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       As times wax worse & worse & we are forced more underground, it may become necessary to assume a System front or appearance at certain times. To do this we may need to "interpret" our work & lives in the Family in terms that System people can understand. Also, because our enemies have deliberately prejudiced people through the press, we often have to, like Jesus, hide ourselves or take longer & less obvious routes. "After these things Jesus...would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill Him. Jesus therefore walked no more openly among the Jews: but went thence unto a country near the wilderness." (Jn.7:1; 11:54).
       One thing that the System likes to see is a résumé. Résumés are short summaries about one's life, job experiences, training & qualifications. A person may be asked for a résumé if they apply for a good job, visa, or certain positions, etc. Even if you never have to use your résumé it can be very helpful to write one, as it makes you organize your own thinking & sort out all the important dates & events in your life. (A small card that you carry with all your important information & personal statistics greatly helps when you have to fill out forms for passports, etc.)
       Most System people write résumés when they are applying for a job. Our job for the Lord will keep us all busy right until Jesus comes back, but on certain occasions we may have to take part-time work, or look "respectable" or appear to have a System occupation or background.
       Some people make dozens of copies of their résumé & send them to all sorts of companies with job application letters but may only get 1 or 2 interviews. A wise résumé writer goes for quality & not quantity & carefully writes & aims each résumé at a specific target. The idea is to present the facts in the most efficient & yet impressive way possible.
       Many people prefer a different style than the one already shown, like more short punchy paragraphs with headings. You can "manoeuver" a bit with paragraphs, but don't write an essay--keep it down to "a short account of one's career & qualifications". Systemites hate to read very much or even handle more than one sheet of paper. You do not need to tell them your vital statistics unless they ask. It isn't really their business to know your age, weight, height, finances or marital status unless you want a police job.
       A résumé should be well organized & easy to read & contain the following information:
       [ ] A STATEMENT OF YOUR IMMEDIATE JOB OBJECTIVE & your general qualifications for this job. Some statement about what YOU are going to do for them.
       [ ] SPECIFIC ACHIEVEMENTS & EXPERIENCE THAT QUALIFY YOU TO HOLD THIS JOB. No time for humility here, smear it on thick, as factual & statistical sounding as you can make it with nice words like: Directed, administered, developed, planned, evaluated, originated, managed, etc. Numbers are impressive to include if kept short & crisp.
       [ ] ANY OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS, SPECIAL AWARDS, etc., that will boost your chances of getting what you want (job, visa, etc.)
       Here is an imaginary résumé written by an imaginary American Family member who has returned to the USA & now for imaginary reasons is applying for a job as a supervisor & counsellor of Spanish-speaking refugees flooding into the USA. We'll say Richard speaks Spanish well, helped in Spanish pubs & distributed Tapes & Posters as well. He taught English a bit & while they were FFing he got to know a lot of top business people & gave them classes.



Address Phone Number

       OBJECTIVE: Field Supervisor of Immigrant Counseling Services, where efficient and effective communication with new arrivals to America is essential and administrative skills in carrying out programs is important.

       ADMINISTRATIVE AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Am now returning to the USA after 10 years of personal experience with Hispanic people both in Spain and Latin America. Administered "Del Mar" English Language School in Chile which also provided extensive business and practical counseling services for young executives. Became interested in the educational needs of young men and women and helped design a Job Placement and Training Opportunities Programme for talented youth in Chile.
       Taught several afternoon and evening courses to individuals and groups seeking self improvement in English and business management. Invested in an educational distribution firm. Trained and supervised 30 sales representatives and won 1984 Top Sales Training Award for audio-visual products distributed. Have lived and worked in 9 Spanish-speaking countries and can converse effectively in Portuguese and Italian as well.

       EDUCATION: Superior achievement in High School and worked toward B.A. in languages. Attended numerous seminars & courses on public relations, personnel management, business systems, sales dynamics, and Teaching English as a Second Language.

       ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS: Active in community projects, youth and marriage counselling, travel, writing.



       John S. Doe
       8848 South Blackstone Avenue
       Chicago, Illinois 60649



       7/65 to 11/68:       Headstart research and Evaluation Center, University of Chicago, 58-1 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
       2/68 to 11/68:       Tested, interviewed Headstart children and parents for evaluation study
       7/65 to 2/68:       Research and testing methods
       9/61 to 6/65:       Illinois Mental Hospital, 2650 Ridgeway, Chicago, Illinois - Psychology Instructor


       1957-61:       Southern Illinois University, Major: Psychology, Bachelor of Arts degree
       1966-68:       Northeastern State College, Chicago, Illinois, Major: Clinical Psychology, Master of Arts degree

HONORS: University Fellow (Southern Illinois University), 1957-61


       Community meetings for civic improvement, aide to charitable organizations, swimming, golf, tennis, Member of American Psychological Association.



(* Note: not all info is usually given)
       Birthdate: June 19, 1938
       Weight: 155 lbs.
       Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois
       Marital Status: S
       Height: 5'6"
       Citizenship: U.S.



       References and unofficial record of courses and grades will be furnished upon request.

       We may not have all the papers & praises of men but we have the Holy Spirit & the Truth & the Word of God, & greater "credentials" than that just don't exist. However, sometimes when we come up to a "train load" of Systemite experts we may feel a little intimidated, but that's no reason for "riding in the baggage compartment". System garbage collectors call them-selves complimentary names like "sanitary engineers". Even deprogrammers refer to themselves as "Exit Counsellors". We certainly have just as much right to pick out a few professional sounding System terms to describe ourselves too.
       A lot of our Family terms mean little to the System so we have to "translate" our life in the Family in terms understandable & acceptable to them. For example, we say we went out busking, provisioning, litnessing, tapenessing, postering or vidnessing (videos), but that doesn't mean much to a System person. You would need to say, "We had a singing engagement," "We participated in a charity drive" or a "campaign." "I worked as a sales representative for a music distributor," "I launched an advertising campaign to promote contemporary works of art & music" or "I was involved with an advertising campaign in shopping malls & businesses of such-&-such a city & community" or "I was in advertising" or "I was in sales, or a sales representative for a publishing company," etc.
       By saying things their way, Systemites can understand. It would be unwise for a respected Pharmacist to introduce himself as a "professional drug dealer" though that is exactly what he is. Sometimes we can't say exactly what we are either because our enemies have so badly smeared our name with labels & lies to try to make people fear & hate us.
       Media abuse, propaganda & mass mind control has become a terrible tool in the hands of the Enemy. If they like you, you're a "freedom fighter" or "patriot"--if not then you're a "terrorist," a "guerrilla" or a "death squad." A blasphemous book against Mohammed is hailed as "creative" or "exploratory fantasy" & "symbolizes freedom of speech & freedom of press & human rights." Yet a history book about the hoax of the Holocaust is cursed as "anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler, pro-Nazi, hate literature" & is banned throughout the "free" World.
       Not only do the choice of words colour our feelings, but they can carefully cover over or seriously cloud the issues. Our generation of newscasters & politicians have become masters at masking the truth behind unclear & puzzling wording. This technique is called "double speak" from the novel "1984". A plane crash is "an uncontrolled contact with the ground", a patient's death is "a diagnostic misadventure of high magnitude," laying people off their jobs is "a career alternative enhancement program," the Oct. 1987 stock crash is "a fourth quarter equity retreat" or "an increase in negative cash flow."
       For fun let's use this "emerging twentieth century literary art form" to see what pretty pictures we can paint over a foundation of Family terms & activities. Imagine you have a presidential candidate's speech writer helping you. As you will see, it isn't necessary to make untrue statements about your life if the view you take hides the "blemishes," or lack of normal involvement with the System.


       BABES RANCH: Missionary training center * non-denominational seminary for lay workers * intensive scripture study workshop/seminar/course * Junior Executive training course
       BETROTHAL: I became engaged/was married
       BIBLE STUDIES: Personal improvement & public relations course * growth enrichment program * inspirational literature course
       BORDER BASE: Cultural exchange center * small import & export venture * travel consultant & coordinator for various outbound missionary families * managed a small independently-sponsored housing facility for missionary families in transition
       BUSKING: My children had opportunity to perform at several community functions & locations * coming from a very musically talented family myself, I very much wanted my children to enjoy & experience many rich & rewarding performing opportunities them-selves & through friends & acquaintances was able to arrange to do several very memorable public shows
       CATACOMBER: At that time I became interested in a local youth group * I took a part-time position as a junior sales representative for a small but very promising firm. My parents had other aspirations for me however which eventually prompted me to travel.
       CHAIN-OF-COOPERATION: I held a junior management position with an advertising firm * I held a senior position in a sales initiative programme
       CHILDCARE: Extensive studies in Homemaking * studied volumes of literature on child-rearing & became very conversant with many of the more innovative early childhood education programmes
       COLONY: Collective housing * cooperative effort * community project * in partnership with... * in cooperation with several business colleagues we helped secure housing for the homeless * an encounter group * a workshop * a retreat house for young people having difficulties
       DAS: Personnel management * district manager * area supervisor
       DELIVERANCE: I greatly benefitted from experiences in a group counselling personal enrichment course that helped me form a more positive & realistic outlook on life
       DEPORTATION: Urgent personal business affairs required my return home * My involvement in the local community gained me much recognition & it was sad to have to leave * From there I agreed to accept a position elsewhere * Due to urgent personal matters I was forced to temporarily leave my position * Rivaling factions & altercations in the local community precipitated an unexpected change of plans
       DEPROGRAMMING: Our competitors were very aggressive in their attempts to win top personnel to their team * my parents were very insistent that I attend a special refresher course in career advancement opportunities * at that time I met serious opposition from rival concerns
       DONATIONS: Grants * subsidies * remunerations * honorariums * cash incentives * bonuses
       DOOR-TO-DOOR: While there I gathered valuable research information & insight into local customs & attitudes by participating in various community & residential surveys & privately sponsored polls * I participated in a very active promotional advertising campaign
       DROPPED OUT: Feeling somewhat stifled in my career choice, I launched out afresh & decided to... * Reaching a creative impasse in my job selection, I decided to obtain further training & experience by becoming more actively & personally involved in programs beneficial to the community
       ESCORT WORK: Tour guide * translator * executive secretary * hostess * social director * recreation director * private consultant
       FAMILY: Inter-denominational missionary work * non-denominational Christian volunteers * ecumenical cooperative effort * a gathering of like-minded Christians from various denominations * a small fellowship of like-minded Christians
       FFing: Marriage counselor * Hostess * Constructive personal counselling & therapy * Following a dynamic system of personal counseling & applied psychology, I was able to assist many people in gaining lasting & constructive insights into their relationships with others * I began an evening course in human response & behaviour patterns * We led a very active social life, meeting many famous & influential people
       FISHERMAN: I became interested in public relations & promotions * business consultant * I helped manage the business affairs of several private citizens
       FOLLOW-UP: A business acquaintance asked me to visit several of his more important clients while I was there
       FORSAKING ALL: At that time I became involved in various philanthropic charity programs * I began contributing heavily to various charitable, social & religious concerns * I decided to make a serious commitment to helping others
       FURLOUGH: At that time I felt I needed to reassess my long term career options * I took a leave of absence from my position to further my education * re-evaluated my priorities & goals
       GAF: National business convention
       GAS: Regional supervisor
       GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD: Following my inner conviction that travel & exposure to other languages & cultures is an important part of modern education, I ... * My fascination with other cultures, languages & lifestyles led me to live & work on 8 Continents in the past 15 years--specifically....
       GYPSIES WE ARE: I was quite impressed by the broadened inter-cultural perspective & personal adaptability that results from extensive travel & international exchanges.
       HIT THE ROAD: Launched out
       HOME SUPPORT: Revenue from small investments * supporters of the programme provided ... * investors * the response to our fund raising campaign was very good & we continued our independent ....
       HOME SERVANT: I was appointed head of our ... office * formed a small partnership with a few employees * I managed the local office in ...
       IHC: Opportunities opened for us to visit music clubs * travel arrangements were made for me to visit several communities * establishing field offices * held several conventions
       IMPRISONED: I had wanted to leave earlier but several important contacts insisted that I remain & even arranged for special accommodations * pressing last minute legal business delayed my departure,
       INTERROGATION AFTER CAUGHT LITNESSING: I was asked to give a series of talks on cross-cultural & commercial topics & was able to provide samples of excellent resource literature to those who attended
       JOINED THE FAMILY: I became more actively interested in various social interest groups * I became involved with an ecumenical Christian movement * I was feeling too isolated socially so I joined an active local club & participated in many outgoing functions & public performances
       KINGS: Patrons * sponsors * benefactors * backer * supporter * philanthropist * promoter
       LEADERSHIP: Overseer * Supervisor * Management position
       LITNESSING IN SHOPPING CENTERS: I became actively involved in advertising & promotional appeals adapted to large scale shopping complexes * I was a promotions & sales representative for a small/large (Christian) publishing firm, even winning the top sales award for our division
       MAIL MINISTRY: Commercial appeals * I was an overseas correspondent for the privately circulated Christian Missionary News which is supported by voluntary contributions
       MINISTRY: My work, job, position, career, profession, occupation
       MO LETTERS: A series of lectures * undertook a Home Study course in personal enrichment * a privately circulated newsletter aimed at self-improvement & personal growth * I received bound copies of a unique series of lectures given to students of eschatology which sparked my young enthusiasm for horizons beyond the plain of normal life
       MOLOCH: The children entered Public School
       MWM (MUSIC WITH MEANING): A group of musicians were working together to produce some very high quality commercial productions * talent scout * I was regional supervisor coordinating the quality, supply & responses of the program on 25 radio stations
       NAS (NATIONAL AREA SHEPHERD): I was for (x) years the national representative for my company in (name the region or country) * chief coordinator * national sales representative * regional manager * family counselor
       NO: National overseer of ... * national representative for ... * head supervisor * chief promoter * top sales representative * sales coordinator
       OFFICE TO OFFICE: I helped undertake a promotional survey of musical likes & dislikes among business executives
       PERSECUTION: At that time there seemed to be some differences of opinion which did not seem to be profitable to become involved in, so we decided to move to ... * Certain conflicts in local politics & local religious disputes affected the tide of public opinion against foreigners & we felt it best to leave * The economic & social climate of the community was no longer receptive to further foreign investment & development at that time * National unrest & local disturbances made it apparent that it might be wiser to move to a more suitable location
       PIONEERING: Opening a branch office * expanded services to * researched/explored the feasibility of establishing ... * took a working holiday to ... in hopes of making contact with the commercial community
       POSTERING: I opened a small business selling private works of art & wall displays
       PRAYER LETTERS: Circulars * advertising campaign * appeal letters
       PROVISIONING/PROVISIONER: Fund raiser * promoter * supplies agent & purchasing agent * supplier * materials consultant * buyer * public relations officer
       ROMANS: Law officers * officials * (police raid) representatives from the local community met with us & expressed their support/concern
       SACRIFICE & HARDSHIPS: The working conditions were quite demanding, however the challenge ...* my work with people required considerable personal involvement
       SERVICE CENTER: Collecting agency * warehouse management * shipping & transportation business * purchasing agent * school supply house * catering service * a depot for items destined for child help programs * community resources center * Private School support center * a school support group * donations deposit * consignment school supply business
       SHEEP: Clients * customers * supporters * a local Christian support group * friends with like views * membership * associates * business acquaintances * contacts
       SHEPHERD: Overseer * manager * counsellor * recreation director * sales representative * public relations officer * executive * personnel manager * coordinator * plant supervisor * department head * teacher * administrator * in charge of ... * director * principal * chief * boss * foreman * superintendent * overseer
       TAPENESSING: I was asked to become the sales representative for a music distributor * Following a life-long interest in music I become very involved in the production & distribution of the works of many excellent but lesser well known artists
       10:36 PROBLEMS: Being youthful in a successful but very traditional & close-knit family, I felt it best to prove myself separate from my family to begin with. This decision was not always entirely understood * My independent voyages & ventures did not always meet with approval from my very conservative family
       TRIALS: Certain difficulties arose which made it apparent that I needed to make certain fundamental changes in my procedures * Financial & other considerations motivated me to re-evaluate my mode of operation
       UNIT/WORKED IN A UNIT: Worked for a Christian publishing firm * a private research & development project * a mail service * an artists group * an association of professional & semi-professional artists & writers * a free-lance writers group * a secretarial pool * privately funded educational publications research project * statistical analysis * financial management * executive secretary * junior partner in an investment firm
       VS (VISITING SERVANTS): Family counselling service * went on tour giving a series of lectures & special classes on home improvement ideas & family communication skills * traveling representative * research * sent to investigate living conditions among migrant workers
       WILD WIND PRODUCTIONS: Sale of sundry promotional items * advertising agency
       WITNESSING: I became actively interested & involved in youth resources & counselling projects * Having a penchant for ethics & cultural mores, I became interested in studying the mechanisms by which values are transferred in society
       WORD STUDIES: Personal enrichment courses
       WS: Senior executives * administration * civil services * advertising agency * educational support group


       First of all, really ask the Lord for wisdom. The facts are that we have been obeying His call to "come out from among them & be ye separate" (2Cor.6:17) all these years. It's vital that you have a story explaining your last 10 or 20 years in System terms that you personally feel comfortable with & have the faith for. (Jam.1:5)
       (1). ON SCRAP PAPER WRITE EVERY DATE OF EVERY IMPORTANT EVENT IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Write the date on the left side of the page & a brief note of what happened to the right of each date. Look in old passports, legal papers, certificates, old letters, etc., to help you remember the exact dates. Get it all: Birth, countries, visa trips, triumphs & tests, salvation, jobs, etc. When you have it all, recopy it in chronological order for your record. Keep that paper with your important papers--you'll use it a lot. You can add onto it, or write on the flip side, other important dates like birthdays, & birth places & legal names of your family, System addresses & phone numbers you use in filling out forms. Wherever you go, you have to answer the same questions about yourself & all too often our memory for those little legal details & dates fail us & unless we have it written down, we tend to give a little different version each time.
       (2). NOW TAKE ANOTHER PIECE OF PAPER & DRAW 2 LINES DOWN IT TO DIVIDE THE PAGE INTO THREE COLUMNS. In order, put the following information in each column: 1. EDUCATION: Schooling & outstanding achievements, awards, special skills & abilities & languages spoken, special training. 2. JOBS: Place & date, both in Family & in the System. 3. INTERESTING FACTS & INTERESTS: Hobbies, interests, anything impressive in your life such as System family background, people you know, places you've been, jobs you have had, famous people you've met, etc.
       HAVE A GOOD LOOK--AS WELL AS A GOOD LAUGH AT YOURSELF! If you're so humble that you can't come up with it yourself, have someone who has known you for a while tell you how great you are & what great things you have done. Of course don't go & get a big head. Just look at yourself & the many years you have had of almost daily continuous education, reading, studying, creating, organizing, shopping, finances, public relations, etc. Start listing all the things you've done or learned to do in the Family & it will shock you! You likely will not be able to put it all down--everything from finances to childcare, from public relations to eschatology. You have received a top-class education!
       * What ministry or skill or talent do you have?
       * What System job is most like the work you do or have done?
       * What are your strong points? What are your weak points in that occupation?
       * What other skills or abilities do you have or special experiences do you have that are noteworthy?
       * What languages do you speak?
       * What countries have you lived in?
       * What big names can you drop of important people you've met in important places?
       * How familiar are you with the ministries you have worked in?
       * What special Family training have you had, such as going to special seminars, teen camps, etc.?
       * Do you have any personal hobbies or domestic skills such as sewing, cooking, gardening, driving?
       * Did you receive any special training in some area as a child or teen?
       * What was your parents' occupation?
       * How physically healthy are you?
       * What System education do you have & do you have any System credentials, diplomas, etc.?
       * What has been your story to the System so far? Passport application? Visa application? Friends? System family?
       * Could you write anyone in the System to get a written recommendation? (Even a favorable landlady or landlord can write a recommendation for you, or provisioning contacts, etc.)
       * Did you ever get any awards or special recognition from the System?
       * Do you know anyone important in the System who will write a letter for you?
       (3). NOW THINK ABOUT THE PERSON OR SITUATION THAT YOU ARE PREPARING YOUR RÉSUMÉ FOR. Does it matter that you were (or are) a missionary? What aspect of your life or ability do you think they are most interested in hearing about: How you work with people? Your skill in speaking other languages? Other skills such as cooking or typing or swimming? What a good citizen you are? Youth counsellor?
       (4). NOW LOOK OVER YOUR LIFE HISTORY & THINK ABOUT HOW OFTEN YOU HAD EXPERIENCES, TRAINING OR WORKED IN AREAS THAT YOUR "TARGET" (READER) IS INTERESTED IN. Try to imagine the big picture of yourself as you want them to see you--talented, travelled, successful. You are creating an "image" of yourself that they see useful to them. It's challenging to try to pack your life into a tiny shiny System box. What is your job? Who do you work for? Where do you get your support? Money is the bottom line question that is hard to answer unless you have supporters. ("I'm employed by a charity organisation ... I'm a volunteer worker & simply receive my room & board & personal needs--no salary.")
       SYSTEM PEOPLE USUALLY SPECIALIZE IN SOMETHING & everything that happens to them more or less revolves around their "career" or "profession." What's your bag? Are you a missionary, a teacher, a student of languages, an artist, a musician, a contractor, a carpenter, a Christian volunteer worker, an international consultant, a translator, a tour guide, a sales representative, an independent business advisor, a research specialist, a writer, a businessman, a publisher, a promoter, an advertising agent, an inter-cultural advisor, a childcare specialist, an international cuisine chef, an executive secretary, a tutor, a chauffeur, a free-lance writer, a free-lance artist, a free-lance photographer, etc.?
       YOU NEED TO PAINT A CLEAR PICTURE--OTHERWISE BLANK PLACES COULD BE WRONGLY FILLED BY THEIR IMAGINATION. They could wonder, "Could he be a secret agent, a drug dealer, into organized crime, a terrorist, a jail breaker, a spy, a member of some cult?" We don't want any such pictures to pop into their minds! System people do change jobs a bit but we appear to change more drastically than System people ever would. Our lives dotted with moves from country to country on an endless "tourist visa" attract attention. We seem vague about specifics like company names, addresses, etc.
       But of course we don't want to look too good if there will be tax questions later & we have not left a "poor missionary" escape clause. (You could say you were an independent missionary with the non-denominational Christian Volunteers Association, etc.) You do not want to sound like you're an alien coming off some other planet or some Rip Van Winkle who hasn't even existed for 10 or more years. Try to avoid looking too abnormal or seeming to be hiding something.
       (5). TAKE A HIGHLIGHT MARKER & MARK THE KEY ITEMS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DEVELOP & INCLUDE IN YOUR RÉSUMÉ. Stop & think out how to describe those skills & events in System terms. Jot down any ideas that you have for wording & ways of saying things.
       (6). BEGIN WRITING THE FIRST ROUGH DRAFT OF YOUR RÉSUMÉ. THINK OUT ONE TOPIC AT A TIME: EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE & ACHIEVEMENTS, etc. If you can't think of any clever way to say it, don't worry, just write it down in Family terms & come back later & start to substitute the wordings. It is like writing a movie script of your life as someone famous, magnifying certain parts & eliminating others.
       Learning how to describe yourself in System terms can be a big help. But, of course, create & use such paperwork & descriptions with wisdom. Be very careful about what you say, & be sure that you have the faith to back up what you say on paper with a practical application of your Family activities, translated into System terms. For example, if you say you are an "Area Supervisor" you need to be able to back it up & talk about what you do. It needs to be as true as possible. It should be so true that even you could believe it! That way you will remember your System story easily & it will never conflict in substance with what others, even your enemies, might say about you.


       EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY IS SPECIAL & TALENTED IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. But comparing ourselves in any way with others, even in the Family, is detrimental & God wisely commanded us not to do it. However, it is true that sometimes we are just too close to ourselves to see what great things the Lord has done for us over the years. We are no longer High School drop outs, but trained professional men & women with a multitude of gifts & talents & an abundance of practical experience & training.
       IT MAY SURPRISE YOU TO DISCOVER THAT MANY SYSTEM UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS WILL GIVE YOU CREDITS & EVEN DEGREES BASED JUST ON YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES. Colleges do not grant credit for experience alone, but for the KNOWLEDGE gained by the experience. Most schools require that life experiences be officially documented & submitted to the school in the form of a LIFE EXPERIENCE PORTFOLIO. A few schools offer life experience (experiential) workshops to assist the student in developing his or her own portfolio.
       1. WORK (on-the-job performance, activities & skills including military experience)
       2. HOMEMAKING (child-rearing, home management & maintenance, gourmet cooking, etc.)
       3. VOLUNTEER WORK (community service, church activities, social work, youth counselling, service organisations, etc.)
       4. NON-CREDIT COURSES (seminars, classes, lectures, company courses, conventions, television & computer courses, workshops, clinics, etc. )
       5. TRAVEL (study tours, business trips, extended leaves in foreign countries, Peace Corps, languages learned, etc.)
       6. RECREATION & HOBBIES (include a multitude of leisure-time activities, photography, etc.)
       7. INDEPENDENT READING/VIEWING/LISTENING (specialized or intensive study via books, articles, radio/TV programs, etc.)
       8. CONVERSATIONS WITH EXPERTS (significant meetings & discussions)
       A PORTFOLIO IS NOT EASY TO PUT TOGETHER & you need to pack it with everything from your current résumé, such as licenses, certificates, newspaper articles about you, awards, citations, diplomas, military records, examinations taken, filmed & taped presentations, product samples, works of art, manuscripts written or edited by you, photographs, copies of speeches, programs from performances, recitals, bills of sales, etc. A committee at the university will decide what to grant you according to how well you present your portfolio. Some colleges grant up to two years of college. There is a guidebook called "Assessing Prior Learning--A CAEL Student Guide" by Aubrey Forrest ($5.00), available from Council for the Advancement of Experiential Learning (CAEL), 10598 Marble Faun Ct., Columbia, Maryland 21044, USA.
       IF YOU HAVE THE CASH, YOU CAN SIMPLY PURCHASE WHATEVER DEGREE OR PAPER YOU NEED FROM A SYSTEM "DIPLOMA MILL." There are catalogues of System places that will supply you with any degree you want (other than medical, etc.) They also award them based on your life skills, but they take your word (money) for it. If you want a High School Diploma, you can study a bit & write a government test for it, or purchase one based on your life skills from a diploma mill. You might look into some of these options if you are teaching your children at home & your state requires that you have a degree.
       Besides degrees, diplomas or education it is good to get recommendations or some kind of paperwork that supports your story. If you know somebody in the System, or have contributed artwork or articles to magazines, or have translated or written material for business people--ask that person for paperwork, ask them for a letter, ask them for recommendations, ask them for a statement, etc.
       There are several ways System people have of looking good on paper. If you ever do have to present anything to the System, make it impressive. Choose the best bond paper & buy a classy coloured folder. Use the best typewriter or printer available with no typos. Get a meticulous friend who's a good speller to help you. System people judge things by the outward appearances & lean to their own understanding. The crafty Gibeonites fooled even Joshua with their "credentials"! (Jos.9:3-15)
       Happy résumé writing! [--& GBAKY! PRAY!--Love,--D.]

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