GN 1146 FD/MM/FM


By Maria        FD/MM/FM 3558 8/05


The weapon focus in this GN is loving Jesus intimately, therefore this GN is rated 16 and up. Parents and shepherds can share portions of this counsel with their JETTs and junior teens as the Lord leads, provided they have read the Loving Jesus series for their age group.
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Learn to "smell" the Enemy and immediately attack        3
Using your spiritual weapons moves you to higher ground in the spirit        3
Small choices matter        5
Exploiting the Enemy's weaknesses        6
He's all smoke and mirrors        9
The difference between an offensive army and a defensive one        11
Weapon focus: Loving Jesus intimately        12
How our Husband sees our relationship        12
Specifics of how to use our intimacy with Jesus as a weapon against the Enemy        14
Through our marriage, all that I have is yours        16
Connect with Me and partake of My power        16
In this weapon lies great strength        17
Loving Jesus intimately is a secret to unity        17
This can become reality in your Home        18
Being public about your love for our Husband will bond you together        18
You will find great strength in this greater marriage with Me        19
Becoming a threesome with Jesus and your mates        19
Encouragement to put this new information into practice right away        20
The key of intimate love        21
Using prayer in conjunction with loving Jesus        22
Points you can start with        23
Helpers we can call on        24
Ecstasy--a new helper        26
Synchronizing your spiritual weaponry        27
New key promises to aid us in loving our Husband intimately        31

Dearest Family,
       1. Peter and I love you so much! We're proud to be fighting alongside you, and little by little the Lord is making us into a stronger army. Along with the wonderful counsel and instruction He's been giving us, He's also allowing--and even engineering--lots of tests and changes and challenges for us to put His counsel to use in and prove His Word. That's the way we become skilled in anything--through doing it repeatedly. Once He gives us the instruction and tells us how we should be reacting to things, He has to give us opportunities to practice those skills! And in this year of strengthening, we're sure having lots of good opportunities to use our spiritual weapons, aren't we? We're facing lots of big challenges, and the Enemy is fighting us hard. So we should see it as a wonderful opportunity to hone our skills as offensive fighters and really make the grade and get these lessons down well!
       2. To begin this next lesson with our Commander in Chief on the art of war, I'm going to share with you two personal messages that He recently gave as instruction to individuals, putting "skin" on the concept of making the change to becoming offensive fighters a reality in their lives.
       3. This first one was received for someone who had faced some difficult personal situations and personal loss, and was at the same time being targeted by our apostates. She was feeling very buffeted by the Enemy and wondering if she was going to make it in the long term. I'm sure we've all been in that state before and can relate, and I think this counsel from our Husband will be meaningful and strengthening to many of you, as He reveals what's behind the increased attacks we're facing these days, and how we can not just cope with them, but actually be strengthened through them.

Learn to "smell" the Enemy and immediately attack!

       4. (Jesus:) I understand all the deep things of your heart. I understand particularly how you are at this very moment, what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. I also see all of your thoughts and how you think of yourself, and I am helping you to change step by step. It's not an easy road going up the tunnel step by step to higher ground, but that's exactly what I'm helping you to do. One step at a time we are making progress.
       5. You have had a lot of battles hit you, and the reason is that, as I have often said of late, the spiritual warfare has intensified. What this means is that there is more spiritual activity going on in and around the Earth. Therefore there are more spiritual things happening in the hearts and minds of men. The Enemy's spirits have been coming into the earth-life and it's like a tide rising around people's ankles, which is affecting everybody. That's why the Family's enemies are getting stirred up, because they are subject to these bad spirits. And that is why you must fight all the harder now, because the battles are more intense in the spirit world.
       6. Battles you could fight off in years past by simply getting in the Word or rebuking them, now require a more aggressive approach, an active fighting in the spirit to rebuke and throw off any thing, any thought that is not of Me. That's what I am teaching you to do. I'm teaching you how to fight in this new type of warfare, and it's taking you some time to get adjusted, to realize that war is really here and that you can no longer defeat the Enemy by quoting a simple verse and maybe ignoring the battle.
       7. Now it takes an active, conscious, determined effort, and aggressive action in the spirit, to defeat him. You have to be militant; you have to absolutely discipline your mind to reject any thought, any high thing, any false thing that exalts itself against Me. And I mean any false thing! If it is false, and you know it is false by the spirit and the smell of it, then rebuke it!
       8. You've been in the Family a long time, just as most of My children have. You know the smell of the Enemy. Yet why do you tolerate it? If God be God, then serve Him! If the smell of your Enemy's lies and stench be god, then serve him. Choose you this very day whom you will serve.
       9. The Devil is coming in with his doubts, his fears, his aggravation, and is trying to gnaw away at you and others in any way he can. He wants to disturb you. He wants to try to break down your resolve. But it's not just you, My love. It's everyone. He's working on everyone in the world, but especially the children of David. You can no longer live in the lowlands of the spirit and survive; you must move to higher ground where the floods can't reach you.
       10. That's the good news, that the weapons I've given you for this day and age have the power to defeat the Devil. Praise, for example, burns him, electrocutes his very spirit, disintegrates it, dissolves his hold and blasts it away. True praise, praise from the center of your heart, causes him to lose any hold he has on you. This is an actual weapon to be used against doubt, fear, restlessness in the spirit, etc. If you truly praise Me from the center of your heart, and keep on praising Me, the Devil loses his hold, his sway, and any effect he was having on you. The reason? I'm right there in the center of your praises. I am the Light, and that Light obliterates him.

Using your spiritual weapons moves you to higher ground in the spirit

       11. The point is, I'm teaching you to be a warrior. Your battles have been heavy, but your use of the new weapons will move you to higher ground in the spirit--above the floods and fears and doubts and attacks that have been able to reach you. It's not bad that they've reached you to a certain extent. But what this has shown you is the dire necessity of moving to higher ground in your attitude, in your spirit, in your praises, in your fellowship with others, in your unity, in your refusal to think vain or untoward thoughts in your heart about others.
       12. Everyone thinks bad things about other people at times. Everyone is envious at times, or a little resentful, and a bit bitter. But I'm talking about taking an aggressive stance against these thoughts so that they don't take hold on you. Again, they're as a flood coming in around your ankles and attempting to pull your feet out from under you. So what you must do in these instances is move higher in the spirit, using more praise‚ more attacking initiative, giving more love to your brothers and sisters even if you don't feel like it or feel as if you even like them that much. That's the weapon of brotherhood.
       13. All of these weapons are placed there for your use in this war. As the floods are coming in, I have given you the weapons and the tools to move to higher ground where those particular floods can't reach you anymore. It's a time to assess where you're at and to not feel bad about it; otherwise‚ you'd always feel bad about yourself, just as everyone else would. But rather see what your fears are, see what your doubts may be, see what your resentments are, and then place each one in My hand and pick up the appropriate weapon and blast away at each trial or problem.
       14. Use praise from your heart more often. Strive to make your heart one that is praising about everything, thankful for everything. If you see you're not thankful for something, strive to get into a thankful vein about that thing. That is how you move to higher ground over that particular attack on your spiritual life. You take out the weapon of praise and you blast away. Remember, I am the greatest thing in your heart, so just praise Me for Me if that's all you can think of! Praise Me that you have Me, and that I have you, and that I will never let you go. Praise about anything!
       15. Put up a wall against any untoward thought that comes your way, and make the conscious decision to praise Me in the face of that thought. That's how you get the victory over these high things that are exalting themselves against you and trying to wear you down. Fire praise at them! I don't necessarily mean you have to be going around the house praising Me out loud all the time, although I wouldn't be against that if it were real praise. What I'm talking about is a praiseful attitude and praiseful thoughts constantly streaming out of your heart, and then often out of your mouth too. Try taking the spiritual weapons more seriously, because they were provided for your use for just these types of battles.


       It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena‚ whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcomings; who knows the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best knows in the end the high achievement of triumph‚ and who at worst, if he fails while daring greatly, knows his place shall never be with those timid and cold souls who know neither victory nor defeat.–-Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)
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       16. And those people that you could fellowship with but don't for various reasons--reach out to them! Do something with them. It doesn't have to be all the time. But try using the weapon of brotherhood one or two nights a week. Take some cards or a game to their room and play together, or talk about the work or the Word, or talk about the Home or your children, or have a drink together or a refreshment, and just tell them you love them‚ you admire them‚ and you are so very thankful to have others living together with you, giving their whole hearts with you, and fighting in the trenches with you.
       17. They are your brothers and sisters, your real "flesh and blood," so to speak, and they are the ones who you will be giving your life for and who will be giving their lives for you, so bond in unity with them.
       18. You could even make a plan to reach out to a new person periodically, whenever you can get around to it. Start fellowshipping with those you are closer to and those whom it is easier for you to do so, and then slowly try to make the rounds to others, even if it's just one new person a month. The idea is to get out and start using the weapon of brotherhood, because it will go a long, long, long way in getting you over some of the battles you've had and out of the waters that have been gathering around your feet. It's a step up the mountain, a step higher into the brotherhood of fellowship, which stands above the floods. If you can step into this area, the area of fellowship, it is a step upward in the spirit out of and above the waters that otherwise are down there wanting to flood you.
       19. You are doing well. But what these recent battles have shown you is that you need to move higher in the spirit so that these things don't have such influence on you. You have simply been feeling their sway, that's all, and it takes a more militant approach in the spirit to keep them from affecting you, and to keep them off. But it is possible! It is entirely possible because I have given you spiritual weapons that are stronger and have much more power than these enemies. I'm just teaching you to use them.
       20. So try picking them up one at a time and making some serious inroads on the Enemy. When you get a disparaging thought due to some e-mail you've had to read, then turn the screen off, look up to Me and give Me praise for something‚ anything, something truly from your heart that you love about Me or that you love Me for. At this instant I enter your praises and fight off the darkness that was trying to entrap you. If you feel it doesn't work the first time, do it again. Do it again and again, until the Devil is totally off you.
       21. I will not fail you in this; I will be right there with you. I will be your strong right arm. I will be the weapon that you are shooting. You're doing well. These are simply intense times that you have all entered, and I promise to lead you through them and to a place of victory that cannot be taken away from you, if you pick up the weapons and follow Me.--Which I know you will, and which you are even now doing.
       22. Come, let's win this battle and this war together. I'm changing you into a soldier, a fighter, and the Wildcats of Heaven will join you to help you rout your Enemy. Use your spirit helpers more. They're there, you know, so learn to use them.
       23. As you begin to do all these things, you'll begin to notice more victory and less of the Enemy's pull on you, because I'm strengthening you a step at a time, and it's time to take those next steps now. Okay? Let's go! I'm with you! (End of message.)

       24. (Mama:) We all face similar tests and battles almost daily. We all go through times when we wonder if we have what it takes to make it. The Devil wants you to think that you're facing so many battles because you're extra weak, or you don't have the spiritual strength that you need, or that you're easy prey for him somehow. But it's usually just the opposite!--He's fighting you because he's mad at you for what you're ripping off from his kingdom, or he's scared of you and what you're about to do!
       25. So we can take comfort in the fact that pretty much everyone faces big battles and tests, and we all just have to learn to fight them. That's why asking for united prayer and being willing to share your lessons and your heart is so helpful and such a good thing. It's good for your humility, and united prayer is a powerful force for good and change. The power that we have when we pray unitedly is tremendous--much greater than one of us just praying on our own, no matter how desperately. (See the Letter links at the end of this GN for more on the power of united prayer.)
       26. Also, sharing our lessons honestly gives others faith. It shows them that we all face similar battles and tests. And while the Enemy would like to make us feel isolated or as if we're the only one who goes through such things, he's a liar! Hearing that someone else has gone through it too and made it, or is going through it and is still hanging on, gives everyone else faith that the Lord can help them as well. It also cements our bonds of love together and gives us more motivation to fight in prayer for one another. So Lord help us to do the humble thing and ask for prayer more often!

Small choices matter

       27. Following is another personal message received by someone when praying about their personal application of these lessons on fighting. Again, I think it will be very relatable to you, as we all face these tests the Lord describes‚ and we all need to learn to make better decisions through them. That's what becoming a fighter is all about!

       28. (Jesus:) One of the main applications for you is recognizing when you're in a battle and doing something about it. You tend to forget about the spiritual warfare and the Enemy and all that, right when you need to remember it the most. Right when it's the last thing you're thinking about is probably when you need to be thinking about it the most.
       29. At times when you feel like complaining because of the difficulties of the day, or one of the kids is getting under your skin, or you're thinking about rearranging your schedule and cutting out some of your Word time--those are times when you're being fought by the Enemy, and you need to fight back by making the right choices and choosing to attack with the weapons of the spirit to win victories.
       30. You might not think that the outcomes of such small battles matter that much, but they do. Small battles prepare you to face the large ones. If soldiers or firemen or whoever refused to go through drills because the outcome didn't really matter, they'd lose out on the valuable training that can be gained through simulated training exercises. And your daily life and tests aren't a simulation; the decisions you make do matter and they affect your spirit.
       31. Even the smallest choices to choose to have a praiseful attitude or a negative one, to hold in an unloving comment rather than say it, to respect a post-renewal guideline rather than fudge it--these things matter. They may not be life-and-death decisions yet, or even major life-altering battles, but they affect the course of your life and they do come into play when evaluating your discipleship. Even choices to procrastinate or to get to work make a difference.
       32. The Enemy is against you. He's going to be rooting that you'll make the wrong or negative choice in all circumstances. And it's not even that he's there all the time tempting you. Sometimes the bad choice available isn't directly inspired by the Enemy; it's just the absence of the good, the opposite of what I want you to choose. But whether he's personally inspiring it and tempting you with it, your own spirit is weak enough and carnal enough to want to gravitate away from the high road of My calling, which is usually difficult. So if you want to make poor choices, all you have to do is follow yourself and your own leading and you'll eventually slip down lower and lower.
       33. Any time you listen to the temptation of the Enemy, or give in to a natural tendency to choose less than the best, that's a victory for the Enemy. You may not have even realized there was a battle, and in some cases there may not even have been, but the Enemy ended up with more territory at the end of the day, probably because you didn't think that territory was worth fighting over.
       34. But that's what I'm trying to change in all of your lives. I'm trying to remove the tendency to give ground to Satan because you don't want to bother fighting, or you don't think you can win, or you don't think it's worth fighting over. I want you to resist and repel each attack and incursion, and then begin making some of your own attacks and incursions into the Enemy's territory. That's what the "Art of War" series is saying to you, and this is how you need to personally live it.
       35. You need to see that each time you write something off and make a poor choice, or even a lazy choice, that's something that you've let the Enemy win in. And if you keep on giving away territory, it's eventually going to hurt you. You can't keep giving Satan ground or he'll start to camp out there and really start to make things difficult. There's no reason to let him in and let him live in your land unchecked.
       36. Put up a fight against anything that takes you away from the high calling of God! It's tough to live that kind of battle life, but it's so good for you. You get really fit in the spirit and you gain all the benefits of being an on-the–ball Christian soldier, and your life gains the benefit of being free from lethargy and from incursions of the bad guys in your land.
       37. It's worth it to listen to My voice and find out what I want you to do. Trust your conscience, for the most part, as being My presence in your life; confirm those decisions with Me and in study of My Word, and then work and fight hard to do what you know is the right thing. (End of message.)


       Your weapon is only as strong as the arm that wields it. One blow from a strong man is worth more than five from a weak one. Make your blows count by strengthening your arms. The Word of God is what will give you the strength to fight.-–William Wallace (speaking from beyond)
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Exploiting the Enemy's weaknesses!

       38. (Mama:) Here's an interesting question: What are the Enemy's weaknesses? The Lord told us once that if we're ready for battle and we're prepared, we can exploit the Enemy's weaknesses. So we asked the Lord what those are and how we can exploit them.

       39. (Jesus:) One of the Devil's great weaknesses is predictability. He's a predictable enemy, which means that you can be prepared. He tries new things from time to time, but by this time in history he hasn't got many new tricks or strategies left. That means that just about everything he pulls on you‚ he's pulled before, and if you're wise and study his moves‚ you can see them coming. Here's a short list of some of the typical attacks that you can pretty much always count on from the Old Boy, and how you can exploit them:

       * He'll attack your weakest point. Counter that by expecting it, not being surprised when it happens, and ambushing him with key power, united prayer, and a stand of faith that you're going to bolster that weak point and make it a strength.
       * When things are going well, he'll come up with some kind of problem, some way to try to drag you down. If you realize this, not only will it encourage you that, "Well, if I'm getting fought, I must be on the right track," but knowing that when you're making progress he'll try to attack in some way, you can be ready for it and be expecting the attack. That way, when it comes it's not a source of great discouragement, but a confirmation of your success. Without the initial discouragement of, "Oh no, I was doing so well, but now look what happened," whatever he pulls on you will be much less successful and you'll recover from the attack much faster. You can also learn to ask Me what the Enemy might attack with next so that you can specifically prepare and minimize any damage.
       * He almost always starts small. When he's really trying to trick you into something--compromise, doubts, selfishness, jealousy, whatever it is--he'll start small, hoping that he can get you to allow "just a little" and let it grow from there. Tighten up and be aware that any little bit will lead to more.
       * If one attack of his isn't working, he'll try another elsewhere‚ usually in the opposite arena. If you're withstanding outside attacks like persecution, you can expect an attempt at an inside attack--disunity, personal problems, sickness, etc. Or vice versa. Knowing that this will happen, you can focus prayer power on keeping your guard high in all areas, and take proactive steps to strengthen the area that you may not have been focusing on so much. If your Home has had problems with disunity and you've made good steps of progress there, pray and see if the Enemy isn't now planning some kind of outside attack--an accident, a bad media article, financial difficulties‚ or something like that. You can be almost sure that he's up to something‚ and through praying and hearing from Me, you can prepare and thwart him.
       * He uses the worst, laziest parts of your nature against you. He loves to exploit your own bad habits and tendencies toward doing what's easy and doesn't require much. If you find yourself giving in to those kinds of inclinations a lot, suspect a plot!

       40. While that is by no means a comprehensive list of his attacks and devices, it illustrates some of his most common tactics. If you can apply these things to your own life, you'll probably see a real pattern--ways in which he has always worked and always attacked. And there are many more. The point here is to illustrate his predictability, how very often he will use the same old tricks again and again. If you can wise up to this and give some thought to the strategies he's used most often in your life, you'll be a lot more prepared, and you'll be able to preempt his attacks.
       41. Another weakness of his is his supreme vulnerability to the spiritual weapons, My Name, praise, positiveness‚ and anything heavenly and godly. You have a much larger resistance against his evil than he has against your good. He can attack with disgusting thoughts, horrible nightmares, bad pictures‚ discouragement, and all sorts of things, and although those things may disturb you, they are nowhere near as hard for you to handle as it is for him to handle it when you attack him in the spirit and flood him with godly words, praises to Me, the Word, and all the weapons that you have available!
       42. He hates those things so much because they glorify Me, and because they're so much stronger than him and his darkness. When you have a lot of good in your heart and life, his evil may bother you or disturb you, but it's nothing in comparison to how good can destroy, defeat, and make someone whose heart is full of darkness and evil severely uncomfortable. The darkness cannot stand the light. Darkness cannot conquer light, but light can always conquer darkness.
       43. If you want a simple example to help you remember this principle, think of this: If you're in a bright room and someone suddenly turns off the light, you're a little disoriented, and it takes you a minute to adjust, but you're not really in any discomfort. But when you're in a dark room, or sleeping, and suddenly a very bright light shines right in your eyes, you are severely incapacitated. You must cover your eyes. There's no way you can keep them open even if you try. The brightness thoroughly defeats you until you get used to it, which takes a lot longer than it takes to get used to the darkness in most cases, and your eyes become watery and sore.
       44. That's how it is with the Enemy, except he never gets used to it. He can't stand it! He is incapable of building up an immunity to My powerful light--just as there's no way to build up an immunity against your eyes getting blinded by light when you're in darkness. It can't happen.
       45. So remember that when the Devil's attacking. He can bother you and make you uncomfortable, but you can resist him, and you have the power to thoroughly defeat him each and every time. And he can never build up an immunity to the spiritual weapons you have available to use on him; he can never get stronger.
       46. Something else that is an Achilles heel for him is that he can never do or say anything to you on his own. He never gets free rein to fill you with his junk without a counterbalance. It's like the classic picture of there being a devil on one shoulder telling you to do wrong, and an angel on the other inspiring you to do right. For you who are Mine and have a heart full of the Word and truth, he just isn't allowed a chance to tell you to do something wrong or inspire a negative and evil thought without a counterbalance from Me, or the Word in your heart, or the voice of a guardian angel or spirit helper. He doesn't get a free shot at you like that.
       47. That doesn't mean that you can't be influenced by what he or his demons say, but you can at least depend on the fact that if he's saying something‚ so am I, and usually I get a chance first. Or if I allow him to be able to tempt you first, as a test‚ I will be faithful to quicken to your heart the right thing to do, the right action to take‚ and the right attitude to have. I am there speaking to you too, if you will choose to listen to Me. So he's weak in that way, at least as far as you in the Family go. There are some people in the world who have listened to him for so long that I hardly, if ever, get a chance to say anything to counterbalance. But you in the Family can rest assured that the counterbalance is always there.
       48. The Devil is also very bound by My limits on him. As I've often said, he's a hired hand in many ways, a sheepdog, or executioner type who only gets to cause as much trouble as I allow him to. This means that he has limits. I'll repeat that. He has limits! And you are allowed to greatly control those limits through your warfare in the spirit. If you pray desperately against him and his minions and bind him through the power of the keys, then--boom--you've got him contained, and I am bound to honor My promises to you by restraining his actions.
       49. You can also limit his attacks by obedience in your spiritual life. Because he is the sheepdog, the more off track you are, the greater damage he is allowed to do to you. So if you stay tight in the spirit and don't venture outside of your limits, he has to stay within his. Sometimes he'll still be allowed to attack and to test, as he was with Job, but he will never be allowed to do more to you than I know is best, especially if you're being faithful to what you know you're supposed to do.
       50. Another thing: He's weak, and he knows it. He's not strong. He's just bluffing more than half the time. You're privileged to know this through the Word, which means that more and more in your lives and battles against him you'll be able to expose him for the weakling that he actually is, which will continually serve to weaken the effect that his big "boo" can have in your life. If you're continually pulling back the façade and exposing the weakling within, it builds your confidence, while destroying his.
       51. Not everyone knows that. Not everyone takes Me at My Word when I say that "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world" (1Jn.4:4). Some Christians live all their lives in great fear of the Enemy. But you are privileged to realize his cowardice and his fakery, and you can stand up to him without fear.
       52. So don't be afraid of the Enemy. He's strong in some ways, and he's running rampant in these days, trying to do all the damage he can, but he also has severe limitations and great weaknesses that you all can take advantage of. The more you are not ignorant of his devices, the more you will learn about how he works and what he's up to. That doesn't mean you should dwell on his evil deeds, but it means to be aware and not ignore things or chalk them up to "that's just life," but realize that he's out there on the prowl, and if you're wise you can anticipate his moves, prepare accordingly‚ and resist and defeat them. (End of message.)


       A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood.--General George S. Patton (1885-1945)
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He's all smoke and mirrors!

       53. (Jesus:) The Enemy's weaknesses are numerous. The thing about him is that he is so proud, so full of his own image that he tries hard to cover his weaknesses and make you believe that he doesn't have any. The fact of the matter is that to Me he looks like an empty honeycomb--there are more holes than substance.
       54. He puts on a front, pretending to be very strong, but if you call his bluff and use the spiritual weapons against him, he has no recourse. His greatest power is in making you believe that he's powerful. The moment you stop believing in his illusion of power and use what you have available to defeat him, he has nothing more that he can do except continue trying to convince you to give up.
       55. It's like he's wearing nasty-looking masks and forming shapes in the light that make scary shadows on the wall. But if you take a look behind the curtain of his fronts‚ you'll notice that he's not that scary at all--at least not to you, because he is completely defenseless against the spiritual weapons you hold.
       56. Once you look at him and see him for what he is and you lose interest in his power, then you've beaten him right then and there. Once you can see him for what he really is, then you can overcome him, because you lose your awe or reverence for his attacks. You see his attacks as the hot air that they are. That's one reason he's so terrified of revelations like rising above and the keys, because those revelations enable you to see beyond his power. They open your eyes to his fakery and it puts you above his control.
       57. So to nail down his biggest weakness, it's that in reality he is powerless against you when you hold the spiritual weapons in your hands. As David said, his biggest power is in fear, in getting you to fear him. If you don't fear him, then he loses his power. There is nothing he can really do if you refuse to be frightened or intimidated by him.
       58. I could explain it like the difference between a magician who performs clever tricks of illusion and a genuine wizard. The magician only has the ability to make you think he's doing certain things. He makes you believe that something is actually happening, when in reality it's all smoke and mirrors and illusions. But a genuine wizard has the power to genuinely change things, not just make you believe that he did.
       59. I am the Genuine Wizard; the Devil is the magician. He's clever, he's very good at his practiced tricks‚ and he has all the "technology" in his hands to make you think that he's actually doing something powerful. But a quick peek behind the perspective that he wants to show you will reveal that it's all a fake and nothing is really being changed, he's not really creating rabbits out of his hat, and it's all pretty sickening and weak.
       60. If you were to get a peek into My magic acts, you'd notice that everything I do‚ no matter what angle it is viewed from, is genuine and true. There are no tricks, no ploys, no illusions; it's all real, genuine, and perfect. That's the difference between My power and his: I have it and the Devil doesn't.
       61. That's why when I see you cowering‚ it puzzles Me, because I see that you have the ability to get up and take a look at the act from My point of view, and if you were only to do that, you'd see that he's all about illusion. It's pretty cheap magic and pretty lame when compared with the real power that I have, and that you hold in the spiritual weapons I've revealed to you. He can't pull the wool over My eyes and dupe Me into thinking that he's actually doing something. I know that he's a fraud‚ a fake, and a prankster.
       62. That's what I'm trying to get through to you. He's weak, and his greatest power is if he can make you believe that he has power. If you don't accept his power, if you dismiss his attempts at "wowing" you, if you use your spiritual firepower against him, then he'll be frustrated, and you'll rise above with Me.
       63. Okay‚ sure, he's got some attacks that can really cause you problems, and if you fall for his lines you can end up in a world of trouble. But if you don't believe him, if you don't listen to him, if you refuse to give in to his illusions‚ then there's not much he can do. Whereas when it comes to My power, which you have in your hands, it's genuinely powerful and awesome and he is terrified of it!
       64. He puts on a brave front, trying to deceive you into thinking that you really don't have anything, but if you fire the ray gun of the spirit at him, you'll find that he is the one who is all hot air, and you are the one with the genuine reality of power. He's just smoke compared to My power; his power is annoying, and easily blown away by the winds of My Spirit.
       65. Another of his weaknesses is his pride. In his arrogance, he misjudges people and misjudges their choices. He beats them down, and then thinks he's totally won over them. But then he gets cocky and arrogant about it and he doesn't realize that he hasn't won at all; in fact, he's only gotten the person in the perfect position to turn to Me and receive power enough to defeat all the works of Satan. His very pride blinds him to the powers you have, because when he's gotten you down and he thinks he's won, he lets down his guard, and you can strike him a mortal blow when he's not expecting it.
       66. Another area he leaves himself wide open in is his contradictions. One moment he'll be telling you one thing, then the next moment he'll be telling you another. This causes confusion if you're not aware of his attacks. But if you're listening to Me, you'll see his lies and contradictions; he'll contradict himself and wind himself up into a bundle with his own thread, and he'll tie himself up and hang himself.
       67. It's very easy to catch the Devil in his contradictions, and when you do, you can know that you have more power than him, because you can instantly have My clear mind and thoughts on whatever topic he's trying to confuse you on, and you can cut right through his tales that he uses to try to confuse you.
       68. He's also weak in the area of a perpetual desire to outdo Me in some way. You can even use this to your advantage. If I do something, he's going to try to do it too, or try to make you think he's doing it better. Look at the story of Moses and the rod, which turned into a snake before Pharaoh. The Devil had his minions copy the trick. For a moment it seemed as if he had matched My power, but then My snake devoured his (Exo.7:8-12). He couldn't copy that, and that frustrated him and showed him up as a fake.
       69. So if you feel he's offering something good to try to tempt you away from My best, ask Me to go a little further and stretch him beyond his abilities to copy My power, and then you'll see who's the stronger and more powerful one.
       70. There are many ways in which he's weak. You have to stop believing his lies and fabrications and take a step back. Ask Me to help you to rise above and see the scene as I see it. Ask Me to help you to see his weakness, and then ask Me how to exploit it.
       71. For every attack there is a counterattack‚ for every thrust there is a parry, for every move there is a countermove. I invented the game; I invented the power, so I'm way ahead of him. See, when he rebelled, he had learned a few things from Me and My Father. After all, he was at Our right hand. He learned a few things and thought he had "so much power" that he split and tried to start his own thing. The problem was that he basically just learned enough to get himself into a mess! He has no reference other than to copy Us, except with evil intent. So We let him see a little here or there to sort of lead him along, and when he tries to copy Us or outdo Us, he ends up in his own trap, saving Us the hassle of having to deal with him.
       72. If you think about it, he knows so little that it's like he left school before the first grade was even done, and all the while, I've been studying and receiving more and more power from My Father. Talk about higher learning and greater knowledge, I can outsmart Satan in everything, because he got proud and lifted up and left school before the first recess! He's so far behind that he can't catch up; it's just not possible.
       73. When he pulls something, I already know the answer to it. I'm like, "You've got to be kidding! That's so basic, I could've learned that in preschool!" and I pull out something else to counter him. He's basically only able to see the miracles that We do and try to copy them, or make people believe that he can do the same thing without actually being able to do much on his own.
       74. He has a little power, the power of illusion, but that's about it. And when it comes down to it, if you refuse to be deceived by his tricks, that's where his power ends. He can browbeat you to try to get you to believe him, he can send trials and tests galore, but he's all words, all smoke and mirrors, all fake, all a feint within a feint. It's all a show, and a pretty sorry show at that.
       75. If you rise above in the spirit, seeing things the way I see them, realizing that the power he has is puny and well beneath you, then you realize that you don't have to be disrupted or bothered by him. You can simply zap him and fry his hairy head and be done with him!
       76. He knows this. He knows that you've got way more power than he does, and that's why he tries so hard to get you to quit and give it up. He wants you to voluntarily put yourself under his control, like an illusionist. If you don't believe what you see, then what can the illusionist do? He has to create a more convincing illusion to try to trap you. Once you start believing the illusions, he can lead you along and get you in the palm of his hand. But if you reject them and refuse to give him any credit, then he's basically out of tricks and he'll just keep juggling over in the corner, trying to get your attention again.
       77. He's beaten and he knows it‚ but he tries to delay his imminent doom by deluding you into not using the weapons that you have available to you. But once you use them, he's pretty much toast. Don't be deceived by his trickery or awed by his illusions; they're pathetic when it comes down to it. He's a charlatan and a fraud who is easily exposed by the power of My Spirit--so use it! (End of message.)

The difference between an offensive army and a defensive one

       78. (Jesus:) If you think about an offensive army, what does it do?
       * It takes the attack to the enemy and goes after them.
       * It plans ambushes and surprise attacks.
       * It has good intelligence and knows ahead of time where the enemy will strike next, so it's there waiting for them.
       * It has a good communications system set up between its military units so that they can coordinate their efforts.
       * Its leaders heed good counsel‚ follow sound strategy, and plan effectively.
       * It maintains the advantage in manpower and weaponry.
       * It is well stocked with ammunition, clothing, food, and supplies, so that its soldiers are well armed and stay strong and healthy and fit for battle.
       79. How does a defensive army operate?
       * They're wondering if their enemy knows where they are, and watching for him to come into their land, instead of going into his.
       * The men have low morale because they have been defeated time and again.
       * They're battle-weary and discouraged and have lost the vision of why they're fighting; they're no longer visualizing the glorious victory and taking concrete steps to achieve it, but rather are hoping to simply stay alive.
       * They're running out of ammunition and food because their supply lines have been cut off.
       * Their equipment is breaking down and they have no way to repair it.
       * They don't know where the enemy is and they are ineffective in finding out, so they could be attacked at any time.
       80. If you interviewed a soldier from each of these armies, you would find that each has an entirely different outlook on their experiences, even though it was the same battle they fought. The soldier from the defensive army would have explained it as an overall bad experience, with many losses and few victories. The soldier from the offensive army would explain it as a learning experience, as he saw the different battle plans and tactics they tried work. He would fondly look back on the unity and sense of camaraderie and strength they had as a unit. He would talk about how well he learned to use his weapons and what a good shot he had become. He would find pleasure and comfort in knowing that he was part of making a difference in the world and that he helped defeat an enemy.
       81. So you see, My loves, how important it is that you are fighting an offensive warfare against the Enemy at all times? Don't let him walk all over you and tell you that you can't do it, that you're not capable of making the changes that need to be made‚ that you aren't ever going to understand all the new moves of the spirit or become skilled in the spiritual weapons. Can you see how that's a defensive warfare? When you get hit, you have to strike back, and sometimes the Enemy is relentless in his attacks, until he sees he cannot gain ground with you and he gives up.
       82. How much better it is to be on the offensive, always ready, always on guard, always with your weapon at your side and attuned to any little hint of a movement around you that could signal the Enemy is in the vicinity. He's going to think twice before attacking such a well–armed, alert, battle-ready soldier‚ and when he does hit you, you'll hit him back so fast that he will be defeated.
       83. The way you can ensure you are on the offensive is to be faithful in the things I have instructed you in, the weapons of warfare I have given you to become skilled in, the battle tactics I have instructed you in, and to be obedient to what I have instructed you in regarding the tactics of warfare. Be strong in the Word by imbibing it daily. Get the latest intelligence on the Enemy by hearing from Me and getting My counsel and instruction. Become skilled in wielding your weapons by practicing daily with the weapons of praise, prayer, calling on your spirit helpers, etc. Those are signs that you are on the offensive‚ and soon the Enemy will be retreating, and you will be advancing! (End of message.)


       By God, I love a man with courage! I love a man with guts enough to say, "Maybe I am the last man standing. Maybe I am the last man at my post. But I am going to shoot the Enemy till I am out of bullets, then I am going to stab him till my bayonet breaks off in his heart, and then I'm going to bite him till I haven't got any teeth left." That's the kind of guts you need to win this war. May God help you to have the courage of heart to fight to the last man!--General George S. Patton (speaking from beyond)
[End of box]

Weapon focus: Loving Jesus intimately

       84. (Mama:) Our next spiritual weapon focus is on the gift we have been given of Loving Jesus intimately. Even though the Lord has called this a spiritual weapon before, some of you might wonder how it could be a weapon--since we don't generally think of it as something that we use against the Enemy, but rather as something that benefits us and strengthens our spirits and joins us to our Husband. The Lord answers those questions--and more-–in the following messages.

How our Husband sees our relationship

       85. (Jesus:) Have I not promised that in our times of intimate communion I would reveal to you My secrets? Then come, My loves‚ let us love and love and love, and afterwards, in the quiet as we lie in each other's arms, I will reveal to you My secrets.
       86. Have I not brought you along step by step to be My brides? I have brought each of you along. I have taken you from the dung heap as beggars and have cleaned you up and have even brought you into My bedchambers.
       87. We have made sweet love together, and through our intimate times I have helped you and strengthened you and our love has grown. Through our intimate lovemaking you have grown to see that I will always take care of you and that I love each of you as if you were the only one.
       88. You have grown to trust that I do all things well. You are growing in trust that I made you just the way I want you, even with just the right body and weaknesses to house your beautiful spirit for the mission I have called you to. You are learning that the tests and the breakings are for your good and have only benefited you. You are learning to run to My arms in times of need. You have learned so many things through being My brides and spending that time of love in My bed with Me, fucking Me and receiving My seeds.
       89. Now I wish to take our love to a new level. Now that you are confident in My love for you and you accept yourself and your weaknesses, and those things don't matter to you so much, now is the time for our relationship to go to a new level.

       90. (Vision:) I see a beautiful room. It has a canopy bed and is very lavishly furnished. Jesus and a woman are in the bed. They've just finished having great sex and are now sitting up side by side against the pillows talking and eating breakfast. It seems like servants must have brought it to them. I didn't see the servants, but I got the impression that they didn't have to leave each other's side, and that others were taking care of those things for them.
       91. They were eating breakfast, but were very intent in their conversation. They seemed to be discussing plans and strategies. I got the impression they were running a big company or something, and they were making plans. I also got the impression (Lord forgive me if I'm being presumptuous) that the woman was on equal terms with Jesus. It was like they were one, and they were very much in tune with each other. It's sort of hard to explain, as this part is more of a feeling than part of the vision. Anyway, they were very much in sync with each other; they were making plans and were very excited and animated.

       92. (Channel:) Jesus, what does this mean?--Especially the impression I got about the woman being equal with You, and who is the woman?

       93. (Jesus:) The woman is you, My brides. This is the way I see you and how I want to be with you. I want us to be one, in sync and in tune with each other. This oneness comes through our times of intimate lovemaking, and this is how you will become more in sync with Me. Have I not said I want to fully possess you? It's not presumptuous to think we would be on equal terms if we were one and I was fully possessing you, if your thoughts were My thoughts and your ideas were My ideas.
       94. I have given you the means to have this full possession through the gift of loving Me intimately. I have given you My full power for these Last Days, and I want you to see how you can use the gift of loving Me as an offensive weapon. Each time you fully and completely give yourself over to Me in the bed of love and we become one, I infuse you with a little more of My power and part of Myself, and you become more like Me. So needless to say, the more you do this, the more of My power you receive.
       95. In the past, our lovemaking helped you. You came to Me for comfort, love, and reassurance. You felt unworthy of My love. But over time, you have grown, and so has our relationship. We are no longer newlyweds getting used to marriage and to each other. You are My Bride and My other half, My partner and companion in arms. You are helping Me to run this big operation and mission, My Kingdom on Earth in these Last Days. It is after our times of intimate lovemaking that you are most in tune with Me, and when I reveal My secrets to you.
       96. Of course, I will always love you and want to tell you over and over again of My love for you, and compliment and kiss you. But I also want to use our times together to preempt the Enemy. I want to reveal My plans and secrets to you. I want you to join hands with Me in battle and to use this valuable weapon I have given you offensively, by not only coming to Me for your comfort and pleasure‚ but so you may become truly a part of Me, that I may fully possess you, that we may become one. I want you to push back, defeat, and destroy the Enemy and his strongholds, and you can with My power.
       97. It is not a work of the flesh but of the spirit, and as you come more often to Me in the bed of love, surrendering yourself, yielding your tongue, your body‚ and your intimate parts to Me, I will fill you more and more with Myself.
       98. As time goes on you will learn more about how to use this gift I have given you as an offensive weapon. But the main point to remember, and the first step, is to not neglect it, but to actively seek after more times we can spend in intimate lovemaking, and I will do the work in the spirit and reveal My secrets to you.
       99. And to My brides who have been a little slow in this area, I say now is the time to pick up the pace. (End of message.)


       100. (Jesus:) You have seen this revelation more as a way to connect with Me, deepen our relationship, and as a unifying means with those you love with, where together you can reach out to Me and become one with Me.
       101. But why do you think I called it a weapon? Is a weapon used only for the purpose of self-defense? Does a soldier go out with his high-tech weaponry only to protect himself? No, he goes out there using the latest, the best, and the most advanced weaponry in order to gain ground, to defeat the enemy, and to conquer what is being fought over. Good soldiers use strategy, they plan, they learn how to skillfully use their weaponry, and they make sure they become the best soldiers that they can be. Because when they're involved in an offensive war, they have no time to fiddle with the manual or try to figure out how to best use their weapons to their advantage. They need to have those skills down pat and be highly knowledgeable of what they're carrying with them.
       102. So it is with the new weapons I have given to you, My dear loves. I would have each and every weapon upgraded, and I want you to advance in your knowledge and understanding of My spiritual weaponry. I need skilled and avid fighters on My battlefield. I need those who are sharp and highly trained facing the Enemy.
[End of box]

Specifics of how to use our intimacy with Jesus as a weapon against the Enemy

       103. (Jesus:) The reason I have called loving Me intimately an advanced spiritual weapon is that it brings you closer to Me and strengthens your faith. While the actual act of loving Me may not seem to give you an immense amount of power immediately, what it does is strengthen our ties and make your heart more open to and yielded to My Spirit.
       104. Loving Me intimately also dispels the doubts of the Enemy, because when you know someone--and I mean really know them intimately, not just a casual acquaintance--you are a whole lot less likely to believe the negative and the lies that are spoken by their enemies.
       105. Another benefit is that drawing you closer to Me and taking you into My bedchamber gives you greater discernment to understand what is My voice and what is the voice of the Enemy. As a result of knowing the sound of My voice and the feeling of My touch in your heart, you are not led astray as easily by temptations or imitations of the Enemy.
       106. There are many wonderful benefits to using this weapon, but one of the greatest advantages is the closeness you develop with Me‚ which gives you faith to ask anything of Me, believe that I love you come what may‚ and the desire that it inspires in your heart to do more for Me and be a 100% dedicated bride.
       107. I could have kept you at arm's length, but the truth is, I needed you. As God of the universe, you might be wondering why I would possibly actually need you. This is explained well in the Words I have spoken on this. I had many friends, I had many companions and associates, but I had no wife. I needed you to be My wife, and you have fulfilled a very important need in My life by embracing this revelation and wholeheartedly practicing it.
       108. I can see that you're tempted to question the worth of this gift as a weapon. You may think it's a radical truth that is good to live, but you wonder how it can be used offensively against the Enemy. Let Me explain this so you can have greater conviction to use this as an offensive weapon against the Enemy.
       109. Remember that picture of persecution where you, the Bride, were in My arms, and I was about to wallop the Enemy? Loving Me intimately gives you the faith to run into My arms, to run into My embrace, and there find the strength and protection you need.
       110. If you were not intimate with Me, you might be tempted to merely run to My side. But when you rush into My arms, you are that much closer and you stir within Me that much more ire against the Devil. It's an entirely different story when he tries to attack you when you're in My arms as My Bride than when you're merely an associate. It's the difference between defending family and defending a business associate. Those of the world would generally go much further for family than they would for someone they merely worked with‚ right? So it is that when you run into My arms, I am moved with a powerful urge to destroy the Enemy.
       111. By being so close to Me that you can feel My heart beating, you also feel the tone of My Spirit. When I am happy, your heart is made happy too; when I am sad, you feel that sorrow; and when I'm mad, you likewise feel that anger. When you are weary and you rest your head on My shoulder, you feel the steady and constant beat of My heart, and it gives you supernatural strength to carry on.
       112. Here are some ways you can use the weapon of loving Me intimately more proactively:
       113. * Regularly run into My arms and get used to My presence so you can know exactly where to run when you are in trouble. You run to My arms by simply coming into My presence in the spirit and connecting with Me. You can say to Me whatever you'd say to your earthly lover or loved one when you run to him or her. "Hi, honey, I'm so happy to see you!" "I love you, my love." "Sweetheart, thanks for being here. Could you help me with something?"
       114. * Use the advantage you have of being My wife to obtain special favors from Me. I love to give to you, and you'd be amazed how much I would do for you and work out for you, if you would only ask--and ask in faith, as My bride, knowing that I care for you. Nothing is too small, too insignificant, or too difficult for Me to "pull some strings" for you and get you what you need. I love to manifest My power on your behalf, so ask Me whenever you need it.


       (Jesus:) You have all the promises in the Bible on your side. Exceeding great and precious promises‚ treasures without number; all these are only available to you who know Me and love Me, and who can, through My Name and My salvation, take hold of them and claim them as your own. Within this avenue alone--claiming My promises--you have a million advantages over anyone who is not My child and bride. With your salvation you hold the key that opens any door. Through this one precious gift, you have access to a treasure vault of gifts, promises, and blessings!
       Not least of all, you have the privilege of being My wife, My bride, whom, because of My love for you‚ I can choose to shower with goodness and blessings, making your life beautiful, filling the empty places, and causing the path before you to be smoothed out so that you can walk safely and surely. There are difficulties, because they have been foreordained as part of life; but with Me on your side, all difficulties are less overwhelming. All trials are easier to go through than they would be if you didn't have Me. Life itself is easier, both because of the vision and faith you have for the glories of the world to come, and simply because I'm there with you to help you carry the load. (ML #3356:75-76, GN 951).
[End of box]

       115. * Use the power I have given you through being loved by Me to thwart the Devil's attacks on you. Let Me explain this a bit more: You can use the fact that you are My wife to scare the Enemy off. Just like having an earthly husband to defend you from unkind people or those who'd do you harm, you can use your marriage to Me as your defense in the spirit. "Listen here, you filthy scum! You know good and well Who my Husband is, and He's in love with me and He hates to see anyone bothering me. Frankly‚ I think you're pretty stupid to attack me or to even need this reminder, but if you attack me, my Husband is going to come for you and avenge me. You'd better back off, and I mean right now!"
       116. * The more you love Me, the less the Enemy's attacks can have sway in your life. So when you're battling with long-term spiritual battles or weaknesses, run into My arms and you will find that I repel the attacks of the Enemy for you.
       117. * When you need rest in spirit, run into My arms and know that there you will be safe and protected from any harm or attack of the Enemy.
       118. * The Devil hates to hear your love words to Me; he hates the fact that I have chosen you as My bride; he hates the fact that I have endowed you with My inheritance and made you My heirs. Use this to your advantage. By being wed to Me you wield My power and authority; you can direct those under My command because I have given you that authority as My wife.
       119. * Come to Me and receive My power so that when you return to your task or mission you are covered by My mantle of anointing, which will burn and singe any evil that dares come near you. Loving Me intimately causes your spirit to grow stronger and more powerful, because I give you more of My power each time you come and love Me.
       120. * Loving Me intimately makes your work for Me easier because you're not merely doing it for a boss‚ but you're doing it because you love Me. This helps to give you consistency and strength to carry on even when My mission for you might seem tedious and boring. Because you love Me you are able to do even the most mundane tasks with joy and contentment. Claim that joy and contentment, and it will be yours as a result of our times of intimate loving.
       121. * Loving Me releases to you all the power I have available to Me. By being Mine so intimately and lovingly, you have access to more power than any others on the face of the Earth, because you are closer to My heart and to My Spirit than any others.
       122. * Loving Me intimately increases your awareness of My presence, which gives you confidence and dispels the Enemy's main weapon of fear. When you know that I am near you, that I love you‚ and that I will take care of you, it helps put his puny attacks in perspective and it takes away the foreboding and dread that he'd like to place on you.
       123. * Loving Me gives you faster access to My power because you can simply get it from Me in our bedchamber--you're automatically closer to "the Source."
       124. * Loving Me also makes you more spiritually aware and sensitive, dispelling the Enemy's attacks of carnal-mindedness and flatlanderness.
       125. * The single greatest personal benefit in loving Me intimately is the thinning of the spiritual veil between us. When you love someone, you can often sense and feel things that they're going through even when not in their visible presence. You begin to sense My will more clearly; you begin to read My mind, feel My feelings, and receive My thoughts. Because you love Me intimately, the spiritual veil between us becomes thinner and thinner as you fall deeper and deeper in love with Me and become more and more accustomed to My way of thinking and acting.
       126. The thinner the veil gets, the nearer you draw to My presence. The more you are in My presence, the more power you have. The more power you have, the weaker the Enemy's attacks against you are. The weaker the Enemy's attacks against you are, the easier it is for you to defeat them. And the easier it is for you to defeat the Enemy, the harder it is for him to defeat you.


       The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike at him as hard as you can and as often as you can, and keep moving on.--Ulysses S. Grant (1822–1885)
[End of box]

Through our marriage, all that I have is yours!

       127. You see, My loves, there are so many ways you can use this weapon actively. You need to go on the attack and use this weapon to provide you with these benefits. It's like a wedding ring, a secret access code to My treasure vaults, a special string to My heart. Having a little leverage with the God of Heaven never hurt‚ did it? That's what you have when you willingly choose to be My bride, to marry yourself to Me, and to give yourself to Me in wild abandon. All that I have is yours! I give you full access to My heavenly power‚ and all the gifts of Heaven are available to Me to give to you.
       128. I'm happy that you have embraced Me as your Husband and have loved Me––not for what I can do for you, but because you knew it would make Me happy and it would please Me. This has given Me the right to claim special exemptions and spiritual powers for you, because you met the requirements for these things. This is one reason I have been able to release to you so much of My Spirit, and why I will yet give you much, much more than I have ever been able to entrust to the churches or church Christians.
       129. Because of your love for Me I am able to boldly enter the most hidden treasure vaults and there pull out My special treasures and give them to you. Loving Me like you do, embracing our marriage‚ and honoring our wedding vows has given you the right to receive gifts which are reserved for My wife alone. There's some pretty cool stuff waiting for you!
       130. The more you love Me, the higher "security clearance" in Heaven you receive. The closer you are to Me, the more privileges I am able to give you. Neat, huh? There are pretty big benefits to loving Me as you do. Pretty soon you'll be right here with Me and we'll rule and reign together, you at My side and I at yours, together ruling the universe as is My right, and yours by virtue of your marriage to Me. You have become My queens who will have the right to sit on My throne and exercise My power as though it were your own.
       131. All these reasons and many more are why loving Me intimately is a weapon of the spirit, and why it can be used offensively against the Enemy. (End of message.)

Connect with Me and partake of My power

       132. (Jesus:) I am now asking you to focus on this weapon of loving Me intimately. I want you to take a good look at this weapon and see it for what it is--a weapon, created to protect you, yes, but also to defeat and destroy the armies of Satan, to bring them to their knees. This weapon that is at your disposal is highly powerful because it is so connected with Me. If you use this weapon, you will be using a part of the very light and power of My Own personal arsenal.
       133. This is a weapon that not all My brides have taken up. It is a weapon that some have left on the shelf, waiting to be used. I did tell My brides that I would not coerce them into picking up this weapon and using it. Those who have not used this weapon to its capacity have not found less pleasure in My sight. However, those who have not used this weapon or seen it for the strength and might that it is are missing out on a highly explosive and significantly damaging weapon that can be used and will be used in the days to come to gain ground on the Enemy.

In this weapon lies great strength

       134. I want to put in a plea to those who have had difficulty with the weapon of loving Me intimately. I want to tell you that this weapon has great strength, for it is a weapon that draws you close to Me, just as do the weapons of praise and prophecy. It is a means to enhance your times spent hearing from Me. In using this weapon, you are in a sense stripping yourself of all that would hold you back from opening yourself up completely to Me, My Words, and My seeds. It strips you of your pride, your self, your inhibitions, your reservations‚ and all that would hinder you from walking unashamed into My chambers, revealing to Me your heart, your need for Me, and your need for My love.
       135. Many of you have used this gift, this spiritual weapon, to some degree, and I am well pleased. I'm thrilled to have you come to Me and let Me love you in this way. I have had many special moments with you, My brides, treasured moments, and in those moments when we have lain together and you received Me, My love, My seeds, and My passion for you, I was able to fill your spirit and body with the strength that you lacked, or the love that you felt was missing from your life, or wash away your insecurities. I have filled you again and again, and I wish to continue to have these opportunities to show you My love as your Husband and Lover. In return, I want to feel the love that you, as My bride, have for Me--for as experienced lovers together, our loving will just get better and better.

Loving Jesus intimately is a secret to unity

       136. However, what I want to show you now is that this gift that has brought you so many beautiful feelings and wonderful thrills is also a powerful weapon when aimed at the Enemy and his attacks on you. The purpose of this weapon is two-fold, and by two-fold I mean that you can use it as a tool to draw you close to Me and as a weapon to drive the Enemy far away from you and your brothers, sisters, friends, and mates. It is also an offensive weapon and one that greatly damages the Enemy‚ as I mentioned earlier.
       137. Using this weapon offensively to destroy the assaults that the Evil One throws at you and at your brothers and sisters will continue to take great humility. The secret to this humility will come from your love and the love that you have received from Me. This love will be stronger than any of your worries or fears, and it will motivate you to give your life for your brethren. Using this weapon offensively will be in a sense putting the lives of those you care for before your own. It will mean laying down your pride, the opinions of man, your inhibitions, and anything that holds you back from running to your brother or sister in need and helping them to fight.
       138. In wielding this weapon offensively, you will also be strengthening the unity between one another. You will find that your bonds of friendship will turn into bonds of greater love--that "greater love" that I spoke of, that of laying down your life for your friend (John 15:13). It will drive you and motivate you to give your life in sacrifice for your brethren and the lost souls that are in the world, for in loving Me intimately you have filled your hearts to overflowing with My love, My seeds, and My desire for you. Now I ask that you open your hearts that have been filled and let that love start overflowing onto others. I want you to take this personal deep love that we have between ourselves and willingly give it to your brethren.
       139. In doing this, there will be a revolution of love! In doing this, you will begin to see those around you as I see them. You will no longer have room for criticism or negative thoughts toward others, because you will have let this passion that you feel for Me overflow to others. You will look into the eyes of your brethren and you will see Me therein. It will be this vision of Me in them that will pull you to give to them as you give to Me, to love them as you love Me, and everything that you would do for Me, you will learn to do for them.
       140. This love and this unity will be so strong that it will build and fortify the walls of your army. This aura of strength will be so thick, the Evil One and his imps will have a difficult time penetrating it. Just coming near it will wound them and make them wither and fall back. It will be too strong for them, too powerful. Their attempts to spread discord, resentment, negativity, criticalness, and divisiveness will come to naught. These evil powers will melt and vanish when they come up against this protective shield of love that will come from using this weapon of loving Me intimately as I ask you to.


       141. (Jesus:) The more you become offensive fighters and learn to realize what it means to the Enemy when you fight--his defeat, and victory for Me, and thus for souls, for happiness, for love, for freedom, for life, and ultimately for the return of My kingdom on Earth--the more you will want to fight and win! Eventually you will even be looking for battles, because you will be so ready to defeat the Enemy, rescue more souls, and bring more of Me into the lives around you!
[End of box]

This can become reality in your Home!

       142. That will be the result of using this weapon offensively. Now you ask, "How can we do this? How can we have such strength and power against these devices of the Enemy that seem to enter our camps so often?" I will tell you how, My loves, but as I have said, this will take effort. It may not seem easy at first, but believe My Words. As you step out in this way, as you believe and obey, as you do what I ask you to do‚ you will be actively using this weapon to thwart and destroy the Enemy's attacks, and you will see a significant difference in your lives and in your Homes.
       143. By honing this skill and upgrading all your weaponry, not only will you see a difference, but you will feel a greater strength and power. You will find yourself knocking off battles right and left. And, believe Me, you will need this, for the battles will be coming at you in greater size‚ in greater number, and faster. However, I need you to keep moving forward. I need you to get the job done, and to do this, not only will you need to protect your Homes through the battles, but I am showing you and will continue to show you how to move forward, how to get your big job done amidst the battles. You must learn how to fight not only for yourself, but for others as well. I'm training you in the art of multitasking in the spirit.

Being public about your love for our Husband will bond you together

       144. To advance in using the weapon of loving Me intimately, I ask you, My brides, to learn to show your love for Me to others with greater boldness, ardency, and definition, and to make this a daily habit. I would still caution you about what you say in front of the children, and I continue to ask you to use wisdom in your choice of intimate love words to Me when you are in community settings. However‚ now that more and more of My brides have opened themselves to this way of loving Me passionately and deeply, I want you to learn how to explore ways to show this love for Me with one another.
       145. Many times My brides save their words of love‚ praise, and adulation to Me for when they are specifically having a time of praise together, or reading My Word, or in a setting where this is possible. And your love and passion for Me is often reserved for times of private loving, for when you are having a date or a designated time of loving Me.
       146. But now I ask that you grow bolder in your love for Me with others. By asking this of you, I'm not asking you to only grow bolder in your vocabulary or in what you say to Me. This is not what ultimately counts. What I'm asking of you is that you do not only stick to scheduled moments when you show your love for Me in this way with one another, but that as My brides, you bring Me into the center of your lives and broaden the way you personally love Me.
       147. When you're sitting together to discuss the day or something that has come up in your day, take a moment to tell Me how much you love Me and desire My presence in your midst. You could take a few moments to tell Me how much I mean to you. These don't necessarily have to be sexy words; they can be very intimate without being sexual. You can just say to Me what you would say to the one who sits with you. As you say these things together as you would to Me, you are in a sense opening your lives to one another, and what you say to Me you will also be saying to them.
       148. I want to become a household name of affection. I don't want to only be addressed as your Supplier, your Counselor, or your Shepherd, but I also want to be acknowledged in praise and thankfulness all day long. I want you to become unashamed to utter My Name and enter My intimate presence at any moment of the day out loud so that others may join in. I want others to know how dear I am to you, how much you love Me, how very much a part of your life I am.

You will find great strength in this greater marriage with Me

       149. This open show of affection through your love words to Me will help you who live with one another, fight daily battles together, and go through struggles together, to grow in deeper love and affection for each other, as well as for Me. You will find yourself depending on this strength that you will find from each other, and it will be a way that I will be able to come through and use you as a vessel of My love, strength, compassion, and appreciation to the one who needs it.
       150. There will be many benefits to this: It will strengthen your greater marriage; it will create deeper bonds of friendship; your love for Me will deepen and our relationship will grow stronger. Just as when you're married, the more you reach out and show love to others, the more I am able to bring you closer to one another, so it will be with your relationship with Me. As you open your heart to include others in your marriage with Me, you will grow in unity and truly become one wife, one marriage together, and you and I will also grow closer together. This will also deepen your respect for one another. You will grow to admire those you live and work with because you will see how much they love Me and how much they're willing to give Me.
       151. Then‚ even though a person may be riddled with weaknesses and imperfections, you will still have this supernatural love for them, because you see that, "Well‚ this one really loves our Husband, just as I love Him. He gives his life to Him, just as I have given my life to Him." This same respect and admiration will then not only work toward deepening your love for others, but also drive you closer to Me, and you will find your love for Me growing in ways you've never known before. It will be a deep love, a trusting love, to bring you through even the darkest of days.
       152. I would that you also continue to do activities that are focused around loving Me intimately with one another and taking your relationship with Me to deeper levels--in your times of relaxation with one another and in times of lovemaking. It's been a little difficult to bring this intimate way of loving Me into your times with others, your times of recreation and your dates, but I want to ask My brides to step into this and do this more often, to stretch yourselves in this way and to grow in this way. For it is in this humility before one another that you will come to know and love each other deeply.
       153. Center the times that you spend with each other around Me, bringing Me into your love, your friendship, or your companionship, and then watch to see how your love for one another grows and flourishes. Then the camaraderie that you seek or have been lacking amongst yourselves will show itself. You will become happier with one another and wake up in the morning and say, "Thank You, my dearest Husband, for the love that You have given me through my mates here in this blessed Home. Their love‚ devotion, and trust is making me want to keep loving You, keep loving them, and most of all go out there and bring as many as I can to Your fold."

Becoming a threesome with Jesus and your mates!

       154. Can you see how this love will multiply, grow, and take over your Homes and lives? It will be an undeniable force. You will not have to work up this unity that I have asked you to have, but this love you show to Me with one another will take over and bring you the unity that is required in order to be beacons of light to this world of darkness in the days to come.
       155. We will become a threesome. It will be you, Me‚ and your brothers and sisters. This marriage has begun, and now it will mature. And in that blessed day when you come home to Heaven, we will celebrate our marriage in that wonderful Feast that I have prepared for you, My loves. Oh, what a day of love that will be! That will be the ultimate day of union, when all of us are united as one forever, for all eternity!
       156. Here on this Earth, however, you need this greater marriage, this threesome. It will be your life support as you walk through the battlefields of life. The Enemy seeks to destroy that which you are trying to build in this year of strengthening with his disunity, divisiveness, resentment, and bitterness. He will send his imps and devils to attack again, but this time around he has upped his strategy. His attacks will not be mild; they will be stronger than before.
       157. So, My dear loves, don't you see how necessary it is that you stretch yourselves to love Me as one, as one wife? I need for you to become one army.--Not a scattered army of lovers here and there, but an army where you are all united, loving Me, and that you each see your love for Me in one another.
       158. You who are experienced in loving Me in this way, I ask that you lead the way, that you reach out to those who have found it difficult to love Me in this way, either individually or with others. Open your arms and don't be afraid to bring them in. I hold you accountable to show the way. Some of you have found this path to loving Me and have taken it for some time; now there is a need for others to follow. So stretch out your hands and bid them come. Don't wait for someone else to start, but start now, for this new strength begins now.
       159. And those of you who desire to love Me in this way, don't wait for someone to come and show you how to do it. Reach out and do what you can, and I will open your eyes to this love. If you don't feel experienced, just step out. You will find yourselves as naturals‚ for I will pour on you the anointing that comes with obedience to Me.
       160. There are many ways you can love Me together with each other. You can read words of love together, you can feed from My Word with one another, you can include Me in your lovemaking, you can share romantic moments with Me with one another, you can share our innermost secrets with another. I love it when you invite Me to be part of any activity that you share with a loved one or one of the mates of your greater marriage--such as having a glass of wine and casual fellowship, watching a sunset, or having a candlelight dinner. It doesn't even have to be an intimate activity to include Me as your Husband--I enjoy just as much being actively included in your outings with the children, movie nights, or times of laughter and relaxation.
       161. Come, My brides, love Me together as one. Let Me hear your voices as they unitedly call out to Me in fervor and passion. Let Me hear how you, as a body, as My Bride, need Me, yearn for Me, and desire Me. For am I not Husband to each of you?
       162. As you show your love for Me to one another, you will pass on My strength and love to each other, which will create a strong link that the Evil One will not be able to sever. He will not be able to penetrate your midst, and the closer we grow together as one greater marriage, the more the strength and fire of our love will blast him and his imps to bits. We will move forward in a love that will be too bright, too strong for him and his.
       163. There will be imps who will try to stand in your way, to sever our marriage, to get you to divorce one another, or to think evil thoughts of one another, but your love will be so strong (because it will be My love) that it doesn't matter what comes your way; you will persevere. You will not turn against each other, but instead march on arm in arm, united as one.
       164. Can you not see it? I give you the vision of this unity, of this greater marriage. I ask that you make it your ambition, your goal, to strengthen your love, your unity, your marriage--not with your own love, but using My love, the love that you have shown to Me in our times of intimacy. This same power‚ strength, and succor will be what connects you and drives you to give of yourself to those you live and work with.
       165. So step out‚ My loves. Now, as your Husband, I ask that you reach out to those who are in need of your love and affection, just as I am in need of your love and affection. I ask that you come to Me together, joined as one. As you lead your mates to our bedchamber and share the bed of love that you and I have shared, you will receive such great happiness.
       166. It will take humility, self-abandonment, and surrender, but the riches you will receive in return as you give up your pride will be manifold. You will become a mighty force to be reckoned with. You will become My force of love. I will then have My vessel‚ that which I can pour through, for you will have come together in love and be of one accord, one mind, and one body. (End of message.)

Encouragement to put this new information into practice right away

       167. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! Wow‚ we have such a wonderful Lover and Husband, don't we? It's so inspiring to know that becoming a threesome with Jesus and our mates will help to bring about the unity the Lord has been asking us to strive for.
       168. As you step out to put this counsel into practice, to make the weapon of loving our Husband intimately not only a part of your life‚ but a part of your Home and lifestyle together, I believe you will feel a big difference in your unity and love. Remember that reaching out to others in this way does not have to be sexual. But the idea is to become much more intimate with our Husband together, and through being intimate with Him as one bride, we will be breaking down walls between individuals as well, and we will all become one in a new sense--in a threesome with Him!
       169. After all, as the Lord said, loving Him intimately is humbling. You can't bring pride into His bedchamber. You have to strip down in the spirit in order to enter into intimate loving with Him, and humility is a key ingredient in bonding with your mates and loved ones too. So it's a winning combination that will really help to propel you forward in the area of unity and becoming a winning team together.
       170. It's also a key to becoming the example to the world that He wants us to be. He has said that we will be known as His intimate brides, the people of the keys, those who have such great love and unity. And loving Him intimately as His bride together will help to bring that about and make it a reality. Praise the Lord!
       171. After hearing the preceding messages from Jesus and realizing the stretching and growing you'll be doing to apply it, some of you might have a few cracks in your bottle and be ready for some help to make it easier! The Lord has created a special key for helping us to become one with Him in spirit--the key of intimate love.

The key of intimate love

       172. (Jesus:) The key of intimate love has a special purpose of helping you to become one with Me more. It helps you to shed the weights of the flesh, don the robe of humility‚ and come before Me stripped of anything that could stand in the way of our intimate love. It helps you to meld with Me in spirit.
       173. We are married in spirit, and the key of intimate love is like your wedding vow to Me. The more you use it, the more you are reminded of Me and your vows to Me, the more humility and yieldedness you will have in your life. Just like a married couple would remind themselves of their vows to each other, it is the same in spirit when you use this key.
       174. The key of loving Me intimately unlocks the depths of your heart that only I can touch and have access to. This is a place in your heart that I have made specifically for loving Me intimately. Using this key and opening this place up to Me unlocks one of the mysteries of the universe between you and Me, a place where it is possible for time to stop and where we can truly be one.
       175. This key helps open your heart, mind, and spirit to Me, so that I can refill you directly with My Spirit and love. This key will help your times with Me to be more real. You will feel Me in a way you never have before. It will help your times with Me to become more intimate than anything you have felt in the flesh. Using this key will help enhance our times together in a way you have never felt before.
       176. Call on this key of intimate love to open your heart to Me, and I will be able to show you things of Heaven and of My Spirit that you have never seen before. Activating this key and spending time with Me will not only enhance our relationship and take it to new heights, but will also help you to grow in spirit and intimacy with your fellow mates. This key is a good one to call on when you are going to have intimate times together as one bride in Me.
       177. This key opens a special link with Me that will be more satisfying than anything you have ever felt in the flesh before. It will help to open your eyes in the spirit and bring on My love and My mind. It will give you revelations and more intense spiritual experiences with Me. This key is a present to you, one that you can use to become closer to Me than you ever thought possible.
       178. I entrust this key into your hands, but you have to use it, you have to activate it--and you won't be disappointed! You can even use this key in your praise times. Call on it to become one with Me and get My feelings and thoughts on things. Using this key helps you to understand the things of the spirit that aren't possible to comprehend in the flesh.
       179. You will never fully understand the mysteries of the spirit world and all these revelations till you get to this side. You have to take it by faith that these keys are real and that calling on them really does make a difference and will do things for you that you thought impossible. (End of message.)

Using prayer in conjunction with loving Jesus

       180. (Mama:) The Lord has said that eventually we will progress in our use of the spiritual weapons to the point where in an instant we can use many of our weapons simultaneously. Obviously, we have a way to go before we reach that point, but we should be working on using as many weapons as possible in every available opportunity.
       181. Loving our Husband intimately fits together very much with the weapon of praise, and it comes quite naturally to use those two weapons together. Loving Him intimately also fits together well with prayer, and the Lord mentioned above that we need to take advantage of the fact that we are His wife, His bride, in claiming our needs as well as rebuking the Enemy. Following is further counsel from the Lord on how to use the weapon of prayer and the weapon of loving Him intimately in conjunction with each other.

       182. (Jesus:) A big part of tying these two weapons together is what you do before you start praying. Loving Me intimately strengthens your faith, which is one of the most important factors in praying powerful prayers. I want you to see Me not just as a friend but as your Husband and intimate Lover, one who is so madly in love with you that I can't help but cater to your every desire. Loving Me more deeply and personally will help embolden you to bring large petitions before Me‚ knowing that I cannot possibly resist you.
       183. Think of the story of Queen Esther and how she committed a breach of the law by coming before the king unannounced. But because she was so beautiful, because she was his wife, and because he loved her, he didn't mind--in fact, he was happy to see her and his interest was aroused to find out what she had to say and what she wanted. When she finally got around to telling him, he took action. He went out of his way to fulfill her request. He nullified the previous royal decree with a new one. He got rid of her enemy. He did all these things because he was completely smitten by her, just as I am with each of you. (Esther 5-8).
       184. But it's not until you personally enter into a deep love relationship with Me that you can fully believe how deeply I love you. I've always told you about My love, but it's hard for you to understand just how deep and rich it is until you've partaken of it, returned it, and enjoyed it intimately between us. That's why it can't be just Me loving you; you have to return My love in the intimate ways that I desire it‚ which in return will, among other things, bring you into a fuller realization of how you have captured My heart and how much faith and boldness you can exercise in asking Me for what you need to carry out My will.
       185. And when you come before Me in spirit through your prayers, you should keep our intimate relationship in mind. You shouldn't just come before Me as your God, but you should keep in mind that you are My wife and I am your doting Husband. Praising Me as intimately as is appropriate beforehand is a good way to do this. Use words that evoke our close relationship. Call Me your Darling, your Lover, your Husband, or whatever you call Me in our intimate times together.
       186. Using these terms in your praises and in your prayers pleases Me, and it also reminds you of your right as My wife to demand the world as your inheritance--and it will be given. I want you to come before Me as Esther did before her king‚ humble and meek in spirit, yet bold in requesting what you need. Show yourself vulnerable and weak and desperately in need of My assistance. Plead with Me as a wife would plead with her husband. Yet at the same time expect from Me the action that a loyal wife would expect from a loyal husband.
       187. That's all there is to it. It's not a complicated process. Those of you who have a wife or husband or an intimate friend, or have been together with someone at one point in time, think about how you knew you could ask almost anything of them, and because of their love for you they would do their best to give it to you. That's how it is with Me--except that My love is stronger and deeper than any earthly love you have experienced, and there are no limits to the power I can exercise on your behalf. You can truly ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you.
       188. Keeping our relationship in mind when you pray, and coming before Me as a wife would before her husband, is a way that you can deepen, expand, and strengthen your use of the weapon of prayer. When you use praises and affectionate terms with Me, it reminds you of our relationship. When you challenge Me as your Husband to come through on your behalf in prayer, this stirs Me to the most effective kind of action. When you show yourself weak, yet praise Me for the power I've given you through the keys, this puts you in the best possible position of humility in spirit to receive My answers.
       189. It's not that you can't get answers to prayer or claim miracles without stepping into the more intimate realm with Me, or without having those things in mind. It's just that when you do, it adds depth to our connection. It sends you deeper into the spirit, and most of all it gives you more boldness to come away from the spirit world with the answers in hand. And if for no other reason, it pleases Me and makes Me happy. It humbles you and it reminds you of your need for Me. It connects us in spirit. All these things I just listed release the power of Heaven on your behalf. Isn't that really the whole goal of prayer? (End of message.)

Your first duty is to Me as My bride

       190. (Jesus:) Your first duty is to Me, your Husband and Lover, as My wife and bride. Everything else is secondary to our relationship and time spent with Me. I am your primary responsibility; you should seek Me first and above all else, and then everything else will be added unto you. You might think that there is so much work to be done and so many other discipleship responsibilities, but in truth I am your primary duty. Spending time with Me as My bride comes first.
       191. It's our marriage, and you must treat it as such. What husband would like his wife to always be running off first thing in the day without spending time together, always being busy with the other work that has to be done, the cooking, the cleaning, and everything else? This is the same thing that I told Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42). Spending time with Me is your primary responsibility, for how can you do the Master's work without the Master's power? And to get it, you must spend time with the Master, with your Husband and Lover--Me.


       192. (Jesus:) Your relationship with Me should be priority--number one. It might sound illogical that I would put our time together above even My work-–your service for Me. But remember that I've spoken about this before: You cannot do My work unless you have My power. You've got to take time to rest in My temple before you can go out and face the day. And if you happen to miss that time with Me and you get into your day, then you've got to make it a priority to get to it as soon as you can.
       193. And throughout the day‚ ask Me for a special linkup--a connection for the day. Let our minds become one, as you take on My mind and allow Me full possession. In fact, you should be striving to do this all the time, as much as you can. It doesn't have to take hours out of your day. It's a matter of simply staying in communication with Me, asking Me everything‚ and letting Me do the work through you.
       194. Having intimate time of loving Me will help you to more easily take on My mind and make this connection. We'll have a stronger linkup and be more in sync with each other. So don't be afraid to call on the key of intimate love for your times with Me. It will boost you to new highs and thrills in the spirit‚ which you've never experienced before.
[End of box]

Points you can start with

       195. (Mama:) Here is the list of questions the Lord gave that we can ask ourselves to see how we're doing in the area of loving Jesus intimately, which will also give us ideas of where to start in order to make this gift more of an offensive weapon in our arsenal! Don't be discouraged if you don't answer many of these positively. Just pick a couple to start with, make them your goal for the week or month or whatever the Lord shows you, and start living them!

*       How comfortable am I with loving Jesus intimately? [Note from Jesus: The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become, and the less of a big deal it will be. If it's very humbling and very difficult to say love words to Me, then you'll want to try to do it much more often so that you can become comfortable.]
*       Do I take regular personal time to love Jesus intimately?
*       Do I love Jesus and include Him in my intimate times with my husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend and others I have dates with?
*       Am I progressing in my marriage to Jesus? If I look back to six months or a year ago, can I see that I am more intimate, more comfortable, and more practiced in loving Jesus intimately?
*       Am I willing to participate in "Loving Jesus" nights and express my love for Him in front of others, even if it's difficult, humbling, or goes against my nature?
*       Do I love Jesus more than I care about what others think of me? Am I willing to stand up for loving Jesus when it is criticized or talked about negatively?
*       Am I secure in Jesus' love for me?
*       When I've missed my loving Jesus time for a little while, do I "feel it" spiritually? [Note from Jesus: Loving Me is not about feelings. In this case, "feel it" would mean feeling that something is missing in your life because you've neglected it, just like the difference you feel when you haven't had enough Word time, or prayer vigil time, or haven't tended to some other aspect of your spiritual life.]
*       When was the last time I asked Jesus to speak to me personally about our love relationship, and asked Him how I can be a better bride, lover, and intimate companion to Him?
*       How would I describe my relationship with the Lord?
*       Do I cringe when reading sexy prophecies or love words to and from Jesus? [Note from Jesus: It's natural that there are some words or expressions you'd be more comfortable using, and others you'd find less appealing or sexy. But the more you love Me intimately and grow accustomed to speaking to Me in this way, the more you will realize how wonderful it is to love Me and be loved by Me in this way‚ the more humble and open you will be, and thus the more accepting you will be of other expressions of love, even if they aren't your personal favorites, simply because they carry the spirit of intimate love with Me.]
*       Am I open to talking about, and receiving help, tips, counsel, or advice in this area of my life?
*       Am I striving to make steady progress in growing closer to Jesus every day?
*       Do I address the Lord intimately in my personal and public prayers? Do I praise Him as my Husband and Lover and appreciate His love for me in an intimate way?

Helpers we can call on

       196. (Mama:) There are quite a few wonderful helpers of the spirit that we can call on to help us in learning to use the gift of loving our Husband intimately as an offensive weapon against the Enemy.
       197. We have the Eleria, who are angels of freedom, the guardians of our personal revolution. They're wonderful ones to call on if you need help in having more faith to step out and if you want more of the freedom of the spirit in your lives.
       198. We can also call on the Keepers of the Power of Heaven‚ who are well experienced in intimacy and oneness with our Husband. There is also dear Dad, who started us on the road of intimacy with Jesus.

       199. (Jesus:) You must begin by understanding fully what it means to love Me intimately. When you love someone intimately, you literally join your spirit to theirs. It has little to do with the flesh and physical actions in themselves. You can have a deep, intimate connection with another soul without fucking. The physical action helps bring it down to a level of expression and comprehension you can more easily grasp, but being truly intimate is a spiritual thing.
       200. When you join your spirit with Mine, we become one for a time. In that time, a part of Me is intertwined with your own spirit and you carry a part of Me within you. The Keepers of the Power of Heaven (also known as the Blue Beings or Blue Angels), can help to teach you of the full power and joy of intimacy with Me. They have become so joined to My Spirit that I am in every way their life, their nourishment, their very existence. You each have a blue spirit being assigned to you, and if you ask them, they can help to teach you the ways of intimate love with Me. This is the first step, and it opens the door to all the power of the universe.
       201. Call on these to help you open up fully to Me when you come before Me. Call on them to deepen and strengthen your desire to be truly one with Me. Call on them to so fill you with praise and longing for Me that you can think of nothing else for a time. As you cast aside everything else, then we can truly become one. In those moments I cannot share you with anything else.
       202. To be truly one, there can be nothing between us–-no other desires, no other thoughts, no hint of the cares of this life. Learning to do this comes gradually, but this must be our goal. We must become so one in spirit that we know each other as we know our own heart. The closer you draw to Me, the greater the power that is transmitted.
       203. If you could only see how mighty you, the children of David, already are! Your prayers work miracles every moment. Your actions cut a wide swath through the very center of the forces of Satan. He rages, but he cannot prevent it. The minions of Satan already recoil and flee in panic at your approach. Only a few dare to attempt an attack on you, and at the sight of My seal and the pulsating weapons of life--which to them are weapons of destruction, armed and ready for use--they are soon forced to flee in pain‚ panic, and defeat.


       204. (Question:) What is the seal that You are talking about here?

       205. (Jesus:) Royalty trusts only a chosen few to come into their court and into their presence. Those who are allowed to enter the king's court are screened, and when they are sent away on business bearing a message from the king, that message contains the king's seal so that all will know who is being represented.
       206. I honor all of My brides who come into My intimate chambers with My spiritual seal, which is your testimony that you have been with Me. You have been on holy ground, and like Moses, who left My presence and whose face did shine, the spirit world witnesses My seal upon you. (End of message.)
[End of box]

       207. This offensive weapon of intimately loving Me could be described as your power source. Through loving Me intimately, you channel whatever power is needed into all the other weapons of the spirit that you have chosen to be a part of your personal spiritual arsenal. Without your intimate link with Me‚ you are lacking a very important source of power. It would be like trying to charge up a super laser using AAA batteries.
       208. The gift of intimacy with Me creates a wireless charging connection that sends a continuous, unlimited flow of power into those weapons. As you stir yourself to reach out to Me, desiring Me and yielding your spirit to Me, the connection you make with Me releases vast amounts of spiritual energy. As you praise Me in utter abandon‚ I pour into you more than you can hold. Your spirit becomes a fully charged source of great power.
       209. The Enemy is always trying to drain the power from your spirit through his many sidetracks, attacks, discouragement, and all the rest. Allowing him entrance is like letting your power be slowly drained away. Tuning in to these helpers helps to shield you from these drains on My power, and seeking their help to remind you and inspire you to spend as much time as you can in My arms causes your reserves to be filled to the full.
       210. Through our intimate lovemaking I am able to fill you with faith and vision. This empowers your prayers to accomplish the impossible. This gives you an authority in the spirit similar to the King's seal. As you go forth filled with My Spirit, seeking to perform the business of your Husband and King, the seal of My authority that is held in your hand causes all of creation to be at your command.
       211. If you will believe, truly all things become possible to you. It's then up to you how boldly you will step forth, knowing that you do My bidding and therefore all must obey My will. The more time we spend in intimate fellowship, the more your faith will grow and the more you will have the authority to step out holding high the seal of the King of kings and commanding that whatever I will, shall be done. The legions of both Heaven and Hell are subject to My power, and the more we become one, the more they know My power is in you.
       212. Tuning in to the Keepers of the Power of Heaven helps to shield you from these drains on My power, and seeking their help to remind you and inspire you to spend as much time as you can in My arms causes your reserves to be filled to the full. As we become more and more one, your link with all your spirit helpers will grow stronger‚ permitting them to pour their anointing, talents, and training in their areas of expertise into you. At this time they can only do so at a slow trickle, but as you open to Me more and more, they too will find the channel and connection much stronger and will be able to teach, guide, protect, and counsel you, and through you, many others.


       213. (Jesus:) There is also one who has been a key in your learning to draw close and become intimate with Me. It is his greatest joy and his most ardent desire to teach you these things. He is the one who started you on the road to these deep spiritual truths. He is so close that sometimes you forget how mightily he has been used by Me to bring you to where you now stand. He first taught you to enter the dome of My temple, the place of focus on Me. He is your David. His burning passion for Me, which surpassed all other things in his life, is what caused Me to use him to form you, My children of David.
       214. I know you don't see yourself as anything great, but time is nothing to Me, and I see you as what you are becoming. It was David's love, his intimate, deep, unquenchable love for Me that created the Family. It was the power of that love which pulled down the vision and anointing for you, and it is his ongoing love and intimacy with Me that continues on a daily basis to open the channels and the floodgates of Heaven to bring you the aid and support of countless millions who fight for you, inspire you, empower you‚ and train you to live and breathe and act with My Spirit flowing through you as no others on Earth have done before you. It's happening, it's coming! It's becoming a reality more and more each day.
       215. So when you feel you've hit a blockage, or you feel you want more of that unquenchable love for Me burning deep inside, call on David, and he'll go to bat for you and do all he can to pull down exactly what and who you need to help you to fulfill the desires of your heart and make you into all I know you can be. (End of message.)

Ecstasy--a new helper!

       216. (Vision:) Wow, I'm seeing what appears to be an explosion of color and light--like one of those puffs or explosions they have on stage in magic shows. But it's not a loud, glaring explosion; it's perfectly silent, beautiful, and mysterious. It's difficult to explain, but with each explosion--and there's a continuous stream of these explosions, one after the other--I literally feel each explosion inside me, like a wave going right through my body. Each explosion causes a different sensation in my body--a beautiful, almost orgasmic sensation.
       217. Now there's a spectacular one! It must be the grand finale, with all these surreal sparkles and swirls of colors emanating from its center. It almost looks like the aurora borealis, except it's circular and multi-dimensional in nature. I see the shape of someone forming at the center and stepping out of this explosion toward me.
       218. She's beautiful! She's like a swirl of light and color‚ fully human in form, yet it appears that her whole body and form is like a canvas of beautiful colors. Her hair is very long and beautiful and full of these same sparkles that emanated from the explosions of light. And another cool thing: Swathed around her body are these beautiful long scarves, each of them multi-colored as well, yet the colors don't clash with each other.
       219. Everything about her is striking and "explosive," yet at the same time perfectly harmonious. She's laughing and spinning around and around and throwing her arms in the air praising. She's very gypsy-like in spirit, and definitely has a wild, free spirit to her.
       220. Now while she's dancing and spinning around, she's sexily and enticingly unwrapping some of the scarves from her body. Wow‚ she's hot!

       221. (Spirit helper:) I come forth from the Wild Wind--from the wild and free Spirit of God! I was created from love--from the awesome, explosive power of My Creator's love for you‚ His brides. I have been formed from His great desire for you, and will help you to love our Lover passionately and without restraint. I was born from His passion and ardent craving for you, and have been given the spirit of wild abandon. Within me beats raw passion, raw desire, and raw freedom of the spirit.
       222. You may call me Ecstasy, for ecstasy is at the heart of my being!–-Ardent ecstasy and desire for our Husband and Lover, which I can give you as you call on me by name. Ecstasy has the power to enrapture you, to transfer you to another plane, to take you out of yourself. It has no reins, no inhibitions‚ no master except our Own--our Lover and Husband.
       223. When you call on me by name‚ the ecstasy and freedom of spirit you feel will have no bounds, no limits, and no carnal harness. This ecstasy will open your spiritual eyes, it will open your spiritual ears, it will free your tongue, it will awaken your spiritual senses and transcend your earthly nature. You will be carried away on the wind of the spirit to the center of your desire--to our Husband's arms. Here, in ardent and passionate union with my Lover, is where my ecstasy and power is created and renewed, and so it shall be for you. Now watch me …!

       224. (Vision:) Now I'm seeing Ecstasy sexily unwrap another scarf from her body. As it's free from her form, it swirls and moves in the air, and those same magical sparkles trail behind it. She's approaching me, and now takes this same scarf and wraps it around my eyes, like a blindfold. As she does so, she runs her fingertips enticingly around and over my ear, and down my neck. Just her touch sends excited shivers through my body.
       225. This scarf is amazing, because even though she's blindfolded me, I appear to be able to see even more clearly than with my natural vision. It's as if everything I'm now seeing is heightened in intensity--everything is clearer, more in focus, and more vibrant in color.
       226. Now she's dancing and undulating in front of me again, swirling around, and yet another scarf is freed from her form. This time she brushes the scarf across my lips, and now all I want to do is say love words to the Lord--intimate and passionate words--without fear, without embarrassment‚ without worrying about what anyone thinks. It seems to have given me the humility and power to forget myself and everything else and give Him my tongue in complete abandon.
       227. With each scarf she unwraps from her lovely form, she approaches me and brushes or runs it sexily over different parts of my body: first my eyes to help me see in the spirit, then my mouth to loosen my tongue, then my ears to clear my channel, then my head to clear my mind of any thoughts and cares, then my arms to encourage me to lift them and use them in ardently praising and loving the Lord.
       228. It seems that with each touch or exposure to one of these scarves, a different part of me is released and set free to love Him intimately and passionately. Each scarf seems to have a beautiful scent which further takes me away in spirit … until Ecstasy entirely unwraps herself and dances in wild, sexy and naked abandon before me and the Lord. Thank You‚ dear Lover, for Ecstasy! (End of vision.)

P.S. Synchronizing your spiritual weaponry

       229. (Mama:) As I was finalizing this GN for you, someone received the following message with more counsel from the Lord on how to use the weapon of loving Him intimately in conjunction with our other spiritual weapons.

       230. (Jesus:) When battling in the spirit, loving Me intimately is anything but an inferior weapon. The weapon of loving Me intimately connects perfectly with every other weapon of My Spirit, and in order to avail yourself of its full power and potency, you should use this weapon in conjunction with the others. I have spoken about how to use this weapon together with the weapon of prayer. Combining those two weapons comes quite naturally, and many of you are already doing so. In fact, loving Me intimately is in a sense a form of prayer--a deep, intimate communion between your heart and Mine.
       231. Now I want to give you examples of how you can sync this weapon with some of the other weapons as well--with praise, the keys, your spirit helpers‚ and prophecy.
       232. First let Me show you how to use this weapon more effectively with praise. Praise and loving Me intimately are like two swords that magically clasp together to create a dual force and double measure of power. When you praise Me, you are acknowledging My power, My ability, and My goodness; you are drawing My Spirit into your life. When you love Me intimately, you are acknowledging your place as My bride, My lover; you are acknowledging Me as your Husband; you are sucking My Spirit and My seeds, which then become wellsprings of love and power in your heart.


       233. (Question:) Lord, can You please explain more about how combining the use of the spiritual weapons makes them more powerful, when they're already so powerful individually?

       234. (Jesus:) It's hard for you to understand how the spiritual weapons work, how things change when you use them in conjunction with one another, etc. But it does change the spiritual dynamics when you use any of your spiritual weapons together. Using them alone is good and powerful, and praise is your undefeatable weapon, for the Enemy simply can't stand it. But combining it with loving Me intimately-–or others of the spiritual weapons, for that matter--increases the power and results you'll get, because you're doing even more of what the Enemy hates and what defeats him.
       235. Sometimes that might mean that your protective shield is enhanced against other attacks he might be planning, not just in the one battle you're currently fighting. Sometimes that might mean that it opens the windows for My supply in a greater way. Sometimes it might mean that you're not just able to hold off the Enemy and come through the battle, but that you really emerge with a long-term or lasting victory in some respect.
       236. The results that you see in the physical are a fraction of what takes place in the spirit, but the point is that using your spiritual weapons in conjunction with one another gets results. It's you stepping out by faith and in obedience in more than one area. I bless and reward that. The Enemy, on the other hand, is incapacitated, driven back, defeated, and walloped by the release of power.
       237. It's wise to use as many weapons and defenses of the spirit as you can, rather than just shooting once or twice and hoping it brings the victory. So pull out those big guns and use them, and see what they'll do for you!
[End of box]

       238. You can combine these two weapons through praising Me while acknowledging Me as your Husband and Lover, by offering your praises more as a wife than as a friend. Just as you would praise and acknowledge your lover differently than you would a friend, so you can praise and acknowledge Me. You may be going through a spiritual battle, or maybe you've just had a very rough day, or perhaps you had a run-in with someone you don't get along with well, and I show you to use the weapon of praise and loving Me in order to overcome.
       239. Try combining these two weapons in the fight. As you say your praises, refer to Me as your Husband, acknowledge your place as My wife‚ and speak to Me as your dearest Love: "My precious Lover, I'm so thankful for the lessons You're teaching me through this difficult time. Thank You that even though this has been a rough day and things didn't go as I expected, I still have You, Sweetheart, to run to and to lean on, and I know You'll take control of the situation because You love me and I'm important to You." Try to change your praises to a more intimate communion with Me‚ since this is one way in which you can combine the weapon of loving Me intimately and praise.
       240. This way it need not only be used in private, or when with only one other, but it can be used in public places, in front of your brothers and sisters as a testimony to your love for Me and your trust in Me. Although this isn't saying graphic intimate words to Me in front of others, it is acknowledging Me as your Lover, it is acknowledging your place as My wife, and it's a sample to others of the deep relationship we share. Also‚ think about how it affects the Enemy to hear you declare our intimacy and connection. It devastates him. It takes the wind out of his sails, the power out of his punch, and it sends him packing!
       241. How about using this weapon together with the keys? Did you know that I have created keys specifically for My relationship with you, My wife? I have keys of passion, keys of lovemaking, keys of deep communion, keys of intimate connection, keys of intimate love, and keys of spark and fire to keep our relationship alive, hot and vibrant. These are specific keys that you can call on whether you're using this weapon in the midst of a battle or whether you're simply loving Me because you want to.
       242. One way you can use this weapon in conjunction with the keys is by claiming specific keys to charge this weapon with greater power so that your times of loving Me intimately will be the best and most effective they can be.
       243. Let's put this in battle context. Let's say you're having a real physical battle, one for finances and supply. You're at the end of your rope and unsure of the solution to the seemingly unsolvable problem. Then I show you to spend time loving Me intimately, to fight this battle with the weapon of loving Me intimately together with the keys. How can you go about this?
       244. First, you can call out to the keys of passion or of intimate love, and ask Me to make your time and use of this weapon as effective and powerful as it can be. Once you activate those specific keys, they become the enhanced power in this weapon. It's like dipping your sword into a magic potion. The keys make any weapon of My Spirit a hundred times more powerful. By claiming the keys before using this weapon of loving Me intimately, you are in essence dipping the blade into My heavenly potion of increased power. Then as you begin to love Me intimately, this sword is doing battle for you in the spirit, and aided by the keys, the effect and outcome of the victory will be all the more outstanding. Even for a very real physical battle, this weapon will bring the solutions, answers, and victory that you need. Every weapon of My Spirit is guaranteed to deliver.
       245. Now let's combine this weapon with prophecy. Prayer is your communion and conversation with Me, and prophecy is My intimate communion with you. You already know how to combine loving Me intimately with prayer; now let's link it to prophecy as well.
       246. Loving Me intimately is not only you loving Me, but it's also Me loving you. It's a two-way street, a two-pronged weapon, and the way to really use its dual purpose is to link it with prophecy.
       247. Say you're going through a slump in your life. You feel as if you've lost the joy of your salvation, you're discouraged by the battles, your Home life isn't that exciting, maybe you feel unchallenged or unfulfilled with it all. You can use the weapon of loving Me intimately together with prophecy to rise above the dangers of this battle.
       248. All you have to do is come to Me and open the pages of your heart and speak the love you feel for Me. Then pause a moment to let Me give from My heart of love to you and tell you how much I love and adore you. And then continue the process. It's more than just telling Me you love Me; it's giving Me a chance to express My intimate feelings and passions for you too.
       249. Another way to combine this weapon with prophecy is by asking Me to tell you how I want you to love Me intimately, how I want you personally to use this weapon with specific battles you are facing in your life or in your day. It's like activating a homing device on your weapon so that you're sure to hit the target head-on no matter what. So prophecy is key in asking Me how I want you to use this weapon--and any other weapons--in your life, to help you overcome the battles you face.
       250. Now, how about linking this with your spirit helpers? Sweethearts, this is the simplest connection of all, for I've given each of you an angel of your heart‚ one who helps keep you always connected to Me. This angel is specifically commissioned to help you maintain a close, strong, intimate connection with Me. This angel knows your heart, not as completely as I do, but it is her charge and commission, and I've given her the anointing and the power to help keep you connected to Me.
       251. When loving Me intimately is the last thing you feel like doing, or when you don't know what words to say or how to use the weapon effectively, or when you're just feeling weary and far away from Me, like you haven't been a good bride so far, so why try now, call out to her. Ask her to help you to reach out to Me. Ask her to help you to grab hold of the connection that links your heart to Mine. Ask her to help rekindle your deep desire and need for Me. You can ask her what to say, or how to open your heart to Me, or how to express your feelings to Me. She holds the key to your innermost feelings, and you can call on her to set your heart free, to release your passions so that you can uncover or rediscover your desire for Me.
       252. In this way you are linking these two weapons together. By calling out to her to unlock your heart and your love for Me before you use this weapon, you are enabling her to come and grasp the hilt of this weapon with you, and together the weapon will move more effectively and powerfully than had you held it all alone.

The angel of the heart

       253. (Mama:) We asked the Lord if this "angel of the heart" was the one He had told us about before, who He called the "angel of the heart and conscience," and He confirmed that it was‚ and that this is one of their roles.

(Excerpt from "Action Through Prayer, Part 2":)

       (Jesus:) Each person is born with three angels. One is to pray for them through their life--for what is more important than prayer, as the prayer will help to not only influence the baby‚ but the other two guardians. The other angel is the guardian or protector angel to protect the person through life. And the third angel is the one that influences their thoughts, always trying to help them to make the right choices and decisions and give them the strength to do so. This is the angel of the heart and conscience (ML #3325:32, GN 930).

       254. (Mama:) We also asked the Lord if all these angels of our hearts were female, as He referred to them as "she" in the preceding message. He said: "They are angels, and so they are not bound by gender in the way that you think of it now. You can think of them as females, for then it is more natural for you to think of them helping you connect to Me intimately. But this is one of those wonders of the spiritual realm that you won't fully understand until you get to Heaven. It is past your natural understanding, but to your spirit‚ everything will be clear and beautiful and awesome!"
[End of box]

       255. You also have other spirit helpers who aid you--Ecstasy, the Blue Angels, your Father David, and your personal Elerian spirit helper. All of them are ready and waiting to help you in this, My loves.
       256. These steps of combining the use of your various weapons aren't really that difficult to do or to remember--and you don't even have to remember these specifics. These are just examples to get you started. If you read over the ideas I've given, you'll see just how doable this is; all it takes is determining that you really do want to learn the art of war, and then committing to doing the best you can each day.
       257. Of course, it takes some getting used to‚ and that's what this time of training and learning is for. If you're striving for this goal, then I see it and I will honor you for it. Every step you take to obey My counsel, every effort you put forth to try to apply My instructions is counted to you for righteousness, and I will bless you in special ways for it. I always bless your obedience, and when I see that you have taken My Word to heart and your desire is to live it, then you can be sure that My blessings will follow.
       258. I love you, My beautiful warriors! I love your eagerness to learn these new battle skills. I love your desire to grow and be trained for tougher warfare. I love your acceptance of My methods and My weapons, and your willingness to do things My way. It is because of My great love for you that I have made you My elite and entrusted you with My prized weapons. And it is through My love that you will rise to the challenge and be the conquerors I have destined you to be. (End of message.)

       259. (Mama:) As the Lord says, this is not something that's meant to be complicated. It's not like you have to memorize some mathematical formula to know which weapon to use in conjunction with which other, or when, or how. The goal is simply to become more proficient, and to learn to use more of our spiritual weapons at once. The Lord gives us examples to make it easy for us and help us to understand what He means, but these are just examples, they're not the "all in all" or something you have to remember precisely.
       260. It would make an interesting devotions discussion topic to brainstorm ideas of how you can use more of your spiritual weapons in various situations. Remember that they all build on each other and enhance each other.
       261. If you're going to sit down to hear from the Lord and use the weapon of prophecy, spending some time loving Jesus intimately first will help you to connect solidly with Him. Taking time to praise Him will help to cleanse and prepare your channel. Claiming the keys of revelation, prophecy, cleansing, and so forth will part the veil in the spirit and make it easier for you to receive all that you need. Calling on your spirit helpers--whether personal ones, or the Chiefs (Channelers' High Command Force), Arcos‚ or others--will also aid your time of receiving from the King. That's just another example of using the various spiritual weapons we have, to enhance and build on one another. When combined, they give us so much power and advantage!
       262. So strive to use your weapons to the full! Eventually we'll reach the stage where it will come much more automatically and we'll hardly have to think about it. Praise the Lord!

New key promises to aid us in loving our Husband intimately

       263. As you say love words to Me‚ claim the keys of freedom of the spirit, and feel your heart and spirit soar to new heights as you let yourself go and become one with Me.

       264. Claim the keys of intimate love for our times together and they will enhance your senses, both spiritually and physically.

       265. When you want to express your love for Me in an intimate way, the keys will free you from any hesitancy or mindset that would hold you back, so that our time together will be exciting and fulfilling.

       266. When you come into My bedchamber as My bride, ready to be ravished by your Husband, claim the keys of humility and faith and they will enhance our time together a hundredfold.

       267. Ask Me to turn you on with the keys of desire and passion, and it will make our lovemaking explode!

       268. The keys of rising above will catapult you into My presence and enable you to leave behind your pride, your self-consciousness, and any hesitancy, so that you can enjoy our intimate times together, either on your own or with others.

       269. If you are feeling a blockage in spirit, or if you are having a hard time entering in, claim the keys of the wine of the Spirit, and their intoxicating liquor will help you lose your inhibitions and enter in wholeheartedly.

       270. The keys of total surrender will enable you to forget yourself and be carried away on the currents of My love.

       271. The keys will free you from any inhibitions, so that you can get the most out of our times of intimacy together.

       272. The keys will enhance our spiritual lovemaking, and you will feel the fruit of that enhancement as you go about your work for Me.

       273. Call on the keys of My full-bodied love and you will feel the ecstasies of My Spirit like never before, meld with Me in rapturous abandon, and be filled to overflowing with My seeds.

       274. The keys of intimate connection and full possession will draw you near to My naked, hot, beautiful body‚ and I will plant My golden seeds inside you.

       275. When you are linked with the keys of rapture, I will touch you all over, make you feel so good inside, and drive you nearly crazy with My love and the orgasms of My Spirit.

       276. When you express your words of love to Me, call on the keys of heavenly thought power, and I will link your mind with Mine, so that not one word is lost, but that all will be stored and treasured in the intimate chambers of My heart.

       277. Everything you do in the spirit--speaking to Me, kissing Me, caressing Me, making love to Me–-it all rises to a new level when you are linked with the keys, as I transport your spirit to places in the realms of My loving that you've never been to before.


       War is what stirs the blood of all born to win. Those born to lose build the bunkers and dig the foxholes. The winners run to the front, pausing only to secure the latest weapons, slowed only by the need to load en route to a rout. They are not checked by traps or mines, for the blasts only propel them further forward to the front. Their only fear: that the enemy will retreat at the sight of their desire and there will be no battle. Their only disappointment: quick victory. Their only need: more battles. Their only Hero: the Champion of All. Such are those born to win.--General George S. Patton (speaking from beyond)
[End of box]

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Spirit helpers

The Eleria

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The Blue Angels/Keepers of the Power

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