International Board News 2003
By Peter A.              CM/FM 3476 12/03


CGO board news       3
JT board news       10
PR board news       15
VS board news       20
FED board news       23
CP board news       28

       1. March 2004 marks the second anniversary of the boards, which, from all of the feedback we've received from you, have been a blessing in every part of the world. Full credit for the success of the boards is due to Jesus first of all, because He's the One Who gave us the vision in the first place, and the faith to follow. Then credit goes to each of you who have had a part in making it happen--either by participating as board members, supporting those in your Home or area who are board members, lending a helping hand with different initiatives when needed, or even just by being a part through your prayers and spiritual support.
       2. Dad foretold the bright future of the boards in "The Board Vision, Part 3" when he said: "I can guarantee you that you are going to be very happy with the results of the board vision! It will mean better care for the Family. … It will generate more ideas, more inspiration, more fruitfulness, more growth. It's going to change the way the Family operates and will make the Family a more effective and fruitful movement" (ML #3387:63, GN 983). Our Husband is certainly fulfilling His end of the deal regarding the boards, and helping us to be more effective and fruitful for Him as a result. It's wonderful and thrilling!
       3. At the Summit 2003/international board meetings, I was able to watch the boards hard at work, which was faith-building and inspirational. To see firsthand the dedication of each one of the board members, their love for Jesus and the Family, their wisdom in the specific pillar of Family life that they have been called to serve in, and their prayerfulness and willingness to hear from the Lord each step of the way, was just tremendous! And I know that that same love and commitment to help make the Family the best it can be is what motivates each of you board members, as well as each and every Family member as you do your best for Jesus! So congratulations to each one of you--whether on a board or not--for playing your part to help make the boards a success!
       4. We know that what has been accomplished by the boards in every area of the world would not have been possible without the support and help of willing and visionary Family members and Homes--either in coming up with the ideas in the first place or helping to transform the ideas into reality. Progress has been made on many fronts--sometimes with board assistance or involvement and at other times by different Homes taking the initiative on their own to do what the Lord has shown them.
       5. What the boards have accomplished is wonderful, but it's only a part of the big picture. In sharing the news of the boards, we're not minimizing the inspiring progress made by each of you dear Homes and individuals, which we hear testimonies of via your TRFs and the letters you write Mama and me. We realize there's a tremendous amount of fruit borne, and new ideas put into action on the Home level in different areas of the world, because of your faith, vision, initiative and desire to see change and progress. We need both: Homes and individuals doing their part, and the boards playing their role. We're a team, working together for a united goal, each doing our part.
       6. In presenting the news from the boards this year, I wanted to do something slightly different. Instead of printing a compilation of reports from all of the national and regional boards around the world, we're including in this GN an overview of each pillar, written by the international boards. As you know, the international board members met in October 2003 for the first time since the boards have been in place, and during that time they were able to gather together some of the main highlights of the year from their respective boards. Of course, time and space would never be enough to accommodate telling all of the terrific progress made, nor give adequate appreciation to each of you who played a part, in each board in every area of the world, but, Lord willing, these reports will give you a summary of some of the inspiring events of 2003.

Introducing the Board Custodians

       7. Just prior to the Summit 2003/international board meetings, the Lord revealed that every board has a special spirit helper called a Custodian or Keeper. He said the Custodians are commissioned to help, protect, inspire, guide, and help each board in the areas of stretching their faith, having tighter unity and communication amongst themselves, and to increase their vision, to help them learn to lean on the power of the keys, and much more.
       8. Each board was introduced to their heavenly Custodian at the summit, and the boards began to call on their help specifically. After the meetings‚ many testified how much easier and smoother their meetings were when they accessed the power of their spiritual teamworkers. As you'll read in the following reports, each board explains a little bit about their particular Custodian. One board even asked their Custodian to narrate and help them with their board report, and they then just added the specifics.
       9. In addition to what the boards themselves will explain, following are excerpts of general information from the Lord on the Custodians/Keepers. There's never a dull moment in the realm of the spirit world, or an end to the help we have available to us!--And the best part is that their help isn't limited to only those on the international boards. You can access their help, too, when you need assistance in their areas of expertise.

       10. (Channel:) I sense the presence of someone like an angel–-something or someone more powerful or on a different "power" level than a normal spirit being or departed saint. I'm also getting the words "Keeper" and "Custodian."

       11. (Jesus:) You have sensed the Custodians. They are on a different level than most individual spirit helpers I normally give My children. These are named the Custodians or the Keepers. They serve directly under the angels who guard, keep, intercede for, protect, encourage and help direct My children.
       12. The Custodians are generally responsible for and assigned to specific groups of people. They are responsible for many, whereas other spirit beings and helpers are often assigned to individuals. The Custodians answer directly to their angelic overseers.
       13. I am revealing the Custodians to you at this time, for I am assigning these to help oversee your international boards. Each of your international boards has a Custodian or Keeper in the spiritual realm. That Custodian has been given to specifically keep, strengthen, care for, and oversee that board in the spirit. They are given to make each board and teamwork complete. And so it behooves each board to seek and call on their Custodian by name, that their board may be complete both within the earthly realm and the spiritual realm.
       14. These Custodians have been given special spiritual abilities and attributes of strength. However, it's important that you don't think of strength in the earthly sense here. Naturally you would think of a spirit helper or being as looking strong, capable, or physically superior in power. But the Custodians have a power within themselves that cannot be perceived with the eyes of the flesh or the natural mind. Though they are strong in your perception of "appearance," their strength comes not from what you perceive as their appearance. Their strength comes from within, from the power I have placed within each of them. That strength is manifested in many ways; namely in the areas of tighter communication and unity, of enhanced faith, of stability, and of encouraging My children to lean on the power of the keys, where true strength lies. (End of message.)

       15. (Channel:) Could You explain how these custodians, if they aren't omnipresent‚ can help groups of people who are in different cities or different parts of the world?

       16. (Jesus:) The Custodians of the spirit world are assigned by Me. They work for Me. I'm the One Who does the miracles needed. I'm the One Who directs the show and what happens or doesn't happen. They communicate with Me. They report to Me, send their prayers to Me, and what they recommend for each situation. They plead for the ones they watch over. I hear their prayers of intercession and then I choose how to handle the situation. I minister to each person Myself and take care of the need. I answer their prayers‚ and the prayers of each group's Custodian, as I know is best.
       17. Your Custodian is like a personal spirit link with Me. They link to you in their care and watchfulness of you and your needs, then they link their prayers and counsel to Me, to do the work in the spirit that you can't do. They're not omnipresent, so they can't personally be everywhere at the same time, but they can see everywhere in their realm of assignment, and they know via the spirit what's happening in the lives of those under their care. They can't physically be everywhere. But they report to Me and tell Me what is needed, who is being threatened with attacks of the Enemy, who is in need of healing‚ who needs encouragement, who needs counsel, protection, guidance, insight, wisdom, etc. Whatever the need is, they give Me the full picture instantly, and I instantly minister in the way that I know is best. They are your spirit helpers, and they're My helpers.
       18. You have no idea how intricate and amazing the spirit world is. Just one glimpse of something like My Custodians raises many questions in your mind, and you wonder how it all works. As I've said before, some of these things you won't be able to understand. There will often be some missing element that your mind can't understand. But just remember My promise to you--that My Words are true--and that I will not lead you astray in the things I reveal to you, even if you don't understand them completely. (End of message.)

CGO BOARD NEWS 2003      

By the Church Growth and Outreach international board

Text box:
(Jesus:) As the Family is strengthened in the coming year, one result will be much greater fruitfulness in your outreach and witnessing. In the months to come and the years to follow, new goals will be reached, unheard-of statistics will become the norm, the curious and interested will flood to your doorsteps, and the Gospel will be preached throughout the world like never before and in ways unknown to the children of David in the past. (End of message.)
End of text box.

       20. The following is an overview of some of the main activities that the national and regional CGO boards worldwide helped to organize, promote, and coordinate. Thank the Lord, progress continues to be made on many fronts of the Family's witnessing ministries worldwide!
       21. Overall, the Activated subscription program continues to grow, with more Homes and areas catching on to the Activated vision. There was especially notable growth this year in Brazil, where as a direct result of Mama and Peter's videos to the Homes there and a strengthening of the ranks, country-wide subscriptions went up from an average of 177 per month during the first eight months of the year, to 856 new subscriptions in September, and 1,167 in October of 2003! Activated subscriptions worldwide grew from 30,669 last year (October 2002) to the current total of 47,760 to date (October 2003). The number of Homes who order mag of the month Activated magazines for distribution also continues to grow.
       22. Other CGO highlights of 2003 were a variety of retreats and other training meetings, large and small, held for sheep and Active members, as more Homes worldwide concentrate on follow-up--with good results! New Bible class groups using the 12 Foundation Stones course have been started in many countries. There are a multitude of testimonies of what Family Homes have accomplished in their outreach this past year, but in this report we'll focus on what the CGO boards themselves have been involved in.

Seminars, Retreats, and Other Meetings

       23. The CGO board worldwide organized or was involved in over 25 notable city, area, or countrywide meetings and seminars for Family members, focusing on the Family's outreach, promoting the Activated program and follow-up. These included (in chronological order):
       * All-day seminar in Chile (for both Family members, friends‚ and live–outs) on the power of the keys and healing. Over 100 people attended, and after the seminar‚ Zacarías prayed for various folks who needed healing and the Lord did marvelous healing miracles! (November 2002)
       * Delegates meeting in Italy with a representative from each Home (mainly outreach teamworkers) to plan the promotion of the new Contatto (Italian Activated). (January 2003)
       * Seminars in Africa (by Aaron and team) on teaching the GP the Word. These were interactive seminars, in which the students (Family members) got a chance to practice teaching classes to one another. (January 2003)
       * A series of "Motivational Meetings" in Hungary led by the B2B (Balkans area) CGO board, with united Word time, inspiration, sharing testimonies, and prayer. (February 2003)
       * South India CGO board members helped organize and teach three classes and one workshop at the camp for YAs and senior teens, with about 65 attendees. (February 2003)
       * Delegates meeting in Japan, including a class on "Being a Family Missionary." (February 2003)
       * Witnessing/Follow-up/Activated classes at the regional young people meeting in Taiwan. (February 2003)
       * Series of witnessing meetings/classes and open forums to discuss witnessing ideas with the young people in Bogotá, Colombia. (Early 2003)
       * India CGO seminar focusing on Family tool distribution, with representatives from 73 CM/FM Homes. (March 2003)
       * Persecution preparation/CGO seminars in Indonesia. (March and October 2003)
       * Class on follow-up and winning disciples at the YA/SGA seminar in Italy. (April 2003)
       * National fellowship in South Africa, including a seminar led by the CGO board. (April 2003)
       * Meeting with Home representatives in Italy regarding Contatto (Italian Activated) and tool distribution. (May 2003)
       * Area fellowship for Amber/B2B/Ukraine areas, including a CGO meeting with outreach teamworkers and other outreachers. (May 2003)
       * CGO meeting for Home representatives from the France/Benelux area. (June 2003)
       * Outreach/follow-up how-to meeting in Bangalore, India. (June 2003)
       * Persecution preparation seminar in Hyderabad. (June 2003)
       * 3 Activated seminars for all Homes in the Philippines. (April, June‚ and August 2003)
       * National Activated seminar in Taiwan with representatives from each Home. (July 2003)
       * 2 CGO workshops for Homes in China. (September and October 2003)
       * Seminars/workshops on Activated for CM/FM Homes in Guadalajara and Mexico City. (July 2003)
       * City outreach meeting in Mumbai. (July 2003)
       * CM/FM fellowship in Germany, including CGO meetings with a challenge for more tool distribution. (August 2003)
       * Activated meetings with all the CM/FM Homes in Ecuador. (August 2003)
       * At a regional JETT/teen camp in the Mideast‚ CGO board members prepared and taught classes on "Witnessing to Muslims" and "Let's Get Activated." (September 2003)
       * YA/SGA seminar in the Philippines, including classes on ministering to kings and on presenting our work to top businesspeople. (September 2003)
       * Conéctate Chile and the Conosur (Chile/Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguay) CGO board together hosted five CM/FM meetings to promote Activated and mag–of-the-month programs and the sale of Activated magazines and books. This year signaled the beginning of a new drive in magazine distribution in the area.
       * "Era of Action" seminars in Montenegro (60 attendees), Hungary (50 attendees), and Romania (70 attendees). (September 2003)

       24. Retreats or other large meetings for Active members and close friends were held in Southern Brazil (280 attendees, November 2002), Northern India (350 attendees, November 2002), Japan (90 attendees, December 2002), Monterrey, Mexico (80 attendees, May 2003), South India (38 attendees, May 2003), Taiwan (12 attendees, September 2003).
       25. Area-wide Christmas parties, benefits and concerts for friends and contacts were held in several cities in Mexico (600 attendees), Brazil, India, and Taiwan; and in Bangkok (1,000 attendees), Manila, and Jakarta.
       26. Some other major events for friends and contacts included: a seminar in Bogotá, Colombia, to share about the origins of the Family and our history‚ beliefs, etc. (over 100 attendees); candlelight services for Active members and close friends in various cities in India, as well as in Chile; five seminars on "Inner Healing" in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City; a fellowship in the Northwest US for Active members; a program by Family young people for Activated subscribers and other friends in South India (350 attendees); Tokyo Summer Concert (over 215 attendees); five special Sunday meetings in Chile attended by Activated subscribers, featuring Word classes, skits, children's shows‚ communion, and lots of singing.
       27. There are also regular ongoing meetings and programs, some citywide, for Active members, sheep, and friends‚ held in many areas, including monthly Conéctate meetings in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara, Mexico; bimonthly Activated meetings in North India (averaging 40-50 attendees); monthly Bible Study/Church of Love in Bangkok, Thailand; monthly Active members and "Youth club members" fellowship, and weekly Activated meetings (open to all sheep) in Taipei, Taiwan; monthly Activated meetings especially for young people in Manila, Philippines.

Local CGO Pubs and Tools Created

       28. Most regional or national CGO boards are now producing a local area newsletter or bulletin containing recent witnessing testimonies, tips, other jewels from the TRF comments and suggestions, etc., in order to promote Activated and pass on good witnessing and follow-up ideas to their local areas.
       29. In addition to these regular newsletters, the following helpful publications were produced by members of the CGO boards worldwide:
       * Chinese Witnessing Phrases Book with accompanying CD (Taiwan).
       * Lit list program for keeping record of pubs given to sheep to read (China).
       * Tap into the Power bilingual curriculum, based on the Activated program (Taiwan).
       * Bilingual Mountain Streams booklet with a glossy plastic cover (Taiwan).
       * "Milk to Meat" compilation to point the Homes to the pubs that can be used to introduce the meat of the Word to the sheep (Taiwan).
       * Introductory Wine Press issues to help individuals who want to join the course to get caught up on the New Wine. This is a series of seven magazines covering prophecy, the new weapons, Loving Jesus, praise, "Ask Me Everything," the keys, and much of the material in the study month GNs. (U.S.)
       * 6 video CDs of classes and material from the September 2002 CGO/Activated seminar, covering topics such as "Building an Activated Follow-up Work," Mail Ministry, holding GP seminars, etc. (U.S.)

Other Initiatives
       30. This is a selection of the activities which the national or regional CGO boards helped to spearhead
or organize for their areas, God bless them!

* The CGO regional boards in many areas have made a focus on better communications as a board and with the Homes in their area, with several areas implementing programs to stay in regular contact via phone and e-mail, answering board-related questions more quickly, etc.
       32. * Family members young and old in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and elsewhere joined or staged peace protests before or during the Iraq war, distributing the "Are You a Peacemaker" tract far and wide.


       33. A CTP project with area–wide involvement helping the Liberian ambassador to send aid to his war-torn nation.


       34. The African Family Web site is now up and running, which is a major victory. The address is

Eastern Europe:

       35. * "CGO Professional 2003" info pack was created, providing practical training in organization, as well as Word compilations on the subjects of Activated, follow-up, etc.
       36. * Pepsi Island witnessing adventure in September (a huge annual rock festival where the Family does lots of personal witnessing).


       37. * Continued promotion of God on God amongst Family distributors and our friends and Active members.
       38. * Activated shiner prize programs for shiner Homes/shiner young people distributors.
       39. * "Book of Activated" Word compilations on Activated and church growth (given to all YAs and senior teens attending seminars in February).
       40. * A countrywide Family Web site was designed (in conjunction with the PR board).
       41. * An outreach-related prayer list sent out to the Homes.
       42. * "CGO information pack" created, with a variety of church growth materials for the Homes, including a PowerPoint presentation of the Family (also presenting the tools)‚ collection of follow-up courses and feeding materials, sample outreach letters, etc.
       43. * Setting up a national provisioning committee.
* We organized a very big Mela [like a carnival] for Children's Day on the 14th of November for 2,600 poor children in Delhi. Many of our friends came forward to help with this event.

The Palestinian tape was created, which has reached and touched many. So far about 23,000 tapes have been produced and distributed.

* A committee was formed to pray about and discuss ways to encourage more witnessing for JETTs and teens.
       47. * A Word package was designed to present the Family and our work and beliefs to close friends in Indonesia.
       48. * Programs in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines to document the Family's work and CTP across the country for a well-rounded presentation in our outreach, including color photo PR brochures for each country.
       49. * The Thai PC put together a CD with over 20 inspirational songs in Thai originally recorded years ago, along with a songbook, and made this available to all Homes for use with their sheep.
       50. * Creation of a PowerPoint presentation of the work in Thailand for the Homes to use in their outreach, based on the new Thai PR brochure.

South and Central America:

       51. * Creation of a self-evaluation checklist (used in Mexico and Chile) that the National CGO board members can go over with a Home to help them evaluate how their outreach is going and determine more accurately what the board can do to help the Homes.
       52. * The CGO board and other Homes in Bogotá, Colombia, continue with the ministry of healing and miracles.
       53. * The CGO board participated in an area event in Bogotá, Colombia, called "Christmas for people who have been ousted from their homes." Family members helped distribute 11‚000 presents, and performed and prayed with everyone to receive Jesus.
       54. * The CGO board in Chile invested in a stock of Activated mags‚ provisioned a large tract printing, and organized weekly witnessing excursions for the teens in Santiago on an ongoing basis.


       55. * A new "Activated Resource" Web site was set up, which keeps the Homes up to date on new tools, promotional materials for tool distribution, etc.
       56. * "Home Grown" Activated magazine program was launched (whereby Homes personally deliver the Activated magazine to their sheep each month), encouraging the Homes to use the Activated magazines in their personal follow-up and mail ministries–-giving prizes to the top shiner Homes.
       57. * The annual Rainbow Gathering was attended by the Family in July--a large area-wide witnessing event involving several Homes and CGO board members.

Western Europe:

       58. * Witnessing activity at the Festa della Luna, with a representation of about 30 Family members, mostly young people and teens who got a real taste of radical personal witnessing. (CGO and JT boards)

Text box:
CGO-Related Pubs

       59. The following pubs on the subjects of witnessing and follow-up were produced by WS this past year--a total of 192 pages:
       FSM 396, What a Vision! (November 2002)
       FSM 399‚ A Perfect Place (March 2003)
       FSM 400, Activated Expansion Is a Reality (May 2003)
       FSM 401, A Perfect Place, Part 2 (May 2003)
       FSM 402, One Heart at a Time--The Missionary Calling (June 2003)
       FSM 404, Rejoined! (August 2003)
       FSM 405, Salesmen for God! (October 2003)
       CLTP 56, My Journey (October 2003)
End of text box.

12 Foundation Stones

       60. The 12 Foundation Stones course, which has been available for some time on the MO site, is now being finalized and printed in book format. As soon as it's available for ordering we'll let you know the details. We've heard wonderful testimonies from Family members around the world who have taught these classes, on how it has strengthened their sheep, helped them in building a local church, and even won disciples! Keep an eye out for more detailed testimonies and tips in soon-coming Grapevines.
If you haven't started teaching these classes to your sheep, start today! And don't forget to download and read the 12 Foundation Stones "Teacher's Supplement" (pub BAS 14 in the Pubs section on the MO site) for important and helpful information on how to effectively use the 12 Foundation Stones course, as well as lots of teacher's aids!

Input Needed

       62. As a Family, we're continually learning, growing, and changing in our outreach and church growth methods, and a big part of that learning is hearing what others have done and are doing, so that we can learn from each other. We continue to need as much as we can get in the way of your testimonies and tips regarding getting activated, building a flock, and witnessing testimonies of every kind. So whenever you have witnessing and follow-up related news, photos, testimonies, or tips, please send them in to your regional CGO board and to us in WS--either to, or to if you aren't sure what pub your contribution is appropriate for.
       63. The international CGO board and WS GP pubs department also need help from time to time with certain pubs projects that we can outsource, so if you have a burden to help us from a distance with any compilation, editing, etc., please apply at Thanks for considering this request!

CGO Board Custodian

       64. In closing, let us introduce you to the awesome Custodian that guards and guides our board!

(Custodian:) I am white--all white, from my skin to my eyes to my apparel. There is no touch of any other color upon me--only pure, clear and beautiful white. I am a being of light, and a bearer of light; and the light that I possess, the light that my very being consists of, is the light of truth, the light of witness, the light of God's love and God's Word. I am the keeper of the light that draws men to our Master's side--that causes them to hunger and search for truth. My commission is to spread truth, to spread the light of love and of witness to every nation, kindred, people, and tongue.
I am the powerful angel that the apostle John saw a glimpse of and recorded in the book of Revelation, who in the last days flies through the midst of Heaven, "having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the Earth" (Revelation 14:6). I have been commissioned of old to guard the flame of truth and the flame of the Gospel of truth. Long has this been my calling, and long have I been the Custodian of this unique light‚ this splendid flame. And in these times, these last days, my commission finds its total fulfillment.
       67. Now, as you have formed together as an earthly council to move toward furthering and fulfilling this great heavenly commission--to preach the Gospel in all the world and to make disciples of all nations–-I have been sent to join you and to become a part of your circle. I am commissioned to anoint and empower those who carry the light of truth, and there are none like unto the children of David, who carry the light of truth in full measure.
       68. As the world grows darker, the white light of truth will grow stronger, and the sword of God's Word sharper; the battles will grow more intense, yet the victories will be more outstanding. I am here to help you, to work with you‚ to counsel you, to guide you, to anoint you in your great and noble task. I am filled with wisdom, the wisdom of the ages, for I have been in our Lord's service for many an age. I am filled with truth, for this is my primary calling and commission--to guard and spread this light of truth. These and many other gifts do I bring to the table of our counsel‚ that your counsel might be complete, that your insight may not lack, that your decisions may be well-designed, that your actions may move in that way which will best further the cause of our Master and Lord.
       69. My name is not one that you can pronounce in the tongues of men, for I am an angelic being of Heaven, with a name spoken only in the tongues of Heaven. But some have called me the "White Angel" and I am also referred to as the "Truth Keeper." You may call on me by either of these names‚ and I will hear, answer, and come to your side and join your counsel. (End of message.)

       70. We're confident that with this increased spirit help, and the keys of witnessing, activation, and lasting fruit, the Family's witnessing, Activated‚ and follow–up ventures in 2004 will break all records and bear fruit like never before. Let's get activated and win the world for Jesus!

Photo captions for this section:

The Nairobi dance team--Michael, Simon, Celeste, Victoria, and Joanna--have a fruitful ministry to the Asian community. Besides their ministry within Africa, they have also received numerous invitations to perform in places such as England, Canada‚ India, and the Mideast.

Weekly Word class at the home of an Active member in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Ivan with some members of a ministry to drug addicts in a rehab center in a Siberian city. The Family has regularly visited this center for two years, and met and witnessed to over 70 people there. Most of them have and read the Daily Might, some read Treasures‚ and some have subscribed to Activated. The newcomers in this center are required to watch Countdown to Armageddon and read the Daily Might as part of their rehabilitation.

Jonathan (SGA, of Anita), teaching a class at an Activated meeting in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The Africa Service Home singing team's Christmas 2002 performance on the beach front in Durban, South Africa, (L-R: Lisa, Caroline, Richard, Terri, and Julie).

Activated the world must be! A great harvest we then shall see! Hmmmmm?

JT BOARD NEWS 2003      

By the JETT/Teen international board

Text box:
(Jesus:) Those of you who take up the challenge to invest time as shepherds, friends‚ mentors, mates, and comrades to your young people will find your lives blessed in supernatural ways. Not only will you joy in the results you will see in the ones you have loved and cared for, but fountains of personal and otherwise unattainable blessings will abound in your hearts and lives because you gave, sacrificed, and weren't too busy to play a part--no matter how large or small--in shaping the future of the Family. (End of message.)
End of text box.

JT Board Custodian

       72. (DeCynder:) I am DeCynder and I come from the very throne of God. I work directly under my Commander in Chief, your Lord and Savior. I introduce myself to you so that I may tell you of the wonderful works and efforts being done throughout the world for the sake of the youth, the children of the children of David, the Endtime warriors, the thoroughbreds of the Family. If you look upon me you'll see much action, much movement, much light and energy, and thus my Creator has made me. For truly I know the strength and blessing of youth. I am the Custodian/Keeper of the JETT/Teen board.

       73. (Vision:) I'm seeing a beautiful angelic being. He's very handsome, with long golden hair billowing all around him. His form appears to be "moving," in that I see his defined outline, but within his form is all this beautiful moving light. This light resembles swirls of circular rainbow-colored light, all moving and changing color simultaneously within him. It's almost like looking into a beautiful three-dimensional kaleidoscope, but I'd have to describe what I'm seeing within this spirit as looking more like one of those small hand-held sparkler fireworks--the ones that have a continuous spray of beautiful exploding light emanating from their core. But his whole inner form appears to be made of many of these beautiful rainbow-colored circular "explosions"!

       74. (Jesus:) DeCynder is a name that can have a three-fold meaning for you. Firstly, as the name resembles the word "discerner," so I will help you through this spirit helper to discern the needs and heartcries of the JETTs and teens of the Family.
       75. Then, as the name resembles "descend," I will help you to relate better to the age group you're ministering to, to descend to their level in a sense, so that you can see the world through their eyes and truly understand their needs and desires.
       76. Then, also, as the latter part of this being's name resembles "cinder‚" so I will help you as a united team to light the fire in each one's heart.--To take the tiny, almost nonexistent cinder of faith in the JETTs' and teens' hearts and to blow upon it with your prayers and your use of all the new weapons, so those tiny cinders glow red-hot and finally burst into the flame of discipleship and lifelong commitment to Me. (End of message.)

       77. (DeCynder continues:) I work directly with the JETT/Teen board, and each of the board members. I have pledged and committed my all, with no reservations and no sidetracks.
       78. To begin the story of my work throughout the Earth and through each JT board member, let me start in the mountains of the Maya (Mexico), where the JT board representatives from each continental area and many of the regions came together for their first international board meeting. It was there that I revealed myself to them to encourage their hearts and minds, so that they would know of my help and call upon me many, many times.
       79. During these meetings [Summit 2003] there was joy and animation. Yet there were also times of desperate silence, and then times also of tedious labor--hours laboring on a single topic, so that all aspects were reviewed, understood, and put into the equation, so that the will of our Lord and King would be known fully. These were days of Heaven for me. It was my home away from home. The members of the board and I grew in love and faith for the youth of the Family. And though we spent some time looking back at all that was accomplished throughout the lands these past years since the boards began, for the most part we set our sights on the future and forged ahead in our deliberations, preparing the way for even more action, fellowship, and training.
       80. What lies ahead promises to rock the world! I say to all those who sit on the JT boards throughout the lands: Hold on to your seats! I am coming to give you strength and power, the explosions of the spirit, energy, love, and the wisdom that you need to make of this generation of youth a force to be reckoned with.
       81. And to you young ones of the children of David, I say: Hold onto your crown! The Enemy is marshalling his forces, and what lies immediately ahead are dark clouds of discouragement, despair and doubt, but this is when I fight my greatest battle. This is when I fulfill my destiny, and in the midst of seeming defeat, greater things will we do. So look forward to the things in store for you, both spiritually and practically--that's right‚ "in the flesh"--for they are promising to be better and greater for you than ever.
       82. But wait! Before we go on and into the future, I will take you back in time, for much has happened in this last year of 2003. Thus, I will turn the floor over to the international JT board, who will speak of the wonderful works of God and of the faithful laborers in each land and city, without whom the great promises of the board vision could not have become a reality.
       83. First of all, it must be known that the testimonies and initiatives that follow are only some of the highlights from around the world. Each JT board labored faithfully all year and worked on many local initiatives that, because of limited space, couldn't be recorded here. What wonderful and dedicated Family members they are! All of Heaven rejoices to hear of each JT board's labors of love!

JETT and Teen Stats

       84. To help paint the picture for you and bring to life the testimonies and initiatives that will be presented below, we'll start with some figures. Around the world there are 765 JETTs (12-13), 727 junior teens (14-15) and 658 senior teens (16-17)! That is 20% of the manpower of the army of David.

JETT and Teen Camps

       85. There have been JETT and teen camps in almost every national area around the world! Camps and/or fellowships were held in India, Turkey, the Mideast, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, East Africa, West Africa, South Africa, the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Ecuador (for the teens and JETTs in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador), Chile (for the teens and JETTs in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay), Australia, Japan, Taiwan, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Ireland, and Denmark. These camps represent a combined total of more than 300 days of camps held around the world for the JETTs and teens!
       86. Some of the many topics taught at these camps were: prophecy, discipleship‚ living the Word, fighting lethargy, persecution prep, the Law of Love‚ CVC, witnessing, the spiritual warfare, the Endtime‚ Family history, the destiny of the youth of the Family, and more! At many camps there were also infillings of the Holy Spirit, prayers of deliverance, as well as communions, dances, variety nights‚ lots of skits, hiking, camping‚ and exciting witnessing excursions.
       87. Many of the camps around the world printed booklets of the classes taught to give to each of the attendees. The India area made a set of 15 videos of classes from camps for the Homes to order.

Memorization Pushes

       88. A few areas had fun and interesting memorization pushes of either Bible scriptures or key promises. Weekly assignments were sent to the JETTs and teens via e-mail‚ and prizes were given to those who completed the course and passed the test. Power to all you memory shiners!


       89. Quite a few areas sent out regular bulletins and newsletters comprised of testimonies sent in by the JETTs and teens, Word excerpts, activity ideas, pictures, prayer requests, art contributions, interviews from board members and young people, quotes, jokes, discussions, announcements, and more! These newsletters have been a great source of fellowship and inspiration for the young people, especially in some parts of the world where travel and fellowships are restricted due to the distances or nature of the country they live in.

Help for Parents
Many JT boards around the world held parenting seminars or city council meetings to address issues and help answer questions that parents have about training and shepherding their young people. Some JT boards sent out info packs to the parents with compiled Word lists, ready-made Word/Bible classes, Charter and scholastic requirements for their JETTs and teens, etc.
The West Africa JT board started a weekly e-mail for parents entitled "Word Button--Getting Back to the Home Page." This e-mail consists of New Wine excerpts and counsel, prayer requests, key promises, Word time ideas, and more--all about our JETTs and teens. The idea of calling it "Word Button" is that it is like the "home" button on a Web page; if it's clicked, it takes you back to the beginning, the basics--in this case, the Word!


       92. This is an important part of the JETTs' and teens' lives. Several regions have been promoting CVC with the young people and doing what they can by working with the FED boards to help the JETTs and teens enroll in CVC or take on new courses.
       93. Following is a list of CVC courses that the JT board, in conjunction with the FED board, are conducting with groups of young people throughout India:
       • Photography
       • Home Safety and First Aid
       • Childcare
       • Writing and Journalism
       • Cooking and Food Services
       • Christian Counseling
       • Bible Knowledge
       • Art
       • Music
       • Christian Outreach
       • Sales and Marketing
       • Office and Secretarial Skills
       • Computer Applications

       94. In Indonesia the JT board organized classes where volunteers from the Red Cross taught first aid to the JETTs and teens. All participants were awarded a certificate from the Red Cross corresponding to the level of the course they took.
In the ABCP (Argentina, Bolivia‚ Chile, Peru and Paraguay) national area, the JT board, in conjunction with the local FED board and CVC desk, offered a CVC Christian Outreach Course with monthly assignments and follow-up tests. 21 of the teens in the area ages 14 to 18 signed up for the eight-month course. You teens rock!

Witnessing Activities
Witnessing! What a subject! What a passion! What a job! Witnessing makes all the difference in the training and lives of the youth in the Family, and the boards around the world are finding a lot of fun witnessing experiences they can have with their JETTs and teens. Here are just a few:
       97. The South African JT board had a witnessing trip to an art festival in September 2003 with some teens from the Johannesburg/Pretoria area. They also had a follow–up meeting at the technical college, where they showed Countdown to Armageddon.
       98. The India region designed and printed a witnessing handbook and gave one to each JETT and teen. It contains 65 common witnessing questions answered by scriptures, as well as key promises to claim, quotes to inspire, and sample starters to introduce the Activated magazines. The North India board organized united witnessing every two weeks, and the South India board organized three six-day road trips for the junior and senior teens. They also worked with a group of 20 young people to plan a musical play to promote Activated and get out the message, and performed it for over 450 people.
       99. In Russia and the Ukraine the JT board arranged and organized a month-long witnessing road trip for the senior teens in their area. They traveled to northern and southern Russia and witnessed at two wild music festivals, which are held yearly.
       100. In Taiwan, at the time of the war in Iraq, the young people held a peace march in a downtown park in Taipei. The JETTs and teens got a chance to pass out the "peace tracts," carry placards with messages against the war, and their three-girl dance troupe danced to "War No More." There is also a youth club in Taipei where every Sunday they personal witness and give classes to hungry youth. Many of the junior teens and senior teens help with that.
       101. The Mexico City band and dancers performed at a "Peace Concert" at a university. The teens and JETTs helped to pass out flyers before the concert, and passed out tracts after the concert. In southern Mexico, a highlight for the teens has been weekly personal witnessing at a popular youth hangout. The teens and young people start off with a rousing Holy Ghost sample, and then break into teams to witness and win souls.
       102. In the western U.S. groups of teens and JETTs participated in several "peace rallies," including a large rally in Hollywood. At one summer camp the teens did a Holy Ghost sample and witnessed at a local park. Many JETTs and teens throughout the U.S./Canada region took summer road trips across the country and into Mexico, which included beach witnessing. They also attended the Rainbow Gathering.
       103. In Western Europe some of the teens went on a two-day witnessing road trip, with JT and CGO board members, to the Heineken festival, as well as a three-day trip to Festa della Luna.
       104. In Tokyo they had two big Holy Ghost samples with all the young people rallying together to let the Lord's spirit of freedom shine.

Other Initiatives

       105. * In a couple of areas, the JT board members sent out prophecies each month to the JETTs and teens who had birthdays‚ making them feel special, loved and important--which they are!
       106. * In one country where united fellowships are almost impossible to hold due to the sensitive nature of the country, the JT board developed an e–pal club for the JETTs and teens, so they would have a fun way to make new friends.
       107. * A Bible quiz was included in West Africa's JT board newsletter, with a prize for the winner of the quiz being a VCD/CD from the FED lists.
* An inspiring and instructional series of 6 seminars for junior and senior teens and YAs was held in the ABCP national area on the different aspects of witnessing, such as Activated, follow-up, provisioning, tool distribution, and PR.
* A "12 Foundations Program" for junior and senior teens was created in Chile by the JT board. The program consists of earning points each month for engaging in things such as soul winning, getting out Activated subscriptions, attending JT board-organized activities and seminars, and following through on CVC course assignments. As the teens move up from level to level, there are certain rewards given to those taking the course. These include special outings, witnessing activities, and excursions to fun places.
       110. * In Japan an exchange program was instituted to help teens experience change and the variety of a new location while receiving training and shepherding, with the Regional JT board Home opening their Home to young people.
       111. * A rotational program for the JETTs and teens was organized by one of the national boards in Mexico. As part of this program‚ two JETTs or teens go to the JT national chairperson's Home each week and receive personal shepherding, Word classes, as well as the opportunity to go out witnessing and learn to collect Activated subscriptions. (This is the shiner Home in Mexico for getting Activated subscriptions!)

       112. (DeCynder:) Let's all hear it for the JT board members who sacrificed their time and themselves in order to help make all of these things possible. It is a great honor for me to be the Custodian of the JT board‚ because there is so much future in the youth of David who are carrying the torch forward. And those who are on this board have so much vision, drive, and passion! They are out to change the world by getting the youth of the Family on-fire for Jesus. Onward we march into the new year! (End of message.)

Photo captions for this section:

Angie (16), at the closing ceremony of the all-India ACTS (All Champions Training Seminar) 2003 camp, a camp for all the STs/YAs of the India region. The focus was not just professional discipleship but to be champions in that profession (1Cor.9:24). It was a combined effort of the JT, CGO, and PR regional boards, where the Word met action and where a passion for excellence met with the "practical."

Having fun with Jesus in a relaxed way! Praise time before morning class at a teen camp in Croatia.

(L-R) Chris (18), Megan (22, who went on to her heavenly reward in December 2003), Tim (27)‚ and Karen (15) leading a team of JETTs and junior teens in a Holy Ghost sample at a park during a camp held in the East U.S. national area.

JETTs, teens and JT board members at a sports activity in Taichung, Taiwan.

JT board members in Chile giving a class to the senior teens of the Chile, Argentina, Peru and Paraguay national area. L-R: Lali (SGA, JT board chairperson), Maria (YA, JT board member), and Ivan (SGA, JT board member).

PR BOARD NEWS 2003      

By the Public Relations international board

Text box:
(Jesus:) The Family will be on stage and under the spotlight much more in the days to come. And the friends, supporters, contacts, and associates you have ministered to--and those you will yet minister to--will each play a part. The years of work, effort, and time invested by those involved in the areas of public relations, media, and the legal world has not been in vain and will not be lost. The time is coming when the good news of your works will be spread abroad, and the truth, faith, and conviction you possess will be revered, respected, and wanted by many--young and old, rich and poor, educated and non-educated, and in all strata of society. (End of message.)
End of text box.

       114. Your PR boards throughout the world have been active these last twelve months working to fulfill their commission in the realms of public relations, relations with the media, religious freedom issues‚ persecution response, and promoting the Family's good name and works, as well as giving advice when sought on issues having to do with legal entities.
This year we were privileged to meet with presidents and peasants, the powerful and the weak, academics and students, and many, many more in our mission to not just lead them to the Lord, but also to explain what the Family is and does. We are made all things to all men that we might by all means save some. And this we do for the Gospel's sake, that we might be partakers thereof with you (1Cor.9:22-23). It has been an exciting time‚ and when the results are looked at globally, it is inspiring to see all that the Lord has done. If any good has resulted, we can only give the glory to Him-–and to you, because of your prayers for us--as we know just how small and incapable we are.
       116. The PR board is unique in that it generally does not have a national presence, but only regional and international boards. Nevertheless, we have done our best to make sure that all the national areas are represented on the PR boards by choosing members from the national areas to sit on the regional boards. It has proven difficult, though, because of the vast areas that some regions comprise, to get the boards functioning and meeting. But this year we started to hit our stride with all the regional boards meeting‚ some several times. We also held our inaugural international board meeting. Much was accomplished at these meetings, and there is still much more to do. We sat down at our international board meeting with a 42-page agenda. As you can imagine, covering all of that was an impossible task‚ but the Lord did encourage us that we covered the topics of the utmost importance.

PR Board Custodian

       117. As with the other boards, we had the privilege to receive from the Lord a Custodian from the spirit world to be our guide and mentor.

       118. (Jesus:) You ask who the Keeper is for the PR board–-the spirit being who has the charge of helping and guiding the PR board. This spirit's name is Acumon, known for his sharp, penetrating discernment. Besides being a Keeper and Guide for the PR board, Acumon instructs in humility, for in humility is the true strength that empowers one against fear. Truth and justice are most important to him, and are the reason for his existence. His mandate is to uphold truth and justice and righteousness.
       119. He knows how pride works against truth, and how the scales of pride blind and confuse; his power is to pierce and divide, casting asunder the shell of the pride of those who oppose the truth. His strength is in his keen judgment and insight, and in the power of his discernment that quickly discriminates between the real and the unreal, and recognizes the truth from the lie. His cloak of meekness empowers you with truth, and activates the keys of attacking initiative, which dispel the fiction and drive away the real threat.
       120. Anyone can call on Acumon's insight and power, but at this time he is especially assigned to the PR board. Those who know My Word are especially attuned to the strength that Acumon has for them. (End of message.)

       121. You may have noticed that Acumon sounds and is spelt very similarly to the English word "acumen," which means "sharpness of mind: quick insight‚ or the ability to make quick, accurate judgments of people or situations." We certainly are incredibly thankful to have Acumon's help, as we know just how weak and incapable we are without the Lord and the powerful forces He sends us from the heavenly realm.

Focuses of the PR Boards

       122. The work of the PR boards on the public front majors on different aspects in the various regions of the world. In some areas our work with academics that study new religions is a primary focus, in others it is working with interfaith organizations*. In still others it is working with government and non-government agencies to promote such things as anti-drug campaigns, as well as the Lord's message of love and peace. For instance, in Thailand over the last 10 years‚ the Family has done 1,150 officially documented anti-narcotics CTPs/programs. In these areas of the world, the PR boards work very closely with our Family music and dance troupes, and also have a lot of contact with people in the entertainment industry and the media that covers lifestyle issues. (*Organizations that try to work between, or work together with, different faiths or NRMs to unite their efforts in the hope of creating a stronger united front.)
       123. In some areas, such as Africa, the Lord led the PR boards to help the Homes reach their countries through active participation in NGOs that benefit the people of their lands, while also opening the doors to meet and minister to top government officials. This has allowed the Homes to build solid works and Active member churches, while reaching out to their local communities. The PR board in Africa has also produced a very inspiring short video documentary on the Family's work there‚ which has been made available to all the Homes in Africa.
       124. In other areas we are very active in the realm of promoting religious tolerance and combating the anti-cult movement, which has gained quasi-official status with some governments and is a tool of the anti-Christ forces that are growing ever more active and dominant in some nations of the world. In these areas we are seeing our little light growing ever brighter and attracting the attention of many who are also engaged in achieving goals similar to ours. Because of all the Lord has revealed to us over the years, we find that even though we may look like small fry to ourselves, we are light years ahead of others because we know what is going on, where the world is headed, and who is pulling the strings.
       125. The PR board in Europe produced an impressive dossier on the persecution/court cases in France. The entire package is 120 pages long, including the brief and supporting documents, and outlines clearly the unjust and intolerable treatment that the Family received there. It is especially clear in pointing out the central role that the anti-cult group ADFI played and the false allegations that they promoted at the time, and still promote about us to this day, after the French courts have found them without merit. This document has been spread far in Europe and has become a focus of keen interest. Please pray it can go a long way in discrediting ADFI and other anti-cult groups that are held in relatively high esteem by some governments.

Conferences and Seminars

       126. This year members of the PR boards attended many conferences and seminars. These included: the International Religious Freedom Panel at the UK Foreign Office in London; an international intergovernmental conference of the OSCE in Austria; a conference organized by the Institution of Religion and Public Policy held at the European Parliament in Belgium; the Conference for Human Rights and Religious Tolerance in Mexico; an international peace forum held at the Mexican Congress; a government-sponsored conference on the "Rights of Children in Religious Movements" in Australia; this year's CESNUR conference held in Latvia; a conference on religious tolerance in the Ukraine; an interfaith festival in Japan (where we participated as the group representing Christianity); an International Congress for Organized Voluntary Movements conference as well as one by the International Religious Liberty Association, both in Chile; as accredited observers at the African Union Summit in Mozambique; and three academic conferences pertaining to minority religions or religious freedom issues in the U.S., where we were able to speak to clarify issues regarding the Family and give our perspective on the discussion.

Books and Academic Papers

       127. The Family is still an organization of particular interest to many academics, especially those who work in the realm of the sociology of religion. Books and academic papers are still being written on the Family by leading scholars, and our board members are often called upon to help provide information and data on the Family to scholars. Current books and parts of books are in the works in English, Romanian, and Hungarian. PR board members also gave presentations in several universities around the world, including one evangelical college, as well as to a workshop of surprisingly receptive psychotherapists.

Web Operations and Services

       128. The North American PR board operates a religious news service, WorldWide Religious News. This is currently looked on by many as a leading source of religious news on the Web, and was highlighted in several academic papers, encyclopedia articles, sessions at conferences, and Web sites as a reliable source of information for those interested in religious news.
       129. The regional PR boards were also instrumental in setting up several regional Web sites to cover the work in their areas. These Web sites are fantastic testimonies to what you, our dear Family in these areas, are doing. They are still in the beginning stages and there is lots of room for expansion, so please send in your testimonies and photos so they can be included.
Nearly each one of our Homes does a monumental work, and when you look at it collectively, it is very impressive. Homes in some areas seem a little reluctant to contribute material to these Web sites, but you may be missing out on an incredible witnessing opportunity if you don't. If you contribute, then part of the heavenly reward for the witness of these sites goes to you--not to mention the goodwill you can generate for yourselves and your fellow missionaries. Here are a few examples of some of these Web sites:;;;
       131. In the area of services to our Family, we have also been active in holding seminars, taking part in Home visitation, and producing newsletters, bulletins and advisories on media and legal material.

Persecution Prep

       132. A very important subject that has consumed the time of many of our teams this year is persecution prep. We take seriously the Lord's warnings about coming persecution, so we have been busy trying to help you, our dear fellow laborers and friends, be as prepared as possible. We know that "all that live godly in Christ Jesus" are going to suffer persecution, but knowing how best to prepare for it is often different depending on the area. In most of the world, we have been working with our Family to change the mindset that the best thing to do to avoid persecution is to hide from it. This is not what the Lord wants us to do, as in doing so we cannot be the witnesses He needs us to be. Our best protection is to be open and bold in our locations, lifestyle, and beliefs, that those that "speak evil of you, as of evildoers, may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ" (1Pet.3:16).
       133. The Family is in a far different position now than when the big round of persecution hit in the early 1990s, and we want to try and help everyone understand this. We endured the worst that the Enemy could hurl at us at the time and emerged victorious on every front. Those attacks have put us in a far stronger position, because the accusations were proven false both by judicial and forensic examination. So our board's mission is to help the Family of today get away from a defensive posture in regards to our accusers' allegations. However, there is still much to do to be prepared for the persecution that is to come‚ and more instruction will be coming out about this. Our board members are working hard to instruct and encourage our Family on how best to prepare in each particular field, so please take heed to the advisories from your regional boards.
       134. One of the main issues the PR board has been promoting is to get the Homes to be proud of their association with the Family and to be proud to use the Family name. The regional boards report that there has been an improvement in this area, but that many Homes in non-sensitive fields still need to come out in the open more. The PR boards in India, Japan, and other countries held seminars for all their Homes, which were very fruitful in helping the Homes to "bring their PR ranching up to date."

Brochures, Documentaries, and Legal Entities

       135. To help the Family explain their work to outsiders, many of the PR boards have produced regional brochures. Although we have seriously considered producing an international brochure‚ the conditions, cultures, and needs of each region are different. So for now we will stick to producing the regional ones.
       136. Family members now operate various legal entities such as NGOs, charities, foundations, non-profit and for-profit organizations. The members of the PR boards are not legal experts with regards to these, and because of the differences in the laws of the many countries we live in, we could never really hope to be. But because of the experiences of many Family members who have set up these entities, we have been in a position to learn some very crucial lessons. The regional boards have been giving advice when requested, and will continue to do so. If you are considering setting up an entity such as these, contact your local PR board and they may be able to help with information so you can avoid the pitfalls some have experienced.
       137. We pray this has given you a little insight into our activities during this last year. We look forward to serving you and working with you in the coming one! Thank you for your prayers that the Lord can use the PR boards to let His light shine ever brighter throughout the world this coming year.

Photo captions for this section:

Stephen gives a persecution prep class to 40 senior teens in Japan.

David and Catherine, being interviewed by a major Mideast TV station during a march in support of Palestine.

Abi (far left) on the panel at a conference held in the European Parliament. She spoke for around 10 minutes on "women's human rights" in the context of religious freedom, describing how we suffered during the raids of the early '90s, and appealing for governments to not stigmatize religious movements or give them negative labels without knowing the facts.

Some of the material the Western European board produced this year: Clockwise, from the left:
       * Dossier on "The Family and France: The Issues. A Case Study of a Religious Minority."
       * "The Family in France"–-summary in French.
       * "Promoting Religious Tolerance: The Necessary Role of Reliable Information"--our open letter to the intergovernmental OSCE conference.
       * "We Have Rights!"--Compilation of legal rights so Family members know what their rights are.
       * "Introducing the Family in Europe"--PR brochure.
       * Business cards (distributed to the European Family) with contact information they can give to anyone who wants to know more.

The Governor of Monterrey, Mexico, chats with Joy and Ruth at our NGO booth at an exposition in Monterrey.

VS BOARD NEWS 2003      

By the Visitation and Shepherding international board

Text box.
(Jesus:) Three cheers for the VSs‚ who lay down their lives daily to help and shepherd the Family! Everyone in the Family is worthy of honor and gratitude and thanks for the part they play in My great work, but here I give special appreciation to the VSs. Theirs is an often thankless job, but they do it as unto Me, and because they love the Family and everyone in it, from the oldest to the youngest. It's My love that compels them to serve the Family day after day, and in many cases year after year. They are servants of love, and need your love and support to carry on. (End of message.)
End of text box.

       139. Every year without fail our faithful VSs continue to lay down their lives for the Family--traveling, visiting, and shepherding Family members in person, by phone, and via mail (not to mention that many play an integral part in the running of their Homes). Theirs is a grueling job, yet one that the Family could not do without. God bless our wonderful VSs! We all love you! They certainly gave above and beyond this year, and the news we will be presenting hardly does their labors justice. But in the interest of brevity, this year we will be touching mostly on the VS board highlights worldwide.
       140. To start‚ following are some stats, main events, pushes and victories from the VS boards.

New VSs and Meetings Worldwide

       141. Fourteen new VSs and VS trainees were added to VS teams around the world, bringing the total number of VSs and VS trainees to 99. Visitation has continued to be a prime focus for the VSs‚ and they cumulatively traveled thousands of miles, to dozens of countries, visiting over 528 CM Homes, many of them more than once. A number of FM Homes were also visited. And thanks to our faithful VSs showing them in their travels, most of the CM Family has had the chance to watch the videos made by and featuring the young people in WS.
       142. The VSs participated in or helped to coordinate over 90 camps, fellowships and seminars in every region worldwide. These meetings were attended by the CM Family, and in many cases the FM Family as well, and included YA/SGA meetings, teen camps, MC/OC camps, PR and CGO seminars (all in conjunction with the respective boards), family camps, area fellowships, FM fellowships, delegates and national training meetings on a variety of topics, Home teamwork training seminars, and more. 2003 was certainly an action-packed year!
       143. More specifically, eight out of twelve regions were able to hold YA/SGA meetings. In most cases it was the first time such meetings had been held in many years--and for some regions, they were the first ever. In every case these gatherings were milestone events that were inspiring, uniting, feeding and strengthening. They were an opportunity for YAs and SGAs to experience wonderful fellowship, support‚ and strengthening via the Word and other young people who are fighting alongside them in the Family, and to recommit to serving the Lord and keeping alive the flame of David.

VS News and Highlights

       144. Aside from doing the VS job, many of the VSs also sit on or chair other national boards. While this does increase their workload, in many instances it has also proven to benefit the Homes, as when the VSs visit Homes, they represent both the VS portfolio as well as their other board (JT board, CGO board, etc.). This, along with the VSs working closely with members of other boards, both in their visitation and in the organization of meetings and camps, has enhanced the effectiveness of the boards and services that they are able to offer.
       145. The RCCs (Rules and Clearance Councils) have gone into full swing this year. This has pushed a number of procedural, clearance, and disciplinary matters, formerly handled by the continental offices, down to the regional level, and this has been a blessing in many ways. At the same time, however, it significantly added to the workload of the VSs or COs who chair the regional VS boards and sit on the RCCs. So please do continue to keep them and their enormous workload in your prayers.
       146. Other VS board initiatives included local advisories, Word studies, and local field pushes to help the respective fields in their weak areas, as well as to help Homes and individuals better apply the Word to their local field situations.
       147. The Lord miraculously protected the Family in China and Taiwan from SARS. And despite travel restrictions put in place at the time of the SARS outbreak, which put visitation on hold at the time‚ most of the Homes in the ACTON region were still visited and a number of fellowships were held. TYJ!

Milestone Happenings

       148. Now for other VS board news that made the news this year.
       149. Peter's visits to Brazil, and the subsequent GNs and messages and direction to Brazil that resulted, had a great impact on not only Brazil, but the Family worldwide. As a direct result of the messages for Brazil, the VSs around the world have been more involved in in-depth visitation and shepherding of the Homes, helping to raise the awareness of what it means to be a disciple, obedience to the Word and the Charter, and helping them realize what the Lord is expecting of the Family today. Mama and Peter have also received many reactions from Family members, who through the Brazil series have been convicted to rise to the challenge of discipleship once more. God bless you!
       150. As you read in "New Year's Challenge for 2004" (ML #3468, GN 1054), Summit 2003 was held in Mexico. All the COs from the regional VS boards, as well as some additional COs and VSs, participated in subcommittee meetings with Peter and WS members to discuss, counsel, and pray about ways to strengthen the Family‚ and to determine the steps the Lord wants us to take in order to help the Family pull out of the very weakened state it has fallen into. You have heard some of this direction via the "New Year's Challenge for 2004," with more to come in the near future. (For additional info on the summit meeting, please see "365 Miracles‚" ML #3475). While the VS international board did not meet in an official capacity to discuss their previously planned agenda, as the other boards were able to while at the summit, much of the intended VS board agenda points were covered via the meetings with Peter and other meetings held during the summit.

VS Board Custodian

       151. To close this section we want to share with you the Keeper/Custodian that the Lord has unveiled who is assigned specifically to the VS board. We certainly felt him close at hand in our meetings, counsel, and discussion sessions.

       152. (Channel:) I'm seeing this angelic-looking being, clothed very simply in a long white robe, and looking very similar to the Biblical descriptions of angels. He has bare feet and he's carrying a staff. He has a warm glow or aura all around him, but his outstanding feature is his eyes. They don't even appear to be normal eyes. There appears to be an energy force coming out of his eyes--not exactly flames, but something similar. His eyes are very intense and penetrating, as if they can see right through you.
       153. Now I'm getting the name Aiyin or Ayin. I can't quite make out which spelling it is right now--I'm just getting the pronunciation. Now I'm getting to look up "Ayin" in the dictionary to see if it has a meaning. I do so, and incredibly it has the following meaning: "Early 19th century; from Hebrew 'ayin,' literally 'eye.'"
       154. There is something outstanding about his eyes, and his name means "eye." Thank You, dear Love, for revealing this Custodian to us! Thank You for such a powerful Keeper as this one to be the Custodian of the VS board. Is there anything else You have to tell us about this particular Custodian, Ayin?

       155. (Jesus:) Ayin is a powerful ministering or "visiting spirit." There is record of him within the scripture. For instance, he traveled with Me to visit Abraham, and it was he who led dear Lot, his wife and daughters, out of the city of Sodom before I destroyed it (Genesis 18-19). He has walked upon Earth as My celestial "visitor" many times over the centuries, and many times people have even entertained him unawares.
       156. Now his commission and jurisdiction is with you, My children of David, and specifically with My VS board. He is named after his "seeing eye"--his specific gift of discernment, which is yours to claim through calling on him in the power of the keys. He will give you strong gifts of love, wisdom, and discernment, all of which you will need in great measure in order to fulfill the task before you.
       157. I have given you a very strong Custodian and Keeper, one who is endowed with great and strong gifts, and one who stands in attendance in the high councils and report sessions of Heaven‚ along with Michael, your archangel.
       158. Along with Michael and Gabriel, Ayin is one of My counselors, and I value his counsel and opinions on different situations. So he too acts as a "high priest" when he intercedes for you in his role as Custodian in the high councils of Heaven, bringing his input, wisdom, and suggestions on your needs as a board before Me and My chief counselors and angels. (End of message.)

Photo captions for this section:

A few attendees of the "Professional's Seminar 2003," Eastern Europe. L-R, from back: Angel, Cesco, Christian (7 mos. of David and Eden), Christina, Eve, Aaron, Ben, Peter, Ela‚ Angela, Frankie, Faithy‚ Sophie.

L-R: Anna, Becky, Carina (SGA), Mercy (SGA, with Crystal D.'s baby), Andrew, Timothy, Crystal O., Beth (SGA), Crystal D., and Dan, Bombay.

Manila Homes gathered for a meeting hosted by the VS and PR boards. Back, L-R: James, Gabe, Phillip, Marie, Byron‚ Gabe's son, Peter, John, Simon (SGA). Front‚ L-R: Praise, Jenny, Joan, Mila, Esther, Joy, Mary, Tender‚ and Lily.

Peter VS and Julian leading a Holy Ghost sample in Yoyogi park (Tokyo), where Japanese youth hang out.

A Home Teamwork seminar‚ attended by teamwork members of the Homes in the Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador area.

FED BOARD NEWS 2003      

By the Family Education Department international board

Text box.
(Jesus:) The children in the Family need education both in the realm of the spiritual and the physical. Regular scholastic education is vital to their maturation as My upcoming disciples. The practical basics must be solidly in place, so that they can use that physical knowledge to fulfill the spiritual commissions I have for them in the days to come. The spiritual education alone will not be enough to assist My children in their future jobs for Me, but neither will the physical education alone be enough. They must have an adequate amount of both practical and spiritual education, and each need must be supplied to the full. I commend every parent and teacher in the Family for the part they play in helping to reach this goal. (End of message.)
End of text box.

       160. It's been a fruitful FED year with notable progress made in the Family education pillar. Mama and Peter's videos and the "Charter Amendments 2003" GN with the new educational requirements encouraged a renewed vision and push to improve the education of our children and young people.
       161. These directives helped the FED boards to major on common goals. For example, several areas initiated a reporting system, via survey questionnaires, which provided regular communication with the Homes. This helped the FED boards identify the strengths and weaknesses in the educational standards of each Home, and showed them clearly how and where to offer help and training.
       162. The FED boards have been able to shorten the communication cord via newsletters, advisories‚ etc. Some areas divided the Homes in each national area between the FED board members, who were then able to tune in to a smaller number of Homes more specifically, and were able to organize regular workshops, teacher/parent meetings, lending libraries, CVC/FED workshops, and administer high school tests, etc. The fruit? Through all these different initiatives, we were able to supply more personal and specialized attention to our parents, teachers and children.
       163. The success of the FED boards is greatly due to their having a hands-on approach. It's been thrilling to see the board members grow in their responsibilities as they've acquired the faith to step out more and more to help their area.

FED Initiatives

       164. Lots of seminars, homeschooling support groups, show-and-tell (sharing testimonies, displaying samples of work, students' portfolios and/or materials with explanations), and workshops were held for parents and teachers in many areas. These covered subjects such as persecution prep, what is homeschooling?, record-keeping, portfolios, the CVC program, the importance of our sample and the face of the Family. Some of the workshops were held in conjunction with the CP or JT boards. Also FED-related Action Committee Meetings have been a platform to cover goals and objectives.

CVC Progress
CVC workshops, tutorial classes, and student testing have been pioneered locally, often on a city level. The CVC has certainly seen progress, thanks to the board structure and the faithful team in WS who put the CVC together and work so hard to maintain it! The regional CVC desks often send questions and answers back to the Homes through the national FED boards, who can help in a more personal way. A growing number of Family members are getting turned on to the CVC courses, and working toward diplomas or certificates. The FED board is working with the JETT/Teen board to promote CVC.
CVC tutorial classes were conducted by some of the FED boards in different areas. In some areas, FED board members even offered locally-created tutorials on such topics as public speaking‚ English literature, math, language arts, and prep classes for high school exams. (This opportunity to administer testing encouraged students, parents, and teachers alike to see their progress and results, and record test scores for documentation.)

Here are a few sample reactions from students in one local area, who were able to participate in some of the tutorial classes mentioned earlier:
       • "Big thanks to all who were involved in this tutorial. It was very interesting to learn, and even just hear the facts on the various writers and poets."
       • "I know with time it'll become easier to speak in public comfortably. The points on note-taking were very helpful, straightforward, and easy to grasp. I hope to make a conscious effort to try and progress in these areas. I hope we can have more of these tutorials in the not-too-distant future! Thank you all!"
       • "The classes were very fun, packed full with lots of variety! They were excellent, and I'm hoping that we can have more of them!"
       • "Thanks so much for arranging this tutorial! Fun and captivating!"

Citywide Cooperation

       168. Following the Lord's counsel in "Where to Now?" (ML #3398, GN 991), several Homes have started co-oping in the schooling of their children. God bless all of you involved for your faith, vision, and initiative in putting the New Wine into practice! Why not write up your testimonies for the rest of us to enjoy and learn from? We'll be waiting to hear from you!
       169. Some of the citywide activities that have been arranged and coordinated include: educational excursions for the children; visiting planetariums‚ amusement parks, and science fairs; CVC meetings; spelling bees; art contests; essay competitions; sports and cultural fairs. These activities have been documented with photos covering the events and/or certificates of participation to use in the children's portfolios. Some of the FED boards held an end-of-year graduation ceremony for kindergarten up to 7th grade students--certificates and prizes were given.
       170. The FED and CP boards' efforts in planning and organizing children's activities on a national or citywide level were a tremendous blessing. These provided more excitement and extracurricular and creative activities to take our schooling beyond bookwork. A well-rounded homeschool education is more than just "pencil to paper" work.

FED Resource Centers
The Resource Centers (RCs) are being set up slowly but surely in each regional area, according to the local needs and availability of materials. Some of the services/materials offered by the RCs in different regions are:
       * Info packs and information to the Homes
       * Lending libraries
       * Local pubs and productions (which some of the more established RCs have made available to families and Homes in their region)
       * GED prep books
       * English books
       * Filling childcare pubs orders
       * Supplying flannelgraphs
       * Researching local homeschooling laws, so that our families are more familiar with their homeschooling rights in their country.
       * Providing information‚ classes, and materials on local language learning.
       * In some cases the FED RC is also where the CVC desk is set up, which handles CVC and other education-related questions.
       * Resource CDs. Many FEDs have put a lot into creating resource CDs for their areas through researching, scanning, compiling, and editing various educational materials.

       172. Thousands of videos, VCDs, and CDs were duped and made available in many areas on a myriad of subjects, such as: art and music; Christian resources; early education; educational freeware; free online courses; GED prep; general reference (encyclopedias, dictionaries); history and geography; homeschooling info and resources; info on learning styles, language arts courses (including foreign languages and sign language)‚ math, science, record-keeping (with forms and how-tos), board advisories and newsletters, CVC info and forms; GNs about education; the materials on the FED/CC section of the MO site; where to find new and used books; teaching children with special needs; where to find free worksheets and forms; testing; and lots of free printable tests (for grades 3-12).
       173. If you would like to "mine the gold" and know what materials are available from your local FED Resource Center, please contact your regional FED board for their catalog.


       174. Hundreds of Homes were visited by FED board members. The visitation gave them a better grasp of the educational needs of the children‚ and establishing personal contact with the Homes and parents has been a help for those who have children with special needs. Some of the board members go over an educational survey with the Homes, so that the Home and the board member can pinpoint and discuss any education needs. In some regions a list of the Charter scholastic requirements was given to the VSs for easy reference and assistance with any education-related questions from the Homes.

Teen Schooling and Education
The raising of the education standard by the new Charter amendments this year has brought some wonderful progress. Quite a few of the FED board members have been working faithfully with the young people in their area, helping them in their high school studies and working toward their diploma, using the CVC, CLE, or the local educational options available. And the WS FED team created new CVC tests for the CVC students working toward the new 10th grade requirement.

Thanks and Appreciation

       176. We'd like to express grapes of thankfulness to each member of the FED boards. You are doing a wonderful work! Your heart is in the job, and you are there for others! Thank you for "boarding" with us! We know that many of you make considerable sacrifices, travel great distances, have large or growing families to care for, and many Home or missionary responsibilities. You have done a commendable work of putting your hands to the plow to get the FED board rolling in your area. We know that without your participation and the combined efforts of the board members--as well as the parents‚ the teachers, and the students alike--the progress of 2003 would have been limited. We thank the Lord for you, and are so thankful to be a team working in harmony and unity with the sole purpose of training and winning His knew disciples.

FED Board Custodian

       177. As with the other boards, the Lord revealed the FED board's Custodian. Meet Herald of the FED board.

       178. (Jesus:) From the beginning of My creation I have chosen to work in teamwork and unity with My heavenly beings, those whom I have created and formed to help rule over Heaven and Earth. I could have done the job alone, but I have chosen to set an example of working together, so that My children on Earth could benefit and learn from the example of heavenly teamworking.
       179. Let Me introduce you to Herald, the Keeper of the FED board! He is one of My heralding angels, created to be the Custodian of this board. He has no earthly name, so feel at peace to simply call him "Herald." When you refer to Herald, think of a strong, manly Custodian who is at the FED boards' service. Now that he has been revealed, he is at your beck and call.
       180. Herald is created to be of manifold help to the FED board. He is endowed with My love, and you can call on his reservoir of Heaven's love in your interactions with one another. He is My messenger and will aid you with strong drawing power to receive My answers to your many questions. Herald resembles a strong flame that shows you the way to go through the myriad questions and decisions to be made. He is strong and will enable you to discern and work on the majors so that you will see steady progress.
His appearance is that of shining steel. His wings are transparent but mighty, and able to encompass you with My protective powers, so that you are safe from the onslaughts of the Enemy and his dark demons. You will see attacks coming and will be very aware of them, but you are safe as you call on your Custodian to encompass you. And as you have to press together to be in the circle of his protection, your unity will make you strong‚ so you can be pillars for My Family children and their educational needs.
       182. Know, My darling brides, that the strength of your board doesn't rest on any particular method, curriculum, or teaching technique. But your strength lies in your unity and teamworking to bring to fruition the solutions I show you. My guardian, Herald--Custodian and Keeper of the FED board--is appointed and stands at attention! Call on him, for he is yours, and you will see mighty miracles performed by your board. This goes not only for the international board, but his sphere of influence stretches over the FED boards on all levels. Teamwork with Herald and with one another‚ and you will gain much insight into My heavenly way of working! (End of message.)

Photo captions for this section:

Lili (SGA, of Joe, West Africa FED board chairperson) putting together FED resource folders for each family in Africa.

Ruth (of Gregg, East Africa FED board chairperson).

CVC drawing by Tiago (ASCRO): Everyone wants certificates and diplomas!

FED team displays educational and resource materials. (L-R Cathy, Tabitha, and Meekness, North Europe FED board members.)

EEA family camp‚ in Hungary (May 2003). JETTs, OCs‚ and MCs are ready to embark on a camp-wide scavenger hunt. This was one of the fun kids' activities coordinated by the national CP and FED boards.

CVC students in the African region, proudly displaying both CVC and AIDS projects certificates: John, Shane, Shannon, Christo, Meg, Dora, Noah‚ Angie and Gina.

CP BOARD NEWS 2003      

By the Children and Parenting international board

Text box.
(Jesus:) A child's foundation--when it is built steadily, prayerfully, and according to the standards of My Word–-will never be destroyed. What you invest in a child today, the seeds you plant today, will grow and blossom with time. Never underestimate the power of Word-based training and pouring into a child in meaningful ways, because this will be a part of that child forever. Sometimes you will see the results, other times you will not. But if the Word is the standard, you can be sure that there will always be results and good fruit--whether seen today, tomorrow, or somewhere further in the future. (End of message.)
End of text box.

       184. 2003 has been a very exciting year, with much progress on the CP board front in all areas. In 2002 the Lord helped us lay the foundation, but this year we've made definite steps of progress in the CP board. Things are rolling and we are making progress for the Lord! Significant progress was made through the added strength of working in conjunction with the FED board.
       185. Some of the goals for the past year became very clear during Feast 2003. The Word revolution was an answer to prayer in defining our priorities, as well as the needs of our board. Our main responsibility is the training and shepherding of our children ages 0-12. This call to arms gave our board the impetus to promote the Word and the use of the new weapons in the lives of our children. Thank the Lord for dear Mama and Peter, such wonderful shepherds who lovingly care for their flock. Lord help us to love Him by feeding His lambs!

Applying the Word Revolution

       186. As follow-up to Feast 2003, here is an account of CP board initiatives undertaken in different areas to give the Word the importance in our children's lives that it deserves.
       * Biweekly local get-togethers for OCs for fellowship, united Word classes (including prayer times and learning about prophecy), and fun activities.
       * Monthly witnessing outings, where parents and children go witnessing together. It generates positive peer pressure, since it strengthens their personal convictions to see their peers witnessing, with their parents there to lead the way.
       * Word quizzes for OCs and MCs created from the study month list from Feast 2003, and some areas gave certificates of completion.
       * Colorful certificates were sent out to OCs and MCs for memory awards.
       * Memory and review charts have been made available to the Homes to keep a record of the verses the children memorize.
       * Bible quizzes. The children study a couple of chapters, followed by detailed quizzes on those chapters.
       * Ideas for inspired devotions for the children were generated, to keep things moving and exciting. (For example, during part of devotions the children read from a Letter, then do memory work, followed by appropriate HL stories, etc.)

Word Pack

       187. The following Word pack was put together by the SEA CP national and regional board. If you are interested in getting a copy‚ it's now posted on the MO site in the "FED catalog" section, and available through your CP national board. It includes:
       * Bible and ML classes, Word quizzes, and Word games.
       * Devotions and memory work tips and ideas, Word prophecy pictures, prayer ideas, and Natalia praise cards (taken from the "According to Your Praise Be It Unto You" GN).
       * Kids' key cards to encourage and inspire younger children to learn and practice using the keys when they pray.
       * Prayer charts, to train the children in the weapon of intercessory prayer.
       * Written tests for the new MB2K.
       * A total of 50 junior DB tests (complete with answer keys).
       * New prophecy vitamins for the children.

New Word Curriculum

       188. One of the Charter requirements for the training of our children is to work through the Word Curriculum, to ensure that the children have a foundation in the Word and receive consistent and progressive feeding from the Word.
       189. We are happy to announce that an updated Word Curriculum is in the final stages of being assembled and will be available (at least via the MO site) in the early part of 2004. This updated Word Curriculum will list the older foundation Word for our children, as well as the current New Wine for them in the form of MLKs and Gen-Up mags. The Word will be categorized by the age group it is intended for and according to the children's spiritual, character, social, physical, and intellectual development.
       190. The topics in the "Spiritual Development" section are subdivided and cover "Christian Basics," "The Bible," and "The Family and Professional Discipleship." A big section of the children's Word Curriculum is dedicated to "Character Development," covering topics such as being open to shepherding‚ maturity and conviction, making good choices‚ diligence and responsibility, changing bad habits, and many more. Furthermore, under the "Social Development" section we've compiled Word for various age groups to help the children improve in communication skills and be loving and understanding toward others. Within the "Physical and Intellectual Development" section, the Word covers the topics of: appearance, body and health; safety and accident prevention; focused thinking/learning skills; and education/schooling.

Seminars and Workshops

       191. The main goal of our board has been to improve the quality of care given to our children. Shepherding, training, and teaching seminars were held on a variety of subjects, such as young mothers (covering pregnancy and childbirth), and professional parenting (with classes on "real fathers" to encourage more participation of our wonderful fathers in the children's lives). Some areas held mothers prayer meetings, and several CP/FED boards hosted workshops to improve our children's homeschool records.

Camps and Activities

       192. A highlight has been the hosting of camps for the YC/MC/OC age groups, with inspiring Word classes, fun, and activities. A number of areas organized regular excursions and activities on a city level, such as horseback riding, swimming, provisioned meals, and visits to educational sites, museums, circuses, folklore shows, etc.

Advisories and Local Pubs

       193. The Homes benefited from regular advisories and material for the parents and children, such as: witnessing bulletins and testimonies, Christmas and Easter packs with activities to do, coloring pages and Grandpa quotes, newsletters produced for the MCs and OCs, a medical health chart (including counsel on health and nutrition), counsel for our pregnant mommies, persecution prep advisories, and childcare questionnaires.

Nighttime CD
A board initiative in the SACRO area, which should be completed soon, is a new nighttime CD for older children. Seven brand–new songs were received specifically for this tape. (We discovered it to be very true that our spirit helper musicians love to be "in" on any new projects!) The CD also features three songs never before recorded/produced, and five oldie-goldies--a total of 15 wonderful songs. Very special thanks and appreciation to all the dedicated producers, singers, and songwriters who contributed to making this a reality! We will let you know via the Grapevine when this CD is ready and where you can order it.

The Ministry of Encouragement

       195. Some CP boards made a list of the children in each Home in their area. Then they decided who on the board would minister to which Homes via prayer, and personal interaction through the following ways:
       * Generating a more personal prayer list for the Homes' children, teachers, PG mommies, parents, etc.
       * Remembering birthdays. Everyone loves to have his or her birthday remembered, especially if you are a child, a parent, or a busy mommy or teacher.
       * Passing on a personal prophecy of encouragement for a mommy, teacher, or child.
       * Sending a short note or card in the mail to say you love them and are praying for them.
       * A phone call to say hi, extend your love, and offer any services if needed.
       * Being a strength to a PG mom through giving her encouragement. For example, sending her pictures the children made, sharing a quote or an inspiring letter, poem, etc. The ideas are endless.
       * Sending a surprise pack of letters, poems, photos, or any encouragement the Lord may want to give you to share with them. Give others in your Home a chance to participate. Possibly send some nice art done by a teen or YA to the YC group, share a testimony, etc.

       196. One CP board sent childcare-related quotes or short stories to their Homes twice a week. This is not too much reading for our busy mommies and teachers, but gives an extra boost to inspire our parents in training the children. The "ministry of encouragement" idea was inspired by "Peter and Heidi"! (From the KIDZ Book, pg.294.)

Love and Thanks to Teachers        and Parents

       197. We want to extend our love, admiration, and appreciation to all those who have a hand in the training of our knew disciples. "The bravest battle that ever was fought, shall we tell you where and when? On the maps of the world you will find it not; it was fought by mothers, fathers, and teachers of men!"

CP Board Custodian

       198. We will close on a heavenly note, with a message from beyond about our Custodian/Keeper of the CP board.

       199. (Jesus:) Let Me introduce Frederick and Freya. These two heavenly Custodians and Keepers of the CP board are one--one in heart, one in love, one in purpose, and thus as one body and spirit. Their unity is what made them meld together into one body, fitly joined together in brotherly, fatherly, and motherly love. They are one, yet they are a team. These two will keep a close watch on the overall direction of the Children and Parenting board. These two will be the Custodians of the board from the heavenly realm. They will work closely with your many spirit helpers.
       200. The effectual fervent prayers of My parents, teachers and spirit helpers have been answered, and have moved My heart to create Frederick and Freya. The love of the Holy Spirit also played her part in the creation of these two spirit beings. Love has creative power. These two have access to all gifts! All the talents and abilities imaginable are at their disposal. However, their main function, their role and their forte, is to steer the Children and Parenting boards spiritually.
       201. Frederick's strength is his stability. He's a strong ruler. He is steady in conviction. He stands firm. He's unshakable. He will help steer, direct, and rule the board through his strong qualities. Because of his deep and strong connection to the source and the power, he has the peace of God. The peace of God and unity are his strengths. He is not moved by physical conditions or circumstances, because he sees beyond the natural realm. Because of this, his judgments are righteous. With your cooperation he will get the board moving forward in no uncertain terms. His discernment will keep the Enemy at a good distance, and free you to operate with the least possible obstruction.
       202. Freya's gentle ways have endowed her with much patience and diplomacy in her role. She will keep the board running smoothly, oiled with love and real power from on high--love being the greatest force to propel your board to fulfill the commission for which it was created. She's the perfect lady for the task--beautiful in spirit, which is reflected in her appearance and how she carries herself with dignity. You would call it class, but it's more of an inner strength and quality. Her love and grace are the force with which she rules and with which she will steer things in the right direction. She has strong faith and strength of character. Her gentleness has made her great and strong to fight and overcome the Enemy.
       203. These Custodians work in such great harmony together that they are more than a match for the Enemy, the demons of Hell and Satan himself. They are a powerhouse together because of their unity of spirit. They are a force to be reckoned with. So call on their help, and you will be translated and catapulted into a new dimension and into a new realm in the spirit. These heavenly helpers will not only give you new power and strength, but they will help you make wiser choices in your board work, because they will give you eyes to see in the spirit. They will help you to make the best decisions, which will bring greater fruitfulness and unity overall.
       204. Your prayers have reached My ears and have moved My heart to commission Frederick and Freya as Custodians and Keepers. They are responsible to steer the CP board ever upward to greater victories, fruitfulness, and accelerated progress--both now and in the future. (End of message.)

Photo captions for this section:

Combined show-and-tell by the FED and CP international boards.

Maria (in the Philippines), working on a child's portfolio.

Teachers, staff members, and kids at the Japan OC camp.

An active portfolio workshop (in the Philippines).

Kids that attended an OC/MC camping trip in northern Taiwan.

The kids in Johannesburg's end of school year celebration.

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