Counted Worthy 37
“Rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer for His Name!”

Dumpster Truck Provides an Unlikely Escape!

The Lord was giving me the strength and urging me to run like there was no tomorrow! Yet at the same time, I had total peace. I turned my head slightly to see my pursuers gaining on me. Originally they had been in an armored vehicle, but the delay caused by city traffic put us on an even footing-that is, quite literally on foot. My leather dress shoes were starting to pinch and slow me down. I should have worn my runners today, I thought. But then I remembered that they just didn't go with my casual businessman "become one" attire.
As I dodged around the maze of people and cars on those backstreets, I wondered (as I had on several other occasions in the last couple of years) Is this dying grace? I feel so peaceful. But a little voice inside me was saying, He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. I chuckled to myself and thought, Yes, Lord, but sometimes there's a time to turn and stand your ground. Show me what to do.
I turned a corner, and for a moment was out of sight of the soldiers. Just then, as clear as anything I heard a voice, it was almost audible. I knew it was my Commander-in-Chief giving me directions from Headquarters: Stop now! Go stand by that homeless man and dig in the garbage with him.
I stopped and saw a grubby-looking old man rummaging through a small dumpster, which was about to be emptied by an approaching garbage truck. The man, the dumpster, and the truck seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. But then again, I had been focusing only on my escape. At first I thought, Yeah, that's going to work. I'm wearing a dress shirt and slacks. Like I'm going to blend in with him… But I followed instructions by faith, and began sorting through the dumpster with the eagerness of a beggar scrounging for anything of worth that could make life a little better.
"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" growled the homeless man. "This is my turf! Find your own dumpster!" I turned toward him to apologize, only just in time to see him lunge for my legs and flip me head first into the smelly metal bin.
As I lay flat on my back amidst the boxes and bags, I looked up into the eyes of the homeless man and noticed they had a strange glow. He was wearing a small smile as he closed the lid of the dumpster and trotted off with his shopping cart down the alley.
Well that was unexpected, Lord
. I thought. But at least I'm safe … for now! The last words were added as I realized that the ever-louder rumbling I could hear was an approaching truck, about to toss the contents of this dumpster into its gaping mouth, with me along. My thoughts raced with memories of stories I'd heard of people being crushed or maimed by encounters with dumpsters, such as I was about to experience.
Lord, I claim the keys of protection.
The forklift slid under the dumpster, and I felt the metal container begin to rise. As the dumpster was tilted and emptied, I landed on a soft pile of garbage bags, which thankfully were filled only with fabric scraps. A few harmless pieces of garbage and newspaper rained on top of me, which I was able to deflect.
Before the dump truck door closed I glanced out to see my would-be pursuers talking to each other on their radios and looking confused, wondering where I had gone.
Thankfully, that was the truck's last stop, and as the garbage truck approached its deposit station and slowed at the gate, I was able to scurry out unawares.
Thank You, Jesus, for keeping me. I praise You for Your miraculous protection, even if You had to shove me into a dumpster to bring it.

* * *

Some of you will even see angels. And just like for your Father David, sometimes they will appear to be bums on the street!

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