POWER IS GOING TO BE GIVEN TO THE ANTICHRIST TO OVERCOME THE ORGANIZED CHURCH and TO DESTROY ITS TEMPORAL POWER, which is in process already. (Dan.7:21-25; 8:24; Rev.13:7) … But that doesn't mean that they're going to defeat or dominate or destroy all of us, the true believers and those who have the supernatural powers and miraculous defenses of the Lord. "For they which do know their God shall do exploits and shall instruct many". (Dan.11:32–33) The Lord is going to give His true believers, men and women of God, Prophets and Prophetesses and witnesses, supernatural, miraculous powers of self-defense and even of attack on the forces of the Enemy in order to survive and continue witnessing until the Lord comes!
       4. IT SAYS THAT THE ANTICHRIST FORCES WEREN'T ABLE TO DO ANYTHING AGAINST THE FINAL TWO WITNESSES UNTIL THE VERY END because they were able to cause curses and plagues on the evil and to call down fire from God out of Heaven to devour their enemies, and that's some picture! That's a picture of mighty men and women of God fighting a victorious battle over the demons of Hell right until the very End, even though some of them were allowed to be martyrs.
       5. CERTAIN VERY POWERFUL MEN and WOMEN OF GOD LIKE THE ANCIENT PROPHETS and PROPHETESSES OF OLD, ARE GOING TO BE THE LEADERS and have these supernatural miraculous powers to protect and defend their flocks and followers and help them to survive to the very end, the final great witnesses depicted in Revelation.
       6. SO THERE'RE GOING TO BE MILLIONS OF US WHO SURVIVE UNTIL THE RAPTURE, LED BY THESE SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS LEADERS!--Some by hiding out in the wilderness as the Scripture says (Rev.12:6,14), others by defying the forces of Satan face-to-face and victorious over all the powers of the Enemy till the very End!
       7. THERE'S NOTHING REALLY NEW ABOUT IT! It happened throughout all time, all through the Bible there are stories about it, only our power's going to be tremendously increased and magnified and multiplied during the Last Days! "Where sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound!" (Rom.5:20) And where Satanic power is going to abound, then God's power is going to much more abound to protect His Own! God's purpose is not going to be defeated.
       8. THE TRIBULATION PERIOD IS GOING TO BE A DEFEAT FOR CHURCHIANITY and THE SO-CALLED "HOLY PEOPLE", BUT NOT FOR THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD, THE GENUINE CHRISTIANS! It's going to be a time of waging war on the Devil and all his Antichrist forces in powerful victory right up to the End!
       10. So we don't have to think that we're just going to be cowering, hunted victims. Most of us are going to be not cowering but powering in our fight and battle and defense of the Gospel right up to the End, with all the forces of Heaven on our side, including the curses and plagues of God on the Enemy, and the Lord's defense by all kinds of strange monsters described in the Bible that appear during the Tribulation period to defend us!
       16. WE'VE GOT TO WIN!--WE'RE THE HEROES and THE HEROINES! The forces of God cannot be defeated and the plan of God cannot be frustrated! We're bound to win! We can't lose! So what are you worried about? Praise the Lord! God's going to take care of you and use you like you've never been used before!

*       "God's in Control," ML #2084:2-7, 11-15, 19, 29-31, 36, 38–39, DB3

       3. IT'S BEEN MY IMPRESSION FROM THE SCRIPTURES, "HE SHALL GIVE HIS ANGELS CHARGE OVER YOU TO PROTECT YOU IN ALL YOUR WAYS" and you can't even stub your toe or dash your foot against a stone, they'll bear thee up in their hands. (Psa.91:11-12)--That His guardian angels protect us from everything, except from the penalties of our own sins.
       4. HE WON'T LET A HAIR OF YOUR HEAD BE TOUCHED! "HE THAT TOUCHETH YOU TOUCHETH THE APPLE OF MINE EYE!" (Mat.10:30; Zech.2:8) The only time He allows Satan to really seriously attack us is as a penalty for our sins. In other words, we let the Enemy in through our own mistakes, shortcomings, weaknesses, sins, disobediences etc. Otherwise He sets a hedge about us so that the Devil can't even touch us, like He did Job. He does sometimes allow the Enemy to hinder us, distract us and thereby delay us‚ or if we need it, to test us.
       5. If we go running out of the tower of His protection of His will‚ as the Lord once told us, He will then allow Satan's fire to scorch us with disease, accident, etc.
       6. WHAT KIND OF ATTACKS DOES THE LORD ALLOW US TO HAVE? Usually they're a result of our own carelessness. They're just like child training, they're like chastening. We get a little out of line and then we get a little spanking‚ the Lord allows the Enemy to give us a little swat or two. Or we're foolish and we catch cold, or we don't get enough rest and we get run down and we get something else etc. Or we're careless in our conduct and we have a little accident.
       11. MY IMPRESSION OF THE OTHER WORLD IS THAT GOD RULES IT, NOT THE ENEMY! The Enemy's extremely restricted in his activities, except if we disobey and get out of God's will and are careless, just like down here now. He and His angels are absolute rulers of both Heaven and Earth, and all spiritual places as well, and the Devil cannot do a damn thing without His permission!
       12. THE ONLY TIME WE'RE VULNERABLE IS WHEN WE OURSELVES GET OURSELVES OUT OF THE PROTECTIVE FORCE FIELD, so to speak, and we go astray or we disobey or we get careless, or we fear, or we doubt. All of these are sins. I don't think the Devil can touch us except as a penalty of our sins or shortcomings, and I don't think the Lord will let him do that unless we persist in it.
       13. BUT I REALLY DON'T BELIEVE THAT SATAN NOR ALL HELL NOR ALL HELL'S ANGELS CAN EVEN TOUCH US-–"not a hair of our head", He says-–without God's permission! And I can only believe that God would give such permission when we are out of line. I don't believe that the Devil can touch us when we are in the will of God doing God's will.
       14. DON'T FORGET, THE DEVIL'S WORKING FOR THE LORD TOO! … He's God's little devil and demon and imp and chore boy to whack us around with God's permission when we get out of line! But otherwise he doesn't have a right to put a finger on us!
       15. LOOK HOW THE DEVIL EVEN HAD TO PLEAD WITH GOD ABOUT JOB! (Job.1-2:6) He had to argue with God about it! Until finally, because the Lord knew Job's weakness and so did the Devil, He allowed the Enemy to attack him in that which he was most vulnerable, and that was his own pride and self-righteousness.
       29. I'VE GOT A GOD WHO IS ALL-POWERFUL and HE RULES OVER EVERYTHING! He won't let the Enemy, not one of his little devils or imps or Satan himself, lay a finger on a hair of your head, unless you need it or deserve it or somehow it's warranted.
       30. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE GOD LETS BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO US WITHOUT ANY WARNING OR FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, except for some good reason. Either we've been bad and we deserve it, or we've been good and He just wants to see how bad we want to be good! As I used to say, sometimes God lets things happen to us to humble us‚ to make us humble, and later on He may let things happen to us again to see if we're still humble.
       31. BUT I HAVE AN ALL-POWERFUL GOD WHO CAN DO ANYTHING and PREVENT ANYTHING and WILL NOT LET THE DEVIL GET ANY POWER OVER US! As long as we are obeying God and trusting Him and do not doubt and have the faith and rest in His Word, I don't believe God's going to let much happen to us except maybe a little test to just see how much faith we've got, how determined we are and how much patience we have, and how convinced we are that we're right to go ahead with what we're doing.
       36. I THINK MOST OF GOD'S TRIALS and TESTINGS ARE CARRIED ON BY HIS LOVING and FAITHFUL ANGELS, HIS OWN ANGELS, NOT THE DEVIL! I think if Job hadn't been such a severe case, He wouldn't have even let the Devil do that! But there's nothing God hates like self-righteousness! So He had to use the Devil himself to really bring Job down!
       38. He had a lot of faith in Job! He knew Job was going to make it, that's why He let the Devil test him. But He knew Job needed to have a whole lot of stuff burned out of him too, mostly his self-confidence and self-righteousness. So Job learned his lessons and then the Lord relieved him‚ PTL!
       39. BUT GOD'S GOT A REASON FOR EVERYTHING and I STILL SAY HE'S THE MOST POWERFUL and THE DEVIL CAN'T DO A DAMNED THING WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION! Some say let's give the Devil his due, but don't give him more than his due or give him credit for having more power than he really has!

*       "The Lord Is My Deliverer‚" ML #2427:12-15, 38-43, Vol.18

       12. (Dad:) Jesus said, "All power is given unto Me in Heaven and in Earth!"--Mat.28:18. And if you have Jesus, you have His power!--So even the demons and devils of Hell are subject unto you, and they have to do what you tell them to do!--As the disciples exclaimed, "Even the devils are subject unto us!"--Lk.10:17.
       13. "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world!" (1Jn.4:4), and our God is certainly much bigger than any devil! So it is very important that you know what your rights are in the Lord, and what your authority is, and how to handle these matters, and how to rebuke them by name!
       14. You have absolute power over them, and they have to obey what you order them to do in the Name of Jesus! They have to! So you need to recognize and take the definite authority that God has given you through His Word, and rebuke the Enemy in Jesus' name and command him to go, and he will! The demons and evil spirits are subject to you, they have no free will of their own‚ they cannot do as they please. They have to do what you tell them to do in Jesus' name, and to get the Hell out of here!
       15. All the devils of Hell, including Satan himself, are subject to your power because you have the power of Christ! You can tell him where to get off or go jump in the lake or dive off the deep end!
       38. Once you've decided that you want the victory and you've put your will on God's side, then you've got to go on the attack and really be militant about it and resist the Enemy‚ and God's Word says, "He will flee from thee!"--Jam.4:7. That doesn't mean lying down and letting him walk all over you, it means facing him, attacking him and resisting him in the power of God's Spirit!
       39. If you face and fight the Devil, he knows you'll win! If you fight, he knows you cannot lose and he cannot win, so he tries to scare you or discourage you into giving up the fight, to persuade you into surrendering. He tries to convince you to quit and wave the white flag of sickening surrender!-–And if you stop fighting, you're giving the Devil the victory and you are finished!
       40. So there's only one way to handle the Enemy, and that's to declare all-out war on him, and run him right out of the woods! The God-damned Devil is a coward, and if you face him down and resist him, he'll run every time! The Lord says, "When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a Standard against him!"--Isa.59:19. What's the Standard?--The Bible, the Word of God! It's the Standard, the banner that you wave in front of the Devil's sharp pointed nose, and there's nothing that scares him like the Word! He can't take it, he can't stand the Word of God!
       41. The Devil is a liar and the father of lies (Jn.8:44), and he can't take the truth of God's Word! So take up that white-hot Sword of the Spirit and cut the Devil to the heart!--Whack away! Quote Scriptures like Jesus did!--"It is written!"--Mat.4:1–10.
       42. The only kind of business you can do with the Devil is against him, to fight him, curse him, curse his work and ask God to rebuke him and deliver you! "Give no place to the Devil!"--Eph.4:27. I have no patience with him at all, he just makes me mad and I want to blow him away!
       43. I hate the Enemy with a perfect hatred!-–Psa.139:22. I love to fight him!--As a strong man that loves to run a race, and a strong man that rejoiceth and shouteth by reason of wine, as a knight that loves the fray and arouseth himself to fight the enemy! I like to hit him head-on, and rebuke him in the Name of Jesus and the power of the Spirit, and get rid of him! Hallelujah!

*       "Mama's Visit to Central America," ML #3509:3-38, Post-it GN #14
Use the Lord's Vehicles and Weapons to Obliterate the Enemy!

       3. (Jesus:) My dear, beloved brides of all ages‚ I am so happy to have this special time of renewal with you, this time away from the world.
       4. But some of you are wondering why you're facing some of the most intense battles of your life at this time. Well, the answer is really very simple: You've gone over the top. You've hit the Enemy head-on, and he's furious. That's the simple truth of the situation. The more you attack him, the more he freaks out and runs and tries something bigger to stop your onslaught.
       5. You've made a major drive into his territory, and he's running and grasping at everything he's got to try to overcome this huge attack. He can't stop you, and it just terrifies him. He's trying so hard to stop you, but because you've got Me on your side, it's like trying to stop a tidal wave! We're going to wash right over him and capture so much territory back from his clutches.
       6. I know you may see his trebuchets and his catapults, his spearmen and axe men and his mounted hordes, but don't let that scare you! It may look to you like he's never had such a gathering of his forces against you. But what you've got to realize is that all of his weaponry is obsolete. You're looking at it all wrong. You're looking at the Enemy's forces rather than at your own. Let Me open your eyes in the spirit. Close your eyes and come with Me and let Me show you exactly how I see it.

       7. (Vision:) I see a dark, cloudy sky; the sun's light can't penetrate it. Where I'm standing, it's bright, but I can see the clouds and storms in the distance. The Lord gives an order to start walking forward, and as I begin to walk, it's as if my steps are empowered by an outside power. The ground begins to move rapidly beneath me and I'm running at an incredible speed.
       8. The picture zooms out and I see that this isn't just me running, but rather there's a huge army running in a wedge-shaped formation headlong into this darkness. There are shouts of victory and banners waving as we run. It's a victorious charge into the Enemy's territory.
       9. Now I'm seeing it from the other side. I see myself in the ranks of the Enemy. I can see the Devil's forces nervously fingering their weapons, their swords, their shields, their spears and axes. I see them shaking, looking around at each other, completely terrified.
       10. It's amazing the difference of feeling I experience. When I'm in the Lord's army I feel an incredible sense of victory, as if the victory is already won and we're celebrating. In the Enemy's camp there is a very oppressive fear and panic.
       11. I'm watching now as the forces around me begin to drop their weapons and run. I can hear an evil commander shrieking out orders to stand their ground and hold the ranks, but his forces are deserting their lines in panic.
       12. The scene continues to unfold, and I see the Enemy hovering above his forces. On his face is a panicky expression. He's waving his arms, and over the hill I see the catapults and trebuchets begin to fire. I can see the fireballs coming. They fall on his own ranks and cause further panic. The Devil then, in a fury, orders a fresh volley, which seems like it's going to hit the oncoming army of light.
       13. The scene changes to the onrushing "good guys," and I see that they're all rushing toward squadrons of powerful and heavily armored vehicles. These are their vehicles, not the Enemy's. They're all diving into their tanks and armored vehicles--and these vehicles look huge. The troops are climbing up ladders to get into them. The shouts of victory continue as I hear the incredible roar of the engines of these massive machines. The only way I can describe them is that they're like the massive earthmovers that often stand about two to three stories tall that are used in mining operations.
       14. These vehicles are so big that the sound of their engines is deafening. Mounted on them are these cannon–like weapons, which look absolutely overpowering. They fire a volley of light at the Enemy and it hits his first line of defense, which disintegrates into ashes. I hear the shouts again, the cries of victory, as the vehicles rush forward at amazing speed. I see the scene from above again, the same wedge formation, and it's now completely washing over the Enemy‚ crushing him without mercy.
       15. It's like these monster machines don't even notice anything is there beneath them. There are no obstructions. The power of the engines of these huge vehicles is so powerful that nothing stops them. Their size is overwhelming the midget-like catapults and artillery.
       16. I hear a continuous roar of the engines and the thunder of the cannons firing. Then I see a host of heavenly air power swooping down and bombing in front of them. The clouds are being driven back as if by a forceful wind, and the light is shining everywhere.
       17. The Enemy's forces turn to dust or ashes as they are destroyed, and I see the wind blowing their remains away before the force of the attack. The Devil is turning and running. It's such a funny picture because he's waving his arms and screaming, "Stop them! Stop them! Aaaaaaaa!" as he is driven back. Then I see something grab him and begin to suck him in. He's grasping at anything to try to get out of its grip; it's sucking him in‚ almost like a cartoon. He's stretching, and suddenly--pop!--is gone into this huge vacuum-cleaner-like scoop.
       18. Now the monstrous vehicles are thundering over the mountains and chasing down the enemy. The scene is of total obliteration‚ complete annihilation of the enemy; they never stood a chance. Their attempts at stopping the oncoming forces of the Lord were almost pitiful. Before the whole scene unfolded, there was definitely a massive enemy force standing against the attack, but now there's nothing left--nothing, not even the remains of the enemy. It doesn't even look like a battle took place. The destruction of the enemy is so complete that their ashes are just blown away in the wind!
       19. I see the ash being blown away and the grass appearing beneath. The grass is bright and green and obviously strong and healthy. It was completely covered before. Now the scene is bright and I see the heavenly aircraft sweeping overhead with a deafening roar as they spiral and twist in a display of power. The enemy is routed and the victory is won! I just want to glorify our invincible Lord and proclaim His magnificence!

       20. (Jesus continues:) So do you see how I see it now? The victory is ours! The day is ours! We haven't been defeated! We're so powerful that I don't really care if the Enemy pulls out some "big guns"--they're harmless and ancient compared to My superior firepower. They're going to be blown away in front of you.
       21. The problem you're having is simply one of your perception. You're looking at it like Elisha's servant in the Bible. He was looking at the armies of Syria round about them, completely cutting them off from any help, when suddenly his eyes were opened to the firepower that was on their side, and then he was really scared! Ha!
       22. The armies of Heaven are at your side, aiding you, rushing alongside you, overwhelming the Enemy for you. You've just got to keep pace with them. Don't lag behind. The fight is right up here at the front of the charge-–don't hang around in the background or you'll miss all the fun and see no action.
       23. It's time to launch that offensive, rally the fighters, and launch the attack squadrons! Get on board the latest of My monster Satan-crushers! Get up to date with your key-empowered attack vehicles and completely overwhelm the attacks of the Enemy!
       24. Sure, he'd like you to think that he's got a massive army at his disposal. And, yes, it may look like that if you're thinking that you're standing alone against it. But you're not. You just need to ask Me to open your eyes to the overwhelming force of spiritual power that you have around you. It's basically a non–contest. What more can I say? If you want to quiver and shake in fright, I pity you, because the power you have available to you is so invincible that you shouldn't even consider this a battle.
       25. You want an easy victory? Then for goodness' sake, mount up, get moving, and take it! This is as easy a victory as you're ever going to have over the Enemy. He's practically defeated already. He'll be wiped out before you get to him. All you have to do is claim the day, claim the victory over him, and it's yours!
       26. I don't know what more I can say. Get up, get moving, and win the victory! Quit hanging around in the service depots! Use the vehicles I've given you! Get out there and take it, please! Stop quivering and shaking in fright at the attacks of the Enemy--use the power you have and take the victory from him. Take it, please! It's just pathetic that you'd be so frightened, considering the power that is available to aid you.
       27. I've sounded the charge. The battle is one you will win if you simply will get on board the vehicles I have made available to you and take the victory. You're a born winner. You can't lose with Me on your side; you can't help but defeat the Enemy--you're destined to! You've seen movies where the good guy is destined to take control of some power and defeat the forces of darkness? Well, you're just like that. I ordained it so that you would be destined to win.
       28. The Devil sees that you are his doom‚ his defeat, his downfall, and that's why he's trying to convince you that you can't take ahold of your weapons of death to his power. He knows that the moment you start using your weapons to the full, you'll be possessed and filled by all the power of My magnificence, and he will be defeated.
       29. He's there desperately telling you not to use your weapons, begging you not to get in touch with the power, because he knows his evil empire is doomed the moment you do. So what are you going to do? Heed that sniveling weasel?--Or use your weapons of the Spirit and destroy the Enemy's power, ending his reign forever?
       30. You are at a crucial point in your history. You are about to inherit the Kingdom, and the only thing that stands between you and your rightful place is the Enemy--this impostor, this shadow of darkness and his fabrications. He's all that stands between you and the throne. What are you waiting for? Why quit now? Having come so far, why cop out now?
       31. Can't you see that it's the Enemy lying to you and telling you that you can't beat him? All the while he's nervously eyeing your weapons. He knows that the instant you begin using your weapons‚ he's defeated. All he can do is try to convince you not to attack him. Grab your weapons of the spirit with all the fury of My power within you, cut the Devil to the heart, and take what is rightfully yours. Let his screams of horror spur you onward as you defeat him.
       32. Overcome him by the power you have available to you! Why can't you see that you are an overcomer? Will you abandon your heritage? Will you deny your place at My side? Will you deny yourself the satisfaction of having defeated the Devil? Will you quiver and run in fright at his words? That's all they are--words--empty nothingness, lies, half-truths, deceptions, poisonous pills that you have to decide to swallow.
       33. Stand up for your calling! Stand up for what you are destined to own and govern. You are destined to win--you cannot be defeated, because you have Me on your side. For goodness' sake‚ stop quivering and start fighting! Start attacking away at the Enemy! Start destroying his power, start vaporizing his garments of darkness, start ripping away his cover-ups, and let the light of My Word utterly destroy him!
       34. Let today be the day you decided to claim your throne. Let the courts of Heaven rejoice as they see you making full use of your spiritual weapons and challenging the Devil with such fury that he cannot withstand you. Are you a warrior or a wimp? What is your heart made of? Are you a power-wielding overcomer or a sniveling coward?
       35. You must grab ahold of that weapon and defeat the Enemy-–it is your destiny! You are predestined to defeat Satan and all his wiles--why doubt it? All you have to do is take hold of My power and use it!
       36. Don't let the annals of Heaven say, "Here is the record of a warrior who could have been, who could have defeated Satan, but he or she ran in fright when faced with the opportunity." What a horrible testament that would be. Instead, let this be the inscription next to your name: "Here is recorded the tale of the undefeated warrior of David. Within this record is an example for all time of an overcomer. The halls of Heaven proudly salute [your name here]."
       37. Wouldn't that be so much better? Wouldn't you rather go down in heavenly history as an overcomer? If you would, then take hold of the keys, take hold of the weapons of the Spirit, start the engines of your massive war machine and move out to crush the Enemy, and claim your place beside the greats of all time.
       38. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death." They were overcomers! Take your rightful place among the greatest overcomers of all time. Now is the time to act! Today is the day of salvation--all history awaits your decision. (End of message.)

*       "The Art of War, Part 1," ML #3532:19, 27, 29‚ 37-50, GN 1123
Get tough on the Enemy!

       19. (Jesus:) You need to understand why you're fighting. What you there on Earth call "battles," half the time aren't even battles‚ they're just attacks--with the Enemy doing all the attacking. It's not truly a battle until both sides have engaged each other. If one side is doing all the attacking and the other is just sitting there, it's more like an ambush, a rout, or even a massacre and a slaughter.
       27. There are no positives in a one-sided rout when the Devil is walking all over you. But once you've fully joined the fray, you have a fighting chance--and actually much more than that, because you have Me and I'm greater than any battle, enemy, weakness, mistake, or besetting sin. The game is practically over at that point, because once you really decide to get in there and hit the Enemy back harder than he's hitting you, you have the power to overcome him‚ and you're going to win!
       29. Do I really have to sell you on using the new weapons again? Do I really have to tell you again that they are the best and surest way to gain victory? Do you know a better way? Have you had success in your battles and spiritual struggles without them? For your own sake‚ I highly recommend that you pull out those new weapons and use them with all your heart, mind, and strength. That's what they're there for.
       37. Much of the victory, and even strength to keep fighting, lies in praise, positive thinking and positive action, even when you don't feel like it. If you're one who feels you're battling heavily almost all the time, you probably don't feel like an experienced, seasoned fighter with a bag full of awesome magical tricks to use on the Enemy. You probably see yourself as a weakling, a real spiritual dodo who's only getting hit because you must be the weakest prey. That is, of course‚ the Enemy's spin on things, which is why you're going to have to ask Me for faith to believe what you don't feel.
       38. Use My words to you here and quote them to yourself until you believe it, or at least act on it even if you don't believe it. Pump yourself up and tell the Enemy: "I'm a seasoned veteran of many battles. I've fought you time and again, you dirty Devil, and I've won all those times, and I'm going to win this time too. You can't surprise me, you can't shock me, you can't overwhelm me, and you most certainly can't defeat me. I've felt your nasty attacks before and Jesus helped me through. I have a definite plan of attack and I'm going to engage you and your forces now, and you'll lose just as you did before."
       39. Many of you are probably thinking, "Whoa, that just does not sound like me! I don't think I've won all that often, and I don't know if I could say that with conviction." Well, just take it by faith and start to say it and believe it even if you don't feel it. Because here you are, living proof that, although you've been through many battles, you're not dead, you're not useless, you're not out of the Family, you're not full of the Devil and his works, but you're still here fighting the good fight for Me! If you had lost as many battles as you sometimes think you have, don't you think you'd be someplace else? If the Enemy was truly walking all over you the way he says he is, don't you think you'd be in a lot worse shape? Yes, you can do better, and that's why I'm giving you this combat training. But nothing is ever as bad as the Enemy says it is‚ and you all need to realize that as soldiers, no matter how you feel, you are extremely dangerous to the Enemy, and you have the power to defeat him every time! He is afraid of you!
       40. It's a classic propaganda maneuver for him to be saying, "I'm winning, I'm winning! I've won; you've lost. My forces are getting stronger all the time and you're getting weaker"--when the reality is that there are very few of him left. He's won very little and lost a whole lot, and the little of him that's left is just hiding out with a real big megaphone, trying to bluff his way into a better position.
       41. So whether you feel it or not, know that you've won more often than you've lost, you have weapons that far outgun him, and as such, can call yourself a seasoned, veteran fighter--a dangerous man or woman of God who fights and "kills" Satan's minions wherever you find them! You're a hardcore threat to Satan's realm, you're on his most-wanted list, and he's offering big rewards for your spiritual capture, dead or alive. There's no way you're just a weak, sick sheep that's easy prey, or why would he expend so much effort time and again to bring you down? You're tough, you're mighty in the spirit, because you have Me, and because you've yielded and you've given and you've done your best to fight time and again.
       42. And this isn't just for a few of you. All of you, My children, look this way to the Enemy. In the spirit, that is truly how he sees you--as dangerous men and women who are true threats, not little weaklings. Let that encourage you, motivate you, and help you to walk more boldly and hold your heads high in the spirit! "Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!" (Eph.6:10). And why can you be strong in the spirit? Because, as the passage goes on to say, you've got all this strong armor on!
       43. You've got the helmet of salvation, which means that you'll always be more than a conqueror. Even if the Enemy kills your body, he can't kill your spirit. The helmet protects your head, denoting that you can never really get fully "cut off." You're always Mine.
       44. And you have this shield that can quench every--read it again, EVERY--fiery dart of the Enemy! (Eph.6:16). That shows that he's practically impotent against you. If your faith can withstand EVERYTHING he's got, then what can he really do to you?
       45. You've also got a sword that cuts him to the heart. And you've got these keys that obliterate his schemes and attacks every time. And you've got your weapons of praise and loving Me, and everything else in your arsenal. Even your feet are shod with the Gospel, so he can't even stub your toe (Eph.6:13-17).
       46. That kind of armament should give you confidence! That's why you can be strong in Me and the power of My might. That's why you can stride into the battles with some swagger and some bravado--not in the flesh, but in the spirit.
       47. Physically you are weak. Carnally you are fragile. You may feel like a wimp emotionally. But spiritually you're really, really tough! So when you're fighting in the spirit, act tough, be tough, and show the Enemy that you're not going to fall for a bluff or an ambush, because you know his devices, you've dealt with "his kind" before, and you know that you can win.
       48. Some of you guys go into each battle like a little novice with a wooden sword--fearing for each step into the Enemy's territory, almost politely asking, "Um, Mr. Devil, I'd like to, um, resist you. So, er, if it's not too much trouble, could you leave … please?" Come on! The Enemy laughs, because he only has to respect your convictions and power as much as you're willing to use them on him. It's pathetic, really, to see you so decked out in this awesome armor, with these fearsome weapons at your side, meekly asking the Enemy to take a hike.
       49. You act like little kids talking meekly to an adult, asking him only to move on "if it's not too much trouble." You've gotta allow yourselves to be the spiritual warriors that you are. You guys are tough! I've said that before, but I want to make that point. You're really tough warriors in the spirit, and if you'd just realize how strong your armor is and how powerful your weapons are, there'd be no more of that weak and meek act. You'd stride up to him like the weakling that he is, tower over him, point your biggest gun right in his face and say, "Beat it, Punk!" I guarantee he's going to be the one running off with a "sorry, sir, I didn't realize this was your territory" kind of expression on his face!
       50. So get tough on crime! Get tough on the Enemy! Be strong in the spirit like you have the potential to be. Be strong in My might. And you'll just have to deal with the fact that there are going to be battles and there are going to be rough spots. But when you visualize that victory and can almost taste the sweetness of triumph, you're not going to mind. You're going to push your way through as many enemies as dare step in your path so that you can have a better, richer life, more free of the Enemy's attacks, more full of Me and less of Satan. That's something worth fighting for!

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